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20 Gorgeous Wall Baskets Hacks You Never Knew 20 Gorgeous Wall Baskets Hacks You Never Knew

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20 Gorgeous Wall Baskets Hacks You Never Knew

Written by: Wajeeha Yasin

Catch hold of a couple of baskets lying around unused and use them to build your very own wall basket or follow our guide to get the most out of them NOW!

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Wall baskets are the new trend in home décor and they do a lot more than just store your essential items. The baskets come in various materials, sizes, and designs. There is something for everyone depending on their choice. You can use several wall basket hacks to make use of them while keeping the beauty quotient intact.





We have compiled a list of hacks on how to use your storage basket effectively without breaking the bank. 



1. Baskets: The New Art Gallery



The décor idea of baskets on walls is, in fact, a home organization craze that is catching on in popularity. It is a budget-friendly alternative to the typical gallery walls. The new textures and coziness baskets bring to your space is unmatched. One of the reasons they have become so popular is that they are easy to install and are quite inexpensive. Baskets are ideal for covering up any empty walls in your house.



The options of wall baskets are endless, and you can either go for store-bought ones or create your own design. We will recommend you to go for baskets that have been weaved  – as a viable design option. You can also opt for a more minimalistic grouping by choosing from an assortment of colors and designs.




2. Variety Is Key

Hanging Baskets



To create the perfect and most unique basket wall, you must use a variety of colors, styles, and textures. People who are creative would love spending their time creating the ideal basket wall as per their taste.



Those who don’t have the skills can take inspiration from the Internet as numerous blogs out there teach you how to make an ideal basket wall. The Internet is a blessing if you know what to search for; it can guide you on how to use a variety of baskets in the best possible way.




3. Social Media: The Perfect Inspiration



Not everyone is born with the creative skills of an interior designer, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to place each basket. As every corner of a house or office has its own unique feel, determining the exact setting can be a tricky part for some. This is where social media comes into play, the photos on Pinterest, and Instagram can really inspire even the most unimaginative minds.



Hundreds of pictures available on the Internet on wall baskets will give you an exact idea of how to hang each bucket and make it pleasing to the eyes.




4. Wall Baskets For Kitchen And Bathroom Storage

Wall baskets hacks



Ever imagined using your kitchen storage boxes or racks as a wall basket? If not, then think of it for a second. You can convert a repurposed basic storage box to a boho wall basket or into a wall-hung system for workspace. Simply give boxes a lick of paint that blends in with the color scheme of the space for an entirely new look for your workspace. 



The spice rack can work as a shelf in your home office while the bathroom holders can organize your stationery items or sanitary napkins. It’s just a bit of imagination that could do wonders for your space, and all you need is to be ready when the creativity strikes. When it comes to hanging these things, simply put a nail in the wall and hang them up, and just by doing that, your home office space will look more visually appealing.




5. Farmhouse Décor Through Wall Baskets



The farmhouse look is trending these days and has risen in popularity in the last couple of years. Futuristic lighting, contemporary material, and sleek lines are the traditional elements of farmhouse décor.  



Woven baskets or wire wall baskets will generate that feeling of you being a well-traveled person who’s discovered these items in some far-away places, giving a vintage feel to your place. No one will know that you bought these from a vintage shop down the street, wink wink.




6. Bespoke Lampshade Made With Basket



It’s a clever hack that turns our usual storage basket into a lampshade with minimal effort. We recommend you to choose a rattan basket and color it black after removing its handles. The color would instantly transform your basket, or you could keep it in its natural state.



The next step is to drill a hole in the base of the basket and add a bulb with a hanging cord. You can use a Filament bulb to give a more vintage feel to the shade. And with that, your hanging shade is now complete.




7. Selecting The Perfect Basket



For decorating your wall, start by choosing baskets that have got interesting design patterns or have color-blocked designs. You can get hold of these baskets from the nearby flea market or choose on the unused baskets lying around in your house. It’s recommended to choose various textures and sizes that can add a whole new dimension to your design. 




8. How To Get An Excellent Design?



The trick to getting a flawless design of wall baskets on your wall is to start by selecting the largest basket. The basket would act as a centerpiece or focal point for the whole arrangement. The next step is to group the baskets in asymmetrical order. Try to overlap the edges at some places to give a distinct feel to the whole arrangement, once there is a decided pattern, mount the baskets to the wall to complete the new look of your space.




9. Hanging Your Wall Basket

Hanging wall baskets



People who worry that mounting the basket on nails would damage the baskets can use a loop of string. Tie the loop of string through the edge of the basket and then hang the loop from a nail. Those who are looking to forgo the nails completely can opt for the picture hanging adhesive strips. You can easily place these strips on the bottom of each basket and place them on the walls. The strips are easy to use and can be easily removed.




