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25 Rolling Storage Bins To Organize Your Tools 25 Rolling Storage Bins To Organize Your Tools

Best Storage Bins: Your Ultimate Guide • April 7, 2020

25 Rolling Storage Bins To Organize Your Tools

Written by: Pavneet Kaur Lobana

Dive into these best rollling storage bins to organise your mighty & super-cool tools! They are SAFE, SECURE & guaranteed to make your life much easier!

While tools might be your weapons at work, it is always essential to find them a good place for storage. And for that, you should have something that is durable, strong and efficient enough to house your tools of varying sizes. Besides, you will need something that will allow you to carry your tools to the site, without switching bags. Perhaps you may already possess a toolbox, but if it was good enough you wouldn’t be here.


Rolling storage bins are one optimal answer to all such woes! So here we are with the best rolling storage bins available on Amazon. Beware, most of these have amazing features and it might get hard to choose one. But make sure that you choose the one that ticks all the boxes on your checklist!



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What To Look For In A Rolling Storage Bin For Organizing Tools?

Before you set out to buy a storage bin for your tools, have a peek at what are the essential aspects to check before you make the buying plunge.



The material of which the storage containers are made of directly impacts the durability of the bin. As well as the safety of your equipment. These days the storage baskets made of polypropylene are working the most efficiently. This material is resistant to rust, chemicals, and even dents.



The number of compartments is another aspect of importance. The compartments must be sufficient to hold your tools as well as keep them segregated. Besides, if you buy a bigger than required rolling storage bin, you will have too much unmanageable space.



Size must depend on the tools that you need to carry or store. If you are not into power tools, a smaller one will suffice. Whereas, for storing power tools, bigger compartments are a necessity.



Look for storage bins that are easy to carry. Especially if you have heavier tools, you need rolling storage bins that have smooth wheels and comfortable handles.


Top Rolling Storage Bins To Keep Your Tools Organized

Here are the best rolling storage bins that will ensure that your tools stay organized, secure, and portable. Have a look!




This Keter Masterloader has the word ‘master’ in its name for a reason. It is made of polypropylene resin plastic which is highly durable. It resists rust, and dents like a pro. Besides, it has a deep storage at the bottom with six smaller and removable bins on top. The central locking, portability and extendable handles are additional features that ensure convenience.





With 4.2” nylon wheels and foldable handles, this tool storage offers spot convenience. Besides, it has plenty of storage compartments, with 24 small, two removal trays, and one deep compartment for heavy tools. The durable polypropylene construction ensures the complete safety of your tools, be it during travel or at construction sites. Attached cable hooks are an additional benefit.



The Ridgid professional tool storage comes in a tri toolbox combination. Each of these is detachable and can be carried individually as well. However, the wheels are attached to only the biggest storage basket. Nevertheless, the heavy-duty construction ensures its longevity and your tool’s safety. The lockable system is another benefit!



The Dewalt tool storage bin comes with a flexible platform that allows you to change the combination as per your requirements. It includes heavy-duty metal latches and hinges that can bear up to 44 pounds of load. So you can organize quite a lot in these storage containers.



If you are looking for customizable storage baskets, this variant by Keter would suit you best. It is made of highly durable polypropylene resin plastic and also sports central locking. Its most prominent feature, however, is its 16 removable bins and dividers that you can move around freely.




The Stanley tools organizer bin features heavy-duty 7″ wheels which offer excellent manoeuvrability at the construction site. But the most notable part is that it has detachable storage containers. All in all, it has three sections, the top toolbox with drawers, one shallow and one deep drawer. And lastly, a bottom flip bin for bigger tools.





This Stalwart tool organizer contains two stackable and detachable storage baskets, both are made of durable plastic. One container also comes with a tray for segregating smaller tools, while there is sufficient space for bigger tools. Rolling wheels are present only on the bottom unit.





These carriage-like two box rolling tool storage baskets by Goplus are easy to carry around, with oversized 6″ wheels. These also bring along removable storage trays, for smaller tools and have enough room for the bigger ones. Besides the diamond-shaped design makes it convenient to store and pick tools when in a hurry.






This rolling storage bin opens into a multi-compartment tool organizer in a jiffy. It’s really easy to open and close and all compartments open at once, also making it easy to find tools. It features one big basket at the bottom for the bigger tools. While one of the two other compartments contain divisions for organizing smaller tools.




The Meijia portable tool storage bin is really easy to carry, thanks to its smooth wheels and easy-grip handle. Besides, the tool organizer is lightweight yet durable. The latch design also makes it convenient to lock it, and it also claims to be age resistant. It also has sports detachable trays for smaller tools like screws and anchors. While the bottom container can accommodate multiple bigger equipment.





