DIY Bedroom Storage: The Only Guide You’ll Need

May 20, 2020

Assembling the bed in new apartment

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If you ask us, nothing comes quite close to the pleasure of doing it yourself – you can customize things exactly the way you want, however you want it. Why not bring DIY to the bedroom, and challenge yourself by building a bedroom cabinet or bed frame from scratch? You might be pleasantly surprised by the results.


DIY Beds

Bed frames come in all designs and materials, so it’s understandable that you’ll feel confused as to which to choose. Below, we’ve narrowed it down to 3 main types: minimalistic DIY bed, rustic DIY bed and walnut DIY bed.


Top 3 DIY Bed Ideas

Like its name implies, minimalistic bed frames are clean-cut, elegant and feature sleek lines.
Rustic bed frames are big on texture and aesthetics: they give a raw but edgy feel to any room.
Strong and durable, the walnut DIY bed frame is sure to make a lasting addition to your bedroom.


Top 3 Budget Beds


How To Design Your Ideal Bed

Your bed is the ultimate highlight of your bedroom: it gives you comfort and can make a very stylish statement. If you have been wanting to design your ideal bed, it is very quick and easy. Just follow these steps. 


Step 1: Select the bed frame

The bed frame is the foundation of your bed and it also holds the mattress. Selecting the right frame can add potential storage space, extra outlets, and can be the focal point of your bedroom decor. Make sure to measure the size of the room first and weigh the size of your mattress. There are different bed frame options you can choose from; from a simple platform bed frame to a metal bed frame or double bed frame. 


Step 2: Choose the mattress

The mattress is the heart of every bed. Choosing a comfortable mattress that offers support is the key to a good night’s sleep. There are three common types of mattresses: foam, innerspring, and adjustable. The type of material you need for your bed will depend on your sleeping style and other different factors. 


If you like a bouncy bed, for example, traditional innerspring styles provide you with that familiar bouncy feel and firmness. Memory foam options are good if you prefer a firmer base, and also offer more pressure relief. 


Step 3: Select the sheets

Bed sheets provide protection for your mattress so they will not easily get stained or dirty. Buying the right sheets for your bed can ensure you a dreamy, smoother, and softer sleeping experience. Consider your individual needs before buying a bed sheet material. If you have sensitive skin, it is better to choose a hypoallergenic fabric that is allergy resistant and soft to the touch. If you tend to be busy, then you need a no-fuss, easy to wash sheets. 


An excellent go-to is always 100% cotton because it is soft and affordable. If you are looking for something more premium, go for Extra-Long Staple (ELS) cotton, such as Egyptian or Pima. These fabrics are even softer and more durable. Lastly, these bed sheets come in different sizes so they are sure to fit your mattress. 


Step 4: Keep cozy with a comforter

The comforter is a thick, quilted, fluffy blanket that keeps you cozy and warm. There are two kinds of comforter you can find which is the down and alternative down comforter. The alternative down comforter is easier to clean and generally less expensive. It is also better for allergy sufferers. While the down comforter provides better insulation and is not as heavy as alternative materials. 


Step 5: Personalize with pillows

Pillows are your ideal bed’s cherry on top. The bed would not be complete without this soft and comfy material. They provide support and comfort for your body (especially the head and neck) when you sleep. Pillows are also designed to keep your spine aligned in a neutral position while you rest. You can choose from thick and firm pillows to soft and thinner ones according to your sleeping position. 


Each type also has a pillow fill with different characteristics. The fluffiest among them are down pillows. But if you have a down allergy, down alternatives are a great option. They feel soft and are even more affordable. There are also the memory foam pillows that give you that super supportive feel. They are available in two different styles: solid or shredded. Latex pillows are similar to memory foam, but it bounces back much quicker. 


Once you have chosen the right pillow, you can proceed to personalize them by choosing sheets that match your preference and the overall style of your bed. 



DIY Bedroom Storage Dressers

Wood design kid cupboard and drawer with a diaper changing on top

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Types of Bedroom Storage Dressers

Storage dressers are highly valuable for everyday use in the bedroom. This furniture is more than a utilitarian piece, but can also be a standout centerpiece as any other furniture. There is a wide array of options for bedroom storage dressers. They are built with a handful of different materials and a selection of styles. Here are the types of storage dressers you can have in your bedroom. 


1. Standard Horizontal Dresser

The chest is one of the oldest pieces of furniture invented. This is where the standard dresser design came from. They are horizontally oriented and squat in profile. Standard horizontal dressers usually contain two columns of drawers.


