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35 Best Plastic Organizer In 2022 You Didn’t Know 35 Best Plastic Organizer In 2022 You Didn’t Know

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35 Best Plastic Organizer In 2022 You Didn’t Know

Written by: William Harrison

Instantly de-clutter your space with these fabulous plastic organizer options. Make "no mess, less stress" your new mantra!

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We’ve all been there – years of neglect culminating into a mish-mash of items stuffed inside our cabinets. Now we’re stuck looking for a specific item that we swear we placed somewhere. If only there were a way to keep things accessible and identifiable!





Enter plastic organizers: super affordable options that can help decrease mess (and stress) levels significantly. Here are the 35 best plastic organizer the ‘net could offer, categorized by area in the house.







These mDesign Kitchen Storage Bins are perfect for storing food. Easily organize all of your favorite snacks, energy drinks, and dried goods with these storage devices. Convenient and stackable, these bins are useful not merely in the kitchen, but in any other room. Their carrying handles make them a portable choice.





Here’s another top-of-the-line storage organizer from mDesign – this product guarantees that you’ll never have to rummage through a drawer again. Each organizer consists of six various-sized compartments that can store wooden spoons, utensils, and more. Its clear plastic build makes identifying and accessing any item a breeze while its non-skid feet prevent the organizer from sliding out of place.





The UpSpace box organizer will help to put a stop to unruly pile-ups. Shelves can be easily adjusted to maximize vertical cabinet space and keep things organized. This organizer enables boxes to be slid in and out with ease so you can retrieve what you want in a heartbeat.





Time to get your drawers organized! Featuring multiple configurations and applications, these stackable organizers can be placed side by side or on top of one another to divide items and contain clutter. They’re great for deep drawers and use in the office or kitchen. Create your own customized set today.





Keep your kitchen cabinet or pantry organized with these stunning pantry storage bins. Their open fronts provide easy access to stored items, while a practical stackable design helps maximize every inch of space. Stack ’em up or use them side by side to keep items organized and easy to find. Ideal for use in kitchens, pantry shelves, and refrigerators.







The BINO Multi-Purpose Plastic Organizer Tray is your all-in-one solution to organize any messy drawer. This thoughtfully designed organizer comes with rounded corners and features easy-to-clean compartments with soft-grip lining. It also has non-slip rubber feet that keep things in place. Cheap plastic organizers like these are great value for money.





Made from high-quality transparent plastic, the Mebbay Plastic Organizer Tray is a storage box that’s durable and easy to clean. Configure the eight trays, which come in three different sizes, to your needs and liking. This product perfectly accommodates all your small items such as cosmetics, tableware, stationery, etc.





Packed with 16 plastic pink, purple, and blue bins, this colorful and ergonomic organizer set is ideal for organizing your child’s bedroom, playroom, nursery, or the living room. Made from engineered wood, it offers solid support and promises great durability. The bins are an excellent way to teach your child color identification, sorting, and cognitive skills. 





Adjustable and sturdy, these DIOMMELL plastic drawer organizers fit in most drawers and can be used to instantly declutter and organize any space. Its unique design allows for easy, no-tool installation to take place with just the push of a button. Each separator comes with rubber pads at the end to prevent the drawers from getting damaged.





Comprising a total of 24 clear pockets, this hanging organizer can be attached to a standard door or closet rod without the use of installation hardware. Apart from protecting items from dust and damage, it’s also easy to identify and access any items. It’s great for organizing shoes, kid’s toys, beauty accessories, and more.







The STORi plastic organizer keeps bathroom accessories and toiletries at your fingertips. Made from crystal-clear plastic, it contains five compartments that can hold brushes, hair sprays, perfumes, and much more. Thanks to the depth of its compartments, items will hold steady and are unlikely to fall over. 





A frill-free organizing solution, this mDesign Bath organizer basket is perfect for keeping toiletries and bath accessories tidy. Whether you keep it on the bathroom’s vanity countertops, under cabinets, or in closets, it’ll provide plenty of space for all of your bathroom essentials. Its open top makes it easy to see and quickly grab what’s inside, while a handle makes carrying it around a breeze.





Easily store and organize your supplements, medicines, and other health supplies with this plastic medicine storage organizer box from mDesign. Perfect for the pantry, kitchen, and bathroom, its compact size enables it to fit readily into cabinets, shelves, and drawers. 





Organize your bathroom essentials with five crystal-clear bathroom jar containers, then easily identify each item using 107 pre-printed script bathroom labels that come with the package. Made from premium-quality materials and featuring removable lids, these are ideal for storing cotton swabs, soap bombs, and other beauty essentials. 





Simplify your morning routine with this cosmetic storage organizer caddy tote from mDesign. A must-have for every household, it can store plenty of items – cosmetics, accessories, and more with its four divided sections. Its built-in handle allows you to carry it from place to place without trouble, while an open top makes it easy to see and grab what’s inside.



Home Office




This multi-functional drawer organizer is everything you’ve ever wanted: it can serve as makeup vanity drawers, bathroom drawers, plastic jewelry organizer, and more. Its silicone feet allow for greater adhesiveness to surfaces so it won’t slide off easily. With three different sizes to choose from, you can create a storage solution that suits you best.




