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Top 25 Bathroom Storage Cabinets Top 25 Bathroom Storage Cabinets

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Top 25 Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Written by: Grace Wilson

Bathroom storage cabinets are inevitable! So why not check out our list of top 25 bathroom storage cabinets that's UNIQUE, STUNNING & SUPER CONVENIENT!

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A trendy storage cabinet for a beautiful bathroom is an inevitable necessity! There are only fewer ways better than a well-made cabinet to store bathroom products such as towels, hairdryer or shampoos. Most of the bathroom storage cabinets available these days are so modern and stylish that they add to the room’s overall appeal. Whether your bathroom is large or small, these savvy storage cabinets will help you stay organized and save space.





If you are on the lookout for some super stylish or super simple bathroom cabinets, we have rounded up 25 of our easy-to-buy bathroom storage spaces that suits any style. Let’s dive into it!



Remember to measure the dimensions of your bathroom before shopping for the perfect furniture for your space. This way, you’ll avoid the tragedy of buying the perfect bathroom cabinet that is too big for your bathroom to hold.




Add more space and elegance to your bathroom with this two-drawer shelf storage. The open shelf is perfect for displaying favorite accent pieces. While the drawers at the bottom of the cabinet serve as great storage for bathroom supplies, the x-frame design will give any home a modern look.


Crafted with quality manufactured wood, this piece has a measurement of 23.62″ (L) x 11.81″ (W) x 36.02″ (H)





Clear clutter in your bathroom using this over-the-toilet storage cabinet. Creative as much as it is functional, this storage cabinet creates valuable bathroom storage for any home. Crafted with glass window doors, this piece has a mix of concealed and open shelves to solve any storage issue you may have in your bathroom. In addition, the bottom shelf is 30.75″ from the ground which fits over most standard-sized toilets. Assembly is required for this shelf, but its features make it worth the elbow grease you’ll be putting into it.





When it comes to your home, space is always a concern. Be it the kitchen or the bathroom, this cabinet is perfect for organizing clutter. Crafted with magnets and chrome oval-shaped knobs, the cabinet door opens to unveil ample room for linen or bath supplies.



This linen tower will fit in plenty of narrow settings with its measurements (11″ D x 12″ W; inner top: 31″ H; inner bottom: 20.5″ H). Assembly is required, but this cabinet is a worthwhile investment to make.




Short for space but need more storage in your bathroom? This compact cabinet is here to help you organize your storage. Crafted from wood-plastic composites, a material that is light and durable with no formaldehyde.



In addition, the lower one-door cabinet offers storage space for laundry or cleaning supplies. Water-proof and easy to clean, the cabinet comes in a classic white finish that is easy on the eyes.



Crafted to be durable and longer-lasting, this bathroom cabinet is also environmentally friendly. By all means, these large storage drawers promote more concealed room for clothes, laundry items or bathroom supplies. While the cabinet opens up to more storage space, the showcase is rectangular with crown molding and slatted detailing. 




Stash away your linen and toiletries in this simplistic cabinet. This piece will easily suit any contemporary or modern home setting. This floor cabinet showcases the traditional elements of its workmanship. Equally important is the fact that two doors open to reveal two adjustable shelves to organize bathroom or laundry supplies.




When trying to save space, every inch counts. Why not make use of corner space in your bathroom? Keep essentials at your fingertips by opting for this slim bathroom storage rack. Made from heavy-duty P2-grade engineered wood, this piece of durable furniture can withstand everyday use in a wet and humid environment like a bathroom. Its two large drawers can double as laundry space, and the open shelf to hold often-used items, making this a must-have for any household. 




Between all the clutter of lotion bottles, cotton swabs, and soaps, a little storage space never hurts anyone. This particular piece from RiverRidge features a mirrored doorknob and inset beadboard styling for the drawers.


An open cubby shelf is a great place to store face cloths and small hygiene products. The drawers can be used to store toiletries, and the cabinet offers concealed storage for bathroom supplies. Simultaneously, the floor cabinet can also be anchored to the wall for added stability, and the top offers space for decorations and other bulky items. 




Most bathrooms have a narrow space next to the toilet. Why not squeeze in a cabinet with a narrow configuration to save on floor space. Crafted from high-quality manufactured wood that ensures strength and durability. The cabinet top reveals a cubbyhole for medication and other essentials. At the same time, the slide-out drawers allow storage for extra toilet paper.



Round out functional style to your small space with this corner cabinet. Crafted from manufactured wood, this piece adds a contemporary look to any tight space.  Besides that, shutter-style designed doors with silver door knobs add contemporary charm and elegance. In the same fashion, spacious shelves serve as great storage space to stash away bathroom and cleaning supplies.


Measuring at 18″ L x 25.5″ W x 31.25″ H, this corner shelf can create more storage in any corner space.





Looking for added space to hang towels or store bathroom supplies? Crafted from water-resistant wood with a white finish, this piece comes with a collapsible drying rack and a double-door cabinet to hold your towels.


Correspondingly, this understated cabinet comes with seven drying rods and double metal hooks for extra storage. A great way to save space, the drying rack collapses to add more room to even small bathroom settings. 



