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15 Best Fabric Cutting Tables For 100% Precision 15 Best Fabric Cutting Tables For 100% Precision

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15 Best Fabric Cutting Tables For 100% Precision

Written by: William Harrison

With the right cutting table, you're sure to have a smoother craft experience. Both durable and multipurpose, these cutting tables are worth every penny!

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Cutting is one of the most crucial parts of sewing. Those interested in this craft will know that it is not as simple as it seems.



A cutting table is a piece of equipment designed to make your DIY experience as smooth and easy as possible. As such, you must find the right cutting table for your needs. If you’re looking for something that can improve your mastery of sewing, quilting, and other crafts, check out this list of the best cutting tables of the market.


infographic on the types of cutting tables available


15 Best Fabric Cutting Tables


A cutting table doesn’t have to be flat, especially when you’re looking for something that will give you maximum convenience. This particular model has everything you need to create your next masterpiece. With two fold-outs at the side, you’ll get more space to work on your projects. It also has four drawers that provide more-than-enough storage for your sewing needs.



Aside from that, it has an airlift that provides you versatility when working with your sewing machine. It works like an elevator that can be placed in three sewing positions: flatbed, free-arm, and storage. Lastly, you can move this cutting table around with ease due to its wheels. Despite being a cutting table as advanced as this, it still dons a vintage look perfect for those with that particular taste.


Finding the right space to do your craft can prove to be more challenging than you may think. Without a proper set-up, the quality of your work could decrease or you might not be as productive as you’d like to be. With this cutting table, you won’t have to move around constantly in search of your craft necessities.



This sleek product features a 60.25″ wide surface for you to cut, spread out, and adjust various patterns and fabrics with ease. It also features a side shelf that you can fold down, which helps with easier storage and placement around your work area. Moreover, it has three storage drawers and a lower shelf that’s large enough to organize your craft supplies and sewing equipment.


When working on your project, you’re going to need a cutting table that has the right amount of storage room to accommodate your supplies. This Giantex cutting table comprises three hidden bins and a shelf to better facilitate the tool-organizing process for a clutter-free workspace. It is made from a solid wooden frame that translates into a durable and sturdy cutting table that will last for a long time.  Best of all, there is an adjustable shelf which you can modify to your liking.


Depending on your workspace, you might need a cutting table that is easy to store. Some may not need to have it laid out every day, so they’re going to need one that can be folded. A good example of this is the SewStation folding craft table. You can easily slip it under a bed or in a closet to keep your place tidy. Moreover, it is scratch-proof thanks to a layer of lamination and can support up to 50 pounds of weight. With a surface area of 5.5 square feet, it works perfectly as a cutting table.


A cutting table doesn’t have to be limited to simply sewing: in fact, it can be used for many types of arts and crafts. This multi-purpose folding table has a 47.5″ wide tabletop that features a drop-down platform. You can adjust this to six height positions to find the optimal conditions for your work.



When lowered, you can use this to place your keyboard or sewing machine. This folding table can accommodate different types of activities. It can serve as a computer table, cutting table, work desk, or as an extra workspace.


If you’re looking for something that can suit any workplace, this Sew Ready standing craft table is definitely for you! With its simple yet modern design, you can place it anywhere without having to worry about it looking out of place. Feature-wise, this product sports a multi-functional design with two sliding wire mesh drawers and a bottom shelf for storage.


Most arts and crafts-related activities require you to invest in a ton of supplies upfront. Be it scissors, yarn, fabric, brushes, or the like, you’re bound to have a neat little pile of items. Given that, it’s important to create a workspace that can accommodate what you need.



This charaHOME folding craft table features three hidden bins and a shelf for you to store your tools. There is also a shelf that you can adjust according to your needs. Of course, something that holds this many supplies should be durable as well. This folding craft table is made of metal fittings and high-quality wood. It also has excellent hinges to ensure stability.