This organizer consists of four pockets and can be hung over a cubicle divider or door. Perfect for storing notebooks, binders, file folders, calendars, and more, it frees up precious desk space and keeps items organized. Great for use in the office or study room.





Say no to desktop clutter with the Toolsand adjustable desk organizer set. This handy product can be customized according to your preferences: its various parts are adjustable and can be set up in multiple different ways to meet your storage needs. 





Perfect for any drawer, the Bakery Supply interlocking desk drawer organizer is made from durable and easy-to-clean plastic. The 10-piece set is all you need to neatly organize everything from office to craft supplies. Its smaller containers can be used to store tea bags and buttons, while the larger bins are suitable for storing kitchen tools.





Made from high-quality, scratch-proof, moisture-proof, and water-proof PVC, Sooez is the file and folder keeper you’d wanted but never had. It features a smooth and reinforced zipper that prevents your items from falling out. These file bags are translucent, making it easy for you to organize and identify your items. 





Looking for a secure filing box for your important papers? Look no further. Sturdy yet light, the Pendaflex Portable File Box has a durable built-in handle and secure latch closure. This black file box contains 3 blue Pendaflex reinforced hanging folders with clear plastic tabs and inserts. Each file box holds up to 12 letter-size hanging folders.





The Storex portable file organizer box is a secure way of carrying your important documents with you. Its lightweight and water-resistant polypropylene build makes it a great alternative to the usual banker boxes. Conveniently store letter or legal-size hanging files using its included inserts. 





With side handles for portability, the Pendaflex Desktop File Organizer will ensure that your projects are never far from reach. This sturdy hanging-file storage product is made to fit desktops or tucked neatly away in standard shelves, drawers, or cabinets. Five letter-size hanging folders with clear tabs and inserts allow you to file documents away in a jiffy.





Carry your documents with you all day, every day. Made from durable plastic, the Bankers Box Heavy Duty Plastic File Box features reinforced corners and a modular design for easy stacking. Built-in hanging rails help to keep files organized and accessible. 





The Honey-Can-Do rolling storage organizer cart is a whole organizing system on its own. It sports a chrome frame and sleek design and comes with drawers of various sizes to meet different storage needs. Use its larger drawers to store everything from art supplies to kitchen essentials. You can even use the cart itself as a workbench for your crafts and small projects.







Keep your hardware in place with this 30-Bin Wall Mounted Storage Rack. Ideal for use in garages and/or sheds, these removable bins are sturdy and will make items more accessible. This storage rack makes sure you never lose tiny items such as loose screws ever again. Mount your pegboard (comes in the package) before fitting the molded polypropylene storage bins onto it.





Highly versatile, this 39-drawer storage cabinet features a strong frame and break-proof drawers. Mount this on a wall or place it on a table: it’s perfect for storing small hardware items, crafting supplies, and the like all within an arm’s reach. Drawers also feature finger grips for easy opening and rear tabs to stop its contents from spilling out.





Sporting a sophisticated design and a 35-pound capacity, the Berry Ave Organizer is the ultimate organizing system for your garden. It features 11 Storage Spots, namely five 1¼ wide auto-adjust slots and six retractable hooks. Whether you’re looking to hang brooms, rakes, or even pool sticks, this is the product to get. Since this product is weatherproof, it’s perfect for use outside. 





The big-boy counterpart to the Humble Crew’s Toddler Learning Storage System, this supersized organizer is a trustworthy option you can rely on. Store art supplies, hardware, and more using its 16 plastic bins. The best part is it can be placed in virtually any area of your house.





Manufactured from durable, easy-to-clean plastic resin, this tool organizer can be put together without any tools in under five minutes. It can hold up to 36 tools: there are 15 handle guides for brooms, rakes, and shovels, and 18 slots for smaller tools.





These 32 QT Stack & Pull storage boxes easily store clothes, linens, shoes, and more. The lid is kept in place using sturdy latches, and a built-in handle makes it easy to pull the plastic bin off of a shelf any time. Storing boxes can be stacked neatly with other products in the Stack & Pull series.





The interlocking feature of these bins helps you create your own unique system that fits in any drawer of your choice. Designed to serve an array of functions, you can use them in any drawer or countertop. This high-quality plastic product is easy to clean and will make a great addition to your home. 





The DEWALT DWST08205 Tough System Tote is part of the Tough System line. Constructed with durable, thick structural foam walls, its roomy interior provides ample space for bulk storage. The Tough System Tote can also be stacked with other Tough System toolboxes. Like other Tough System modules using the side stacking latches, it comes with a side grab handle. This product can be used to store spray cans, cables, etc.





Keep your parts organized and accessible with this slim Storage Tackle Box. Known to be strong and durable, these toolbox case organizers can make the perfect companions for home or work. They comprise 18 compartments, a transparent lid, and a comfortable textured handle that allows for a no-slip grip. Adjustable and removable dividers allow its configuration to be changed any time you want.





This heavy-duty dairy/storage crate is a must-have when organizing your home and garage. This product is about 1.5 times bigger than the standard milk crate and is perfect for storing all kinds of small and medium items. Its heavy-duty construction makes it ideal for all your storage needs. Stackable and lightweight, this is the most versatile storage solution you’ll need.

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