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15 Phone Lanyard For A Hands-Free Experience 15 Phone Lanyard For A Hands-Free Experience

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15 Phone Lanyard For A Hands-Free Experience

Written by: Sophie Thompson

The multi-purpose phone lanyard is easy to use, affordable and prevents loss from carelessness. Keep your device safe wherever you go!

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Do you have a habit of setting your phone down at random places, then walking off and forgetting all about it? If so, this article is for you. A phone lanyard is an excellent accessory to keep both of your hands free so you can focus on what’s important. Phone lanyards provide easy access to your device. These small but mighty cases are fantastic for anyone who’s on their phone throughout the day.



With a lanyard around your neck, you won’t have to worry about dropping your phone or misplacing it. Phone lanyard cases provide increased protection from water damage in humid or rainy environments. Plus, they are convenient to use. When you’re ready to answer calls or send texts, simply unhook the top of the strap so you’ll have full access to the screen. Docked in a wide array of colors and patterns, there’s a lanyard for everyone. Check out the great options below:



This cell phone lanyard has a universal design that works with numerous smartphone models, including those from iPhone, Samsung, and more. Phones ranging from 4 to 6.5 inches will get full coverage. Besides, it comes with 4 pads, a wrist strap, and a neck strap that’s adjustable for optimal comfort. 



Chic and stylish, the grey color of the lanyard is sure to complement any outfit. Moreover, this lanyard has an ultra thin pad which allows access any charging port. You can also use its wireless charging feature without removing its cover. 



  • Made from a blend of soft nylon and PU leather
  • Its rust-proof hook is durable for prolonged use


  • Some phone models may not charge properly


Get this lanyard for phone with a 17-inch silicone neck strap. The silicone material is soft on the neck and will not cause any soreness. It also has a swivel cap to hold your keys and name badge. The strappy design of this lanyard holds the phone securely and prevents it from slipping out. This lanyard is able to accommodate phones of most sizes; even ones that are outfitted with a case. So, you do not need to worry about your phone model not fitting into it. 



  • The silicone material is soft on the skin
  • It has a long strap


  • This lanyard may partially block the camera in some models



Take your pick from 5 colors, namely: black, blue, yellow, orange, and purple. The neck straps of these lanyards come with a swivel metal clasp to attach your cell phone, keychains, and badges to. Its material is lightweight and comfortable for all-day use. Moreover, the strap is easy to attach and detach whenever needed. You can also use this to carry USB drives and other portable devices. 



  • You get five vibrant color options
  • The lanyard has a detachable buckle


  • The plastic clasps are prone to breakage


With its D-closure tether pad, this lanyard is a great pick. The lanyard is made from high-density polyester for durable use. This polyester material will be soft on your skin, so you can wear it comfortably all day. Moreover, it is suitable for all smartphone models. The tether tab of the lanyard has a functional design that does not block the charging ports. Therefore, you do not need to remove the lanyard while charging your phone.



  • It does not block the camera or charging hole
  • The band is made from a silky fabric


  • The ribbon is prone to breakage



Choose this lanyard with a stylish crossbody design (which you may use as a neckband too). It comes with a strong adhesive to keep your phone securely attached and prevent it from falling. These patches are really thin to avoid any obstruction in the cover and phone attachment. It’s easy to install and does not require any special tools. The lanyard is suitable for all cases ranging from 4 to 6.5 inches; however, you will need a full-coverage phone case to use these.



  • It is easy to install
  • The pads attach securely to the cover


  • Does not support half-coverage phone cases


Get this waterproof cell phone lanyard pouch that allows all the touch screen features even when the phone is inside the cover. This lanyard for phone is suitable for swimming, pool days, fishing, boating, and other water sport activities. It comes with a transparent cover that does not obscure the camera of your phone, so you can capture life’s every moment.



The cover comes with an IPX8 certification to ensure that it survives drops of up to 100 feet in water. Moreover, the large cover design will fit most phones up to 4 inches wide and 7 inches tall. 



