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25 Quick And Easy DIY Storage Shelves Hacks 25 Quick And Easy DIY Storage Shelves Hacks

30 Best Storage Shelves To Get Your Money's Worth

April 27, 2020

25 Quick And Easy DIY Storage Shelves Hacks

Written by: Vitya

Quickly learn how to make your own storage shelves! There's no need to buy expensive shelves when you can DIY your own unique set.

The recent wave of repurposing things around the house has raised awareness regarding the importance of reducing unwanted wastage. Why not rejuvenate old pieces of furniture to complement the aesthetics of your space? Here are some easy and cost-friendly ways to DIY storage shelves. For more inspiration, check out our ultimate guide on storage ideas.



25 Quick And Easy DIY Storage Shelves Hacks - INFOGRAPHICS



1. Floating Shelves


diy floating shelves

Photo from Real Simple



What better way to make use of barren vertical space than to create floating shelves using brackets. If you’re a person who enjoys your little side hobbies of sprucing up your home regularly, then you are sure to have lots of wooden boards from previous projects. Grab a few of those boardsCheck Latest Price to start this next home improvement activity.



Before beginning, remember to sand down the edges of the boards with sandpaper. Stain the board with a clean cloth for that old-fashioned rustic look or paint the boards white for a more clean and contemporary edge. A quick tip: although time-consuming, wall anchors will ensure longer-lasting durability for the shelves.



All you need for this project is a few sets of brackets, plywood, screw anchors, and screws to mount them up.





2. Drawer Shelves


DIY drawer shelves



Why not add a vintage look to your home this season by upcycling old drawers that have done their time. Use any shape of drawers to suit the configuration of your space.



Begin by scrubbing the inside of the drawer with a rough brush. Sand down the outside of the drawer with sandpaper before painting it to match your home decor. Afterward, include wallpaper to the insides of the drawers for a more trendy look.



If you’re planning to keep the drawers in their original appearance, you might want to give it a fresh coat of primer and eggshell-finish latex paint. If you’re fixing more than one drawer, remember to measure their placement before putting up your shelf. 



To try out this DIY hack, you will need these items to mount the drawers:





And there you have it: extra storage space for your kids’ toys or book collection!




3. Old Ladder Bookshelf


DIY ladder shelf



This has to be one of the most creative usages of old ladders we could think of. How wonderful to revamp an old ladder into a bookshelf and still add a little pizzazz to your storage space. Remember to sand down the ladder before adding the metal braces to the ladder steps. You must also make sure that the metal braces are aligned to have a leveled shelf.



The last thing you want is to have crooked shelves that can’t hold up your books. Do the same on the other side of the ladder. Don’t forget to add wood support underneath the shelves so they don’t slide off the ladder steps. This will help support the weight of the books you will be putting on display. You can also place the shelf in the backyard for potted plants or gardening supplies.


4. Plastic Crate Shelves


DIY plastic crate shelves



Here, we have the humble plastic crate — sturdy, lightweight and completely versatile.  It’s no wonder that plastic cratesCheck Latest Price have been repurposed as a reading corner, shoe storage, and durable bookshelves. Channel your inner Martha Stewart and get creative with this project. You will need as many crates as you wish to create storage with, screws to mount the product, screw anchors to support the screws, a drill, and some zip ties.



Start by zip-tying the plastic crates to suit your wall space. You may screw them together to add durability, but the zip tie would work as well. If you have plywood laying around from previous projects, you can stack the plastic crates in between the wood boards to make a table shelf. Finally, don’t be afraid to grab a can of spray paintCheck Latest Price from your local hardware store to coordinate with your decor. These make the perfect DIY garage shelves!



5. Headboard Wall Shelf


DIY headboard wall shelf



Certainly, many of us have come across disembodied furniture before like a headboard or a broken table. In this project, you will see that sometimes a crazy idea can bring about the ‘wow’ factor you want to have for your home. Using a circular saw, cut the headboard in half vertically. Place them at a 90-degree angle and nail them together.



If the headboard looks new, you could stick to its original look and save costs. Otherwise, add some color to brighten up your space at home. Add a bunch of mug hooksCheck Latest Price and it can be used as a focal point in your dining area or kitchen. Just make sure the hooks are at least 3-4 inches apart or 6-7 inches if you want the headboard shelf to double-up as a coat rack. One of the prettiest and easiest DIY storage shelves for bedroom there is.



6. Shutter Corner Shelf


DIY shutter corner shelf



Jazz up your corners with this repurposed shutter shelf. Why not add more storage to small spaces with this repurposed shutter corner shelf. Make this inexpensive storage space with just two shutters and some plywoodCheck Latest Price (you can even pick some up from furniture stores).



After measuring the appropriate dimensions for the shelf, cut and nail the shelves into the brackets. Remember to dry brush the shutter and shelves with some chalk paint for that added distressed wood look. If your budget allows it, kick things up a notch by adding a door light to the shelf. Perfect to display your book collection. 



