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Why Use Wicker Storage Baskets? Why Use Wicker Storage Baskets?

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Why Use Wicker Storage Baskets?

Written by: William Harrison

From wall decor to plant holders, these wicker baskets offer a great deal of versatility. They are sure to add beauty and class to your space! Discover how!

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Wicker baskets have been around for quite some time now. We’ve all used them or, at the very least, have seen them. They share a close resemblance to rattan furniture and are often considered old or perhaps even rustic by some. To be honest, they’re quite overlooked as an accessory on their own. And it’s understandable. Most people don’t see a purpose for wicker baskets beyond carrying their usual picnic lunch to a park on weekends. Wicker baskets are highly multi-purpose. Not only do they make for excellent storage baskets, but they also make for a great statement piece on their own as a part of your house décor.





Wicker Baskets

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash


Speaking of storage baskets, wicker baskets are a highly practical option in that regard. When it comes to decluttering and organizing around the house, wicker baskets are highly versatile. They’re excellent for storing all kinds of items from the very big to the very small. These storage baskets can quickly become an irreplaceable part of your house décor. Wicker baskets make storage around the house super easy and fun. Unlike a storage box that can sometimes be unflattering to look at, a wicker basket can fit in nicely with the rest of your house décor. Still not convinced why you should get yourself a wicker basket? Read on further.


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A Brief History Of Wicker Baskets


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


These baskets made their first appearance in ancient Egypt and then later became widely popular during the Victorian Era. Interestingly, the term wicker refers to a specific technique for making these storage baskets. It has little to do with how they look and more to do with how they are designed. Wicker baskets are originally made from a wide variety of materials including the more obvious ones like rattan to the more obscure ones like bamboo, grass, reed, and willow. More recently, the term “wicker baskets” is being applied to several kinds of storage baskets. Particularly as storage baskets gain popularity in general. 


Wicker baskets owe their highly versatile and practical nature to their flexible design. They come in different shapes and sizes and offer varying levels of storage capacity. With several options to choose from including large, small, open-tops, lids and handles, they are ideal for practical storage around the house. While traditionally, a storage box has been in use, wicker baskets have quickly replaced these options due to their versatility.


Reasons Why You Should Use Wicker Baskets

If practicality and storage is something that doesn’t tickle your fancy, the idea of using the basket as an interior design statement in your home surely will. Since wicker baskets come in different shapes, sizes and materials, you can easily find something that fits your home décor well. Also, these baskets can come in handy for a wide variety of home décor purposes. You can use them to store your coffee table books or perhaps organize toiletries in your bathroom. There are countless ideas and ways you can use wicker baskets around the house and use them for both storage and interior design. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!


Storage You Can Proudly Display


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Unlike a storage box, a wicker basket can fit right into your home décor without ruining the aesthetics. Since these are woven baskets, they come in different designs and weave patterns that you can choose from. Woven baskets never let you down in this regard because they allow you to explore your personal style while getting something practical out of it as well. And we get it, using a wicker basket as an interior décor piece might not seem like a good idea at first but give it a try.


Once you start re-thinking that notion, you’ll discover that these woven baskets are a great way to not only hide items but also improve your house décor in the process. A great way you can use these wicker baskets is by using them near the fireplace for wood storage. Or perhaps as a newsstand next to a comfortable chair near the window where you can sit down, relax and read.


Green & Environmentally Friendly Wicker Baskets

Plants in a basket

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


Traditionally, wicker baskets have sustainable materials like weed, bamboo, rattan, and sea-grass, etc. So, not only are they biodegradable, these materials have an extensive growth rate as compared to traditional lumber sources. You don’t have to feel guilty about throwing out an old wicker basket because they will degenerate into safe dirt very quickly. They are easy on the environment through and through.


Moreover, wicker baskets are re-usable so you can easily replace all your plastic grocery shopping bags with these woven baskets. They are very easy to handle and require minimal cleaning. Unlike a plastic basket that would probably need soap and water to wash, a simple cotton cloth damp with cold water is enough for cleaning wicker baskets. You wouldn’t have to worry about using a harmful detergent to wash the basket. A damp cloth is a far more environmentally friendly option on all accounts.


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Highly Affordable


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We get it. You don’t want to spend all your hard-earned money on getting storage items just so that you can get on with your spring cleaning and organizing spree. Wicker baskets are a very healthy alternative to expensive and over-priced storage and organizing products you’ll otherwise find. They come with a reasonably low-price tag so that you can easily get as many as you like without breaking the bank.


And with a wide variety of options to choose from in terms of shapes and sizes, they can easily cover all your storage needs around the house – from large items to the smaller ones. If you always plan on getting organized around the house but then back away from the prospect of spending on expensive organizers, wicker baskets are a great alternative we definitely recommend. With a wicker basket around the house, you can get organized on a budget and do it with style. 


