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Amazon Prime Day 2022: Best Deals To Shop Right Now! Amazon Prime Day 2022: Best Deals To Shop Right Now!


Amazon Prime Day 2022: Best Deals To Shop Right Now!

Written by: Henry Campbell

Amazon Prime Day has some of the best deals of the summer, so don't miss it! Learn all the tips and tricks you'll need for this special sale day right here.

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Yearly sales have been a staple for decades. Christmas, Black Friday, and the like are all excellent times to top up on some new purchases. The nice thing is that online shopping has followed the traditions set by physical stores for years now. Sales in stores often coincide with sales on their websites. In recent years though, the e-commerce giant Amazon has started its own shopping holiday in the form of Amazon Prime Day. What’s this special day all about, and is it worth putting on your calendar? Let’s find out.


What is Amazon Prime Day 2022?


Prime Day is a special Amazon sale day created for Prime members to enjoy deals and discounts on many of the products on the site. This annual two-day event regularly occurs during the summer months and has been known to rival Black Friday with its offerings.


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When is Prime Day 2022?


Amazon Prime Day 2022 runs from July 12 to 13, starting at 3:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. The interesting thing is that you don’t have to wait until July 12 to start shopping.



Early Prime Day deals are already live on the Amazon website and will last until Prime Day. You can pick up some discounted items now before things start running out of stock. This way, you can save yourself some panic on the day itself. Some items may be cheaper, but they’ll also go out of stock faster. If there’s an item you simply can’t afford to miss out on, it may be worth paying the small premium on an already-good deal.


Tips for Finding the Best Prime Day Deals


Now that you know what Amazon Prime Day is and when it’s going to happen this year, it’s time to come up with a strategy. If you don’t plan your purchases, you may find yourself spending too much on the day itself, so watch out! Here are some tips and tricks for finding the best deals this Prime Day.


List Preparation


A list is a great thing to have whenever you shop, and Prime Day shopping is no exception. Try to organize your list in the order of what you need or want the most. While you won’t be able to know exactly what brands will be on sale on the day itself, you can take a few educated guesses. Amazon products such as Echoes, Kindles, and Fire TVs and tablets are definitely going to see a price drop. Since Amazon directly controls these items, they can easily arrange for customers to get a bargain. In fact, many of these items are already available for early Prime Day deals.



For other items on your list, you can check out a history of brands and items that went on sale in previous years. These can give you a reference of what might and might not be seeing price cuts. In general, nothing is really off the table on this particular sale day. You’re sure to find great deals on almost everything, from electronics to kitchenware to sports equipment. It’s best to tally up a final budget and give yourself some extra wiggle room for deals you didn’t see coming.




We also highly recommend researching the price history of items on your list. Prices naturally tend to fluctuate, especially with the many sales going on year-round. If you find out that an item on your list is regularly on sale, it puts the prices you’ll find on Prime day into perspective. It may be a smaller deal than you were expecting, and, thus, one you might be willing to forgo for items that go on sale more rarely.



Reviews should also be on your research radar. Check if the items you want to buy are of good quality before committing. You can save a lot more money by buying something that’ll last longer over something that’s just cheaper.


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Last-Minute Checks


When checking out items that sell out quickly, you want your address and card info ready and waiting. Thankfully, Amazon can save all of these details for you on your account before the big day. If you don’t feel comfortable saving your card info though, have the physical card nearby when checking out. The last thing you want is to miss out on a great deal because you were scrambling to find your wallet. Many banks also offer e-commerce cards that you can use solely for your online purchases.



Finally, it may seem like a given, but make sure your Prime membership is set to span both days of the sale. Amazon Prime Day is primarily for Prime members, so having your membership run out on the day of the sale would be inconvenient, to say the least.


Amazon Prime Day Shopping


With your list in hand, the research behind you, and your details saved, you’re all ready for Amazon Prime Day itself. If you want to be extra early, you may even want to wait the night before and hop on at 3:00 AM EST exactly. You can then start shopping according to your list. If the items you want most are likely to sell out fast, grab those first. Check out the fast-moving items as soon as you can before they disappear, and leave the items you know will be there for a while for later checkouts.



Remember to apply any coupons upon checkout, and double-check all your details. Once you finish with the items on your list, you can start window-shopping for anything else that might catch your fancy, or close your browser to avoid any extra spending. Lightning Deals are also worth checking out, as they’ll be more frequent on Amazon Prime Day. Just stick to the budget you set for yourself and you’ll be fine.


Early Amazon Prime Day Deals


Some fantastic deals have already dropped prior to Amazon Prime Day and will run until the end of the event itself. Check out some of our favorite early Prime Day deals below.





Who doesn’t want to sit back and relax with an HD TV in their living room? Whether it’s the latest blockbuster or your favorite Netflix show, watching online is a lot easier with Amazon Fire behind the smart TV screen. Pick up the perfect size to suit your mantle or wall while prices are low.


