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15 DIY Bed Frame Ideas That Are Effortless And Convenient 15 DIY Bed Frame Ideas That Are Effortless And Convenient

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15 DIY Bed Frame Ideas That Are Effortless And Convenient

Written by: Amelia Brooks

These DIY bed frame ideas are not only effortless, comfortable, and pocket-friendly, but they can also give your room the perfect look!

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Some of us move around a lot growing up, and some have lived in the same house for as long as they can remember. Regardless of which category you fall into, most of us don’t change up our room a lot. Bedroom furniture may get shifted around the house, but the same furniture often stays for years before it’s given away or discarded.



Are you tired of how your room looks? Do you want to change something up but don’t know which piece should go? Well, the main item in a bedroom is — you guessed it — the bed! The bed does not only usually take up the most space, but it is also where you spend most of your time in your room.



Where do you go to for a good night’s sleep? What do you crave after a very tiring day? Your bed! This is why we should make our bed the epitome of comfort while completely representing our style!



Be it your own room, your child’s room, your guest room, or your parents’ room, we’ve got something for you! With this guide that tells you about the best DIY bed frame ideas or how to enhance the one you already have, we’re sure you’ll find an idea that floats your boat!




1. Simple DIY Bed Frame

DIY bed frame


Are you all about that minimalist look? With this simple DIY bed frame plans of a wooden bed frame, you can achieve comfort as well as satisfy your aesthetic sense!



A simple wooden bed frame with the mattress just inches off the ground will make your room look more spacious, and the light-colored, affordable wood will add a bright touch! Additionally, diy bed frame floating frames will make your room look 10x cleaner than it does with just the mattress on the floor!




What You Need:


  • Wood that can be sourced from your neighborhood carpenter or Amazon’s Lumber store
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Twelve 2” screws
  • Saw (unless you get wood pieces to the exact size that you need)



How To Make:

  • Before you go ahead and buy wood online or at your local store, it is essential that you take the measurements of your bed first. This way, you don’t have to saw your own wood at home.
  • Arrange the wood on all four sides of your bed and use the drill to drill holes along the side at each corner. Position these holes so that they are aligned with where the boards will connect. Three holes should be enough.
  • Add the screws into these holes.

Make sure you’ve measured the frame according to your mattress. Once you’re done, just put your mattress on top, add all your bedding, and you’re all set! Yes, it really is that simple!




2. DIY Floating Modern Platform Bed

diy platform bed frame


While designing your own pallet bed frame DIY, you can even add a little magic to it! This DIY platform bed gives the look that it’s floating due to its hidden legs. This is an easy DIY project that’ll make anyone who comes to your room do a double-take. It makes cleaning easier, too!



What You Need:

  • Wood boards
  • Miter saw (optional)
  • Plywood


How To Make:

  • To achieve this floating look, make a platform. This can be made out of plywood or any similar material that is easily available to you.
  • Attach hidden legs according to your desired height. Place them at a distance away from the corners, enough that they are not visible. This will provide the floating look.
  • Now, add appropriately sized boards on top to hide the plywood. You can spray paint them as desired prior to assembling.


Moreover, it’s great for couples who have young children, as it is easy for the little devils to climb onto. Additionally, the risk of stubbing your toe is also eliminated. Win-win!




3. DIY Platform Bed Frame

DIY bed frame


If you’re looking for a more modern look, a simple platform bed frame will be more up your alley. But if you’re also keeping watch on your pocket, you might want to try out this DIY platform bed frame instead! Affordable and classy, the results will satisfy you.



What You Need:

  • Wood according to desired measurements and mattress size (A full-size mattress’ approximate dimensions are 54”x 75”)
  • Wood boards
  • Screws and nails
  • Drill



How To Make:

  • Build the bed frame first. Align your wood and attach it from the inside with screws.
  • Add supports on the inner vertical corners and down the middle for added support.
  • Add in the wooden boards.


Additionally, there are many ways that you can customize it as well! You can stain it to match the rest of your room’s furniture or add carvings into the wood.



Follow the detailed guide for a step-by-step!




4. Platform Bed With Storage




Are you tired of the clutter in your room? Always looking for something in a mess? A platform bed with storage is the solution to your problems as not only is it chic, but it also organizes and stores your little bits and pieces in an accessible yet hidden manner.



The Housing Twin Size Platform Storage Bed with three drawers is a sure way to organize your room. Its color is a classy rich brown cherry on a wood surface. It’s not just aesthetically pleasing, though. It’s sturdy and robust as it requires no assembly and saves you money for buying cupboards for storage!



It’s two-in-one, and you can conveniently store anything in its cabinets. It’s best for children and teenagers and even for guestrooms. It is a useful item that enhances any bedroom that it’s in!




5. Bed Frame With Storage




A more cost-effective way to fulfill your storage needs is to buy this simple 12-inch platform metal bed frame by Zinus.



It maximizes the space under the bed for storage. You can customize it by either using plastic storage boxes or storage basket bins that you can get for a reasonable price on Amazon! Bed frames with storage help declutter your room and give it a clean look. This sturdy frame is an excellent way to achieve that!




6. DIY Bed Frame With Storage

 bed with a storage space revealed by lifting the wooden slatted base


When we look under our beds, we often find things we forgot even existed! Eliminate that risk with bed frames with storage.



Whether it’s for clothes, shoes, books, bedding, or miscellaneous items, you just can’t go wrong with having storage under your bed!



While making your own bed frame with storage, it’s completely up to you to add drawers or leave space for storage containers. That’s the beauty of DIY.



