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How To Decorate Your Heavy Duty Storage Bins? How To Decorate Your Heavy Duty Storage Bins?

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How To Decorate Your Heavy Duty Storage Bins?

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

Tranform your dull looking heavy duty storage bins to a visual feast with our SIMPLE & BRILLIANT ideas that are sure to get you praises! DONT MISS IT!

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When one thinks of storage ideas, the most common one that comes to mind is a storage bin. You’d want to get some heavy duty storage bins. That’s right. This is because heavy duty storage bins offer ample space, is versatile, and can be put anywhere. They are ideal for the living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and garage. Yes. Basically, for every room in the house!





However, there’s one downside to it, and that is the style and the beautiful look. We all agree that this is an important aspect of having storage in your house. Without a good look, it can sacrifice the whole appearance of your room, and you definitely don’t want that. Let us help you prevent that from happening. Below are some ideas on how to decorate your storage containers that’ll surely beautify the whole look of the room.



To give you all the complete options, we have divided two sections for you. The first one is an economical and easy solution, and the other one is a more expensive choice to go for.


Economic Solutions


1. Spray Painting Your Heavy Duty Storage Bins

Plastic container box


While storage bins are useful, the looks of it can be very boring. This first idea is the easiest and the most fun way to decorate your storage containers. Painting your storage box allows you to bring out your creativity and enables you to customize it as you like. Here’s the breakdown.


To start with, you’ll need these items: Spray Paint (with colors you wish for), newspaper, and painter’s tape. You can find all of these items easily on Amazon.


Step 1: You need to wash your heavy-duty storage bins because paint sticks well to clean surfaces. Use a mild soap and rinse it thoroughly. You’ll also need to make sure it’s completely dry before you go on to the next step.


Step 2: use some newspaper to cover the floor. You don’t want the paint to go all over your clean floor. It’ll just create unnecessary extra work for you. Also, the best location to do it is in the outdoors, especially with spray paint.


Step 3: use spray paint with the color of your choice. You can use many different colors. You can have as much coating as you want. However, give around 15 minutes between each layer for effectiveness. Shake the paint before using it and be approximately 15 – 20cm away from the box.


Step 4: Once you’re done with coloring, allow the box dry of for 48hours.


For a funkier look, you can use some painter’s tape to make some patterns. For example, putting some painter’s tape vertically or horizontally for a striped effect.


Make sure the paint is dry before you peel off the tape.


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2. Wrapping The Box With Washi Tape

washi tape amazon

Photo by United Tapes



Get a cool-looking washi tape in accordance with your style.


Step 1: Place the tape on the top corner of the box and start wrapping, making a straight line until you make it all the way around.


Step 2: Continue working your way down, doing the same step above.


Let your creativity take over. Mix some colors, make patterns or any other abstract designs!


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3. Add Labels That Also Work As A Decorative

Containers with labels

Labelled Storage Bins Also Works As Decorations


We all know how frustrating it is to find items that we have put in the storage bins. No matter what kind of heavy-duty storage bins you have, we often forget where we put things. Putting a label on each storage bins will make it easier for us to find the desired items.


Now, rather than just putting the labels on the storage box, combine the ideas above before you put the labels. As a result, you’ll get a storage box that is not only functional but also beautiful!



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4. Use Your Painting Skills And Transform Your Storage Bins

Cans of paint with brushes and palette samples

Essential Paint Equipment For Your Storage Bins Make Over


This next step is also inexpensive, but it’ll take more time. But, if you enjoy painting, this DIY-type of work will suit you. Remember that this idea works if you have storage containers that are made from fabric. Bring some members of the family to the mix and have some fun together! All you need is some paint and some brush then you’re good to go.


If you’re putting more than one layer on your storage bins, give some time for the first paint to dry off.


More Expensive Solutions

Now, if you don’t mind spending more to decorate your heavy storage bins, here are some ideas that you can do. Keep in mind that these ideas can take up more time than the ones above, but are definitely worth it!


