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40 Best Garden Fence Ideas To Try In 2022 40 Best Garden Fence Ideas To Try In 2022

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40 Best Garden Fence Ideas To Try In 2022

Written by: Sophie Thompson

Garden fence ideas that are sure to bring out nature's best! Effortlessly revamp your yard on a budget with these easy DIY fixes.

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A garden fence is the most practical way to keep your garden or backyard secure. Garden fencing allows you to delineate your space outside while marking your boundaries too. The area outside your home is an extension of it, hence, the best way to safeguard your home and give it a remarkable personality is with it. Our decorative garden fence ideas, flower garden fence ideas, front yard fence ideas etc. are proven to be safe, simple, and investment-worthy. 



40 Best Garden Fence Ideas

Those rails and posts are not that easy to put together, are they? We know how tough it can get. Whether you’re trying to build a fence, or choosing ones that are up for assembly, you’ve come to the right place. We’re not short of inspiration in terms of the fence department. So, prepare your tools and savvy and we’ll guide you through the rest. 



40 Best Garden Fence Ideas To Try In 2020 - Infographics



1. Short Fences Can Be An Advantage




Life’s too short, and we refuse to apply this to our fences. However, some short fences that go up to 2 ft in height are enough to keep out rabbits that might chew on your cabbages. Your small garden can use a small fence to protect your shrubbery and even some of your flowers. Keeping a tall fence will give you protection, but a shorter fence will provide you a vantage point, so you can see your precious garden in plain sight. Last,  you can keep your garden luxurious with a slatted black fence. This Yardsmart decorative screen panel comes in exquisite black, that will pop out in a green setting.


2. Medium-Sized Fencing 





If you’re looking for a fence that can give you a great view of your backyard and is a little more friendly to your neighbors, then a bamboo fence is perfect. In hindsight, a bamboo fence is an economical alternative to wooden ones. It gives you the same zen feel and compliments pieces of ornaments in your garden or backyard. Thus, you’ll always find a place to put it, not worrying if it’ll look out of place. Along with, a mid-sized fence will strike a balance, it’s not too tall that it will obscure the outside of your property from view. Plus, you get enough protection and a quality fence from the bamboo material. This bamboo fence from Yardman will blend with any setting and is perfect for any outdoor space.



3. Gabions For Gates




You won’t typically think of gabions to build a fence, because they are not quite popular. However, they are growing in popularity as of recent. Gabions are cages filled with pebbles or rocks that you can incorporate to your fence to give it a unique flare. Besides, not many people make use of them, so when you decide to put one in your fence, it will stand out. Further, these give off an industrial look as opposed to the traditional picket fence. Gabion fences combined with wood exterior gives a lavish and modern feel to your space. 



4. Iron Clad Fences




Fences are usually constructed with wood or vinyl, but metals make distinct fences. Hence, an iron fence can be magnificent to behold. This iron fence is a great example and the style dates back from the 17th century in England. In addition, there are different types to choose from. First, the most economical choice, the conventional plain black iron, is the cheapest of its kind. Next to it, are the galvanized fences that possess a protective coating against destruction from rust and corrosion. Lastly, the ornamental variation, which are fences that are installed more for their appearance and decorative purpose. Amagabeli iron fences are thick, durable, and easy to install. Also, there is a range of different fence designs to choose from, which makes it a perfect addition to your garden!



5. It Can’t Get Greener Than This





Is the grass greener on the other side? At least on this end of the fence, it is. Fence screens are anything that can hide any trace of an existing fence. Thus, these are perfect for keeping your fences obscure, while giving your private lounging area discreet and homey. Artificial ones such as this one offer a lot of versatility too. So you can use them on the edge of your fence. Then, once you are done using it for your fence, you can smoothly transition it to the wall of your terrace, to make it decorative. There are plenty of uses for faux screens and they are perfect to use instead of real leaves and vines, as it is easy to clean and maintain. 



6. Petite Fence, Anyone?





Garden fences are not just for keeping boundaries, it’s also for creating a design for your backyard. However, it can be a struggle to strategically place each material on the ground once you construct it. Let alone find a good plan on how to make it appealing once it’s set on the ground. What more if you have little space? There are ways to go around this, however. It’s more of choosing the right shapes and sizes to incorporate into space. Not only that, but you also have to think of how to combine elements together to create a cohesive one. This petite fence from Zippity Outdoor is great for a tiny garden, it’s quite minimalistic, but it’s also quite a charmer.