What You Need:

  • Pine plywood
  • Pine wood
  • Dark walnut Danish oil
  • Faux leather
  • Edge banding


We found a quick and easy video tutorial for a DIY bed frame with storage that’s easy to follow and includes drawers.



7. Pallet Bed




For those of you who want to add a unique and artistic touch to their bedrooms, a pallet bed is a way to go! Pallet beds are effortless and give a natural look. They add a decorative touch to your entire room, and this look is so effortless to achieve!



This bed frame by Pallet Bedz, with dimensions 82.5” L x 56” W x 6” H, has a five-star rating and doesn’t require any assembly! If you want to give your room a more formal look, you can stain it to a darker color. But there is no going wrong with a simple pallet bed.




8. DIY Pallet Bed


If you don’t want to buy a pallet bed and much rather build it on your own, 1001pallets.com offers a quick and easy DIY tutorial.



Pallets are an inexpensive furniture piece that adds a vintage look to your room. They are easy to work with and can serve many different needs! Other than beds, they can also be used as tables, stools, and more.



Moreover, you can buy pallets online or use recycled ones (as long as you are sure of your pallets’ source, durability, and cleanliness). They’ll be easy to work with and work around, and you can customize them to match your style and needs! Overall, pallets are a steal!



Here’s a quick DIY for the perfect Pallet bed that we found for you!



What You Need:

  • Four identical pallets (size adjustable to preference)
  • Drill/screwdriver
  • Bolts, screws, nuts
  • Wood glue
  • Paint
  • Protective gear



How To Make:

  • Paint or varnish the pallets to achieve the look that goes with your room.
  • Put the pallets together and fix them with wood glue to make them sturdy and perfectly aligned.
  • Using a drill, make holes and screw in the pallets from all sides.




9. Upholstered DIY Bed Frame

Do you have a queen bed that you want to give a luxurious look to? Well, an upholstered bed can transform your bed while adding elegance and grace. It gives your bed an elevated look that is not only modern but fills up your room!



The tutorial for upholstered DIY bed frames by thehandyhomemaker is easy to follow and detailed.




10. DIY Headboard Storage

Beds with storage are a good idea because a bed already takes up most of the space in your room. Might as well maximize the space that the bed provides!



However, you may not find exactly what you’re looking for in terms of storage. When building your own bed, you can design the headboard in such a way that it has a hidden compartment for storage. Hidden storage is great for storing bedding, and the shelves can house books as well as decorative items!



You can build in shelves, like in this tutorial, for maximum storage.


What You Need:

  • Wood boards
  • Nail gun
  • Drill
  • Table saw
  • Plywood sheets



11. DIY Bed Frame With Integrated Lighting

A simple way to light up your room is by integrating lights into the headboard of your bed! You can carve out a personalized letter, shape, or name and fit in fairy lights. You can also leave an empty space in the middle for LED lights.



Moreover, you can add these lights in either a single color of your choice or multiple colors.



Here is a simple tutorial showing you just how easy it is!



What You Need:

  • Six thin planks
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Christmas lights
  • Electrical tape




12. Wire Shelving




Instead of focusing on DIY bed frames and affordable bed frames that you can buy, you can innovate the storage and the aesthetic of your room by using wire shelving as a headboard!



Secondly, this will give you ample storage space. The right-sized shelves can also act as a side table to keep a lamp, some books, and more. It also opens up designing opportunities.



Lastly, with wire shelving, you can hang dream catchers and twirl fairy lights around it to add to the beauty of your room as a whole! So along with storage, there are also multiple ways that you can beautify it! 




13. Under-Bed Frame Lights




If you’ve gone for a simple bed frame, it’s great because you can add little details to it to make it stand out. Features like under bed lights that come in multiple colors!



With changing colors, these are great for teenagers, and even for adults, as you can buy in a single color as well! This idea to enhance your bed frame will add a refreshing touch to your room!



Moreover, these LED lights come with a controller so you can navigate through it and set the lighting for your room according to the mood and occasion. They can also substitute for night lights!




14. Bedside Storage Organizer



If you have a bed frame that doesn’t have much storage, that’s not a problem! With these bedside storage organizers, you can keep all your essentials nearby in an orderly and organized way.



Additionally, it has room for all your hand-held electronics, a bedside read, and even room for a tissue box. This organizer is a must-have for those who don’t like clutter on their bed while they sleep yet want all their electronics nearby!




15. Grid Panels



A headboard, while it adds to the beauty of a bed, is by no means necessary nor does it serve any real purpose (besides telling you which side your pillow goes!). A good alternative for a headboard is grid panels on your wall.



They are easy to install: all you need are some screws and tools! And you can decorate them however you like! Not only that, but this grid panel by SONGMICS adds a minimalistic look to your room! You can add to-do lists, fill it up with memorable pictures, hang up fairy lights or dreamcatchers, whatever you think perfectly describes you.



So, while buying brand new bed sets might be costly and a draining process, designing your own bed isn’t! Not only does it cost less, but it has the element of personalization! You can customize it however you want, based on your needs, wants, likes, and dislikes.



Whether it is putting together your bed from scratch, or just adding little bits and pieces to your existing one, you can make it look brand-new! DIY bed frames are an excellent way to channel your inner creativity as well, and it comes with satisfaction to think that your own bed, your place of comfort, is your creation.





In conclusion, the main focus of a bedroom is the bed, and your bedroom can look completely different with just the change of a mattress, so what are you waiting for? Try out these easy DIY bed frame ideas that are easy, convenient, and will deliver an impactful difference!

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