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15 Best Pergola Kits: 2021 Edition 15 Best Pergola Kits: 2021 Edition

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15 Best Pergola Kits: 2021 Edition

Written by: Sarah Reyes

Pergola kits bring practical and artistic value to your home. Find the best one and welcome your guests in no time with these top picks.

Pergola kits provide you a chance to build your dream pergola at a more affordable price. Pergolas have multiple benefits, notwithstanding the added market value to your property. Moreover, you get to lounge beneath its shade, protecting you from the blistering sun and the elements. However, getting a contractor to build you a custom piece pergola may cost you thousands of dollars.



These modern pergola kits allow you to create your dream structure without breaking your bank. Aside from this, it’s easy to put together with minimum help needed. We’ve chosen fifteen of the top contenders that will put you at ease, and save you on resources while achieving great results. Last, bear in mind that adding a pergola will add market value to your property!



So whether you’re looking to get the best aluminum pergola kits, vinyl pergola kits, metal pergola kits or a custom piece, you’ll find one out of the list that’s best for you and your loved ones. So get your pergola kits cheap today and prepare to have a safe haven in the comfort of your backyard. 



15 Best Pergola Kits 2020 Edition - Infographics





A generous pergola that will bring a regal and ineffectual look to your backyard. Thus, this pergola covers 115” of space, with flat top and slats above it. So, you can lounge beneath it on a hot summer’s day, or put a cover for when it rains outside.



Moreover, it’s not that hard to modify the specifications of each pre cut piece. Therefore, it’s a lot easier than building your pergola from scratch. This Pergola from Dura-Trel is of vinyl construction, therefore it will cost you virtually nothing to maintain it. Further, it will not rot, rust, peel or warp over time. Apart from this, it comes with metal anchors to keep the integrity of its foundation in place.





This premium wood pergola from handy home products consists of premium cedar wood. Hence, it is resistant to decay, insect infestation and compromise to the structure. Wooden roof is of thicker material than thin metal material, thus giving it that extra strength to keep you safe from the elements. Moreover, it has that rustic appeal to it, reminiscent of an inviting and earthly presence.


Further, all the pieces are pre-cut and shaped to create a custom-fit. It comes with powder-coated steel brackets and bolts, for a more resilient structure and easy to DIY kit. Last, the best part about it, it does not come with shingles and a drip edge. So, you can fully customize to your heart’s content.





The U-MAX outdoor steel pergola is a more affordable choice, when compared to its counterparts. With four bases, this steel arched pergola stands the test of time. Further, the arched pergola design usually is an expensive one, as it is quite tricky to execute. Therefore, you’re actually getting a sophisticated pergola for a much lower price. Apart from this, it is easy to assemble, that comes with instructions. All you need is an extra set of hands and a couple of simple tools found in your tool shed.



Thus, you will save your time and maximize your efficiency with this kit in your possession. Besides, this steel classic pergola is a durable choice, and elegant finish. Further, the retractable design of its canopy, allows you to adjust the dimensions to suit your needs. Last, you no longer have to worry about rainy days as the polyester fabric of the canopy is water-resistant so as to prevent water damage.





A pergola with a roof, is simply called a gazebo. So, this gazebo from Best Choice Products is an excellent addition to our roster of pergolas. With it 10×10 hard top roof for extra protection from direct exposure to sunlight, and the elements. Thus, it allows you to relax beneath it with ease, de-stress after a long day. Further, there is plenty of room to put all your furniture within this spacious pergola.



Thus, you get to be flexible with your patio furniture set because virtually anything can fit inside. Also, this pergola kit comes with a zippered bug and netting that allows for comfort and protection from mosquitoes and other pesky insects. Apart from this, it possesses a resilient frame that consists of 12 stakes that are rust proof. Thus, it is certainly one to last you for years to come.




With or without a shade, this pergola will most certainly deliver. It has smooth gliding tracks that allow you to unravel the shade whenever needed. Thus, you get to call the shots, and have full control. It’s perfect for when you want to sunbathe right next to the pool on a hot summer’s day. So, bring out the tanning oil and your bikini, so you can start enjoying it.



Furthermore, it comes with an aluminum and steel frame that is virtually indestructible. Thus, you can do so much more with it, for a longer period of time. Therefore, you get to save on resources from maintenance fees and repairs. Aside from this, the aluminum beams are easy to assemble and the fabric canopy provides you ample shade whenever you want it to. Last, you can easily plug your electronics to it as it has 120V outlets, so to light up your abode during the night.





Take it up a notch further with this Silverton Wooden Pergola from Backyard Discovery. With this pergola, you get to assemble with ease with its straightforward instructional video. Furthermore, there are plenty of benefits to it. One is that the design gives your backyard a focal point and an eye catching aesthetic. Further, it is a two-tier arched bar, that is great for entertaining guests, holding parties or hosting a get-together. Aside from this, it has a multilevel roof trellis and a classic archway.



