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55 Most Extraordinary Bathroom Storage Cabinet Ideas 55 Most Extraordinary Bathroom Storage Cabinet Ideas

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55 Most Extraordinary Bathroom Storage Cabinet Ideas

Written by: Noah Bennett

Get inspired with our bathroom storage cabinet ideas. These are guaranteed to help you achieve that perfect bathroom aesthetic in no time.

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Let’s face it: keeping bathrooms clutter-free can sometimes be a feat on its own. Small bathrooms have limited space, and certain bathrooms may feature awkward or oddly-shaped corners. Many issues can crop up and give you a headache. But with a bit of effort, creativity, and the right bathroom storage cabinet, it’s possible to create that bathroom you’ve always wanted. Here are 55 stunning bathroom storage cabinet ideas to try today.





Mount storage on the wall to combat the issue of limited space. Floating shelves – like this lovely wood-and-metal number from SODUKU – would fit easily in any bathroom. You can use the towel racks to hang hand towels or a basket to contain smaller objects like toilet paper.





Keep your things off the sink and counter to make your bathroom look less messy. This metal storage bin may be what you need to get those items out of sight. Apart from providing a generous amount of space, you can also mount it onto a wall. To protect your items, line the basket with a cloth.





Why do you need a bathroom cabinet? When organizing your bathroom, you’d want to plan what things would go inside it. This becomes even more important when you have limited space.  This towel rack comes with a wide arm and flat storage on top. Its unique design enables it to hold towels of different sizes. The flat area on top can hold hand towels or decorative items. 





Although large items like towels and bath products arguably take up the most space, don’t neglect smaller items like toilet rolls and toothbrushes. When there isn’t much room in your bathroom, a hanging rack (like this one from Lmeison) could do the trick. This particular product comes with two built-in bins and a ring in which you can store a hairdryer. 




Who wants to rummage for things when you’re in a rush?  Sometimes, all you need is a holder for your hairdryer, curling iron, or diffuser. Ideally, you’d want those items to be immediately visible for quick access. Holders like this over-door organizer from Simple Life make finding hairdryers and other small items easy. This organizer comes with adhesives if you don’t want to drill holes. Alternatively, you can use its rubber suction pad or screws to affix this organizer to a surface of your choice.





Wall-mounted hairdryer holders come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for something that is sleek and minimalistic, this could be the right choice for your bathroom. This may not exactly be a bathroom storage cabinet, but you could use it to complement other storage devices. This organizer comes in two colors (grey and white) and is available in different sizes. It is easy to install and can hold up to 11 pounds of stuff.





For something pretty yet practical, this tool organizer from mDesign is an option you should be looking at. It comes in different colors and is more affordable than other products in the same category. There’s also a slot for hairbrushes, combs, and even some of your hair products. 





A feature of almost every bathroom, a shower is a great place to utilize when you’re looking to expand your storage space. When you’re short of space, one option to consider is a shower caddy. This storage option from Zenna Home comes with four baskets that can fit tall bottles. It’s perfect for shampoos, conditioners, and other bathroom essentials.





If you’re looking for more options when it comes to shower caddies, here’s another pick from ALLZONE. Compatible with poles that are between 4.5 to 9 feet tall, its stainless steel parts are rustproof. Each shelf can hold about two to three big bottles or four to six small ones. 





When you have a space in a corner that you’re not using but a corner bathroom storage cabinet just won’t fit, consider this corner shower caddy from Flowmist. This bathroom shelf works best for corners with 90-degree angles. Since this organizer comes with strong adhesives, you don’t have to worry about drilling holes even if you’re not handy with tools. 





Do you hate bulky baskets and large bathroom cabinets? Well, this shower caddy with six angles baskets, two flat storage shelves, and two hooks could be what you need. This organizer has an open-grid design which reduces the buildup of mildew and mold.





This organizer comes with patented glue and adhesive tape that allows it to adhere to rougher surfaces. Made from aluminum, it is rustproof and should be able to hold up to 20 lbs. It can also resist scratches and tarnishing. A matte finish gives this organizer a modern look. 





