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20 Best Outdoor Shoe Storage Bench Picks 20 Best Outdoor Shoe Storage Bench Picks

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20 Best Outdoor Shoe Storage Bench Picks

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

Are you fed up of seeing shoes left outside the door? Here's a list of the best outdoor shoe storage bench picks which could work for almost any home.

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Whether you have a “No Shoes Inside the House” policy or not, it’s always better to have an outdoor shoe rack. But if you’re going that route anyway, why not save more space and go for an outdoor shoe storage bench? Having a bench makes it easier to wear shoes or just have someplace to sit while, and it saves space. If you’re sold on the idea of buying a shoe rack that doubles as a bench, here are some of our favorite shoe bench storage ideas.



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This two-tier shoe bench from SONGMICS looks perfect for most entryways due to its compact design ad its faux-leather seat on top. A bench with shoe storage needs to be sturdy enough not just to hold shoes but also to your weight. This bench that could hold up to 440 pounds should be strong enough to sit on while you’re putting on your shoes. As for the shoe compartment, it could hold about 8 pairs of flats and sneakers. There won’t be room for those winter boots. So, you may have to find another place to store those boots outdoors. 




How many racks are in your entryway? If you feel like the entrance to your home is too cluttered because of all your organizers – yes you can have too many of them – then an all-in-one solution makes sense. This WE Furniture entry bench could handle shoes, hats, gloves, and jackets. There’s one tier for shoes and several hooks for your outerwear. This shoe bench also comes with a wooden finish in different shades that should complement your home’s décor. The only drawback with this bench is weight capacity. It can only hold up to 180 pounds but this shouldn’t be much of a problem. 




When you have a narrow entryway and you wouldn’t leave a lot of shoes outdoors anyway, this stool type shoe bench could be an option. The bench has a woven fabric top and it has the perfect height for putting your shoes on and taking them off. Plus, it’s easy to move this piece of furniture around because of its small size. This bench could only hold about two pairs of shoes. And with its size, only one person could use the seat comfortably. 




Speaking of small spaces, here’s another entryway shoe storage bench that is perfect for narrow spaces. The dark brown wood complements most modern home designs making it a versatile choice. This storage bench comes with hinged doors and louvered doors so your shoes can breathe. And there are four cubes for your shoes which could fit at least four pairs – or more if you have smaller shoes. 




Made up of both metal and wood, this shoe bench from VASAGLE is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It can hold about six to eight pairs of shoes depending on the size and it can hold up to 198 pounds. Due to its minimalist design, this shoe bench should fit right into any modern home. And it should also provide a unique accent to your home’s entrance. Unfortunately, the two compartments under the bench don’t have any cubicles. So, if you’re big on being organized, you have to arrange the shoes in an organized manner. 



Even with the best shoe bench storage racks, everything may still look cluttered. If you’re struggling with this problem, it’s ideal for something that keeps disarranged shoes out of sight. One solution could be this deck box from Keter Borneo. A cool thing about this outdoor bench is that it is automated. It also provides outdoor seating for at least two people. This bench is not exactly for shoes, but it could be a convenient place to stash anything which is not wet or muddy. Since it’s covered, your shoes wouldn’t get wet either which could be one issue with shoe racks. 




Coming in with an antique flair, this wooden bench with a Eucalyptus finish and rustic design is a unique piece of outdoor furniture. This basic bench with a vintage style is easy to move around because it is lightweight, and it has a beautiful natural color. But if you want, you can customize the color to something else to match your home’s exterior. On the downside, exposure to elements may affect the appearance of this storage bench.




If a box-like porch shoe storage is not something that strikes your fancy, this storage box from Topfree could be the better choice. The aluminum-reinforced seating should make this sturdy enough and the handwoven rattan makes this storage bench perfect for outdoor use. On the downside, the bench itself is not weather resistant and the capacity is smaller than other storage solutions. Since the design is not dedicated to shoes, there are no racks and it is impractical to stash wet or muddy shoes in this box. 




With individual cubicles for 10 pairs of shoes, this cabinet storage bench from VASAGLE. Four cubicles are taller, so you have a place for your high heels, high tops, or boots. This shoe bench has a 440-pound capacity and could seat two people comfortably. The shelves on the edges are adjustable. Perfect for outdoor use, this cabinet has a minimalist feel and it would be a great addition to bigger households that need a lot of shoe space on a regular basis. 




