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20 Best Bathroom Shelves To Utilize Space Efficiently 20 Best Bathroom Shelves To Utilize Space Efficiently

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20 Best Bathroom Shelves To Utilize Space Efficiently

Written by: Chloe Davis

Organizing a bathroom can seem a little daunting. These 20 wonderful bathroom shelves are a great investment for both small and large bathrooms alike.

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Organizing a bathroom can seem a little daunting. Like for every other seemingly impossible task, there are plenty of solutions, and the present problem has a very affordable and nifty one; bathroom shelves. Bathroom shelves are a lifesaver for people with small bathroom spaces where space is a luxury, and storing things can be hard. For this problem, bathroom shelves are the perfect solution as they provide a chic way of storing away your daily bathroom stuff and more. For this reason, we have picked up twenty of the best bathroom shelves to spruce up your bathroom space and make it more storage efficient.



20 Best Bathroom Shelves Ideas





This Vdomous bathroom shelf is a perfect union of tempered glass aesthetics with an aluminum-based frame. The aluminum provides a glossy finish; meanwhile, the tempered glass offers an elegant way to store items on this bathroom shelf. Furthermore, the two-tier design allows for maximum efficiency in small bathroom spaces. Moreover, it can hold up to 20 kilos of weight.




Furthermore, it’s super easy to install, requiring only four drilled holes in the wall. Meanwhile, the durable construction provides added peace of mind. Hooks along the bottom surface provide extra utility to hold towels and increase efficiency.





The TANGKULA bathroom wall shelves are an excellent example of an elegant bathroom towel storage. Additionally, it boasts a chrome-plated texture, which is also waterproof so it easily withstands excess humidity in the bathroom. Moreover, the spacious shelf ledge provides ample space to keep dry towels.




Moreover, the two dedicated rails add to the utility of the bathroom shelf by utilizing vertical storage space in the bathroom to store the wet towels. The impressive semi-circular built makes for a stylish design that improves the aesthetics of your bathroom. Easy installation, sturdy design, and thoughtful utility make this shelf a must-have.





HOMFA is a renowned manufacturer of bathroom shelves, and this 3-tier bathroom shelf lives up to the billing. Constructed from eco-friendly and hundred percent authentic bamboo material, this brown shelf provides its traditional design elegance. 




The 3-tiers are capable of supporting your towels as well as all toiletries in a neatly tucked manner. The third and top-shelf is for any additional items as per requirements. Additionally, they are easy to install bamboo rack can be placed on the ground apart from its favored wall-mounted position. Ensure efficiency with some traditional class with this superior bamboo bathroom shelf.





This exquisite shelf provides us with the most graceful and utilitarian option amongst the glass bathroom shelves available in the market. Additionally, the corner tempered-glass shelf offers maximum efficiency in utilizing the corners of any bathroom space.




The small brackets enhance the glass shelf’s grace by ably supporting it and providing a minimalistic design. It is one of the sturdiest yet elegant glass bathroom shelves available to users that is also very easy to install and maintain. Moreover, it can support up to 11 kilograms of loading with ease.





A basket-like design with two tiers of shelves, this piece provides great storage space to store all your toiletries and towels, etc., safely. The dual-tier shelf provides enough support to lodge almost 22 kilograms of load. Additionally, ably supported by the rust-free aluminum construction, the bathroom shelf offers ease and efficiency in small bathroom spaces.




The corner design for the Lancher shelf provides maximum utilization of a space that is typically left unused. Furthermore, a two-year warranty and an easy installation add to the overall user-friendliness.





This classy glass shelf is your perfect toiletries organizer. Constructed from high-quality tempered glass, there’s nothing you won’t like. It provides you the kind of style minimalist’s desire. Moreover, the design allows you to utilize the vertical storage space to the fullest. The quality of tempered glass can resist scratches, stains, and corrosion.




The glass shelf looks exorbitantly chic, although it comes at an affordable price. These bathroom wall shelves promise quick installation with simple L-shaped brackets to hold the shelves in place. Moreover, brackets can be easily mounted on diverse surfaces such as wood, drywall, and even tiles.





Going industrial may not be on top of the list for everyone when it comes to bathroom shelves, but industrial pipes provide a great DIY design to improve your bathroom aesthetics. In addition, the industrial pipe shelf features vintage-looking metal pipes with solid wood panels.




It also acts as a beautiful bathroom towel storage with its floating pipe at the bottom, acting as a rail to hang towels or clothes. Moreover, the stunning decor produced by this rustic shelf is a thing to marvel at. It’s the perfect way to utilize space in small bathrooms.





If you are in the market for a practical bathroom towel storage option, then this bathroom shelf from ELLO & ALLO may just be the one. This towel rack is made from top materials, i.e. stainless-steel construction. Moreover, the nickel-chromium coating protects the shelf from corrosion, which is necessary for the bathroom’s humid environment.




The hand-polished finish complements the overall styling with the double towel bars providing you with maximum utility. Moreover, an additional five hooks on the towel bar are part of the design so that you can hang your clothes or towels hassle-free.





