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All You Need To Know About Buying Metal Storage Cabinets All You Need To Know About Buying Metal Storage Cabinets

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All You Need To Know About Buying Metal Storage Cabinets

Written by: Noah Bennett

Grab all you need to know about metal storage cabinets and get a SPLENDID, MASSIVE & DURABLE cabinet that can declutter your space like never before! HURRY!

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Metal storage cabinets are built to handle your heavy-duty items and toughest DIY projects. It offers a safe and secure place to store your gear and tools. Metal cabinets also keep your outdoor spaces like your garage or shed neat and orderly with a sleek style. There is an extensive selection of storage cabinets to meet your specific needs: from a simple storage cabinet, locker safety cabinet, or utility cabinet.





Different Types Of Metal Storage Cabinets

One distinct quality of storage cabinets made of metal is that they do not only provide storage solutions, but they are also easy to clean and maintain. Here are the three common types of metal used for storage cabinets.



Steel is among the popular material used for storage cabinets because of its durability and versatility. When it comes to their storage requirements, many prefer stainless steel because this material is strong when compared to other storage materials like wood. Steel has the ability to withstand high temperatures, heavyweight, and it is safe to use.


A good example of its usage is in the food industry (e.g. restaurants). They choose storage units made from stainless steel due to its capability to support heavy loads of food and drinks supply. Not only that, but steel is also less prone to damage and easy to clean. It is a top-quality material for metal storage cabinets that may last longer than other materials.




Chrome is another type of metal that is a lot cheaper and considered to be versatile. Just like stainless steel, chrome has the strength needed for the production of industrial storage units. You can also use it as a storage solution for homes with limited spaces in the kitchen or garage area. Chrome is useful in other facilities such as offices, dormitories, utility rooms, and even as display units in stores.


This storage material depicts cleanliness, elegance, and fine taste. If your budget is limited and you cannot afford stainless steel material, chrome wire made storage would be a wise choice. It is a good alternative to steel when it comes to being a long-lasting material.



Lastly, wrought iron is a common type of metal used for metal storage cabinets. Wrought iron is mostly used for furniture making because of its durability, elegance, and versatility when it comes to its designs. Aside from the features of this metal, it is also water-resistant, can carry any weight, and less susceptible to damage.


If you are considering the use of wrought iron for your storage needs such as metal storage cabinet units, except the cost to be a bit higher. Because what you will be getting in return when it comes to dependability, quality, and aesthetic appearance can be worth as an investment.


Various Uses Of Metal Storage Cabinets

The versatility of metal storage cabinets ensures storage solutions in a variety of ways. You can place them almost anywhere and use them in different areas. Here are some of the many ways you can use metal storage cabinets for your needs.


Metal Storage Cabinets In Offices

Metal cabinets are especially useful in holding supplies in the office. It provides a huge selection of sizes and layouts according to your needs. Storage cabinets for the office can range from standard shelf cabinets to combination cabinets. Some even have lockable features to keep your files and documents secure and added wheels for extra mobility. It also includes adjustable shelves that will allow you to adjust your shelves and maximize your cabinet space.




Bonnlo Metal File Cabinet has 3 drawers to keep your important documents protected and well organized. Its material is 0.8 mm steel with a powder-coated finish. This filing cabinet features a built-in lock with 2 keys for increased security for your files and documents. This 3-drawer file cabinet can fit under the desk but also has wheels for easy maneuvering. It features premium ABS durable plastic casters that do not damage the floors when moving the cabinet out for use. For maximum stability, two casters come with a brake, while the center caster in front keeps the whole cabinet from tipping over.


Bonnlo Metal File Cabinet also has two utility drawers on top that are perfectly sized for pencils, pens, sticky notes, stamps, address labels, office accessories, etc. While, the bottom drawer can fit letter, legal, A4 size folders. Its overall metal design with a removable stationery tray provides excellent storage and makes your office more organized and clean.



Devaise Metal File Cabinet is steel-made with an interlock system to secure all 3 drawers and keep your documents safe. It features two stationery drawers with a removable stationery tray to store and tidy small office items. This metal storage cabinet is an excellent filing organizer with its 1 hanging-file drawer and removable hanging bar that can accommodate legal, letter, and A4 size folders. It also has five casters that are easy to move. You can lock the 2 front casters while 1 auxiliary caster prevents the cabinet from tipping over.