With its exquisite design and modern finish, this shoe cabinet should complement most modern homes. This bench also comes in three different colors. The space-saving feature of this bench is one of its strongest points. Since it is a shoe cabinet, you don’t have to worry about arranging the shoes. And there’s a drawer right on top of the cabinet where you can stash small items.  




Now, what if a lot of people visit your home every day? Or people have to take off their shoes to enter your home? In that case, you need a bigger porch shoe storage unless you don’t mind seeing tons of shoes cluttering the entrance. And this cubbie bench with shoe storage from Prepac could be the best choice.



With a five-year warranty and cubbies for 24 pairs of shoes, you should have much more shoe storage than with a regular rack. Unfortunately, the storage space comes with certain downsides —this storage bench is a bit too wide for most living rooms.




This shoe storage bench from Bush Furniture which has a 250-pound capacity comes in two colors— antique white and tea maple. What’s to love about this outdoor shoe storage bench? Well, aside from the classic cabinet design, it comes with doors. This should keep those shoes out of sight while providing easy access to footwear when you leave the house. Inside the cabinet, there are four cubby shelves and two of those are adjustable. 



For something more stylish and elegant, here’s another choice from Ravenna Home. This Amazon brand comes with a cushion and it’s made from solid pine. Ravenna Home shoe cabinets also come in three colors — gray, whitewash, and black. With these neutral colors, it’s easier to find the best cabinet to fit your home. The simplicity of this bench is one of its best features. And there’s a mini shelf and side cabinets on either side. Although the seat is a bit low, it should be comfortable for anyone who is not too tall. 




For people who love bamboo products, this outdoor shoe storage bench from Homfa could be the perfect item for your home. This bench which is made from 100% natural bamboo could hold both sneakers and boots. It should also be narrow enough for hallways and serve as great entryway shoe storage.



This bamboo bench has a beautiful finish and rounded corners which makes it safer for children. While this furniture is not exactly a boot bench, it has a section for booths and two tiers for sneakers and flats. So, this outdoor shoe storage bench should have enough space for your shoes. 




Shoe racks are almost a must-have in any home, but it’s more comfortable to have a bench to sit on while you’re putting your shoes on and off. And that’s what this bamboo shoe rack is all about. This sturdy shoe bench could hold about eight pairs of shoes except for boots. Made from bamboo, this bench comes at an affordable price and complements almost any kind of decor.




Speaking of a bamboo shoe rack you can sit on, here’s another option from BAMBUROBA. Although this bench skips the padded seat, it comes with additional under-the-seat storage which could save you from adding another rack for miscellaneous items. With its size, this shoe rack can fit from six to eight pairs of shoes depending on the size. This is also small enough for your entryway and it could hold up to 280 pounds. And this sturdy outdoor bench is also light enough so you can move it around without much trouble. 




If normal-looking racks appear unattractive to you, this shoe bench could be a perfect choice. The angled metal shoe rack has a unique appeal and there are two cubbies on the side for additional storage. Due to its melamine coat, this bench is resistant to moisture. It is also more durable compared to other benches. With its compact size, it should be small enough for the entrance of your home but spacious enough for your shoes.




If you’re looking for a unique bench that comes with all sorts of surprising storage solutions, then this shoe rack from K KELBEL could be an excellent choice for your patio or entryway. It has a bench, under the lid storage, and a magazine rack on the side. This cabinet’s shoe storage also comes with a tall slot for boots. And it has a creative pattern which makes it stand out. This outdoor shoe storage bench also comes in different sizes.




Another cool way to make entryways more organized while adding tons of space is this shoe bench from Mr. IRONSTONE. It has a compartment for a pair of boots and two tiers for flats and sneakers. This shoe bench has a hidden compartment under the seat which makes it perfect for anyone who loves more storage space. With a capacity of a maximum of about 300 pounds, it should be sturdy enough to sit on to make it easier to put on your footwear. 




If you’re looking for a bench that would actually serve as a seat then this outdoor shoe storage bench from Keter Eden would be ideal. With a 771-pound capacity, this furniture should sit about two to three people. One of the best things about this outdoor bench is that it is weather-resistant thanks to its polypropylene construction but it looks just like natural wood. While it’s not exactly a shoe rack, it could be a useful area to stash outdoor shoes. 




Organizing your shoes outside the door or on the entryway could be a struggle. But there’s always a way to solve messy shoes in front of the door – and shoe storage (a narrow shoe rack if you have limited space) is almost always part of the solution. Rather than buy a rack just for shoes, take it a step further and choose an outdoor shoe storage bench which is of the perfect height for sitting while putting those shoes on or off. 

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