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12 Artisan Free-Standing Closets for Your Small Spaces 12 Artisan Free-Standing Closets for Your Small Spaces

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12 Artisan Free-Standing Closets for Your Small Spaces

Written by: Ivy Sarmiento

Enhance your dull, small spaces with these stylish free-standing closets. Discover how they can work wonders on your interiors and as storage solutions!

Have you ever wondered about choosing free-standing closets without sacrificing their aesthetic value and functionality? Or did you ever thought about the ways that you can do to maximize your small spaces?



If you answered yes in any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place! With this article, we’ll help you choose the perfect closets to make the most of your limited spaces. They are convenient and can guarantee to make your space get a chic and classy look.



Artisan Free-Standing Closets


What qualities do artisan free-standing closets have that set them apart?



It is worth mentioning that most artisan products and furniture are being made through personal orders and instructions from a client. There are artisan companies and services that specifically do these to meet the needs of the consumer. And although this is the case, ready-made artisan products are also available for purchase. And one of those is the free-standing closets.



Unique and Appealing


Free-standing closets of artisan design are high-grade and efficient.



Because they are handmade and not highly mass-produced, their design has been through more thoughtful crafting.  Moreover, artisans and craftsmen give extra care to these products. They consider the general consumers’ needs and even put some decorative features to attain a high-end product.  For these reasons, they have a quality over quantity rule which guarantees the furniture’s durability.



Green and Sustainable


More importantly, choosing artisan products offers one a choice of a more sustainable way of living. How?



Handmade products like free-standing closets require less use of natural resources. The materials being used for these products are mostly biodegradable and recyclable, like woods. This is important as it lessens the burden that nature gets with continuous production. Some companies even make sure that they give back what they get from our Mother Earth through replanting and upcycling.



These are some of the beneficial reasons why you should opt for artisan free-standing closets. They will lead you into getting a unique, high-quality product while also making a huge impact to save the environment.



Sounds appealing? You can get all these benefits in easier ways than you think! Check out these twelve exquisite artisan free-standing closets to get started:



Palace Imports offer a variety of products to help make the best out of your precious space. And you can do that with this free-standing Smart Wardrobe closet.



To illustrate, this free-standing wardrobe closet comes with a clever design that you can configure into various forms based on your preferences. You can maximize its use with its three available features in one: for hanging clothes, storage on its two wooden drawers, and a lock mechanism to ensure privacy. Its solid wood construction will also give your room a classy look.


  • Each shelf is adjustable to suit your need and preferences.
  • It is available in three hand-painted finishes to give you options for its style and color.
  • Sustainable: The manufacturer employs the use of smart wood which means that they get materials only from replaceable resources.


  • Can be tricky to assemble


Another quality product from Palace Imports is here to make its mark. Like the Smart Wardrobe, this wooden wardrobe is made of solid pine wood. It also has a silky-smooth texture that gives off a spot-free appeal.


One of the differences that these two Palace Imports products have is that this one is slightly larger than the Smart Wardrobe. It also comes with three sliding doors and four standard adjustable shelves inside. Nevertheless, it is fully customizable to give you total control of its usage.


  • Each shelf is adjustable to suit your need and preferences.
  • Three additional shelves can be added, providing wider storage with its sliding doors. 
  • It is available in three hand-painted finishes to give you options on its style and color.
  • Green and sustainable. 


  • Unlike the Smart Wardrobe, this one does not have drawers.
  • May take up a lot of space in a rather smaller room. 
  • It is quite heavy. 


Got a cozy space? You can retain that comfy and warm atmosphere at home with the Cozy Casa Armoire.



It has a wide storage space that is perfect for all your needs. This three-door armoire comes with sturdy three and five shelves that can accommodate your clothing items.



It also has a sleek, neat design that can complement your bedroom interiors.


  • Has metal handles, with a lock on the door which can prevent kids from playing in the wardrobe.
  • Comes with a hanging rod for those wrinkle-prone clothing
  • Makes clothing items easy to organize and access.


  • The locks are only available for its two doors. 


Feeling vintage yet? You definitely will with the Palladia Armoire from Sauder.



Made with a classy vintage oak finish, this armoire can make your room extra stylish. It has a wide storage capacity to accommodate your abundance of clothes and accessories. Aside from hanging clothes, you can also place some other items on its spacious drawers. You will have both great aesthetic design and quality with this one.