Industrial Storage Cabinets

Industrial storage cabinets are all-welded and made from heavy-duty steel, built to store heavy equipment or gear. These metal storage cabinets have heavy-duty hinges securely welded that help keep the doors align and close flush. Some also have a user-provided padlock to secure the contents of the storage cabinet. There are also features like wheels to help move the cabinet anywhere, whether in a facility or warehouse.


Strong Hold is a classic industrial storage cabinet to secure and store equipment. It is made of a heavy-duty 12 gauge steel with 7 gauge, 6-inch tall legs, and ¾” hole for anchoring to the floor. This industrial cabinet has fully-welded door hinges designed to keep door operation smooth for 210° degree swing.


Each compartment can be secured separately with its 3-point locking device and a standard padlock. There are also 14-gauge shelves that can be adjusted in 2-inch increments and can hold up to 1,900 lbs. each. Strong Hold’s storage cabinet features strength and durability that is built to last a lifetime.


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Counter Height Metal Storage Cabinets

Counter height metal storage cabinets are the perfect solution for your small storage needs. They are perfect for everyday use around the house and can store a variety of items. These cabinets usually include adjustable shelves for versatility and to meet your changing needs for storage.




This metal counter height cabinet by InterGreat is made of premium core materials such as a high-strength cold-rolled steel plate with an Electrostatic phosphorus-free epoxy spray layer. This top-build quality provides impeccable strength and stability which makes it very strong and immune to corrosion and rust. It has a whole-in-one reinforced heavy-duty metal frame and steel sheet with a thickness of up to 0.8 mm.


This steel storage cabinet is equipped with 2 adjustable shelves and a high-grade three-point locking system to secure your valuables. Its sturdy and durable structure combined with its simple and practical design makes it widely usable anywhere. The InterGreat Metal Storage Cabinet offers secure storage space for lots of items and protects them from light, temperature, dirt, and dust.


Invie Storage Cabinet is suitable for all occasions to meet your different storage needs. It is made of a thickened cold-rolled steel plate and environment-friendly, phosphorus-free powder coating. This steel cabinet has two adjustable shelves and a 120 lb. per shelf capacity to accommodate various storage items. It also features a swing handle with a lock and three-point locking system to protect and secure your valuables.


Now that you know the different types and uses of metal storage cabinets, it is time to start looking for one.


Factors To Be Considered Before You Choose A Metal Storage Cabinet 

1. Consider the Weight

Before buying a storage cabinet for your outdoor space, it is important to make sure that the material can support the weight of the items. Take note of what you plan to store inside your metal storage cabinets. Metal materials range in gauges from 14 to 24 gauge steel. Keep in mind that thinner steel materials have a higher gauge number, while thicker steel material has a lower gauge number.


2. Determine your Space

Next, you need to consider the space where you will place your metal storage cabinet. It would be a complete waste of money and energy if you buy something that does not fit. That’s why it is important to determine your space constraints first and measure it to find the right size for your metal storage cabinet.


3. Storage Features

Aside from storage capacity, decide what features are you looking for in a metal storage cabinet. There is a vast selection of storage cabinets that offer a variety of color options. They can come in neutral colors like black, white, silver, and grey. Or, if you want to add personality, some metal storage cabinets also come in blue, red, green and yellow. You can find different features such as lockable storage cabinets, plenty of drawers, adjustable shelves, or wheels and casters for added mobility.


4. Take Note of the Quality

This is a very important thing you need to consider before buying metal storage cabinets. Your metal cabinet should offer durable, heavy-duty protection for your belongings. This especially applies to items that are heavier in weight, and if you are looking to store a variety of items. The metal storage cabinets must be versatile enough to be used in different parts of the house such as the garage, laundry rooms, basement storage, and attic storage.


5. Determine your Budget

Lastly, you should also take note of your budget and look for options that you can afford. There are plenty of metal storage cabinets for every budget, ranging from low to high prices. You can surely find something that does not break the bank. After determining these five things, you can begin looking for good quality metal storage cabinets.

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