Say Goodbye To Wasted Space

Wicker baskets

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If you’ve got any awkward spaces around the house that you don’t know how to make use of, a wicker basket might just be the solution you’re looking for. Wicker baskets have a very vintage appeal overall. They can easily fill any awkward spaces that you may have around the house. Moreover, their flexible design makes these storage baskets super easy to fit into extra tiny spaces as well.


So, if you’ve got some space, say, near one of your sofas or perhaps even around your kitchen cupboards, you can easily utilize that to store items in a wicker basket. These baskets are an especially good storage idea for small homes and apartments where there is already a lack of space. Wicker baskets can make it super easy for small home-owners to use limited space effectively.


Great For Planting Trees

Plant in wicker baskets

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Another great use of wicker baskets! You can bring some of the nature inside the house safely by planting trees in your basket. Be sure to select a thickly woven basket that can hold the weight of the plant that you choose to use it for. The green color of the plant alongside the rustic, vintage design of the wicker basket goes well together and can bring out the warm tones in your home décor.


Put the plant basket in your living room, perhaps next to a sofa and the result will surprise you. Before you plant your tree in the wicker basket, however, be sure to use a ceramic pot or a plastic one to catch the water. Otherwise, the woven wicker basket would not be able to hold the water every time you water the plant and leave the mess behind, which you do not want.


You’ll Never Have A Cluttered Kitchen Counter Again

Cutlery in a wicker basket

Photo by Africa Studio on Adobe Stock


Since wicker baskets are naturally designed to be excellent storage items, you can easily use them in the kitchen as well. If you’ve got a cluttered kitchen counter, this basket might be a good investment. From your carefully selected cookbook collection to ingredient-rich bottles and other kitchen utensils, a wicker basket will fit everything right in.


You can store your regularly used utensils inside your basket and place it on the kitchen counter so that you always have easy access to them. Furthermore, it is great for use inside the kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets can often get quite messy with lots of bottles and boxes inside. A wicker basket can help you organize your kitchen cabinets so that everything is neatly placed. As mentioned earlier, it is especially useful for small homeowners who are short on space and have limited storage and organization options.


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Laundry Made Ten Times Easier

Laundry in wicker baskets

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Wicker baskets make managing clothes super easy. These storage baskets are easy to maneuver owing to the light-weight material. Furthermore, they also have a remarkable capacity to hold clothes of all shapes and sizes pretty easily so you don’t have to worry about overloading as you do your laundry. This is kind of mind-blowing because when you first think of woven baskets, sturdiness is the last thing that you think of.


However, wicker baskets are super sturdy which makes them incredibly good at holding heavy items securely. They can easily hold all of your clothes when you take them out of the washing machine without caving in. And since they are super affordable, you can get as many as you like particularly if you have large items that you wash frequently, for example, bedsheets, etc. Wicker baskets are a great alternative to plastic laundry baskets and they will last you a long time.   


Several Shapes & Sizes For All Your Storage Needs

Wicker Baskets

Photo by Zachary Staines on Unsplash


Wicker baskets are designed for a variety of purposes and therefore come in diverse shapes and sizes. Home-owners looking for affordable organization options can make use of these baskets very easily. Whether you simply aim to put newspapers next to your reading table or have different plans for storing large kitchen utensils, a wicker basket will not disappoint.


Unlike a storage box that you usually try and hide by putting it under the bed or in a closet, a wicker basket can stay in plain view and still look classy. There’s just this effortlessness about these baskets that makes them very appealing as storage items. They can also come in handy when you’re spring cleaning and just want to declutter your space and get rid of things. You can simply store them in a wicker basket and manage space effectively in the process.


Unusually Classy Wall Décor

Wicker Baskets


This is a recent trend where people have started using their wicker baskets as wall hangings. The idea might seem absurd at first but it’s catching on pretty quickly and the results are insanely beautiful. Wicker baskets naturally have a very rustic and aesthetic design that can fit right into home décor pretty easily.


And if you have a plain wall, you can add a bit of a flare by hanging these baskets and arranging them in particular patterns to make sure they look appealing. You can also choose to hang plants inside to add a bit of a personal touch. A good tip is to buy different sizes and shapes of wicker baskets for your wall décor. This way, you’ll have a variety and the baskets will take up space on the wall more elegantly.


Add Warmth To Your Home Décor

Wicker Baskets


These baskets have a very rustic and vintage look which makes them ideal for adding warm tones to your home décor. Place these storage baskets next to a lamp and see the gorgeous vintage colors reflect off of the woven material. If you already have rustic home décor, these wicker baskets will fit right in. Their overall color and design are highly suitable for vintage and warm interior decors.



Wicker baskets are more than just a storage item. They can be used for a variety of purposes from planting trees to wall hangings – the options are endless. And you can explore them all on a budget!

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