7. Wood and Cement Fence





Why make use of just one material when you can incorporate two? This fence makes use of cement and wood to create a refined look. It’s quite heavy-duty too, so if there’s a man that can’t be moved, this is its fence counterpart. There are different kinds of designs you can make use of with it too. It’s a fence that is good for any residential area or even a home near coastal cities or mountains. The wood exterior gives off a feel of nature, and the cement, an ambiance of the urban jungle. It’s a great addition to your garden, and because you get to build it, you decide on the dimensions, and how to incorporate it into your space. 



8. Weave That Wattle Fence 




Bring out your inner craftsman with this small project. Weaving wattle patterns dates back to ancient times and takes a great amount of skill. However, it’s enjoyable to learn. This is great for a farmhouse garden or just a lawn that’s stretched out into the vast expanse of greenery. The strands of wattle stretch on to the grass and intertwines with shrubs and weeds of a garden, creating a conspicuous countryside appearance. Watch your garden grow as your wattle fence blends with it, as it will never be out of place. Master garden products wove this lovely wattle fence to easily install to your garden.



9. Multi-Functional Fence





There’s a lot to put to good use for a fence that’s versatile, and dependable. It doesn’t matter that it’s more utilitarian than beautiful, what matters is, it serves its purpose. This fence is perfect for hanging potted plants and even a few orchids. Bear in mind that when you do, plants need to get enough sunlight. Another purpose for it is to keep other gardening tools with hooks or pegs. A lot can be said for a fence that’s sturdy, multi-purpose, and hardwearing. No matter what you decide to do with it, it will do its job well.  This succulent multi plant stand is perfect for your multi-functional fence.


10. Square Raised Garden Fence Ideas



With how fast things are going these days, with the economy fluctuating, we are constantly finding ways to evolve and grow. Just like your herb or vegetable garden, that may need much needed tending to. While there are plenty of great vegetable garden fence ideas around, if you don’t have quite the time or resources to create your own, you can get a ready built garden fence. It’s made out of pre-assembled western cedarwood, that measures 48 x 34 x 37 inches. Roughly, this one weighs a good solid 89 pounds, so you know that a lot of material and hard work was put into it. 



11. Temporary Fencing Kits





If the idea of a large fence is intimidating, you do have alternative options. If your mind and heart are not set to get a fence permanently or just can’t decide just yet, it’s quite alright. Hence, you can keep this temporary fencing kit and start installing it in your garden. It provides a lot of protection from critters that encroach on your garden. So keep your precious bulbs and tomatoes safe from them with this fence. Now, you can definitely remove it with ease and place it back, whenever you want to. You call the shots.



12. Get To Glossing that Gate for a Glistening Finish





Thinking of painting that gate? Well, there’s nothing to it but to do it, we always say. Thus, getting the right paint is the key to making sure that you get the paint job right. We recommend high-quality gloss paint, as it is easy to clean. So all you have to do is wipe it with a cloth dampened with soapy water. In addition, it’s quite adherent to just any surface, may it be wood or faux wood. Painting your fence will give it some personality, and make it attractive too.



The best kinds of paint to use for your fence are water or oil-based, to adhere to the surface easily. Also, good quality paint will not crack, peel, or break in varied conditions. Thus, it’s certainly best for your paint and fencing needs!  Kilz fence paint comes in bold red and white that makes a feisty statement. So go ahead and get to glossin’ and glistenin’. 



13. Pallet Garden Fence





There are plenty of things you can do with a few leftover pallets. One great idea is to create a pallet fence with it. Heavy-duty wooden pallets are nice and sturdy, and there are tiny compartments on top where you can put soil, grass, or little flowers in. Also, pallet fences are easy to create, as you only need to attach posts to assimilate multiple rows of fencing. 



14. Brush Garden Fence





A brushwood fence is a sturdy choice for your garden or backyard pool. It’s not that hard to install either. Hence, you’ll be needing a couple of bundled brushwood and some galvanized posts to install it. It’s highly resistant to wind pressure, absorbs sound (perfect for sound-proofing), and appealing.



You don’t have to worry about the galvanized steel sticking out too much, as the ragged brushwood twigs keep it hidden from view. Plus, if you have some in your backyard, the good news is, you won’t be spending a dime. However, if you don’t then it’s a win-win situation because they practically cost peanuts to build. Last, you’ll feel secure and a bit more subtle, as these will keep you from view from prying eyes.