2. Standard Vertical Chest

Also known as a tallboy, the vertical chest is much taller than the standard dresser design. The double stack of drawers comprises this column-shaped piece of furniture. Sometimes the upper half is replaced by a cupboard, then making it into an armoire.


3. Combo Dresser

The combo dresser is designed by combining two major elements. Most models combine a tall cabinet with a standard squat dresser. This allows for more storage options and space in a single piece of furniture. 


4. Bachelor’s Chest

The bachelor’s chest is a specifically more minimalist framing of the dresser form. It features a single column of drawers in a more squat, sometimes narrow frame. Nowadays, most bachelor’s chests have horizontal surfaces, but originally they had a slanted surface for writing. 


5. Gentlemen’s Chest

The drawer column in a gentlemen’s chest is paired with a large vertically oriented cabinet door. This storage dresser holds a large cavity to store hung suits, pants, and other clothing. 


6. Lingerie Chest / Semainier

The lingerie chest traditionally holds seven drawers meant for each day of the week. Also known as a semainier, this dresser design is long, tall, with deep and narrow drawers.


Top 3 DIY Bedroom Storage Dressers


How to Plan & Build Bedroom Storage Dresser

The prospect of building your own bedroom storage dresser might seem daunting and even impossible, but rest assured that there are easy ways to go about it. Find out how you can build a 6 drawer tall dresser by following the instructions in the video below.



DIY Bedroom Storage Cabinets


Top 3 DIY Bedroom Storage Cabinets


How to Plan & Build Bedroom Storage Cabinets

You can build your own storage cabinets by following these instructions (video courtesy of Shara Woodshop Diaries from Youtube).



DIY Bedroom Storage Benches


Top 3 DIY Bedroom Storage Benches


How to Plan & Build Bedroom Storage Bench

You can build your own storage cabinets by following these instructions (video courtesy of HomeMade Modern from Youtube).




DIY Bedroom Storage Foldable Chests


Top 3 DIY Bedroom Storage Foldable Chests


How to Plan & Build Bedroom Storage Foldable Chest

You can build your own storage cabinets by following these instructions (video courtesy of Crafted Workshop from Youtube).



Frequently Asked Questions About DIY Bedroom Storage


1. How To Organize Your Bedroom?

Our bedroom is our ultimate comfort zone. This is where we spend most of the time to sleep, relax, do our hobbies, and rest. For this reason, it is very important to always keep this part of the house clean, organized, and free from clutter. Here are some organization tips you can follow that will help you maintain a calm and relaxing space. 


2. How To Build A DIY Bed?

If you are a DIY beginner and want to build your own bed frame, this minimal, Bohemian-inspired DIY bed frame is really simple and easy to follow. This DIY bed is made to fit a 160 x 200 cm mattress. 

Here are the tools and materials you will need:

  • 12 x angle brackets
  • wood drill (keep in mind the width of your screws)
  • Screwdriver 
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • felt stickers for furniture legs
  • 4 x pine wood beam 4 x 7 x 151,2 cm -A
  • 2 x pine wood beam 4 x 7 x 200 -B
  • 2 x pine board 30 x 163,6 cm (measure the width of the slatted frame) – C
  • 2 x pine board 30 x 203,6 cm (measure the length of the slatted frame) – D
  • 9 x screws Ø 5 mm x 50 mm long (for the outside frame)
  • 8 x screws Ø 5 mm x 70 mm long (for the inside frame)
  • 24 x screws Ø 5 mm x 25 mm long (to attach the outside and inside frame)

Step by Step Instructions: 

  • First, you need to make the base to elevate your slatted frame. Screw two of the smaller pine wood beams together (A). You can do this by pre-drilling a hole in one beam and attaching it to the other. Repeat for the other side.
  • Place your beams (A) on the floor and with the help of 4 angle brackets, attach the longer beams (B) in the corners.
  • Next, you will make the outside of the bed frame around the inside. Start by marking where you will drill the holes. The back and front (C) of the bed frame covers the sides (D), so there are 6 screws in the back and the front to hold the frame. They need to be screwed right in the middle of your plank. The best way to do that is by measuring how thick your plank on the side is. Mark the middle of this width on the front and back (C) and drill the holes.  Let’s say your plank is 2 cm thick, mark the holes that you want to drill at 1 cm from the side. Screw in your 5mm x50mm screws straight, this should be easy now that you have predrilled your holes.
  • With the 8 remaining angle brackets, attach the inside frame to the outside frame.
  • Finally, you are done! Add some felt under your frame to prevent scratching your floor. The last step is to add your slatted frame and mattress to complete your DIY bed. 