  • Waterproof; able to bring to the beach or pool
  • It is easy to adjust and open


  • It does not work with fingerprint lock


Stylish and professional, this lanyard will certainly not look out of place in the office. It has three adhesive pads to attach to your cell phone that you may use as replacements or share with family members. Not only are these lanyards made from a skin-friendly nylon material, their rust-free hooks are also easy to use and maintain their shapes well. To install the lanyard, simply peel off the patch and stick it onto the phone cover. 



  • Comes in three subtle colors
  • The lanyard is suitable for everyday use


  • Straps are prone to breaking


This lanyard has a unique design with mixed patterns that you could use for different devices. For example, you could choose the black or patterned nylon bands from the pack. Also, their long neck straps come with adjustable buckles to attach them as per your needs. 



You can also adjust these to fit your wrists. Besides, the lanyard pole provides a secure attachment and detachment feature for versatile everyday use. 



  • You can choose from multicolor lanyards for daily use
  • The nylon offers a soft and strong attachment


  • Clasp may loosen up with use



This lanyard phone holder has a smart design with a flexible silicone strap that fits most cell phones of up to 6.7 inches. Therefore, you do not need to change your phone case just to fit the lanyard. This functional design will allow you to use it for various models of the phone without compromising its charging and camera features.



Moreover, it is compatible with touch screen lock, back fingerprint lock, and face ID. Apart from this, the material is safe for the skin and will not cause any allergies. 



  • The neck strap is adjustable
  • It has an open case design


  • The silicone may become irregular after some time



Choose this lanyard phone holder neck strap that has a creative design. The lanyard comes in twill fabric to make sure your skin does not develop any rashes. This woven lightweight fabric will add comfort without any extra weight of the hooks. 



Moreover, the thick band will distribute the weight equally. You may also use it for badges, car keys, key chains, and other electronic items. Besides, you may choose from different fashionable designs to coordinate with your outfits. 



  • It comes in an attractive design
  • The twill fabric is ideal for all-day comfort


  • This may not be for everyday use



Pick this three-in-one universal lanyard phone holder. It comes with an adjustable lanyard for your neck, a phone grip for your finger, and a cell phone stand. You can detach the ring buckle when not in use and slide the phone into your pocket. 



This lanyard is made from breathable polyester material that will last for a long time. Overall, this is an excellent choice to get the most out of one accessory. 



  • It comes with a finger holder strap
  • The neck strap is breathable and skin-friendly


  • You will need a full phone cover to use this



Get this two-pack cell phone lanyard that comes with two wrist straps and two neck-straps. You may choose from black and leopard print neck strap as per your outfit. These options will provide you formal and stylish choices depending upon the occasion. 



The pack also comes with six pads to attach to the phone that you may use as replacements. Moreover, you may secure these to different phone covers for versatile use. 



  • It comes in an attractive leopard design
  • There are six attachment pads for replacement


  • The plastic construction may not be that sturdy



Pick this premium lanyard that has a silky fabric design. The polyester fabric is durable and breathable for longer use. This comes in five different colors to choose from for daily use. The 20.3 inches length will give you ample adjustable lanyard. 



Moreover, these straps are functional with the breakaway design in case they get stuck somewhere. So this offers an additional safety feature to protect your phone. You can remove the strap from the clasp to receive calls and texts.



  • These come in five bright colors
  • It has convenient breakaway technology


  • The shiny fabric may not be durable



Get this stylish cell phone lanyard that comes in a bright pattern. This strap works for all the phone designs and gives them a functional look. The lanyard comes with a safety buckle to connect and disconnect the phone with ease. 



This will prevent the phone from getting struck if you are in an emergency. Moreover, you can use the tether tab to connect your phone to your clothes and bags. You may also use it for a number of other devices to keep them safe. 



  • It has a lightweight fabric for maximum comfort
  • The tether tab can be attached to anything


  • The band may be too thick for some phone models



This lanyard has an adjustable and anti-twist lanyard for phone that you may use for your neck or for your wrist. It has an anti-drop design to ensure your phone is safe when hands-free. This lanyard is compatible with most phone models. 



Plus, it comes with two install tags that you may use for replacement when one wears off. Apart from this, the lanyard comes with a 90 days warranty period to ensure it is durable and reliable. 



  • It has a multipurpose strap
  • You can detach the strap when charging your phone


  • The end tabs are not sturdy

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