If you have a bathtub, you may need additional space for all the items you’d be using. If there’s no built-in shelf, consider using a caddy tray. Bathtub trays are not just convenient, but they also tend to be highly affordable. To add some zen to bath time, consider getting this Bathroom Bathtub Tray from Bambusi. 





When you have little space on the floor but need a place for your bathroom items, the trick is to go vertical. Try using narrow bathroom towers like this one. It’s compact enough to fit tight spaces, yet sturdy enough to support the weight of towels and most bathroom essentials.





This cabinet has a cupboard to keep items tucked neatly out of sight, with the rest of the space perfect for storing towels. There’s also a cubbyhole above the faux granite surface in which you can stash rolled towels.





If regular shelves make your space look cramped, opt for a ladder shelf instead. Dress up the shelves with the right basket to fit the decor theme of your bathroom. The good thing is that this storage solution takes up little space. For a bit more space, you could buy hanging baskets to complement the shelf.





Although ladder shelves can make your space feel airy and appear larger, they aren’t viable options when there’s no more space on the bathroom floor. In those cases, consider using the free space above your toilet instead.




Above-toilet storage cabinets allow you to utilize all corners of your bathroom. This ladder shelf bathroom organizer focuses comes with open shelves and would fit a standard toilet. Use the shelves for light items and bathroom knickknacks.





When you’re looking to add functional shelves that can hold more than just small items, this organizer is your pick. This bathroom storage cabinet wraps around the toilet and comprises one open shelf and a cabinet.



Stash your beauty products, toilet paper, and toiletries inside the cabinet for daily use. But don’t forget to check the dimensions of your toilet to make sure that it’s compatible with this organizer.





Condos and apartments with a small bathroom can use this above-toilet storage rack. Although storage space is a bit tight, it can serve as the perfect replacement if you don’t have a medicine cabinet. The flat surface on top can also hold additional items that won’t fit inside any of the drawers.





Crowded bathrooms are never ideal. But if you can’t change the size of your bathroom, you’ll need to buy furniture that can help you maximize existing space. 



Perfect for narrow bathrooms, this mini bathroom vanity comes with a sink – the combo you’d need for tight spaces. Store cleaning materials and little things in the cabinet for less clutter. You may need to do more work if drainpipes don’t line up, but installation shouldn’t give you much trouble.




Sometimes, the spaces under sinks do not get utilized properly. This is understandable as it can be a struggle to find bathroom cabinets that fit underneath a sink, especially if its shape is irregular.




If you can’t find a cabinet that fits, floating shelves make excellent alternatives. All you need are wall brackets (like the ones pictured above) to complete the task. Then, find a board that complements the brackets.





Wheeled bathroom organizers are great for small bathrooms. You’ll get enough room to stash bath items and towels, and fit essential items inside this small storage space. If renting and mounting a bathroom storage cabinet is not an option, this compact cabinet could come in handy.





This storage looks similar to the Zenna Home Slim but comes with actual drawers. Thanks to its slim build, it’s easy to fit this mini cabinet into tight spaces. With two drawers and an extra space where you can stash a basket for some items, you have more room to hide unsightly things. If you’re not a big fan of open shelves, this alternative might work for you.





Here’s another slim cabinet that might fit in that tiny space between the toilet tank and the wall. This one-door cabinet has a divider insider so you’ll have a place to store cleaning products and extra paper towels. What’s noteworthy about this slim cabinet is its toilet paper dispenser. There’s also an open space on top where you can place your phone or a plant.




Baskets and bathrooms go together. This mini space saver with seagrass baskets can fit nail care items and a host of other items. Whether you have a rustic bathroom or a modern one, this basket storage could add a unique charm to your bathroom. Plus, you’ll have a place to store items on your counter.





If there’s a bit more space in your bathroom, this floor cabinet from Sauder is also an option. It will fit into tight spaces, and the faux slate finish on top gives it an elegant appeal. The one-door cabinet comes with adjustable shelves that can be removed at any time.





For more spacious bathrooms, classic two-door bathroom cabinets like this one from VASAGLE would do. It has enough room for your bathroom essentials, and its shelves are adjustable like most cabinets. But always check the dimensions especially if you have a specific purpose in mind.