3. How To Build A DIY Dresser?

DIY colorful commode in pastel girl room

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While it may seem daunting, building your own DIY bedroom drawer is probably less difficult than you think. Materials required include saws, pineboards and clamps. Click here for our detailed guide on how to create your dream set of bedroom drawers.


4. How To Build DIY Cabinets?

Looking for a summer project to tide you through boredom? Here’s a doable experiment you can try.



5. How To Build A DIY Bench?

Here are the tools and materials you will need:

  • wood glue
  • screws, nails
  • Brad Nailer
  • Kreg Jig pocket hole system
  • textile
  • paint
  • 2X4 wood panels
  • 2×2 wood panels
  • plywood ( for the seating)
  • plywood project panel to cover the bench

Step by Step Instructions: 

  1. Remove the window trim, baseboard, and shoe molding so you can build in the frame for the bench evenly.
  2. Start securing the frame to the walls. Cut the 2×4 panels to size. Make sure to secure those 2x4s to the studs in the walls. Using a level, nail them to the wall making sure that the wood panels are even.
  3. Use the Kreg Jig pocket hole system to attach the wood pieces together. 
  4. After building the frame out, cut a project board to cover the front of the bench. Use a wood glue and a brad nailer to secure the board to the frame.
  5. Add a thin trim board to the front panels to make it look a little more stylish.
  6. Paint the bench with a coat of fresh paint. 
  7. Begin making the seating cushion for the top of the bench. Use plywood for the seating part. Cut two pieces of wood to size, then add 2x2s to the back of those boards so that the seating cushion will not move out of the frame.
  8. Use a foam and fabric to make the seating part. Secure the fabric to the plywood by using an air nailer. 


6. How To Build A DIY Foldable Chest?

Here are the tools and materials you will need

  • seam gauge
  • quilter’s rulers
  • rotary cutter
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Fabric
  • 1″ wide webbing
  • Fabric glue
  • Decorative brads
  • Ribbon

Step by Step Instructions: 

  1. Start by cutting out the fabric. For each box cut, one piece that is the length of the front, bottom, and back combined plus 2-3″ by the width of the box front plus 1″.
  2. Cut two pieces that are the height of your box plus 2-3″ and the depth of your box plus 2-3″.
  3. For each box, cut 1 piece at 10 3/4″ x 34″ for the front, bottom, and back and 2 pieces at 15″ x 11 1/2″ for the sides.
  4. Fold over 1/2″ on each side of the front/bottom/back piece and press.
  5. Stitch a line 1/4 inch from the edge with a contrasting color for some added detail. 
  6. Add spray glue to the side pieces of the fabric. Be careful not to get it on the front of the fabric because it is permanent. 
  7. Wrap the extra around the sides of the box and make sure they are glued down (use the fabric glue if you need extra glue).
  8. Spray glue the front, bottom, and back piece and center it on the box. Smooth it over the whole thing and wrap the edge inside the box. Secure the handles and you are done!


7. Black And White DIY  bedroom storage ideas designs

Interior of beautiful modern bedroom

Photo by Pixel-Shot from Adobe Stock


Modern and oh-so-classy, black and white is the way to go if you’re looking for something that’ll endure the test of time. Done correctly, this combination will elevate the ambiance of your bedroom, and make it a space you’ll never want to leave.


8. DIY bedroom storage ideas for your kids’ room

Kids’ storage tends to be tricky as them little ones are an active, boisterous bunch – you’ll want to make sure that items are tucked neatly away to prevent accidental spills, and yet ensure that they remain accessible at the same time. From vintage crates to play tables, here are some easy solutions guaranteed to solve your parenting woes.


9. How to maximize your DIY storage shelves for bedroom

Examine the layout of your bedroom carefully: are there any irregular, seemingly awkward corners that an ordinary shelf won’t fit in? If so, consider making a DIY storage shelf instead. More details are available in this comprehensive guide.


10. Clever DIY small bedroom storage ideas

When space is limited, every single square inch is prime estate. Struggling to squeeze space out of your (already packed) bedroom? Fortunately, there are a ton of simple DIY small bedroom storage ideas that don’t require much time nor money: we list the best options here.


11. Built-in DIY bedroom organization and storage ideas

Built-in storage choices are godsends, to say the least – these naturally become part of your bedroom without taking up additional space. Best of all, they’re cheap and readily available. Be sure to check out our article here.


12. Different DIY projects for bedroom storage

Are you an arts and craft enthusiast who’s always looking to tackle a new project? If time isn’t an issue, DIY projects like these can prove to be fulfilling and cost-saving as well. You could even rope the entire family in!

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