Doing craftwork can get quite messy. If you don’t have a sturdy and reliable cutting table, you’re going to end up breaking its surface what with all the glue and scissors. For that, the Sauder Select Collection has one of the best cutting tables you can find. It has a melamine surface which makes it stain, scratch, and heat-resistant.



Aside from that, it also has two storage bins, two adjustable shelves, and a hidden shelf to contain all your craft supplies. An easy-roll caster enables you to transport this craft table anywhere you like, without having to break into a massive sweat.


Cutting tables are versatile furniture that can serve both as work tables and decorative pieces in your home. This Sauder Craft Pro Series table is equipped with three storage drawers that can be pulled out from either side of the table. This works really well if you’re working on projects that require you to move around constantly. Moreover, it adds a stylish touch to your workspace and home.


This fabric cutting table has storage drawers to provide you with enough space for supplies and accessories. You don’t need to be a professional sewer to get this table: hobbyists will find this useful and practical as well.



As a cutting table, you’re sure to get plenty of space to cut, adjust, and spread out different kinds of fabric and patterns. There is also an adjustable platform shelf for you to set the height to your preference. Don’t worry, it has six floor levels so you can find the ideal height for your projects.


This cutting table can serve as an extra workspace for your projects as well. It has two wire mesh drawers you can easily slide out for easy access to your tools. Plus, there’s a shelf at the bottom you can use as extra storage. For mobility, its six casters ensure smooth transport from one place to another. Moreover, it has a powder-coated frame which helps with its durability.


This particular Arrow cutting table is perfect for any sewing enthusiast. It features three shelves that have 33 spool holders, a drawer, and a door tray to store all your sewing supplies neatly. Once you’re done with your project, you can keep everything organized all in one place. Other features include an airlift that you can adjust to all heights and a wide tabletop for your cutting needs.


Although this Arrow cutting table is on the larger side, it is built with features that will still allow you to store it away neatly after every use. With the two fold-out compartments on its sides, you can add more space for your projects while also being able to save space afterward. It also has a hydraulic life which you can adjust to three positions such as flatbed, storage, and free-arm. Rest assured it will support all your craft supplies as it has a gas strut mechanism for a 45-pound capacity.


The base of this Sullivans quilting table comprises several storage compartments to store things and comes with casters for extra mobility. Its structure is also built to be a fold-out table for easy storage around your home. Moreover, the surface top is made from melamine and comes with an inch of gridded surface to fit your crafting needs.


Are you working on large projects? This Craft & Hobby cutting table will give you more than enough space for it. Featuring a 60.25″ tabletop, you’ll be able to work continuously without breaking a sweat. It also has a 9.5″-wide side shelf that you can fold down to save space. Moreover, it has a unique platform shelf that can be lowered to adjust the base height of the sewing machine.


What To Look For In A Cutting Table


There are certain factors you have to consider before making your purchase. These include (but are not limited to) the following:


1. Height


How tall your cutting table is will determine not only the quality of your fabric but also affect the condition of your body (more specifically your back) as well. If it’s too low, you’re going to likely have to bend down and get stuck in an uncomfortable position more frequently than you would like. The same thing goes for cutting tables that are too high. Always make sure to measure your own height before settling down on any particular cutting table.


2. Surface Area


The joy of arts and crafts lies partially in its sheer diversity. When it comes to DIY, some people may work primarily on large pieces, while others focus on smaller projects. Not everyone has the same thing in mind, after all. Thankfully, there are cutting tables with various surface sizes available in the market for you to choose from. If you tend to create and cut larger pieces of fabric, it’s best that you choose one that is wider.


3. Durability


Last but not least, you should consider its durability. Your cutting table will likely be handling heavy loads, especially if this craft is your job or serious hobby. Consider that you’re going to be leaning on the table, pinning on it, and cutting on it a lot of the time. You’re going to want a cutting table that has a hard surface with sturdy legs. Moreover, it should be easy to clean.



Every cutting table is unique with all its features and structure. You can have a folding craft table, quilting table, and the like while also being able to do the cutting process properly. Built with a multipurpose design, you’re sure to get your money’s worth with any of these cutting tables!

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