The Ultimate Guide To Storage Drawers

May 13, 2020

Drawers with clean clothes in dressing room

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Storage drawers – a valuable component of every storage chest, cabinet and closet, and useful even as standalones. This fantastic storage option can be used to store toys, craft supplies, memorabilia and more. We present to you the best of storage drawers in the year 2020.


Top 3 Storage Drawers

1. Why Do We Need Storage Drawers?

Storage drawers are important as they can help us sort items according to category, and reduce clutter by giving all items a home. In the sense of interior design, storage drawers can also help give your room another layer and add visual depth to make things interesting.


2. What We Need To Consider Before Buying Storage Drawers?

The perfect set of storage drawers may seem impossible to find, but there’s a way to narrow the list down to the best few options. Here are some things you should consider before purchasing a set of storage drawers:


Gone are the days of large, bulky storage drawers: these days, storage drawers come in a diverse range of materials and designs. High-quality storage drawers should not only have a polished look to them, but also be able to withstand heavy loads and the test of time. 

Materials Used

Some common materials used to make storage drawers include plastic, sheet metal, and wood/wood composites. Solid wood is an excellent choice as it’s highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. 


With size inevitably comes the issue of space: carefully measure the amount of space there is available with a measuring tape. Take note of any awkward corners that may prevent the storage drawers from fitting nicely.

Things To Put In

How big or small are the items you want to put inside your storage drawers? It’s important to take size into consideration so you can find a set of drawers that perfectly matches your current needs.


3. Where to Buy Affordable and High Quality Storage Drawers?

Your one-stop station for all things storage, Storables offers a wide variety of storage drawer options for you and your family. Our products are carefully hand-picked to ensure that you’ll get 200% out of your product. 


4. Types Of Storage Drawers

Kitchen storage drawers help maximize depth and height – store items you use most often in the top drawer for easy access.
Dresser storage drawers are perfect for use beside your bed: you’ll be able to quickly and effortlessly retrieve your clothes, books, or even a midnight snack if you’re feeling peckish (because why not?) 
Great for storing small items like memorabilia, underwear and accessories, such drawers enhance the overall functionality of a closet significantly. 
Durable and easy to clean, plastic storage drawers are readily available and very affordable, for the most part. Some of them, like the one pictured, also come with rolling wheels, so you’ll be able to easily move them around.
Never worry about having too much or too little space with these superb stackable picks: you’ll be able to customize your storage drawers exactly the way you want, to fit your needs.
The charm of wood is undeniable: its somewhat grainy texture and unique patterns make it a great choice for storage drawers.
Light yet robust, metal storage drawers are one option you must consider if you’re looking for something easy to clean and maintain on a regular basis.


How To Utilize Storage Drawers

Storage drawers are meant to be used but not abused: the best way to use them is to first sort your items by category, allocate each category to a particular drawer, then label the drawer clearly. This way, you’ll be able to find whatever you need/want in next to no time. 


Which storage drawers is better: wood storage drawers or plastic storage drawers? 

Both types of storage drawers come with their own set of advantages. While wood storage drawers are more environmentally-friendly and lend its surroundings a rustic feel, plastic storage drawers tend to be more durable and easy to clean. 


Space-Saving Storage Drawers Design Ideas

Make Non-Skid Liners Your Best Friend

non skid drawer liner

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Annoyed by how that one utensil keeps sliding away from your grip? Non-skid liners like this one put an end to the nightmare by ensuring that items stay in place, whether you’re at home or travelling in a camper. Bonus advantage: they prevent your drawers from getting scratched, too!


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Flatware Drawer Organizer

Flatware drawer organizer

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Drawer organizers come with dedicated compartments for you to store items of various sizes. Not only does this particular option contain 6 sections for the storage of utensils and cutlery, its mesh steel-construction is also resistant to rust and looks très chic as well.


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How To Build Smaller Storage Drawers?



Best Colors For Your Storage Drawers (Basic Color Rules of Interior Design)

Although there isn’t a specific color that storage drawers shoud be, it’s good that they come in a shade that matches the rest of your room/house.





Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Drawers

1. How To Remove Bad Smell From Your Shoe Storage Drawers?

Several spoons of white vinegar and a few squirts of mild dish soap will do the trick and neutralize any unpleasant smells/odors instantly. 

2. How to Remove Rust From Metal Storage Drawers?

  • Use aluminium foil
  • Use white vinegar
  • Coca-cola to the rescue

3. How To Install Drawer Slides?

 Installing drawer slides by yourself need not be an arduous thing, it’s actually surprisingly easy. Learn how to do so under 5 minutes: John Heiz from YouTube guides you through the process.


4. How To Use Storage Drawers? 

Storage drawers can be used as they are, but if you want something more customized, options like anti-slip matsCheck Latest Price and organizer insertsCheck Latest Price are always available. 


5. How To Organize Your Tools Using Storage Drawers?

Give drawer organizers a try: storage drawers are great for organizing and segregating tools based on factors like size, type, and frequency of usage. Minimal fuss and minimal mess? Count us in. 

Ernst Manufacturing

Photo by Ernst Manufacturing


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6. Where To Buy Plastic Storage Drawers? 

Plastic storage drawers can be found at many places, but you can never go wrong with Storables’ premium selection.


7. What Are The Best Craft Storage Drawers?

While there’s nothing wrong with ordinary drawers, craft storage drawers can make organizing and accessing your supplies much easier. The ideal craft storage drawer should boast plenty of compartments, be durable, and have wheels so you can easily move it around.


8. How To Maximize Usage Of Closet Storage Drawers? 

Versatile and brilliant, closet storage drawers are very useful because they can be used in a wide variety of ways.  Add storebought or DIY inserts to divide up drawer space for different items. 


9. What Are Some Ideas For Your Wood Storage Drawer? 

For a zen feel, go for wood storage drawers: these tend to come with interesting appearances and textures, and can elevate the ambiance of a room significantly. This Kirigen Natural Wood Desktop Organizer is easy to assemble, durable, and has amazing storage capacity.


10. What Are The Best Makeup Storage Drawers?

There’s no such thing as “too much makeup” – if you’re a beauty fanatic, your collection of lipsticks, eyeshadows and the like is probably very important to you. That’s where makeup storage drawers like these come in.


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