15. 20-Foot Stone Lawn Edging





This is inspired by dry stone wall buildings in ancient times. The method makes use of interlocking large stones together and filling the gaps with smaller stones. However, large boulders may not be the best small garden fence ideas  that are available. An alternative to it is this 20-foot stone lawn edging. It’s perfect for landscaping gardens and lawns. The landscape easily bends with the land. Also, it’s flexible so you can bend it to curve around the edges. It’s perfect for any sort of landscape, and it’s long enough to cover a large area. Besides, it has a trim-free lawn edging, that prevents grass from growing close to the edge, and lets lawnmowers to run through it smoothly.



16. Steel Chain Link Fence





Make use of a chain-link fence to keep your pets or small children out of the garden. This chain-link fence is made of galvanized steel that will last you for 30 years, how is that for durable? Each chain link has a very small opening that won’t let any small animals or pests through the fence to protect your garden. The state of the art steel fence from Critter Fence is not one to miss out on! 



17. Partition Palooza 





A partition fence is perfect for keeping items hidden. Therefore, you can conceal items from the view such as garbage bins and mulch piles. In addition, it’s great for partitioning in your garden too. All you have to do is to install the rods to lock the panels in place, and you’re practically done. It’s also movable, it doesn’t take up any space, and you can put it anywhere, at any time. A.M. Lawrence’s outdoor screen enclosure is a great choice for your flower garden. 



18. Deconstruct Your Wooden Storage to Create a Fence





It can be a pallet, or batches of wooden boxes, whichever it is, you can create your makeshift fence with it. However, some don’t resolve to do it because it may seem an arduous task to take on. Let it surprise you though because it’s not that all hard to do. All you need is to let your creative instinct take hold of you, and be resourceful. Besides, it will prove to be a fruitful task, in the end, so give it a try. These wooden boards from BarnwoodUSA are great for DIY projects.



19. Traditional Picket Fence 





It’s your traditional style picket fence with a slight twist, made of vinyl, this fence is more sturdy than its counterparts. As opposed to wooden picket fences, these are much sturdier. These modern vinyl material ones are sturdier and can resist harsh weather conditions. Built to last you ten years, it is truly made for the long term. Besides, this will not warp, chip, or require repainting. Create instant landscaping with minimal effort with it today. 




20. Fences and Arches





An archway is a distinctive substitute for a garden gate. However, it does serve more than just elegant appearances, the arch is a timeless entryway. In history, arches were first developed in the Mesopotamian civilization. Moreover, the Romans built arches as aqueducts and bridges as early as the 2nd millennium BC. Thus, a touch of Romanesque architecture gives an exquisite touch to your garden. This lovely entryway is inviting, which gives the entrance to your garden a spellbinding presence. 



21. Rope Fencing As Property Line





Allow your neighbor to distinguish your property with a rope fence. A rope fence makes a significant property line because if you’re looking to expand it, you always can. Building a rope fence from scratch is an easy task. It’s not one for protection or will save your garden from pests, but it will make it clear for neighbors to identify where your land begins and where it ends.  SGT Knots have strong robust ropes that are chemical, UV rays, and moisture resistant. 



22. Wood and Wire Divide 





A house divided against itself cannot stand, so the adage goes. The same does not apply for fences, however. Fences composed of two or more materials are proven to be stronger. Hence, a full-bodied fence divided by two elements can stand on its own. A wood and wire fence is heavy-duty as the wire provides its backbone, and the wood makes up its body. Thus, it has a higher threshold for resistance to natural disasters. Wood and wire may divide the fence, but it only makes it tougher. For a fence that won’t easily wither, this wire fencing from Vetora won’t let you down. 



23. Vintage Fence 





A vintage fence can transport you back in time because it reminds you of a time long gone. However, rustic or old it may seem, it doesn’t mean you need to make use of recycled materials or aged matter. There are plenty of ways for you to achieve the vintage look if you find the style appealing. One way is for you to make use of rustic paint for material that is other than wood. Further, you can make use of decor, to accentuate the fence.



If you have neither in your possession, a third way of achieving the design is with these wood boards from Rockin’ Wood. So let your fence be a time capsule that will take you back to a moment of nostalgia. 



24. Garden Edging Border





A good garden edging border is great for flower beds, as the design allows you to easily access your till and tend to your flowers when you’re on the run. Also, you get to decide how to position them and get the chance to get your hands dirty. Finally, an edging border will provide dimension to your garden and make it look stunning too. 




25. Picturesque and Beguiling




Fences don’t have to be boring. Hence, you can always spice things up a bit. What you can do to make it more attractive and great for pictures is to be more creative and generous in terms of design. Also, you don’t have to be too cautious, play around with it a bit. Let your imagination and creative juices work as you make your dream fence. Last, once your project is complete, enjoy it. Your neighbors might even compliment you for it!