  • Handy for clutter. 
  • Safety-tested for stability to help reduce tip-over accidents.
  • Drawers have metal runners and safety stops to keep you and your family safe.
  • Quick and easy to assemble with a patented T-slot drawer system. 


  • Can be tricky to assemble.
  • It is not made of solid wood which can affect its overall durability.
  • Quite heavy and not easy to change position.


Want to get a free-standing closet piece that isn’t just multifunctional but also has an elegant appeal? You can have this with the Monterey 2-Door Armoire from Prepac.



This armoire comes with double door-cabinets which may serve as an entertainment center for a small TV, or you can use the included hanging rod to keep your clothes organized. At the same time, the adjustable shelf and linen drawers offer a multitude of options for storage for your other clothing items, shoes, and accessories. 



With its white exterior, you can also use this to create a pristine atmosphere in your room. These qualities make it both an eye-catching and space-saving masterpiece.


  • Versatile armoire for all your needs
  • Detailed on the side edges, moldings, base panel, and solid dark pewter knobs
  • Drawers run smoothly on metal glides with a built-in safety stop
  • Perfect for a kid’s nursery


  • Can be tricky to assemble
  • Drawers may be a bit shallow


Can’t get enough of Prepac products? Well, they have a lot in store for you with this wardrobe—literally. The Prepac ELITE Wardrobe is a part of their ELITE Home Storage Collection which offers a wide range of versatile storage products. As the name suggests, this free-standing elite wardrobe comes with a spacious storage area for all your needs.



It has awesome features such as a hanging rail, stackable wall cabinets, and shelves. Not only do these features make it more durable, but its exterior is in Espresso Laminate finishing. This allows the ELITE Wardrobe to add a lustrous look to your room.


  • Made of laminated wood for extra protection
  • Suitable for any area of your house
  • Works best when combined with other pieces in the Elite Collection
  • Has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Some parts and screws may not always fit
  • Gives off a bad, unpleasant smell
  • It is a bit overpriced

Note: Keep your closets fresh and fragrant with these aromatic cedar blocks and balls.



Say hello to a more spacious wardrobe that will help you prep up in no time! Hodedah armoire has two doors and a hanging garment bar for coats and any type of clothing. It also has two drawers where you can fill up with other clothing articles such as undergarments, socks, and other accessories.



What’s more, this armoire has a long mirror that is ideal for your dressing-up needs. Along with its laminated finish in a variety of colors, this free-standing armoire can help you and your room reach your maximum potential.


  • Available in Beech, Black, Cherry, Chocolate, Mahogany, and White


  • Standard size hangers may not fit on the hanging rod


One cannot simply run out of ideas and furniture to maximize tight room space. And you can have one more creative choice to do it! Try and go for a free-standing vertical storage solution with the South Shore Farnel Armoire.



With the vertical storage design, you can have a great deal of floor space to save in your room. Not only that, but you can also have a variety of storage options with its cottage style. For instance, you can make use of its two large drawers at the bottom for warm clothes. While the other three spaces are suitable for the clothes you like to fold – or you can put in some whisker baskets. Of course, the rod for hangers is to hold shirts, and the two hooks on the back of the door are ideal for jewelry or scarves.



This free-standing kind of closet can also help you add a warm ambiance to your entryway or bedroom.


  • Gives you as much storage space as a standard chest
  • Heavy-duty and dependable
  • Works well for guests or kid’s rooms
  • Has a 5-year warranty


  • Assembling it is time-consuming


Simple yet multifunctional, that is what the Inval America Closet is all about. This wardrobe/audio-video combination sure does have the ability to make your space more entertaining. You can use it as a wardrobe with both of its opened and concealed storage areas, including a hanging rod for clothing items.



At the same time, it can also work as a TV cabinet. It can accommodate up to a 46-inch flat-screen TV. Not only that, but it also has deep drawers to provide additional storage for your garments as well as your AV/TV accessories. You will also love its overall white finish which can bring out a delicate, comforting mood in your space.


  • It comes with four plastic slides for ease in moving while cleaning and redecorating.
  • Stain, heat, and scratch-resistant.


  • A bit heavy and hard to move. 


If you love incorporating classical design and furniture, then this one might be the one that you need!