7. Old Door Corner Shelf


old door corner shelf



Here’s another corner shelf to fill up all those extra space in your home, using an old door. It doesn’t even cost that much.



Start by using a circular saw to cut the door in half. Using clamps secure the two halves of the at a 90-degree angle. After measuring and cutting out the shelves remember to sand down rough edges with sandpaper. All you need is some spray paint to match your home decor or you can stain the wood to give it a natural rustic vibe.



Change out the doorknob for one that fits the vintage feel. Similar to making the shutter corner shelf, if your budget allows it, fix a light to the top of the shelf for that added cosy feel to your living space. All you need for this project is a saw, screwdrivers, screws, 90-degree metal L brackets and sandpaper. 



8. Pallet Storage Shelf


DIY Storage Shelves, Pallet Storage Shelf, Notebook, Pencils, Wood



Upcycled Pallets are probably one of the most unique ways of creating storage space for your home.



For this easy DIY, just pick up a few pallets from your local hardware or furniture store. Pry the boards of the pallets, either using a hammer or a crowbar. Measure and cut 1-2 inches above the higher wood strip. Remember to sand down the rough edges of the wood strips with a power sander or a hand sanderCheck Latest Price . You may want to paint or stain your pallet to suit your existing decor.



Once dried, remember to fit the shelf to the configuration of your space. This is such a great idea and it doesn’t even cost that much. 



9. Old Leather Belt Shelf


old leather belt shelf



Done with your belts? Don’t throw them out just yet, repurpose them to a fun and stylish addition to your home. Although it may sound like a crazy idea, you would be surprised that the results will add a rustic and luxurious vibe to your space.



Start by cutting your board to your desired shelf length. Sand down the wood strip before painting or staining it. Once dry, lay the wood strip on the ground. Loop the belt around the shelf strip and cut the folded end. Punch a hole at the tip of the belt and measure the shelf’s placement on the wall. After inserting anchors and screw belts to the wall, you are finally ready to mount your upcycled belt shelf.



With this last hack, we have found a trendy way to save money and create more storage space. Yet, another great way to repurpose something you have at home. 



10. Rope Shelf


Hanging rope shelf with fake plants



Have a few spare boards and rope from previous projects lying around in your garage? These are the perfect materials to make a rope shelf, and jazz your interiors up for a bit.



Cut the wood into your desired lengths, paint or stain the wood using your favorite colors, mark 1.5-inch holes in the 4 corners of the wood, and thread the knotted rope through them. If your shelf is multi-tiered, you could also add dowel pieces beneath each hole of the top two shelves. Voila! You now have yourself a neat little shelf.



11. Repurposed Dresser Shelf


dresser shelf

Photo from lizmarieblog.com


Is your dresser old and faded, but you just can’t bear to throw it away? You could easily turn it into a very useful shelf: here’s how. 


Sand your dresser using a sander, and dislodge the side drawer supports using a hammer. Give the top of the dresser a nice coat of water-based matt varnishCheck Latest Price , and prime the rest of it. The final step is to add some MDF shelves, 3-4 generous layers of paint, and extras like label holders if you like.



12. Bucket Shelves


DIY bucket shelves



Did this get you smiling? You should, because you are about to create something fantastic for your bedroom or kitchen. Buckets that are durable and strong will be perfect for this DIY storage shelf. You can as well use a paint bucket if you have some.


When next time you get hold of a paint bucket, cut off the top of the bucket and clean the bucket. You can use glue to fix any bucket you are using from the bottom onto the wall. Using more than one color or a single color is beautiful. Arrange your books inside them in different dimensions. It’s still part of the fun.



13. Fruit Basket-Shelves


hanging fruit basket



The majority of us have neglected some of our old-fashioned fruit baskets for modern ones. If you are in this category, you may need to dedicate time to change the position of this fruit basket. Fruit baskets can be useful in the hallway. They will be used to welcome some outdoor wears such as socks, gloves, hats, etc., and this will save you a lot of stress most, especially if you have kids. All you need to do is to pass some instructions to them to always drop the clothes in the fruit basket.


14. Driftwood Shelf


DIY driftwood shelves



If you want to try a DIY shelf that will always make you smile at yourself. Just get a light weighted wood from the yard, drill, and mark the perfect location for it. Drill the wall with a standard drill bitCheck Latest Price . Now get your hammer in the wall plugs and screw in the long screws. Ensure your screw length is long enough for your light wood to sit on. That’s all it takes to create a driftwood shelf. Not expensive neither does it consume time.



15. Attach Baskets To Floating Shelves


hook baskets to shelves

Photo from Pinterest



If you have floating shelves mounted on your walls, here is another method to revamp it and get more storage out of them. All you need is to tie some ropeCheck Latest Price around the small baskets’ handles and hang them on the hook under the floating shelves. Once this is done, you can start arranging more things like wine, cups, books, and others. In case you don’t have baskets to spare, you can buy a few of them for a few dollars. Purchase different colors to add to the floating shelves’ aesthetic.



