The Ultimate Guide To Have The Perfect Outdoor Storage Bench

Have you ever been in a situation where you had guests come over unexpectedly, but your patio/yard/garden is in a mess? Well, I’m sure everyone has experienced something similar at least once in their lives. Almost everyone considers an outdoor bench to be an essential piece of furniture, and for good reason.



With an outdoor bench, you’ll have seats in your garden to host your guests and a place to keep your garden tools out of sight. It also enhances the aesthetics of your patio. You can also store unwanted stuff lying around like pillows and toys and keep your garden or surroundings clutter-free. 



3 Best Outdoor Storage Bench



Things You Need to Consider Before Buying Outdoor Storage Bench

The storage bench in the backyard.



Outdoor storage benches come in all manner of shapes, sizes, materials, and prices. It’s essential to consider the following criteria before settling on one so that you don’t end up regretting your purchase. Refer to the following:




Assess how spacious your garden, balcony, or wherever your outdoor storage bench is going to sit is. You can do this by measuring the dimensions of your outdoor space. You could also do some mental calculations or draw a real sketch if you’d like to know how it’d fit with the rest of your space.




What kind of material do you find appealing? Wood, resin, wicker, or a blend of different reinforcing materials? Storage benches come in various types of materials. So take some time to decide which type will be the best for your patio, garden,  etc. Consider your outdoor decor scheme and pick a style that complements it.




Surely you would like something you can keep with minimal maintenance? Most outdoor storage benches are made from waterproof materials to facilitate easy cleaning. However, you should select that is easy to clean. Picking the right one would save you money, and it would last for a very long time.




There’s no doubt that you’ll want an outdoor storage bench that will last for many years, so it’s important for you to make sure that it is sturdy enough to withstand the elements (both environmental and human). You should consider an outdoor storage bench that will not be damaged by moisture nor insects. Otherwise, you may have to go shopping for a new one soon. 




Although it is a bench, you have to pick one that is comfortable to sit on. If possible, try sitting on the potential ones you find. Try out different sitting positions and postures to be sure that you are comfortable and that it can comfortably support the number of people you want it to.




Typically, the better the quality of the material(s) used, the higher the price you’ll have to pay for your outdoor storage bench. Whatever your budget might be, you can always find one that fits within it. But if you can afford to buy the best quality storage bench out there, by all means do so. 



Where To Buy High-Quality Storage Bench For Outdoor

Product package boxes and shopping bag in cart with laptop computer which web store shop on screen for online shopping and delivery concept



Shopping for outdoor storage bench at a physical store can be a pleasurable activity—you get to try out several benches, sit on them in different positions, feel the texture of the material, raise the opening and inspect the storage space etc.



When it comes to making that purchase, online stores seem to be a better option compared to physical ones. Online stores appear to have every type and style of bench you can dream of at the click of a button. While you may not be able to inspect them physically, you can check for reviews by people who have made verified purchases. You can also check for the exact type and price of bench you want while lying in bed.



However, online shopping can get overwhelming with the multitude of known and unknown brands throwing exotic storage bench styles and designs at you. To get the best outdoor storage bench, let’s walk you through the best stores where you are sure to find something you’ll be happy with.




A popular name not just in America but worldwide, the internet’s leading e-commerce store also sells some pretty fine furniture. It even has a furniture line of its own called Amazon Basics! Visit Amazon today and browse through their list of the 100 most popular outdoor storage benches.




Although most well-known for selling groceries and other home supplies, you can also find lots of classy storage benches on its website at astonishingly low prices.




At Wayfair, you can find pretty much anything at excitingly affordable prices. There’s a plethora of options that you can chose from, all with excellent quality and design. You’ll find beautiful outdoor storage benches with and without cushions, plus enjoy free shipping too.




Famous as a retail store, Target has fantastic outdoor storage benches you can choose from in their stores and even more online. Visit their website today, and you’ll find several pages of benches you can pick from at great prices.




Contrary to popular belief, IKEA is a popular choice for not just interior furniture but also outdoor products. Browsing through their website, you’ll find fresh collections of outdoor storage benches to stay on top of the trends. However small your patio space, they’re sure to have the right type of bench for your needs.




You can make your selection based on tons of beautifully designed outdoor storage benches that are available for sale on eBay. They come in various sizes and types, giving you the liberty to compare and choose the best one that fits you.