With the Origin wardrobe closet, you can reminisce and relive the aesthetic of the mid-century style. You can see the distinguishing features and influence of the 50’s on this free-standing closet through the traditional use of wood and minimal décor and ornamentation.



Moreover, its other features such as the splayed frame, the rounded edges, and the linear design give off a major retro vibe. It also has a large storage capacity with its upper shelf space and two full-extension storage drawers. Adding this to your space will surely make you feel that sophisticated and iconic buzz of the mid-century.


  • Its mid-century style goes well with any interior design


  • Gives off a strong odor


Who says that closets are limited in the bedroom? Not with free-standing closets.



We owe it to the fact that freestanding closets are versatile, multi-purpose, and can be placed anywhere you prefer for easy access. They can function not just for storing clothing items but also as kitchen and pantry storage.



Take this traditional kitchen cabinet/closet from Homcom for an example. Mainly serving as a cabinet, this closet has great features that you will enjoy. It has five sturdy cubbies, three drawers, and two cabinets with doors. In addition, it also has a large open shelf for your microwave, coffee maker, and a food processor with convenient cable management holes.



Not only does it work well in the kitchen and pantry areas, but it is also suitable for all your storage needs in the garage, or in the bathroom. Finally, it has an overall traditional colonial aesthetic which can make it a functional centerpiece in your space.


  • Has adjustable and wide shelving storage. 
  • Versatile and can suit any interior decor in your home.


  • Gives off a strong chemical smell.
  • It’s a bit overpriced.


Free-standing closets can also be used for jewelry storage. An excellent example of this is the traditional Antoinette Jewelry Armoire from Hives and Honey.



Convenient and portable, this jewelry armoire has 7 pull-out drawers lined with anti-tarnish felt, divided compartments, ring rolls, and two side panel doors with necklace hooks in each. With this efficient storage space, this jewelry armoire can accommodate your entire jewelry collection.



It may also look and function like some portable chest and wooden drawers, but it can be better in terms of storage capacity.



Finally, the Antoinette armoire is complete with a rich walnut finish that was hand-applied by a team of artisans in a multiple-step process. This makes this armoire exude elegance and aristocracy and feels like an expensive family heirloom.


  • Has a vanity mirror on top to help you get ready and dress up
  • It has a locking lid which allows precious items to be safely hidden away
  • Color is great and the armoire has a classical, elegant look


  • It may not be as tall as expected

Why Use Free-Standing Closets


There are numerous reasons why you should give free-standing closets a try.



If your home does not have a built-in or a fitted closet, then getting a free-standing closet is a top choice. Likewise, if you want to maximize the capacity of your space, investing with them is a wise decision.



It is then essential that you know the ins and outs of working with these free-standing closets. This way, you will be able to effectively achieve your preferred look and the closets’ main functions.



Free-Standing Closets are Multifunctional


First and foremost, free-standing closets are multi-functional. They have various uses and can serve different purposes based on your preferences. Although closets in general work as storage for clothing items, they are also perfect as pantry and kitchen storage.



Free-Standing Closets Maximize Your Space


Another benefit of getting free-standing closets is their space-saving qualities.



With their independent and sturdy foundation, they are flexible enough to accommodate most of your storage items. They work regardless of space you have but are most excellent for a limited space. You have the freedom and the control with these closets as they are also easy to assemble and are often transportable.



Less Cost, More Security


Going for free-standing closets may also save you from things other than the amount of space – the possible cost and worries.



It is because free-standing closets are built with effective design and mechanisms that can prevent these. They are made of high-quality and resistant materials, like woods, to ensure safe and accessible use. Along with their sturdy storage and lock mechanism, you can always trust them to do their job. As a result of this, you do not have to think about costs that you might endure for future repair and replacement.



They Add Beauty to Your Space


Because free-standing closets take up a considerable amount of space, they are also incredibly exceptional in transforming your room with their décor and design.



There are tons of style, design, and other technique-laden features that you can choose from. And, of course, one of our highly recommended techniques in adding to the aesthetic quality and multifunctionality in your space is the use of artisan products.



These free-standing closets are proofs that the size of our space should not stop us from creating a welcoming atmosphere at homes. They will give you endless control and freedom to transform your space.  Take the reins and conquer those possibilities today!

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