This stainless-steel shower caddy may catch your eye if you’re looking for some unique bathroom shelves. The basket-like design provides a homely aesthetic, and next to your shower, it can offer you with enough space to store your toiletries and make them accessible at all times.




The construction is top-quality stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish to ward off any corrosion. Moreover, the convenient shape, small size, and easy installation make this bathroom shelf an efficient way of utilizing space in small bathrooms.





The Allied Brass glass bathroom shelves boast a durable construction despite its glass structure. It is made from tempered glass that is 3/8 inches thick and designed to withstand corrosion forces. Furthermore, the 16×5-glass shelf provides ample storage space for all your toiletries to be placed neatly.




Moreover, the multifunctional glass shelf also comes with an ingenious towel bar underneath so you can easily hang towels along with storing items on the shelf. Additionally, the duality of function, along with a simple to use design makes it an efficient way of freeing up space in a small bathroom.





The SUS 304 stainless steel construction of the Trustmi dual roll phone shelf makes it an excellent choice using space efficiently in the bathroom. The shelf provides a convenient way to store your toilet paper. Moreover, it also provides a shelf to keep your phone or any other accessory when using the bathroom.




Additionally, the gold design makes it a graceful shelf with extra features such as scratch-resistant and stain-resistant, adding to the bathroom shelf’s durability. All your accessories are safe on this shelf as it includes an upward bend on the corners to prevent stuff from falling.





Another toilet paper holder that doubles up as a chic wooden shelf is this industrial bathroom shelf design. The industrial pipe design gives a vintage feel to the shelf with the L-shaped metallic pipe giving a unique look to the ensemble.




The wooden shelf above complements the rustic look provided by the bathroom shelf and adds a touch of class. Furthermore, the material used for the wood shelf is eco-friendly, durable, easy-to-clean, and scratch-resistant. The wooden shelf is wide enough to house your smartphone to small plants or magazines.





If you’re looking for a storage solution in the limited bathroom space of yours that is portable, then the SplashSoup three-tier bamboo shelf is definitely the one for you. The bamboo shelf provides a rustic element to your bathroom style and the ease of carrying the caddy around the bathroom.




Three tiers of bathroom shelves mean triple storage opportunities and that too with pure grace. Additionally, the small and convenient design makes it highly portable, and you can quickly move it around the bathroom or keep it in the bedroom when not required.





This simple yet effective bathroom rack brings you four levels of storage options. It is a godsend amongst the bathroom shelves available in the market, as it will erase all your woes of maintaining a small bathroom space.




A sophisticated yet straightforward frame structure brings about a minimalistic approach to your bathroom space while maintaining maximum efficiency related to space utilization. Moreover, the chrome tubular structure stands tall with tremendous durability and the ability to cater to all your storage needs, including towels, grooming stuff, toiletries, and even decorative items.





The DecoBros Metal rolling cart provides great storage space, with three bathroom shelves to its credit; it offers ample room for toiletries, towels, and toilet paper.




The mesh design of the shelves produces a see-through aesthetic, which also acts as a great utility as you can see all your items at all times. Additionally, the sturdy casters at the bottom ensure hassle-free movement of the cart that you can place according to your limited storage.





The Homeideas tempered glass shelf is the all-rounder of bathroom wall shelves with a two-tier design with a towel bar and assorted hooks. The design depicts a classy glass panel structure with an aluminum frame and protective rails to ensure your items stay put.




The SUS 304 stainless construction means the shelf is a durable piece of art with the tempered glass panels and glossy aluminum frame providing the panache. Moreover, you can easily hang your towel as well as other clothes with sturdy hooks attached to the towel bar.





The MallBoo toilet rack that boasts three-bathroom shelves, is a space saver by design. Users with small bathrooms will find these bathroom shelves highly efficient in terms of utilizing small spaces. Moreover, the rack will allow you to use the often-unused space behind the toilet to full effect.




This multi-feature rack is made of pinewood, which is a durable and eco-friendly material. Moreover, there is added utility as it contains hooks to store your towel and toilet rolls. Additionally, the design, which features a trapezoidal structure, enhances the stability of the rack and maximizes peace of mind, and is an example of an ideal bathroom towel storage.





The Orvis suspended leather shelf is one of the most elegant bathroom wall shelves available on the market. The suspended leather design makes it an instant hit with anyone looking to liven up their bathroom space.




Furthermore, the refreshing two-tier design lets you hold all essential toiletries and other stuff and makes your bathroom space classier. Additionally, the wooden panels add to the classy design and add an overall contemporary aesthetic to the bathroom shelf.



19. BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall

BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall

These cute floating shelves would make an incredible addition to any bathroom space. You can organize your bathroom toiletries and items on these shelves. These shelves are super sturdy and easy to install. Moreover, the elegant design and finish on these shelves makes them stand out instantly. 
The last one on our list is this super gorgeous farm-house inspired hanging shelf that can add a bit of eccentricity to your bathroom space. You can use these hanging shelves to decorate your bathroom space or to simply put toiletries. Moreover, these shelves come in three different colors including black, bronze, and gray. 

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