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15 Best String Art Kits For Kids & Adults 15 Best String Art Kits For Kids & Adults

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15 Best String Art Kits For Kids & Adults

Written by: Sophie Thompson

Tap into your creativity with these easy and innovative string art kits. Check out these options to kick off your crafting journey!

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You can make art with just about anything. Be it with paper, sand, coffee grounds, some pieces of clothing, and even strings! Those thin and flimsy strings of cloth can actually turn into something as gorgeous as a piece of art. Given that, you can tap into your creative side with these string art kits!



It’s a different kind of string work from embroidery or cross-stitch, but the end result is just as gorgeous. You don’t have to worry about being a beginner as the difficulty level of this kind of craft supports both novices and first-timers. As a matter of fact, kids can also try out string art kits on their own. There are plenty of places where to buy string art kits and we’ve listed down 15 of the best ones you can find online.




The key material in any string art is definitely the strings. With the proper embroidery floss in your hands, you’ll be able to finish a piece without breaking a sweat. The String of the Art kit has some of the best inclusions you can find in string art kits. The strings are durable enough to withstand the pressure and friction that come with the process.


Not only that but the rest of its supplies are beginner-friendly. Some of which include a hand stained and hand-sanded wooden board as the base, metallic wire nails, a pattern template, sawtooth hook, and of course the instructions.




Level up your string art piece by adding dazzling lights! The string art kits of Kiralumi also have an LED lamp and decor bells to complement its Christmas tree design. Don’t worry, this won’t make things any harder for you. Just like any string art kit, it also has the necessary supplies for you to finish it with ease, such as strings, backboards, string art patterns, and more.


If you’re looking for the perfect bonding opportunity with your little ones, you might want to check this out! It’s perfectly safe for kids since it doesn’t require any hard tools. Plus, you can even use this as a Christmas activity with the whole family and some friends!




A craft like string art requires a durable base to prevent any issues that could interfere with your work. Luckily, there are string art kits that provide the best boards for you to work on. A prime example of that is the String of the Art sunflower art kit. Its hand-stained and hand-sanded wood board will make your experience smooth and enjoyable.


Just like the first String of the Art kit we mentioned, this one also has high-quality supplies assembled by hand. Alongside the wooden board are the durable embroidery floss, pattern template, and a hook you can use to display the finished product. Newbie or not, you can finish this in no time!




Some of the inclusions of string art kits may seem daunting for a child to use, such as the steel nails, hammer, and the like. Fortunately, there are some that are specially made for kids like the Kraft Works string art kit. Instead of the usual supplies, this one makes use of foam canvases and pins as an alternative together with the colorful strings, papers, and even cute stickers.


Children can take part in this innovative craft with zero worries especially if they’re the curious type. With a simple design, like these adorable fur babies, they can start off this activity with ease.




Another Kiralumi string art kit made it to our list for a number of reasons. Aside from its high-quality inclusions, the pattern of this particular kit can serve as a challenge to those who are looking for something new.


It also has an LED lamp to level up the finished output and a pattern that has a little twist. Aside from simply moving the strings from one nail to another, you will also have to put the strings into braids to complete the pattern. There are nine different strings in various colors for you to play around with to form the unicorn’s hair. After putting all of these materials together, you’re sure to have a memorable art piece.




String art kits contain hooks and a sturdy base. Hampton Art came up with a kit that has string art templates perfect as a decoration for your home or even at the office. The simple flower pattern together with a positive quote can add to the homey and relaxing atmosphere of your room.


For you to achieve that, the kit has a pre-nailed wooden plank, a whopping 26 yards of strings, hanging hardware, and instructions. If you’re looking for something to decorate your space with, you won’t be having a hard time completing one by yourself with these string art kits. Fun, productive, and practical – what more can you ask for?




String art can be more than just a flat art piece. Bright Stripes has released string art kits for kids that will elevate their crafting experience. Alongside the usual sewing and lacing of the strings around the nails, they can also add glittery foam stickers that are included in the kit as well. Take note that this is specially made for children as young as four years and above.


Given that, instead of wooden boards, this kit makes use of four lacing boards small enough to fit in the hands of your little one. To add the cherry on top, these are already pre-punched to make the activity smoother. With its thick plastic needles, glitter, and clear stickers, and instructions, kids can finish an art piece on their own with no sweat.




After reading about how to make string art, one might think that it’s way too easy. However, as simple as it seems, they are still an opportunity for kids to explore and practice their creativity in various ways. The Craft-tastic string art templates and supplies provide the perfect avenue for exactly that.


Its inclusions are three sturdy foam canvases as well as three string art patterns such as a starburst, bird, and the word “fun”. Moreover, it has 170 pins and 60 yards of strings, which are more than enough for kids to complete the entire set. Designed for children of the ages ten years old and above, this kit enables artsy children to exercise their skills and creativity even more.