Home Security



You and your family’s safety is of utmost importance. Security cameras are effective deterrents to any would-be criminals, so now’s the perfect time to pick up a set. Ring’s line of products is perfect for keeping an eye on your home’s surroundings. So, with the ongoing sale, it’s a smaller price to pay for watchful, peaceful nights.


Living Room Relaxation



The living room is where families come together to relax and enjoy evenings. If you’re on your own, it’s the area perfect for quiet nights on the couch. You can settle into the weekend with a good book or your favorite show, or sink into some music with a simple command. Whatever you choose, there’s quite a good selection of living room items for sale now.


Other Amazon Sales


Amazon Prime Day may be for Prime members only, but that doesn’t stop Amazon from offering a barrage of good deals to the rest of their beloved shoppers. We’ve compiled some of the best items on sale today that may catch your eye long before Prime Day’s kickoff.


Apple Products



Love them or hate them, Apple products have been lauded as some of the best electronics on the market today. But these premium devices have always come coupled with a premium price tag. The nice thing is that some of last year’s models are starting to see a few price cuts. If you’re the type who doesn’t need to be on the cutting edge of technology, there’s a lot to be gained from picking up last year’s top-of-the-line Apple items at lower costs.





Who doesn’t love some good audio? Amazon offers a host of top-tier sound tech for any occasion. Crank up the beat at a party with some Bluetooth speakers, make yourself heard on stream with a podcast microphone, or just listen to some jams with a pair of pro earbuds. These discounted picks will make you and your wallet sing for joy.


Fitness and Sports



Keeping active is a great way to stay in shape. Now, with summer in full swing, water sports are a popular choice for many. Paddle or swim your way to that sweet summer bod with the products on sale here.





The kitchen is one of the most important areas in your house. As the place where food is prepared and stored, this area is always worth upgrading. New knives for your culinary adventures, an upgraded ice maker to beat the summer heat, and a juice fountain for some fresh fruits are just some of the culinary deals out there right now.





We spend a great deal of time in our bathrooms, so it’s important to make sure everything is working well. If your shower head or sink faucet is giving you grief, now’s the perfect time for an upgrade. Personal care items are also regularly on sale, including flossing toothbrushes and other takes on classic bathroom essentials.


Other Amazon Deals


Amazon Prime Day is definitely an exciting event worth getting ready for, and there are a few out-of-the-way areas of the Amazon website that’ll help you with just that. A couple of these sections are handy year-round too, for both Prime and non-Prime members.


Prime Day Stampcard


The Prime Day Stampcard is a quick and easy way to get yourself some credit worth $10. All you need to do is activate your stamp card and do four easy Prime membership tasks to earn your stamps. These are as follows: 1) Purchase a Prime-eligible item costing at least $5 with your Prime shipping benefit. 2) Stream any show or video on Prime Video. 3) Listen to a Prime Music song. 4) Borrow an ebook from Prime Reading.



Since all of these steps are easily doable with your Prime membership, there’s no reason to let this $10 credit go to waste. The promo ends when Amazon Prime Day does, so don’t forget!


Amazon Coupons


Many of Amazon’s coupons are easy to see on the product pages. But in case you ever wanted to check them all out in one place, check out the Amazon Coupons page. It showcases the many deals you can get on items at present. This is handy at any time of the year to find deals and offers you might not have known were ongoing.


Amazon Warehouse


The Amazon Warehouse is a treasure trove of items. Many of them are pre-owned, true, but they’ve also been screened by Amazon to ensure the quality is still up to snuff. The items you can find in this area of the site include things that have been returned, opened, used, or warehouse-damaged. It’s not always going to be perfect, but they have a rating system to help you pick items you will be comfortable buying. These ratings range from Acceptable, which means functional, to Renewed, which is practically new.


Frequently Asked Questions about Prime Day 2022



Amazon Prime Day is a special sale day exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Amazon offers jaw-dropping deals for its premium customers, rivaling Black Friday in reduced prices and unbelievable sales. This two-day event happens annually every summer.


  • When is Amazon Prime Day in the USA?


Amazon Prime Day 2022 is set to happen from July 12 to 13, starting at 3:00 AM EST. However, there are many early Prime Day deals already live on the Amazon website.


  • Are Amazon Prime Day deals for everyone?


Non-Prime deals will be present throughout Prime Day, but the best discounts will be reserved for Amazon Prime members. This may be a good time to use the free 30-day Prime Membership trial if you haven’t already.




Amazon Prime Day is a big event for summer shoppers. With great deals left and right for Prime members, it’s important to stay organized and focused all throughout the two-day shopping bonanza. So, make your lists, plan your budgets, and prepare your wallets for this great start to summer savings.

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