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30 Best Craft Storage Drawers To Store Your Craft Materials 30 Best Craft Storage Drawers To Store Your Craft Materials

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30 Best Craft Storage Drawers To Store Your Craft Materials

Written by: William Harrison

Organize your craft room by using any of our brilliant 30 best craft storage drawers. Dive in right away to make decluttering a breeze.

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Love doing crafts but unable to organize your craft room? Don’t worry because you’re not alone when it comes to that worry. Keeping your craft room neat & well-organized can be somewhat tricky. While you want to be creative and immerse yourself in the experience of creating something new, you don’t want to leave your room in a mess either. In addition, cleaning up after a major project can become a tedious task on its own. However, with these craft storage drawers, you can declutter and organize your space super fast. Let’s take a look at some of our top 30 picks for keeping your crafts materials sorted! To learn about more storage options, check out these brilliant storage ideas.



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This white transparent multi-drawer is ideal for organizing colorful beads, board pins, buttons, pens, and more. It has ribs on all sides which supports the craft cabinet and allows it to stand firmly. Also, the drawer features screw holes that make it suitable for hanging on the wall. Alternatively, you can place it vertically on a table. Furthermore, these craft storage cabinets are available in a set of 24, 44, or 64 drawers. You can choose any one of these to suit your specific needs. 






This is a visually appealing storage case, made with durable plastic to make it a perfect fit for storing crafts supplies. It has a combination of large and small drawers to increase its versatility. The small drawers are great for storing staplers, punching machines, adhesive tapes, and other small tools. Meanwhile, its larger drawers are perfect for envelopes, sheets, etc. This item is ideal for those with small craft rooms because it can fit anywhere, be it in your closet, on the desk, or under the table. 






This multipurpose steel storage cart with a wooden top is highly functional and perfect for your arts and crafts. If you’re looking for wooden craft storage drawers on wheels, this is the closest match you can find. Moreover, this craft storage option comes with a smart-lock feature on two of its wheels to make the transfer your craft supplies easier. Furthermore, this craft storage cabinet with a table features five drawers of different depths. It is ideal for storing things in bulk like craft sheets, flowers, wires, threads, cords, and much more.






Built with a white steel frame, wooden top, and multi-colored fabric drawers, this craft organizer is a beautiful piece of furniture that we fully recommend to your craft room. In addition, the drawers are in pastel colors that give off a soothing look. They also feature non-woven fabric that provides breathability to their contents. The wooden top is ideal for placing decorative pieces and some craft books. 






These three-drawer craft storage cabinets with an open tray top are basically a table essential to any budding crafts and arts practitioner. The drawers in this cabinet come with stoppers that provide shelter to your craft supplies and prevent them from falling. Furthermore, the drawers are perfect for storing decorative tapes, ribbon rolls, diaries, sticky notes, and more. The item also comes with rubber feet that can easily stick to surfaces. 






Craft tools are usually a one-time investment. This fact is why you want to buy those once and then keep using them for years to come. For such tools, this mini-storage chest is a perfect solution because of its various supportive features. This chest of two drawers has a scratch-free coating and a locking system which makes it superb for storing scissors, punching machines, staplers, and even some heavy tools.






Are you worried about not knowing how to properly store your acrylic paint bottles? You must store your acrylic paint bottles on a flat surface so as to prevent them from spilling. We have got an amazing storage tower for this purpose that we’re sure you’ll come to love. Moreover, the storage tower comes with durable plastic and has ample space to store your other craft supplies.






This is a rearrangeable five-piece set that has eight small drawers, two square drawers, five large drawers, and 16 compartments. All of its drawers are installed with black mesh pads that keep your craft-supplied scratch-free. Use this multi-purpose tower however you want, and store your craft supplies without any worry. 






A cluttered craft room can influence your creative process and distract you from your workflow. Better choose a craft organizer that can store everything properly. This Deflecto stackable cube organizer comes with removable craft storage drawers and dividers that you can use for your craft supplies. Furthermore, you can even remove one drawer and divider in the compartment to store larger items. Moreover, the transparent finish of the item makes it easier for you to find things at a glance. 





If you are looking for craft storage for your kids’ room, we bet you won’t find anything better than this item. These musical craft storage cabinets are so beautiful that they may actually urge your kids to craft and encourage them to be creative. Made out of a durable pine fiberboard and silver-tone latch, this fairy tale-printed cabinet can store tiny craft supplies for your children.






This craft organizer by IRIS USA is another great item on our list. This cart comes with removable wheels which, you guessed it, can be removed to keep the cart stationary. Additionally, the cart also has an organizer at the top that can be used to segregate smaller items like highlighters, board pins, clips, and more. Moreover, it also has six portable cases that can be used as a single storage box. 





This sleek vertical storage tower is made up of a strong steel frame with a white finish. It features a combination of four breathable fabric drawers in grey color that gives enough ventilation to the crafts you keep inside. In addition, its light weight makes it easy to relocate. This storage drawer has an easy-to-pull handle for smooth opening and closing. You can easily fold the craft storage drawers and keep them aside when not in use. 






We’ve got something exclusive for you all in our list of storage containers. This beautiful handmade product is made out of sustainable material. Moreover, this wooden craft organizer has two drawers with two partitions, with each one featuring an openable compartment that you can store your craft supplies in. 