26. Easy As Rolling Off A Log

Fresh wooden fence



If you’re not a fan of wooden planks or cedar boards, circular logs for posts make great fences. In fact, they are quite easy to work with. Not only that, but you can also purchase ones readily cut for you to use on your fence. Commercial made logs are not that cheap, however, they are a pretty sight to see, and is quite intriguing. 



27. Self Built Fence

DIY Fence



There’s nothing quite like building your own fence. The perk is that you get to decide how much material you’ll be using, and get to discover which kinds will appeal to you more. DIY fences are quite affordable too since you’ll be planning how to spend your hard-earned cash. So go build that fence and make those DIY builders a run for their money. 



28. Enchanting Trellis




A trellis can be an eye-catcher once displayed in front of your lawn. Besides, a trellis is apt for vines and climbing plants. This white trellis fence will pop in a red brick background, plus it provides suitable contrast to your wide grass lawn.



29. Chrome Fence

Chrome fence gate



The shiny exterior of a chrome fence gives it a more consolidated look. Hence, it’s pretty to look at, but solid too. Plus, a chrome fence can fit in any sort of exterior, may it be a Victorian house in the background, or a barnyard, chrome fences provide your territory that added polish. 



30. Sheet Metal 

sheet metal



The best form of sheet metal consists of iron. What makes an iron sheet a great fence is that it covers a large area of land, and provides you privacy as there are no gaps to see through. Also, iron sheet metal can be recycled or salvaged. Furthermore, the process to manufacture is not harmful to the environment. Iron sheet metal most commonly comes in the color black to dark gray which will give your home a much more robust and three-dimensional effect.



31. Keep Watch Over My Fence



You can mix and match your yard with different sorts of materials. You can make use of similar colors to make it more cohesive or give it a contrasting black and white. If you really want to be different and quirky, you can even put an owl to keep watch of your garden at night to scare off those creepy lingerers. 



Here’s a solar-powered night owl lamp for you by Uniprod. Ironically, it charges during the daytime when real night owls are asleep, now that’s a hoot! 



32. Geometric Fence

Geometric fence




A geometric panel can easily take the place of ordinary slats for your fence. Furthermore, geometric lines and shapes create a certain balance and order to space. So, if you’re looking to make your backyard more appealing, the best choice for you is a fence with a geometric design. 



33. Modern Slat Fence

slat fence



There are a lot of contemporary designs for slat fences. Hence, you can find ones that are functional as well as artistic. Ones that can swing open to unravel your garden fence, to cedar slat fences adjacent stone cubic posts, make for a great ensemble to your garden porch or your back lawn.  



34. Gated Garden Fence




What’s a fence without a gate? There’s so much more to a gate than just entering your premises. In fact, there’s a lot of use for it. You can use it for decor around the house, or to incorporate to your garden, to give it a dramatic appeal. Last, you don’t have to maneuver your way over the fence anymore, as it acts as an entry and exit. Deco 79 designed this extravagant Victorian gate perfect for anywhere the house.



35. Stainless Steel Light Posts




Whether you want steel light posts to use as edging to landscape your garden, or light for your pathways, it provides you lumination during night time. Basic necessity aside, posts accentuate entryways and guide you through a foggy afternoon. These stainless steel posts from Signature Garden feature 15-lumen bulbs for extra brightness. 



36. Matte Black Fence




Besides the fact that a matte black finish is easy to integrate into any sort of design, it’s easy on the eyes. It may be an absence of color, but it’s attractive as well. Furthermore, it’s a timeless look, that goes beyond trends, without a shadow of a doubt. Last, it gives off that mystifying demeanor. KILZ Tribute black paint in Onyx is mildew resistant, subtle and gives a flat finish. 



37. Lattice Fences




For a more private and subtle style, lattice fences are the best choice. Not only do you get to conceal yourself from unpleasant views, but it also provides shade for your plants, without completely concealing them from sunshine. Along with this, lattice panels befit even the most modern and even minimalistic spaces. This wood lattice panel fence goes with your patio or front yard flower bed harmoniously. 