10. Wall Basket Headboard

Tired of all the possible ideas and designs of a headboard? Give the headboard concept a unique twist and make a wall basket behind the head of your bed. It’s going to be a 360-degree turn from the regular wooden, leather, or cushion type headboards. You can make a modern headboard by adding several baskets and overlap them behind your bed. Voila! Your new headboard is complete, which is quite inexpensive as compared to what’s available in the market.




11. Wall Designs Using Wicker Baskets

Hanging baskets



One fantastic quality found in wicker baskets and dishes is that they are decorative and also made up of natural materials. The baskets can add texture and bring natural colors to modern wall design. The hack in getting the most out of these wicker baskets is to mix them with the current settings you have in your house.



The wicker baskets will add dimension to your interior decor and create a more soothing and relaxing atmosphere in the room. The trick here is to arrange large and small wicker baskets, plates, or bowls in such a way that it creates a big impact.



The wicker dishes from Asia and Africa are versatile and you can use them in several places. Maybe on a wall along the staircase, on bed headboards, or any other space on your wall that is available for setting up a wall design made of wicker.




12. Go For Color



The one common problem with wall baskets is that they usually come in neutral colors. Many people who love a room with bright and vibrant decorative items would never go for wall baskets. This is where you can get creative and search for colorful baskets.



Try to find small baskets from South America or Africa in a flea market as these are usually beaming with bright colors. You would be surprised to see the impact bright colored wall baskets can have on your room, and you would probably regret not having gotten them earlier.




13. Create A Basket Surround

It’s a hack you would never have thought about, and if used correctly could be the best thing that has happened to your room. Just imagine two scenarios, an object hanging on your wall for ages which needs to be replaced or given a makeover, and a few small baskets just lying around in your house unused. You can combine the two by creating a basket wall surrounding the object.



This trick would give a whole new look to that object while utilizing the unused baskets as well. We bet you probably never heard about that before. 




14. Shoe Shelf Made Of Woven Basket

A set of woven baskets stitched together vertically and placed on the wall will make for a perfect shoe shelf. The woven basket, if slightly big, would allow the fabric to hide the shoe from plain sight and give a more organized feel to the room. The benefit of woven baskets is that they are cheap and easy to make, and can be customized according to your storage needs.




15. Hanging Plants

Hanging Basket



Want to add a simple yet classy flair to your green décor? If yes, then you should definitely try using your wall basket as pots for your plants. It is one of the best additions you could opt for in your room’s current décor style. Hanging baskets provide your patios, balconies, and doorways with color and just add an interesting dimension to them. 



The trick here is to use plants that grow all year round, so you don’t have to replace them every season. Various basket styles are available online, so check out the ones which perfectly fit in your house.




16. Slatted Bed Base Storage

A bed base can be a beautiful and innovative take on the storage dilemma in modern households. A bed base, which is usually made of wood, could be easily cut up and mounted on your wall. You can then use S hooks to hang wall baskets and other items for storage.



The hanging plants’ idea mentioned above could be utilized here, and you could develop your very own vertical indoor garden by using small planters.




17. Kitchen Backsplash



Those who are on a cash crunch and can’t afford expensive backsplash for their kitchen should try this hack. Hang several baskets all over your kitchen to fill the space between your cabinets and counters. You will be amazed to see how this temporary hack does wonders for your space and works perfectly as your backsplash while adding a new texture to your kitchen.




18. Size ‘Em Up

Never be afraid to experiment with the material you currently have in your house. We would recommend you to mix and match all the available wall baskets of various sizes on your wall. You would be amazed to see the results of mixing multiple sizes, which were completely unexpected. Hopefully, it will turn out to be a pleasant surprise for you.




19. Keep Adding More

One of the last recommendations we have is that you should keep adding more baskets to an existing wall basket gallery.  It is only recommended if you already love the contemporary look it has and wants to experiment a bit more to create a whole new look.



People who are afraid to start a basket wall because of the lack of baskets should also consider this point. You can keep on adding to your basket wall as you go along buying more baskets. In short, start your wall even if you have a couple of baskets and see how it goes.




20. Wall Baskets In The Office

Office hanging basket



You should never limit wall baskets to your house as it could also spice up your office space equally well. People confused about what to hang over their desks should also give wall baskets a thought. The assortment of materials, designs, and sizes ensure there is something for every office space. One more benefit of a basket is that it will eliminate the need for additional artwork.



Most importantly, wall baskets made for storage purposes could help organize your desk and make it more comfortable to work at. 



We hope this article has been a great help in enlightening you on some wall baskets hacks. If you are convinced, then head out to your local flea market or store and buy some baskets. The added benefit of wall baskets being available in an assortment of colors, sizes, material, and design will make the choice even more fun. So, what are you waiting for? Start with your wall basket gallery ASAP.

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