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5 Best Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Stunning 5 Best Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Stunning

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5 Best Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Stunning

Written by: Julia Rosel

Catch hold of our 5 incredible outdoor kitchen ideas, tested & proven by stalwarts in the field. Stunning, simple, affordable and NO MORE a distant dream!

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Before I experienced it, the idea of having an outdoor kitchen was not the least of my priority. I could not see any need to have a new kitchen in my backyards when I had a good, fully furnished inside.



Last year in summer, I visited a friend who invited me over for dinner at his home. This time, they had things different; all the cooking and eating happened in their fabulously designed outdoor kitchen.



They had unique outdoor chairs in it, which made the design more beautiful and stunning.



While eating we could enjoy the fresh air around, see the stars in the sky and listen to the late-night bird songs. It was all beautiful, and that moved me.



That was a compelling factor to change my perception and I began digging into these best outdoor kitchen designs, one can embrace.



Below is my top list selection.






1. Barbecue Grill And Prep Station



Setting up an outdoor barbecue grill and a preparation station doesn’t require a really big space unless it is for public use.



An outdoor grill will perfectly fit right into that small yard space you have, and all you need is some creativity to succeed.



outdoor grill



Professional outdoor kitchen designers are in plenty if you need to bang on anyone for some immediate help or suggestion.



They are extremely good in setting up stations, especially an outdoor grill. They will ensure in giving a great theme for your outdoor kitchen, including the necessary decors to make it look really exciting and beautiful.



You can decide to have your outdoor grill station to be filled with some good looking cabinets, glazing sink and so many other features.



Also, you can do some research on the best direction your outdoor kitchen should be facing.



Make sure that the distance of your outdoor kitchen to the main kitchen isn’t that far.




2.  Outdoor Kitchen Design For Small Spaces



outdoor dining



Let not a little space in your yard stop you from setting up a cosy outdoor kitchen. Thousands of designs are available at the click of a button that would serve the purpose.



Instead of having a full kitchen here, you can only focus on including outdoor cabinets that would store a few kitchen items. Doing so, you can prepare food in your main kitchen and get it to the outdoor kitchen to have a great dining experience.



However, if there is still some space left, you can incorporate a small outdoor grill, water dispensers plus other decorations to add onto its stunning appearance.




3. Food Preparation Station With Pergola



Food Preparation Station With Pergola



Another excellent outdoor kitchen design involves a pergola. Summer can be a little hot, and with a shield over your outdoor kitchen, you will feel more comfortable.



So, you can set up an excellent outdoor kitchen which fulfils its purpose rightly.



Remember to choose your decorations wisely. Get the right colour for your outdoor cabinets, sinks, shelves, floor, the wood making the pergola and the grill. There should be a perfect match to make it look more stunning.



If your Pergola is of a light colour wood, you can have dark countertops; outdoor cabinets, bright floor, and any colour that blends the theme.




4. Elegant Outdoor Kitchen With Bar



Elegant Outdoor Kitchen With Bar



Other outdoor kitchen designs are the ones with indoor kitchens which open directly to outdoors. It also provides a bar platform. This idea is especially excellent if you have a little yard’s space.



Instead of sitting indoors, for a change you can have a super moment drinking with your friends at your outdoor kitchen.



Your kitchen opening, in this case, should compose a structural design with bar counters and unique chairs which suits the theme.



Tall well-designed stools may work. However, you still need to pay a lot of attention to whether they match the general theme around.



Most people for this design make use of wooden shingles, which not only adds comfort but brings in a feeling of being at home.



The fresh air outside, the birds’ singing, and the green trees around your premises will give you that perfect relaxing atmosphere you would always want. The design connects you to nature around you.



5. Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Bar


Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Bar


Here is another lucrative outdoor kitchen design that will drive your guests crazy. What more do you need when you have a kitchen and a pool together? In short, while enjoying your sweet time in the pool calming down your body from the hot summer weather, there will be something grilling in your outdoor kitchen!



This professional design calls for excellent creativity. The two, the kitchen and the pool need to embrace the same theme and bear the lagoon pool style design.



The entire premise can be of unique ceramic stones arranged in distinct layers for quality carvings.



As for the bar section, you can have it in a round design to develop something more like a round table. Then add in proper outdoor stools suitable for a bar.



The outdoor kitchen with pool bar designs are a lot.



The type you choose will depend on several other factors including, the orientation of your yard, space, available materials, surrounding theme, and your budget of course among many other things.




All Set For An Outdoor Kitchen?



An outdoor kitchen can add lots of fun into cooking. Only in Australia, a considerable number of people have embraced it.



Knowing its importance is one major thing – of course, you can’t build any useless stuff, it will be a waste of money and time. For those who already know, an outdoor kitchen makes you connect with nature when you breathe the fresh flowing air, listening to birds sing or looking at the beautiful trees and shrubs around.



The secret is finding a professional designer who will bring your imagination into reality. Once they set it up, you will have a great space to spend time with your family and friends outdoor!

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