This drawer can be used as both a craft-supply storage item as well as a decoration piece in the house. It has two large drawers and four small drawers which have ample storage space to accommodate various craft supplies. Moreover, the cart is assembled with 360-degree swivel wheels with locking technology to make the transportation of your crafts supplies easy. 






You’ll fall in love with these crystal clear acrylic craft storage cabinets. The organizer features two small and four large drawers with durable handles. Furthermore, the transparent finish makes it a good fit for storing miniature craft supplies. The transparent design makes it easier to find smaller craft items that would otherwise be easily lost in the clutter. 






This mobile organizer has diamond wire mesh removable craft storage drawers that let you see its contents immediately. It is made up of industry quality heavy-duty steel and is perfect for storing metal supplies or heavy materials. Moreover, it also has four casters with locking technology that allows it to stay wherever you place it. If you’re looking for something durable and long-lasting, this item is a good option to buy. 






This is another easy craft organizer that resembles the previous one. However, there are some elements from this AmazonBasics product that are different from the previous entry. This organizer is assembled with seven steel mesh drawers and a natural-colored top to add extra storage space as well as the touch of an elegant look. You can also use it to hold your sketchbooks, magazines, art sheets, and other crafting essentials. 





This utility cart has versatile usage for your art studio. It has two large shelves to shelter your crafts books, sheets, decorative papers, and much more. Additionally, it has four semi-transparent drawers that can be utilized for storing things you don’t want exposed.






These stackable craft storage drawers are excellent at holding all your color essentials. You may buy any number of drawers to suit your specific requirements. Furthermore, each drawer includes four rubber feet to prevent the item from sliding and shifting. Stack drawers one over the other and make plenty of space for other items that you wish to store. 






Another stunning drawer organizer makes our list. This one has three lock-seal boxes inside. All of these boxes make sure that you do not lose any of your craft supplies. Moreover, these boxes are separated with dividers, and you can remove any box as you like. This organizer is suitable for storing tiny stuff like sequins, shimmer, pearls, and buttons.






This is a real wood craft table with extra storage space that is perfect if you have a lot of tools and materials for your crafts projects. This ADEPTUS cabinet is highly durable and has seven sliding drawers that can be used to store your craft supplies. The good news is this product will help you keep your supplies all in one place. Moreover, it is also embedded with gate leg extension which provides extra space for your supplies. 






If you have a designated workspace in your house, install this craft table with storage there. This option is ideal because it is wide enough to let you perform your craft activities without making a mess on your allotted space. Moreover, the item features three deep storage cabins and nine shallow cabins to store all your craft equipment and essentials.






This particular storage tower has seven air-permeable fabric drawers with wooden handles and a wooden top. It can be a great addition to your craft space as it can easily be installed in small spaces but definitely offers plenty of storage space. Furthermore, the drawer’s frame is made up of sturdy steel which allows it to easily bear heavier loads without breaking.






There is no other craft table with storage for your kids that looks so fashionable and purposeful at the same time other than this KidKraft number. This crafting table is a wooden piece of art your kid will fall in love with. It has drying racks and four storage compartments, two on each side, which your kids will come to cherish. Moreover, it is also loaded with two spill-proof paint cups which makes it perfect for kids’ painting activities. 






Modern and sleek design favors works in favor of this rolling cart organizer as it can fit almost anywhere. You can save space and keep the room well-organized with this craft organizer. This item is made up of environment-friendly plastic and has five detachable drawers to hold your supplies. It has several additional benefits. For instance, it is dust-proof and waterproof which makes it an excellent choice for storing fragile craft supplies, particularly papers and sketch pads. 






This decent box has been designed with keeping the practicality of storage in mind. Interestingly, the box is available in various hues. It has three drawers sliding separately with a chrome knob. The cabinet is ideal to store pens, color sticks, highlighters, sticky notes, board pins, clips, and other similar tools. 






This wooden craft table with storage space is a mindful addition to your art studio or craft room. It has two under-table partitions which have sufficient space to stock all your craft supplies. Moreover, the folding table also has four casters which makes it movable and also lets you enjoy a gate leg extension for your bigger projects. 






Give a colorful treat to your craft room by installing this playful storage organizer. This product was launched with a design that keeps your little ones in mind. In addition, this storage organizer has colorful bins of different sizes that are stand on a white structure. These are easily removable and completely safe to use.





Easy to assemble, easy to clean, and durable are the three characteristics that are ideal for defining this simple storage solution item. It has eight colorful drawers that can easily store a maximum number of your craft essentials. It is made of 100% polyester, which makes it super safe for kid’s arts and crafts rooms. It can also store other items that doesn’t have anything to do with crafts. 






This organizing unit can be used in many ways. It is a combination of removable baskets and bins, making it the perfect crafts organizer. The baskets are fully reversible and can be removed to use the cubbies as open storage space. 



We hope these ideas helped you plan your organization strategy a bit better. By simply investing some money in these simple craft storage solutions, you can make your craft room look well-organized and seem like a happy and inviting place for creativity. Introducing any of these items to your home will help you keep things less messy managed. Watch this space for more storage ideas.

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