So you can achieve that conspicuous and rustic appearance. Moreover, it is a perfect haven for your climbing flowers and grapevines. Made of sturdy cedar wood construction, you know that it is made of premium material that will not easily fade, chip off, warp or rot over time. Apart from this, each lumber piece is pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-stained, so all you have to do is put it together.





A free-standing pergola that is easy to assemble and is quite minimalist. That’s what you get, when you make the Laguna Cabana Pergola from Backyard Discovery your choice. It consists of rare and exotic Meranti wood, features above the high traffic touch points of the table and arm rests. Further, the wood composition offers a straight-grain pattern, for a cohesive and clean finish.



Aside from this, you have the pleasure of having multi-purpose engineering. Whereas, you get conversation seating, an inviting appeal and a cozy yet private area for relaxation. In addition, the open design adds dimension to your backyard while providing privacy.



Moreover, each bar is made of evenly spaced cedar wood for a resilient structural integrity, and beautiful aesthetic. Last, it also comes with comfortable, lush oversize seats and built-in table, so that you can get right to entertaining your guests. No modifications needed. 




Another free standing pergola from Summer Decor, this 10×8 inch pergola is perfect to host a table complete with four chairs and a bench. Furthermore, it has a rooftop that prevents you from getting drenched when outdoors with your guests. It is built to withstand inclement weather conditions. In addition, it consists of a steel frame that is sturdy and of a premium construction.



Moreover, it will provide you just the right combination of shade and ventilation because you can adjust the canopy at any time. Thus, you get privacy and an intimate centerpiece for your backyard with this one in tow. Further, the canopy pieces can be set to the particular angle you desire. Thus, it provides you with a lot of flexibility, so that you call the shots.





One of the smaller pergola variants, this one from Zamax is an exquisite touch for your garden. Constructed from solid acacia wood, with a natural oil finish, and sturdy frame. Thus, it is water-resistant and easy to maintain. Furthermore, this provides a home for your climbing plants and roses, and will keep them steadily in place.



Thus, it will become a focal point for your garden, patio or backyard. In addition, it has two side planters in place, to keep other plants within the structure. Apart from this pergola kit has easy to assemble pieces so that you maximize your time and resources efficiently. To top it off, Zamax has an excellent after sales customer team that will handle all your concerns right after your purchase.




With its state of the art beams, there is nothing quite like this cedar wood Pergola from Backyard Discovery. Compared to others on the list, this pergola kit features sculptured and airy beams that give it a certain shape and contour that hugs the space it’s in. However, what gives this pergola a touch of uniqueness is it’s concealed anchor feet, that secure the pergola to the ground.



Thus, providing extra support and an even more resilient structure. Dimensions from the inside measure 7×7 inches with a headroom of 6’7”. Thus this gives you leverage in order to have ample space and be mobile to do your outdoor activities with ease. Furthermore, each kit comes pre-stained and ready to assemble.





The Paragon Outdoor is an aluminum framed pergola, with a convertible top. That means, you can manually slide the canopy top cover, to reveal blue skies and sunshine on a bright day. Meanwhile, you can unravel the canopy for a wonderful night of stargazing. Further, the solid frame does not yield any marks from welding. Furthermore, it’s powder coated finish gives it extra protection from sleet, hail, snow, and direct exposure to sunlight.



Apart from this, it has an anchoring mechanism that allows it to stay put and securely on the ground. In addition, the mechanism is spot and rust free, so that you can ensure the quality and longevity of the product. However, the finish is not consistent with real wood. Thus, it will not require any staining or sealants to keep the integrity of the structure. Moreover, keep installation worry free as it comes with free instructions and diagrams.




This one from Yardistry is one of our best picks yet. Not only does this pergola kit come in a beautiful timber stain, it is made of 100% cedar lumber. Furthermore, it has a removable snap-on sunshade, for whenever you’re in the mood to keep the sun in, or out. It includes a bar and shelf feature, for you to easily serve drinks or food items for your guests to enjoy.



Further, this pergola accentuates your backyard and provides you with the necessities in order to have an engaging and entertaining experience for your loved ones. Meanwhile, it can accommodate different types of patio outdoor furniture sets, due to its ample sized capacity. Last, illustrated step-by-step instructions and assembly friendly parts, make for an easy installation.





An attachment type pergola kit, this Freemont 12’x12 one is a suitable addition to any home. Situate it adjacent to any space, may it be a patio, lanai or a corner. Install it and immediately you have extended room outdoors. Made with premium vinyl, this pergola kit will require virtually no maintenance at all. Thus, it is convenient to clean and will last you for long periods of time, due to its superior durability.