When you want to display some bathroom items while keeping others out of sight, consider getting this multi-functional bathroom furniture from VASAGLE. It comes with three compartments and two drawers.




The best thing about this bathroom storage cabinet is that you get to choose which compartment would become the open storage. If you’re constantly changing things up, you can rearrange your drawers too.





Freestanding cabinets are another option when you’re looking for bathroom storage options. Measuring 16 by 12 by 28.5 inches, this white bathroom storage cabinet should be small enough for a bathroom but large enough for your toiletries. 




This cabinet comes with three drawers. The drawers have three different sizes with the biggest on the bottom and the smallest on top. The carved design on top gives this cabinet an elegant appearance. There’s a bit of assembly required like most cabinets, but it should not require a lot of work. 





When you have a variety of items you want to display but you need your linen closet, find one like this bathroom storage cabinet from RiverRidge Ellsworth. Keep towels inside the cabinet and place candles, essential oils, etc. on the shelves. The area on top of the cabinet also provides another place for other bathroom essentials.





Built for small spaces, this bathroom storage cabinet would blend in flawlessly with a farmhouse-themed bathroom. Apart from its chic appearance, it’s also efficient when you have a narrow bathroom thanks to its sliding door. If you prefer cabinets with glass doors, there are more cabinets with other designs from the same manufacturer.





Maintaining a minimalist bathroom is always ideal. If you only want necessary items to be on display, having bigger bathroom cabinets with drawers would be the way to go. With two drawers, this bathroom furniture comes with ample space. But if you end up needing more, you can just buy another one and stack it on top.





If you’re looking for a minimalist but stylish way to add more storage space in your bathroom, this Nordic-style shelf from KINGBERWI could be the right bathroom organizer for you. Thanks to its simple black color, this cabinet will match with almost any kind of room décor. You won’t have to worry about any rust since it’s made from wrought iron.





Affordable and space-saving, this organizer from madesmart could be the answer to keeping the things in your bathroom organized. Consisting of two tiers, this organizer could fit all your bathroom essentials and more. Made from BPA-free plastic, you won’t have to worry about it getting rusty from exposure to moisture. The pull-out feature also makes it easier to access items on the bottom rack. 





This cabinet may not exactly be a bathroom storage cabinet, but it can definitely serve as one. When you have a small space, we recommend that you use bathroom furniture like this one from Pamari Wrangler, which comes with sliding doors. Depending on your overall aesthetics, you may need a modern alternative or build a cabinet that fits the space.





Looking to add a futuristic feel to your bathroom? This aluminum bathroom storage cabinet can do the trick. Elegant and durable, it comes with an aluminum finish. This storage option would fit perfectly into a modern bathroom. If possible, try to place it in a spot directly above a counter or sink.   





When a regular cabinet overwhelms your bathroom and a smaller one just won’t do, corner bathroom cabinets might be an option. If there’s a corner where you can fit one, consider this corner cabinet from RiverRidge Ellsworth.  From toilet paper to towels, this bathroom organizer could fit much-needed items and frees up some space.





Storage cabinets that look like ladders are quite popular and here’s another take on that trend. Eye-catching and modern, this storage solution from Haotian is a unique way to add more storage space to your bathroom.  Like most racks you’ll get online, this requires some assembly but it comes with detailed instructions to help you put everything together. 





Featuring a sleek design, this cabinet can fit easily into regular-sized bathrooms and comes with built-in towel bars. Unfortunately, the shelves may be a bit too thin for towels, toilet paper, and other stuff. But it should have enough space for things you want to store.





If you have a slightly larger space, and you are interested in having enough room for linen, toilet paper, and other items, this wall cabinet would be handy. This cabinet features shelves that are larger than that of the average medicinal cabinet. Its towel bars are a nice touch too. Best of all, you can install it above your toilet or sink.





Your bathroom storage cabinet should be congruent with the theme of your bathroom. If you’re aiming for a modern feel, this option would be the best choice. Moreover, it’s easy to find other complementary pieces of bathroom furniture for this wall cabinet. 