A white finish and clean lines give this cabinet a perfect addition to any style setting. Open shelves allow a great way to showcase artwork or potted plants to give your bathroom some character. The cabinet’s two-tier shelves are ideal to store laundry and bathroom supplies thanks to its simple and stylish doors. Adjustable shelves can also be removed to add more space for storing shoes or other items.




It’s always pleasant to see a well-organized bathroom that looks great! Make sure that your space is well-organized with this stylized linen tower. This will allow you to customize your space to your preferences with its concealed adjustable shelves. As a matter of fact, open shelves allow for a great way to display washcloths or decorative plants.


Evidently, this piece creates convenient storage and provides ample space in a small bathroom with its size (L: 14.72″ x W: 15.51″ x H: 60.59).  





Add instant storage space with this bathroom organizer. This unit features three open cubby shelves to display candles, potted plants, or other bathroom products. In addition, a decorative shutter-style door opens up to showcase ample space to store lotion bottles or stow away washcloths.


Crafted with MDF wood composite, the cabinet’s white finish and unique shape allow you to take advantage of open corners and maximize storage space in your bath. 



Organize little knick-knacks with this cabinet stand. Classic and durable, this piece is made to fit perfectly into that narrow space by the toilet. At the same time, this bathroom cabinet is convenient to stash away easy to reach toilet paper or toiletries with an adjustable shelf.


Crafted with simple and durable quality wood, this unit is a perfect use of space. What’s more, its slide-out compartment adds a convenient surface area. 




Finished with antique whitewash, this next piece is perfect to create more storage in the smallest of space. This 14″ mini above-the-sink cabinet is the perfect cabinet to hold easy-to-reach items. Furthermore, the top of the cabinet serves as an open shelf to hold little trinkets such as earrings or rings. Crafted with two-door glass doors, this cabinet is perfect to stow away beauty products.




Designed for versatility, this cabinet will add a wonderful rustic element to your bathroom. A unique touch is the iron bars that frame the freestanding cabinet. Why not add a potted ivy plant to the open showcase shelf to add some greenery? Concurrently, using rustic engineered wood boards, the piece is crafted with unique slate doors to stash away toilet paper.



The storage cabinet has dimensions of 27.6″(W)*11.8 “(D)*31.9 “(H). In addition, a little bit of rustic and industrial design will add rich and dark notes to any bright space.




Discover an easy way to add subtle storage to your bathroom with this wall cabinet. Crafted with cottage style doors with antique bronze door knobs, this has spacious storage space to stow away toiletries or medicines. Finished with a distressed white polish, this piece will add a clean and simplistic character to any vertical space.





Having to deal with small spaces is no excuse to neglect storage. Finished with warm oil oak and framed with simple contemporary molding, this classic piece is crafted to suit any bathroom setting. What’s more, glass doors open up to showcase adjustable shelves for your beauty products. This cabinet measures only 24” H x 20.5” W x 8.5” D. Overall, it is ideal for any compact space.




Give your bathroom space a clean and chic look with this freestanding linen tower. This piece features three fixed open shelves to display towels or bathroom supplies, a drawer for washcloths, and a two-door cabinet to store lotion bottles.


The storage cabinet creates ample storage by making use of vertical space using engineered wood. The linen cabinets’ narrow design allows for maximum storage in a compact space.





Built for long-term use, this storage holder is made from real wood that features natural textures. Store three or more toilet paper rolls with this open freestanding cabinet organizer. The top shelf measures 7.9″ × 6.6″ and can be used to hold your phone or book.


Keep your space organized with this convenient toilet paper storage holder. Small and simple, this piece will add rustic sophistication to your bathroom setup.



This cabinet with its simplistic white finish gives a chic and clean style to your bathroom space. Moreover, an open shelf serves to hold the bathroom items you use daily. This two-door cabinet is perfect to store beauty products or medicines.


Measuring 23.6″ (L)× 7.9″ (D)× 27.8″ (H), this piece of furniture can save space in your bathroom by utilizing your vertical real estate. In addition, the over-the-sink cabinet is painted with a moisture-free polish to prevent the cabinet from corroding.




Any timeless, wall mounted storage cabinet would have a smooth contemporary look that would complement any space. As a result, this cabinet has two doors that are mirrored to give it a larger dimension to the bathroom space. Perfect for everyday use, the open shelf provides easy access to beauty products and toiletries. 


This wall cabinet is polished with a moisture-resistant paint for protection against humid environments that bathrooms usually have. 





Why not incorporate sleek style with this polished stainless steel cabinet? Designed with a clean finish, the mirrored doors open up to showcase two different-sized compartments to store first aid medicines, skincare products, and other bath-time essentials. Use this space to keep away off-the-counter drugs from your kids. The lockable glass doors serve as a preventive measure to keep children from easily accessing the cabinet’s contents. 





Keep your bathroom clean and tidy with this storage side table. This freestanding cabinet will make your bathroom space clean and tidy. Built for longer-lasting durability, this bathroom storage cabinet has been produced solely from premium wood.


Its simple elegance will fit in any small space and create just the right clean aesthetic appeal for your bathroom setting. Measuring at 12″ (L) x 12″ (W) x 25″ (H), this piece is a perfect choice to add modern style to your bathroom space.



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