38. Perforated Metal Fencing




These fine metal sheets are perfect for any garden as it provides remarkable ventilation. Metal sheets punctured with even circumference hollows give a modern look and sleek finish to your fence. These perforated metal sheets from M.D. Housing are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 



39. Free Standing Iron Slats

free standing iron slats fence



There are a lot of contemporary designs for slat fences. Hence, you can find ones that are functional as well as artistic. Ones that can swing open to unravel your garden fence, to cedar slat fences adjacent stone cubic posts, make for a great ensemble to your garden porch or your back lawn. 



40. Glass Rail Fence




Not only can you see through the rails, but it’s also perfect for a scenic view. Make use of glass rails for your terrace, front yard, or even your garden pool. Glass rails with chrome balustrades, however, are close to indispensable, are fragile and not recommended for children and pets. However, it does make a beautiful and weightless aesthetic, which opens up the architectural structure of the home.



Different Types Of Fences

There are different types of fences that you can find on the market. Be wary that the cost of a fence will depend on how much material you’ll need and use. Here are the most common and typical ones you can find and which are the best to use.



Aluminum Fence


Black Aluminum Fence



This is a fence variant that may not offer you a lot of security. However, it is maintenance-free so all you need to think about are initial costs during the building phase. The downside here is, it is not as durable as you may think. So you may want to reevaluate about making use of this material as the foundation or mainframe of your fence. 



Vinyl Fence


White vinyl fence in residential neighborhood.



This is considered the holy grail material for fences. If you’re looking for a material that will provide you durability, flexibility, and is maintenance-free, then this is the best one to use. Vinyl is stronger and outwears wooden fences. Also, all you need is soap and water to clean it and make it good as new. However, it may generally cost you more to make use of it to build your fence. Nevertheless, it’s overall a wonderful choice as it is a long term material that requires no maintenance. You won’t have to spend on repairs in the future. Thus, you will be saving more on costs for repairs as compared to other forms of fencing. 



Wood Fence


entrance and wooden fence of backyard flower garden





The advantage of choosing wood fencing is that it gives you the height advantage. However, like any other material, the more you’ll need, the more it will cost you. So, when it comes to wood fence ideas, it is best to plan and decide on measurements early on before you start building. Also, this is the sort of material that you would want to use sparingly.



You may want to pay attention to your source, because certain types of wood, such as timber, are being destroyed due to illegal logging. Thus, any harvests, transports, and processes of this wood are illegal when in violation of national laws. As a consequence, the national and local government places sanctions on the illegal procurement and production of the wood.



Bamboo Fence


View of the bamboo fence in Kyoto, Japan.





Just as hardwood is being used on floors, bamboo fencing is rapidly gaining popularity in the market. Also, this material can be grown in the comfort of your backyard, making it an exceptional option for one with a green thumb. Because of this, it’s one of the most environmentally friendly and one of the eye-catching ones in the market. 



PVC Fence


PVC fence






One of the easiest fences to install is PVC ones. Because of this, PVC fences are slowly but surely replacing the traditional picket and stake fences. These may not be as hardwearing, however, it does not fall short of functionality. Furthermore, you can use PVC sleeves on top of wooden posts to provide support to it. Also, you may typically find that PVC stakes make use of adhesive or screws to attach a batten to make the frame stronger, thus making it last for the long term. Finally, PVC fences lower costs as opposed to making use of a fence made entirely from wood. 



Chain Link Fence



Black Chain Link Fence





Although it does not provide much privacy to the home, it does deliver the basic functions a fence should provide. Furthermore, these fences are durable, easy to install, and virtually cost nothing to maintain. Homeowners tend to make use of shrubbery, flowers or bushes to cover parts of the fence, so as not to expose the perimeter of the home. Therefore, it takes just a little bit of imagination and creativity to put together elements that will hide your home from the view of onlookers.



Electric Fence


Electric fence around farm  / horse paddock




Such fences are typically used to keep dogs from running away. However, we make use of electric fences for other things as well. Thus, electric fences may be used to keep out pests and lurking neighbors. This makes use of an electric transmitter that activates the wire with a click of a trigger. Hence, this may be in the form of a dog’s collar or even a remote control. It delivers an electric shock to anything that crosses the electric fence. 



Wrought Iron Fence


Metal fashion fence. Decorative wrought iron fence





These fences are most typically found in gated communities. Thus, the wrought iron fence is typically used for both aesthetic and security purposes. No matter how beautiful and strong these wrought iron fences may be, however, it takes a lot to maintain them. For example, you will need to most likely repaint your wrought iron gate or fence every two to three years. On top of this, wrought iron gates are usually custom made, therefore these do not come cheap. However, as a payoff, you do get an ultimately lustrous fence.



What Is The Best Fence For A Garden?