Further, Freemont pergolas do not crack, chip or break or even form mildew. This has been the Freemont promise for almost two decades. Further, this will not require any sanding, painting or staining, unlike any of the wood variants. Finally, all you need is to hose it down to keep it clean, year after year.





A simple, affordable and minimalist pergola for your backyard or pool area. It will give you ample amount of shade, or allow you to fold the canopy fabric whenever you want to sunbathe. In addition, it includes a dark brown frame with an ivory toned canopy. Apart from this, this canopy only weighs 50 lbs, making it a portable one. It’s easy to disassemble and put away whenever not in use. Further, you can bring it with you to trips, or when you move to a new place. There’s no stopping you from taking a step towards the right direction.





Last but not the least on the list, is this steel pergola from Mainstay. This signature piece is of a contemporary design, making use of steel materials that give the appearance a rustic feel. Furthermore, the canopy provides a great refuge during inclement weather.


Apart from this, the pergola does not take more than one person to install as it is easy to assemble and situate to your backyard, patio or outdoor space. In addition, you can have your climbing plants grow on its posts, perfect for grape vines and climbing flowers. Finally, you can easily remove the canopy whenever you choose to.



How To Choose The Right Pergola Kit

Choosing the right pergola kit will depend on you. However, there are some things to consider when doing so. First, you do have to consider the dimensions of your space. The more material you need to cover the space you intend to build, the more material you need.



Thus, the more you would need to shelf out costs. Next, you do have to think about the material you intend to use. If you live in a highly dense climate, then it would be best to invest in commercial cedar wood with a combination of steel for your pergola frame, for example. Here’s a short backgrounder of each kind of material to use, in order to help you make your choice.




Vinyl Pergola



Vinyl made pergolas have plenty of advantages. For one thing, vinyl is the most affordable material type used in pergolas. Apart from this, vinyl requires no maintenance, and will last for long periods of time. Furthermore, vinyl has more formal and clean colors, in order for you to easily incorporate it into a space. Last, a vinyl pergola is lightweight and easy to move around, so that you don’t have a lot of mobility, even as you build. 




Wooden Pergola



The common misconception is that wood will rot and is vulnerable to insects. However, such is not the case, especially for certain wood variants. Such is the case for California Redwood and Cedar Wood. These species are the durable types, and some manufacturers will put a 15 year warranty on their wooden pergola variants. Of course, the major disadvantage to using wood is that you will need to maintain it over the years. A high quality sealant will protect your pergola from insect and water damage for a good amount of time.



Metal Pergola



Steel or aluminum pergola kits have an advantage over other types, because it is highly durable. So, if you’re after resiliency, then a metal pergola is the way to go. Steel is a strong metal that is not affected by natural disasters. Therefore, it will not rot, rust, peel or distort over time. However, aluminum is a metal that you can shape into odd and unique forms. Moreover, these metals are a lot more affordable than industrial grade timber, and concrete. Therefore it’s an economic choice, and a material that can be subjected to the elements, may it be the scorching sun or a heavy downpour.




Now that we’ve covered the basics, the most underlying question still posits. How do you ensure that you have the right sized pergola for your backyard? Apparently, measuring the area space where you intend to put your pergola is not a tedious task, however it can get tricky if you fall short on knowledge. Therefore, here’s a quick review of how to get a pergola that fits your space just right.



First, you have to consider if the rafters and purlins are situated and placed strategically the way you want them to, in the pergola you are looking to get. If not, it’s always good to consult a three dimensional drawing of the piece, or at least a blueprint for a guide.



Size Relative To Cost

Further, it is also important to note that the cost of a pergola decreases per square foot as the pergola size increases. That means, while the absolute cost does go up, you can still get more value for your investment, as long as the length of the structure does not require you to make use of more columns. If this happens, you’ll be spending more on costs to build because of the increase in the materials used. 



DIY Or Custom Pergolas

Then of course, you do have the choice of getting a pergola kit. One that is ready to assemble and install. Further, the primary benefit of purchasing a pergola kit, is that you save yourself from the time and pain of rigorous planning. Here are a few options to choose from, so feel free to peruse. You might just find the perfect one that suits all your needs.




Pergola kits are one to enjoy, and are aesthetically pleasing as well. Having one in the comfort of your backyard or garden has many benefits, and you’ll soon find that it’s one of the best decisions you’ll be making in terms of a renovation project within your home.



Furthermore, putting together one will prove to be a productive undertaking, that will spruce up your space, and keep it edgy. No longer will you have to stand outside in the pouring rain, or in the scorching heat. So go get your pergola today, to keep the outdoors as safe as it is indoors.

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