1. Buy Some Cool Fabrics To Wrap The Plastic Storage Box

fabric bins amazon



If you look on Amazon and you’ll find many cool options of fabrics. You can get a modern-look fabric or a more traditional one. Buy some which will fit the whole scene of your home.


Besides getting the fabric, you’ll need some additional items to make things work on your plastic storage box. Here’s what you need: spray adhesive, scissors, and a measurement tool.


Step 1: What you need to do first is measure the fabric so that it can wrap the whole storage box.


Step 2: Spray the adhesive to the bottom of the box and place the box in the middle of the fabric.


Step 3: Start cutting diagonally into each corner of the box and stop before reaching the corner of the bin, around an inch before. Cut off the excess fabric.


Step 4: Again, spray adhesive to the ends of the container and neatly fold your fabric up along the sides of the box.


Step 5: For the center of the bin, measure and cut some fabric. Spray the center of the bin and stick the fabric inside.


If you have some exposed area, simply fill in with more fabrics.


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2. Turn Your Heavy Duty Storage Bins Into Furniture

plastic bins amazon

Photo by IRIS USA, Inc.


Wouldn’t it be great if you can turn your heavy-duty storage bins into a multi-purpose object? That’s right. Your storage bin can also be turned into a piece of furniture! If you especially don’t have much space in the house to put your storage bins in, you can hide them by disguising it as benches. How? Here’s how.


You’ll need some Plywood, wood glue, measuring tape, and a staple gun.


Step 1: First of all, you’ll need to get some plywood. This plywood will be used to cover the top of your heavy-duty storage bins. You can put several storage containers in an L-shape in the corner of the room. Make sure you have your plywood in the same measurements as your storage boxes. If you can’t find the right size, you’ll have to cut them.


Step 2: Now that you’ve got the top covered, how about the sides of the bins? You can do many things to cover them. You can paint them with the colors you like, or you can use other creative means such as installing this peeled reed fencing. This will give your brand new benches, aka storage containers, an exciting look!

Wood fence

Photo by Backyard X-Scapes


Step 3: If you decide to install the peeled reed fencing, you’ll need to cut them to the size of the storage containers and stick them. Apply the fence by using the staple gun and attach them to the edge of the plywood on top.


And lastly, put some cushions on top, so that it’ll be comfortable to sit on. With this method, no one will realize that the benches they see are actually some of your heavy-duty storages!



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3. Update Your Storage Box With Some Wood

Working on cutting wood

Putting Some Wood To Your Storage Bins Will Do Wonders



Another way to create a rustic look to your plastic storage drawers is by installing some woods to the side of it. The best wood you can get for this specific method is a light-weight balsa wood. This balsa wood comes in many sizes and is perfect for beginner crafters looking to play around with it.


You’ll also need a strong wood glue and a measuring tape for this project.


The only thing you need to do is cut a thin layer of the balsa wood so that it can fit the sides of your drawers. Once you get the right measurement and have the wood ready, apply the glue to the sides of each piece of wood, then add them to the sides of the drawer.


To further enhance the look of the drawers, use this next step below.



4. Install Antique Handles And Knobs

Vintage Knobs

Some Vintage Antique Knobs To Add To Your Storage Bins



If you have some stackable storage bins, such as plastic drawers, you know how ugly some of them can be. One way to beautify them is by putting some knobs or cool-looking antique handles. This will not only disguise your dull-looking stackable storage bins, but it’ll also add an extra feature that‘ll make it easier for you to use them.


If you’re looking to make your stackable storage bins like wooden drawers, spray paint the box with brown wooden colors and install some rustic handles. You can either use a strong glue to stick the handles, or drill a hole and put screws on for a stronger option.



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Remember that transforming your dull-looking storage bins can take some time. However, we are here to tell you that all the hard work will pay off. If you want to enhance the look of your home while making everything inside tidy, you should definitely give our ideas above a try! Get your friends and family members to help you with it. It’ll add the fun out of the process.



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