Key Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Storage Bench

As you’ve noticed, outdoor storage benches are essentially multi-functional utility items. Here are some of the exciting benefits of owning an  outdoor storage bench:



A Place To Sit

Keter Westwood 150 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box




If you’ve got a garden, a patio, or a backyard, you’ll understand perfectly why an outdoor bench with storage is essential. In the evening, after a rough day when the sun has set, wouldn’t you just like to sit in your backyard, relax and relish the coolness of the evening? Now that’s what an outdoor patio bench can do for you. 



Storage Space

outdoor storage bench, deckbox, patio storage, garden storage bench




Now here’s what makes an outdoor storage bench even better – this particular product also serves as a storage compartment where you store whatever you want. It can serve as a repository for your gardening tools if positioned in the garden or a place where your children can deposit their books, toys, and other objects they use when playing outdoors.



Aesthetic Purposes

Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box




Outdoor storage benches can also enhance the aesthetics of your space significantly. They’re available in numerous styles and shades and will definitely blend in seamlessly with any backdrop. How does a black outdoor storage bench sound?



The Outdoor Storage Bench You Need Right Now



Apart from the natural look and feel that wood brings to your backyard, it is also a material that has been used since many centuries ago. Outdoor storage bench wood come in a variety of options like acacia, teak, cedar, cypress, and redwood. They are usually very reliable, sustainable and durable. 
Made from materials like plastic, wicker and resin, these are resistant to both moisture and UV light. They typically have very long lifespans and thus make excellent investments.
Modern outdoor storage benches offer plenty of storage without compromising on appearance. Such beautiful products can complement any outdoor decor scheme easily. 
A plastic outdoor storage bench is made from polymer resins which make it durable and robust. Apart from being waterproof and durable, it also tends to be more affordable compared to most other types of outdoor storage benches.
A wicker outdoor storage bench can be made of natural or artificial materials like resin. It normally evokes a natural and tropical feel, bringing to mind a vacation by a Hawaii beach. High-quality wicker is comfortable, tightly woven, and can come in numerous colors.
Among all types of outdoor storage benches, the resin outdoor storage bench is considered to be one of the best choices you can make. Resin outdoor storage benches are strong, reliable, and resistant to various external elements like weather and pests.



How to Organize Your Outdoor Storage Bench

So you’ve bought a storage bench or made one yourself using our DIY guide (see How to Make a Strong Outdoor Storage Bench below). Now, you’re thinking of how to make it look cozy and fit in with the rest of your outdoor furniture. Well, here are some tips you could borrow:



1. Be Generous With The Cushions

Colorful cushions on the balcony for a vintage feel




While there likely won’t be any problems in the short term, your back might ache and your buttocks might start hurting when you use an outdoor storage bench for prolonged periods of time. Adding cushions is a great move because not does it enhance comfort levels, it’ll also improve the aesthetics of your outdoor space as well. Cushions look exceptionally beautiful paired with a wicker storage bench (and vice versa).



2. Add Footstools

Relaxing on a blooming balcony in summer




Yes, you can introduce one or more footstools; trust me, your feet will thank you for it. Feel free to select any style you feel agrees with your space. You can look up exciting ideas from Pinterest on this.



3. Use Matching Planters

flowers in a wooden planter outdoors




If you have a wooden corner outdoor storage bench, this idea is perfect for you. Use a planter constructed with the same type of wood as your wood storage bench (for consistency) and place them in a corner or wherever you like.



How to Utilize Your Outdoor Storage Bench

An outdoor storage bench is great because it can serve a diverse number of purposes. An excellent outdoor bench can help you accommodate many guests at once, add a touch of class to your garden, and be used as a storage space too: think kid’s toys, gardening tools, and other miscallaneous items. 



Insane Ideas To Maximize Your Space Using Outdoor Storage Benches

outdoor storage bench, patio storage, deck box, garden storage bench



Making your patio, backyard or balcony a spectacular place isn’t as hard as you might think it is. Who says it can’t look stylish and luxurious? Summer time is here, so if you’re looking for some great idea to touch up your space and wow your guest, then follow these steps:



1. Take Your Measurements

Trust me, you don’t want to buy the fancy storage box of your dreams, only to realize that it’s too large and won’t fit into your space. So get that tape out and measure the dimensions of your yard or patio. Also, remember to consider vertical space like walls because they’ll serve as background or contrast for your bench too.



2. Determine What You’ll Use It For

Yes, you’ll have to consider the purpose(s) your bench is going to serve. You might consider buying a long corner storage bench if friends come over often, while a wooden bench with storage might be great for some quality “me” time.