16. Pegboard Shelf


Modern workplace and pegboard with different cacti in room



Pegboard is among the most versatile organizers. If you have pegboards at home then you should try to create shelves out of them although you may not get massive shelves from this, you will have some extra spaces to secure your bunch of keys, jewelry, purse, bags, and other small items. To create this shelf, you will need to place some planks over the pegs. Of course, you know you can just move the entire pegboard into your bedroom and use the pegs to hang your hats, coats, bags, and more.



17. Rustic Pallet Shelf


DIY rustic pallet shelf

Photo from Pinterest



Here is another fast and straightforward DIY storage shelf. You can position this in your bedroom or bathroom. Know that you will not get much space out of this if you are not creative enough or use many woods.



You will need to get about six pieces of about 20 inches’ woods, depending on your need, 3 or 4 flat planks that will serve as shelves. Nail each tall planks on the wall to form a board and then fix some screws on the wood board to hold the planks in place. You can design it in diverse colors.



18. Ceiling Shelves


diy ceiling shelf

Photo from Pinterest



Oh! You already have shelves mounted on your wall, and you need more space to tidy up your home, then create ceiling shelves. Fix pipes on the ceiling, ensure they are capable of carrying the shelves. Tie twinesCheck Latest Price around flat planks and hangs them on the pipe. You have just created a ceiling shelf. This DIY Shelf is a good idea to own a table in the bedroom. But it has to be fixed close to the wall, to protect it from swinging.



19. Under The Stair Shelves


Library under the stairs with a red armchair in the English style.



Stairs! Don’t underestimate them again. Although this requires little effort from you, it will offer shelving space than other DIY shelves. You will need a hammer, nail gum, nails, and flat planks. Become a carpenter and arrange the boxes under the stairs. You must have to create the boxes if you don’t have them or buy them if you wouldn’t mind the extra expenses. You can make these stair shelves a place to store those infrequently used items. It’s also perfect to serve as a reading corner, store wine, or use it as a bookshelf.



20. Corner Shelves


Double white floating shelf


You will create a floating corner shelf in this method since corners are one of the places at home that provides adequate spaces and look more perfect for adding beauty to the rooms. Get your planks, and they should be of equal sizes. Locate the corner space you want, and install the planks on the ruled location. Fasten them with a headlock to make them sturdy. Yippee! Begin to organize your stuff on the new corner shelf.



21. Skateboard Shelves


DIY skateboard shelves

Photo from bemakeful.com



If you have an old skateboard, why not transform them into a shelf. You will need to fix two pipes on the wall to hold the skateboards in place. Well, the skateboards don’t have enough space since they are not wide, you will still have some space to arrange tiny antiques, photo frames, a bunch of keys, and more.


Aside from the fact that you are getting little space, skateboards are a way of telling your visitors you are the boss in creativity. This is more perfect in the sitting room or the boys’ bedroom.



22. Pipe Shelves


DIY pipe shelves



Creating DIY storage shelves for bedrooms is more comfortable with the combination of industrial pipe and some pieces of planks. This can be better off in your kiddo’s bedroom to organize their petite boots, books, hats, and more. Although the pipes are a bit costly, you shouldn’t mind the dollars for the durability and versatility of the shelves. Purchase 4 pipes and two kinds of wood of your preferred measurements. That provides you with two shelves.



23. Hanging Box Shelves


DIY hanging box shelves


We have so many things to hang on the hooks to create a storage shelf; boxes are not excluded. You will need to get twineCheck Latest Price and then fix-it across the middle region of the box. Voila! That’s a fantastic storage shelf. Hang it on a compelling hook, due to its weight and the weight of other things you will be storing in the box. Ensure the box is light and the twine is strong. Dig out those wooden boxes that don’t appeal to you anymore and create shelves in your room, kitchen, bedroom, or sitting room. You can spray them with paints in a creative manner.


24. Radiator Storage Shelves


DIY radiator shelf

Photo from The Family Handyman



You may be wondering why a radiator is fit for a DIY storage shelve. If you are one of the people that own an old or bad radiator and it seems useless to you. Now that you realize your radiator is no longer trash. transform it into a shelf. The good thing about using a radiator is that it has enough space for you to store books and other stuff you may like to keep in it.


You don’t have any work to do on it, except you want to fix something on it or change the painting.




25. Concrete Shelves


DIY concrete shelves

Photo from Pinterest



If you don’t mind trying something out of the ordinary, this concrete shelve idea is for you. It’s very easy and fast to set up. You will need four complete concrete with two ½ concretes and two long and wide planks.



The length of the planks will determine how far you will place the concretes. Two concrete will be on the ground at a distance that can fit the planks. Put a plank on them and set another two concretes apart on the plank, place the last plank on them, and set the last ½ concretes on the last plank. With this, you have just created two shelves. You can paint the concrete with the wall color to create a matching color.





These are super simple projects to add a big impact in your living space, try thinking outside of the box with these DIY ideas and include your own personalized touch. You’ll be surprised how much fun you have recreating them!


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