First, you have to find out what kind of living organisms dwell in your backyard. This small ecosystem may compose a food chain, without your knowing. Also, you don’t want to harm these creatures or create an imbalance in that system. You have to figure out what kinds of animals are harmful and which ones are beneficial to your area. Without a doubt, there is a safe way to protect your property without violating any environmental laws. Keeping fences is a safe way to safeguard your domain while keeping peace with Mother Nature. Finally, the most universal fences you can use to keep out different kinds of pests are:



  1. Panel Critter Fences
  2. Stormproof Crop Cage
  3. Split Bamboo Fencing
  4. Chicken Wire Cloche
  5. Insect Protection Tunnels



Critters Who Prey Say Their Prayers

Putting up a fence is quite easy, and is one of the best solutions for pests. However, there is some necessary planning that goes around with it, so make sure that you think ahead. Here are the most common fences to keep animals out of your garden, backyard, field, or clearing. Whichever piece of land it may be, there is a prevalent list of options for you. So whether you’re keeping out woodchucks, deer, or cottontail rabbits, you know that you’re covered. There are different kinds of materials to use for fences that would keep out gophers than rabbits, however. Hence, you do have to pay attention to what sort of material and design to use on your fence, if you’re looking to build one from scratch. With these recommendations, those little pests will have to say a prayer or two, to encroach on your garden box.



Wire Mesh Fencing for Gophers

It’s not just good for gophers, it’s suitable for rodents that dwell in the dirt too. Underground fencing or the use of wire mesh fencing is suitable for gophers and underground rodents as it is made of galvanized metal. Hence, your fence is not likely to disintegrate or succumb to the natural forces of nature any time soon. 



Use Chain Link Fences For Cottontails

Rabbits have been a problem as they feed on plants and vegetables, especially turnips and carrots. So if you’re looking for veetable garden fence ideas and want to keep these small hoppers out of your site, then it’s best to make use of a chain-link fence. Once you decide to build your chain link fence, you will need a couple of these materials:





Build A Rabbit Fence

First, you will need to dig a trench around your garden that is at least three inches deep to prevent the rabbits from burrowing underneath the fence. Then, you will need ground staples to hold the fence down. Further, this will prevent those jumpers from digging under if you’re not able to dig a trench. Next, you will need to hammer a metal post at each corner end of the perimeter of your garden box. 



Final Steps

After, you will need to put remaining posts within six to eight feet of each other within the area. Next, you will need to make use of wire snips to cut the wire instead of covering the entire area. Then, you will need to ensure that the mesh is attached securely to it. A vinyl coated fence is the ideal choice for this project as it will not rust. Finally, wrap each post with the fencing and attach it with cable ties and fill the trench with dirt. 



High Tensile Wire Fence For Deer

According to our research, the best fence to keep out deer is made of high tensile wire. This has to be at least eight feet high, to ward off the deer and keep them from jumping over the fence. Last, you need to make sure that the posts of your fence are buried 3 inches deep to make sure that it is rigid and well built.



Keeping Away Intruders And Pesky Spectators

Sure, if you live in the suburbs and there’s not much wildlife to worry about, then you’d want to focus on keeping out other life forms. Those areas closest to the city or urban areas have to worry about carrier pigeons pecking at their windows to an extreme degree, for example. However, the biggest threat in a city home is the possibility of a break-in, or worse, a robbery. Thus, there are a few fences that are specifically used for keeping away those pesky intruders. Another way to do this is to make use of a built-in security system or hire professional guards to keep watch at night. However, if you don’t think you’d need these extreme measures, you can turn to a fence for some protection. The awesome thing about fences is that you get to strategically plan how it unfolds on the outskirts of your property. Therefore, you get to decide the level of security you want your fence to provide you. 



How To Build A Fence



New wooden fence with massive stone brick pillars. Green lawn and trees, daytime



We’ve covered the different kinds of fences – now we’ll teach you how to build a fence, without breaking the bank. Cheap fencing you can find on the market is typically made out of timber wood and you’ll only be needing a cutting tool for the rails and posts. The rest, you will need some machinery that you may already have in your work shed. However, commercially produced timber is not that easy to work with. So if you’re up to the task, you can save up on costs and get a fence that will last you for a long time.




As the saying goes, plant your garden and watch it grow. A garden space will expand and add dimension to the outdoors. Eventually, as you strategically know how to make use of your outdoor space, you multiply and enhance your resources. Read on to find out what we have in store, so you can make your garden space a safe haven, and an enchanting place for you and your family

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