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What Are The Most Important Smart Devices For Your Home? What Are The Most Important Smart Devices For Your Home?

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What Are The Most Important Smart Devices For Your Home?

Written by: Emma Thompson

Smart devices take up minimal space and are ideal even for the smallest homes. This technology is the future, so upgrade your home today!

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Recently, I had to replace the lock on my front door. I called the closest locksmith expecting him to install a new lock. Instead, he recommended that I switch to a smart lock, and raised the possibility of changing all my locks to smart locks.



This wasn’t just an attempt to upsell me, either. It turns out that a smart lock would not cost much more than the traditional replacement, and the callout fee would be the same either way. Thus started my journey towards a smart home.



I hadn’t considered turning my apartment into a smart home beforehand because of its size. I don’t need to be able to turn off the lights or close the curtains with an app. However, it turns out that there are important safety benefits to making your home a smart home. These were ultimately what sold me.



If you don’t have much space in your home, there is no need to start thinking about all the possible smart appliances you can own. Rather, you can focus on the basics. But what are those basics?



These are the most important smart devices for your home.


Smart Locks


Let’s start at the beginning. The most basic change you can make to upgrade to a smart home is your locks. Smart locks might not seem like a big deal, but they actually make your home more secure. With smart locks, your doors can’t be forced as easily and your locks can’t be picked. It is impossible for someone to steal your key – they’d have to steal your phone and figure out your code somehow.



You can also forget about taking your keys with you wherever you go. It is convenient and safe and will change your life for the better. There are of course fail safes if you don’t have access to your phone or if the wifi is out. In other words, you don’t need to worry that making your locks ‘smart’ will end up getting you trapped outside your home.




Another important safety device is the humble intercom. Typically, an intercom gives you the chance to vet anyone before letting them into your home. However, thieves also benefit from the intercom, as it can help them determine whether anyone is home. Burglars are far less likely to rob a home that is currently occupied.



With a smart intercom, visitors will be connected to your phone. Along with live visuals, you’ll be able to talk to them as if you are in the house. This in and of itself is a deterrent, and the knowledge that someone is at your door gives you the opportunity to call security if necessary.


Smart Camera


To improve your safety further, having more than just an intercom camera is advisable. Security cameras at the entrance of your property are a visual deterrent to thieves. Furthermore, with smart cameras, visuals are live-streamed to your phone. If you have a good internet connection, you can get a high-definition video of what is happening in front of your home at all times.



This can give you added peace of mind when you’re away, as you can see whether anyone is snooping. Check out our list of best hidden camera ideas for home surveillance!


Alarm Apps


Finally, your alarm system should connect to an app on your phone. One of the problems with traditional alarms is that a burglar can be in and out before anyone has time to check why the alarm is going off. When everything is connected to an app, you can get notified as soon as the alarm goes off and view visuals from the camera in front of (or inside) your home.



All of the above smart devices take up minimal space and are ideal even for the smallest homes. Smart homes are the future, so if you get the chance to upgrade your home, it is well worth it.

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