3. Browse Pins On Pinterest

We could go on about how this design will be spectacular, or that idea will be fantastic, but we’ d still leave you wanting more. However, with just a few clicks on Pinterest, you might get the inspiration you need. Be forewarned however that the process can be very much like going down a rabbit hole: once you start browsing, you’re likely to find it hard to stop.



How To Make A Strong Outdoor Storage Bench

Circular saw cutting a wooden board in carpentry workshop



Building your outdoor storage bench can be both a trying and exhilarating process. Although it is more convenient and probably cheaper to buy one, we have put together a simple guide to building a customized option for the adventurous. Grab your tools and give this a go!



Tools Needed:



Materials Needed:



Step 1: Couple The Box 4 Sides

Fix the corner posts (A) with the long edges and tops of the box ends (B). bond and screw the sides (C) and corners together. Ensure you use a waterproof bond.



Step 2: Attach The Bottom

Bond and screw the bottom cleats (D and E) around the inside of the box. Apply bond to the underside of the cleats, bring the bottom (F) into place and attach it with screws. Bond and screw the feet (G) to the bottom.



Step 3: Arrange The Frame

Join the middle frame (J and K) inside the box using bonds and screws. The frame holds the box and makes it rigid, and it helps flatten out any misshaping in the plywood.



Step 4: Fasten Your First Plank

Fasten the bottom plank (L) flush with the box’s underside edge using adhesive and screw. You should perform the screwing from inside the box. Apply a bead of exterior caulk along the plank’s top edge so water can’t sleep behind the plank.



Step 5: Attach Remaining Planks

Fasten the remaining end planks, using spacers and keeping the top edge fixed as you go. Now fasten the side planks (M) by the same means.



Step 6: Fasten The Top Battens

Screw the top battens (N) to the underside of the top using bonds and screws. Cast the top right side up and use longer screws to fasten the batten. The battens will keep the top flat.



Step 7: Assemble The Top

Clamp the top planks (P) together, using 1/2″ spacers to separate each plank. Apply adhesive to the planks, and then center the top on the planks. Send screws through the top into the planks. Drill the screw holes again.



Step 8: Install The Hinges

Attach the hinges to the top, centering the hinge barrels 1/2″ from the top’s edge. Then fasten the top in position near the box edge—Mark the hinge groove locations on the top plank. The groove depths are equal to the hinge barrel’s diameter.



Step 9: Cut Hinge Grooves

There are many ways to cut hinge grooves. Use an oscillating multitool with a square, flush-cutting blade. It will do the job, acting as both chisels and saw. Once all the grooves are cut, attach the top.



Step 10: Install Top Lift Ups

Use props to hold the top open and add a little assistance to help you stay on the heavy top. Substitute less expensive top supports if you like. You can apply any exterior finishes you fancy.



How To Clean Your Outdoor Cushions The Right Way

steam cleaning ottoman



Many types of cushions typically come with removable cases. However, some don’t, which makes cleaning them a little trickier. Here’s what you can do for the latter:



Materials Needed:




  1. Remove the cases from the outdoor cushions and machine-wash them.
  2. Vacuum the outdoor cushions.
  3. Soak and wash the cushions in a solution of water and mild soap by hand.
  4. Rinse properly.
  5. Wring the cushions gently, then hang out to air-dry.
  6. Use a fabric protector on your outdoor cushions.



Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Storage Bench

Most outdoor storage benches are super versatile. You can store useful tools and items in them, they provide a perfect spot to relax in your backyard or patio… The list goes on. Below are questions people may ask about outdoor storage benches.



1. What Type Of Wood Finish Do You Use For Dry Wood?

Polyurethane finishes provide the kind of hard, durable finish that a dry wood bench requires.



2. How To Attach A Cushion A Wooden Bench?

You can use adhesive hook and a loop fastener to attach to the bottom of the outdoor cushion and on top of the outdoor bench respectively.



3. How To Take Care Of Wicker Furniture?

Use a fluffy brush to remove dust and dirt from your wicker furniture. Mop any spills quickly with a clean, dry napkin. For hardened stains and dried spills, wash the wicker furniture frame gently with mild soap, warm water, and a piece of soft clothes. Rinse and dry.



4. What Are Some Benefits Of Having A Plastic Outdoor Storage Bench? 

They require less maintenance, are less expensive than most other types of storage benches, and are lightweight for greater mobility.



5. What Are Different Designs To Try For Your Outdoor Storage Bench Seat?

See our “Insane Ideas that Maximize your Outdoor Space Using a Storage Bench” or visit Pinterest for great ideas.

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