The Stalwart Stackable Toolbox comes in a unique bumblebee outlook. It has plenty of storage with three sections, with the biggest one at the bottom. The middle section has two drawers, while the top one has a storage tray as well. It also has an attached cable hook, so none of your cables and cords will get entangled with each other. It also has four removable bungee cords, so you can hang your tools on the exterior on the go.





This Dewalt rolling storage bin has a durable build with ergonomic hold and manoeuvrability. Besides, its pull-up latch makes it easy to open, and all compartments open at once. The large bottom bin is for power tools, while the middle section features an organizer for smaller tools. The top section also has a tray for tinier counterparts.




This three-compartment storage bin has a sturdy polypropylene build. Its three compartments are ergonomically divided into three sections, a toolbox, a large storage bin and an organizer in the middle. Besides, the 7-inch wheels and the telescopic handles make it easy to carry around, even in rugged terrains of a construction site. However, the compartments can not be used individually as storage units as they don’t have individual lids.




This rolling tool storage unit has a retractable pull handle, it also allows you to lift the entire bin. The three compartments are divided into a bottom unit for storing heavier and bigger tools. The middle one consists of three drawers for smaller tools. The top one doubles as a toolbox, along with a tray for smaller pieces. The cable hooks make it convenient to store cables without tangling them.




The Tactix storage containers that stack up to form one rolling toolbox. Besides, each box features metal handles and metal latches, so you may also use them solo. The polypropylene material is waterproof, durable and extra strong for all kinds of tools and equipment. The bottom storage container has 6-inch wheels and telescopic extension handles.




This stainless steel rollable tool organizer is a stylish way of carrying and storing your essential tools. It features three separable compartments. A large storage box at the bottom, a middle double drawer compartment, and a traditional toolbox with a tray. As to its durability, it is constructed with impact-resistant ABS construction with non-corroding heavy gauge steel. Besides, the soft rubber wheels roll over all kinds of surfaces with little to no noise




The unique cantilever lid of this rolling toolbox provides a cool integrated organization of tools. Plus, you will have enough options to sort your tools into its 18 different compartments. All this while the base unit has enough room for the bigger tools like the drills and hammers. It is also waterproof and pad-lockable.


If you are not looking for a too sturdy tool storage baskets, here’s a rolling bag by XtremepowerUS. It has enough compartments to organize tools of various shapes and sizes. The main compartment has 10 pockets in the interior and 9 on the exterior. The dual zipper top ensures that your tools don’t fall out.




The Plano Rolling Storage Bin has molded groves for sturdy stacking of your tools and wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Besides, this lockable unit is airline approved, so you can even carry it on your faraway travels. It is best for heavy-duty equipment and tools.




This cool tool storage bag runs on durable 6-inch wheels that are suitable for rugged terrains. The interior bright color makes it easy to look for tools, even if smaller ones. Though, there are 24 smaller pockets to organize the smaller tools into different clusters. Also,, the main large compartment features a reinforced metal frame, which keeps the bag open until you close it.




The Davidales rolling storage bin has a capacity of 50 gallons, and that’s a lot of space for your tools. The Nickel-plated metal latch enclosure with lock and key keeps the storage container secure when in storage or transit. The pair of rubber-coated wheels make it easy to move the heavy load. While the removable steel handle on top gives a comfortable grip if you wish to carry it. Additionally, the toolbox will neither peel and rust nor be damaged from dents or impact.




The Flambeau Rolling toolbox is strong enough to carry heavy-duty tools. It also has a lift-out tray which has quite some room for even the power tools. Besides, even the lid of this tool organizer can support 2 x 4 lumber. And being made of durable plastic material, it will stay safe from rust, and most chemicals that it may come in contact with at the construction site.




The Husky rolling storage bin comes with a power cord access to charge your tools, while in the box. Besides, the powerful, rubber-coated all-terrain wheels make it easy to carry even on rugged surfaces. While the most amazing part of this tool storage container is that it can hold up to 100 lbs of weight! It also has a removable tray and a small storage box for smaller equipment.




The B&W International storage bin is made of the sturdy and durable with a 30-year unlimited warranty of the shell. While the inserts feature a two-year warranty. It is waterproof and dustproof. Plus, there are several pockets for the small to medium size tools. Additionally, there is also a bigger compartment for tools that require more space.




The Stanley tool storage bin consists of a geometric latch and geometric lock for the safety of your tools. The removable tool tray on the top has a handle for easy handling and for storing smaller tools. Moreover, the 7-inch wheels are durable and coated for noise-free movement. It also has two small lids on the top in which you can store the smallest tools like nuts and bolts.


So we hope that you had a good time skimming through these amazing rolling storage bins for tools. We also hope that the storage bin you choose gives you a comfortable experience and ease your life, one day at a time.

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