The great thing about string art is that there is not a wrong way to do it. No matter how complex the string art patterns may be, you can still find your way around them especially with the help of the instructions. The RM Studio string art kit has the complete inclusions of a standard kit making the experience beginner-friendly.


Kids ages eight years old and above can complete a piece like this one especially because of the craft’s flexibility. The whale design has just the right difficulty to challenge your creativity while still also making the activity fun and enjoyable.




This Flameer kit contains string art patterns that will enhance your hands-on ability. Its geometric shapes and templates make for a great activity especially for those who are looking for a challenging hobby. However, despite its seemingly complex lantern design, children can also pursue this DIY art project regardless of experience.


The kit comes with all the necessary supplies to aid you in completing your string art. The package contains a wood MDF, double-headed crochet hooks, a pair of scissors, copper-plated nails, hook fittings, and more. With that, there’s no need to look anywhere else!




There are string art patterns that not just come in the shape of animals, but also in letters and words. For example, this Enhandled kit has string art templates that spell out positive words to complement the atmosphere of your home or office space.


Some of the supplies included in the kit are a folding frame, foam board, a pattern sheet with marks, 58 colorful flowers-shaped stones, and plastic pins. You can also make your art piece as colorful as you want with their colorful pins and yarns that come in four different colors: white, pink, blue, and yellow.




String art can also be a great personal gift to your friends and family. Primitives have string art patterns with inspirational quotes and shapes that make for a heartfelt and handmade present. Although it has a simple template, the design on the wooden box as well as the heart pattern makes up for it anyway.


To help you finish this string art, the kit includes everything you need, such as slatted wood with rounded corners and edges. Given the base’s structure, it is also meant to stand on its own without a hook supporting it.




The string art patterns on this Flameer kit aren’t your usual cutesy shapes. It has a geometric design that will test your skills as well as your creativity. This one is perfect for both adults and kids who are looking for more unique designs to work with. Of course, this also comes with the standard supplies. Some of which include a wood MDF, copper-plated nails, hook fittings, double-headed crochet hooks, and more.




Experiment with color combinations and string art patterns with this PP OPOUNT kit. It contains a whopping 200 pieces of ball headpins, embroidery threads in 36 different colors, a pair of embroidery scissors, and an embossing stylus.


As it has no pre-marked patterns, you can explore different shapes and string art templates with more freedom. Accompanying that are two high-quality and sturdy foam boards as the base. Especially given its colorful inclusions, this kit will definitely bring out the artist in you.




The minimalist string art patterns in this kit prove that “easy” does not necessarily equate to low quality. Fornel’s kit has a reindeer pattern that will satisfy your aesthetic preferences. Moreover, it contains the complete supplies you’ll need. Some of which include a wood board, detailed instructions, string art templates, threads, 300 nails, and a safety clasp. With that, all you have to do now is unleash your crafty side!



How To Make A String Art

Practicing with these string art kits will definitely give you the confidence to create one on your own! In fact, it’s easier than you might have expected.



Aside from the standard strings, all you’ll need are a pair of scissors and a hammer. You should also have a proper base like a piece of wood, linoleum nails, tape, and finally, an image you want to outline. This way, you can create one without being limited to the designs inside the string art kits.



1. Before anything else, make sure you are complete with all the necessary materials including your desired image. You can search for string art templates on the Internet such as a flower, heart, and the like. Print it and cut out the silhouette.



2. Now it’s time to outline your pattern with the nails. All you have to do is place the cut out of your printed design on your wooden base and secure it in place with tapes. Then, hammer away! Pound the nails lightly around the pattern with enough spacing in between them. If you’re used to holding these tools, take extra precautions!



3. The next step comes the string part. First, remove the paper cut out and outline the parameter of the nails with the floss of your choice. Pro-tip: Upon reaching the corner of your pattern or when changing directions, always wrap the string or floss around that nail as tight as possible. This way, you won’t lose the shape of your string art.



4. The last and quite arguably the most fun step is filling in the shape. Do this by crisscrossing the strings from one nail to the other. What makes this especially fun is that there are no rules to doing this step. You can go top to bottom, corner to corner, or whatever pattern you want to do. Simply repeat this until everything is filled up to your preference.



5. Once you’re satisfied, tie the end of your thread and cut it off. After that one final snip, you finally have your string art!


What You Can Find Inside String Art Kits


Now that you know how to make string art, you might be wondering where you’ll get the necessary materials to complete one. Fortunately, there are string art kits already complete with everything you’ll need. Listed below are some of the standard materials included in each one:


  • Wood
  • Strings/Flosses
  • Nails
  • Hooks
  • Pattern Template
  • Instructions


As you may have noticed, string art requires quite a lot of materials to start off with. Fortunately, there are string art kits complete with all the necessary supplies that you won’t need to jump from one store to another. Both adults and children alike will be able to take advantage of this convenience in order to fill up on their creative juices! So what are you waiting for? Take your pick!

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