When it comes to small bathrooms, limited space is your greatest nemesis. You need to keep all unnecessary items outside the bathroom so you can have enough room to move around. But sometimes that doesn’t work, either. When there’s no room on the floor or the wall, use the door. And that’s what we love about the Cabidor behind door storage. You can get the classic storage or the one that comes with a mirror. 





Doors provide many opportunities for increasing storage. If you need additional space for lighter items like diapers and bath time toys, an organizer attached to your door could resolve the issue. The pockets are just the right size, plus they do not occupy floor space.





Designed to be a shoe cabinet, this cabinet could provide ample space. Cabinets won’t do in bathrooms where there’s barely enough space to open the door. That’s where this product comes in. Wall-mounted and stackable, a lack of space on the bathroom floor won’t be a problem. Plus, there’s an area on top on which you can display smaller items.





If you need a larger storage space for towels and stuff, you’ll also need a smaller organizer for small items.  This 3-tier organizer from kaileyouxiangongsi is one of our cutest finds. Made from shatter-resistant plastic and high-quality steel, this organizer should be durable enough for any bathroom. It would also fit into any corner and free up space for other things.





This jar organizer is just what you need for small bottles, beauty products, and more. It comes with two tiers and a hook where you can stash some utensils. Made from chrome-plated metal, this organizer is rust-resistant and won’t tip over easily. Its design also makes this easy to clean, which is a big plus.





For something a bit fancier, this two-tier tray from Hersoo is sure to capture your attention. Able to rotate the full 360 degrees, it’s perfect not just for perfumes and beauty products but also for your jewelry. This tray has a classic and dainty design that consists of two circular trays stacked on top of each other. It would sit nicely atop counters and bedroom tables. 





This freestanding storage with clear drawers is also another genius storage choice for your bathroom. It comes with three clear drawers and is small enough to fit on top of your counter, vanity, or bathroom storage cabinet. Since the drawers are clear, you can see what each organizer holds. This is ideal storage for jewelry and other small items.





Equal parts beautiful and practical, this storage solution from STORI could be something you’d be interested in. With five compartments, this organizer would be perfect for makeup brushes, razors, and small items that should have a designated place on your countertop. Made from durable and thick plastic and measuring 10 by 7 inches, you’ll be glad to know that this organizer does not take up much space. 





There’s no better word to describe this organizer than simple. This bamboo countertop organizer would add a unique touch to any bathroom. Measuring 7.6 by 5.5 inches, you should have enough space on your countertop for this cute organizer. Although this organizer looks a lot like a box, it comes with two handles which makes it easier to move around. This is also a versatile piece that you can use not just in the bathroom but also in other places in the house.





Who says wood doesn’t belong in the bathroom? Made from high-quality MDF, this light brown cabinet is sure to lend relaxing vibes to your space. A sliding door makes accessing items a breeze, and its sevent tiers will hold anything from photo frames to magazines.





An excellent long-term investment, this option features eco-friendly paint, five open shelves and one cupboard. Four of its shelves can be adjusted according to your needs, and it can support loads of up to 34 pounds.





Featuring sleek lines and a 37-pound capacity, this bathroom storage cabinet is sturdy and will fit into any decor scheme. Not only does it boast a generous amount of space, but it is also waterproof and easy to clean.





Easily meet all of your bathroom storage needs with this high-quality MDF shelf. Compact and waterproof, the height of its uppermost shelf can be adjusted to meet your needs. It’s easy to assemble and can hold up to 23 lbs.





This multi-functional product is made entirely of bamboo. It consists of four shelves and a cabinet, with each shelf supporting up to 10 lbs. Its compact size makes it perfect for smaller bathrooms, and a sturdy build means it’ll last you for a long time to come.




Contrary to popular belief, re-organizing your bathroom does not necessarily entail major changes. Sometimes, a basket could solve the issue; other times, all you need to do is simply shift things around. If you already have a bathroom storage cabinet, decide whether it’s better to replace your old one or add another organizer. Above all, always remember that the end goal is to make your bathroom experience a more pleasant one.

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