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20 Best Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture For Your Kids Room 20 Best Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture For Your Kids Room

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20 Best Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture For Your Kids Room

Written by: Samuel Turner

Check out the most amazing and efficient Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture For Your Kids room that can transform their space to a vibrant nook in NO TIME!

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If you have kids at home, it becomes very important to invest in solid wood bedroom furniture for their room. This type of furniture is sturdy and makes sure that your kids get the most comfortable sleep out of them.


From bunk beds to dressers, here is the list of the best American-made solid wood bedroom furniture for your little ones. Take a look!



An ideal piece of furniture if you have two kids who share a room, bunk beds look stylish and help you save a lot of space. This one from Dorel Living Store is super convenient and can be turned into two stand-alone beds or one full-sized bed. It comes with a built-in ladder to allow your child to climb up and down without any difficulty. In addition to that, the top bunk features full-length guard rails and provides maximum security to your little one. Not to forget the wooden construction, which is super sturdy! 


There are three options to choose from – espresso, white and, black. Therefore, you can easily choose the one that goes well with your children’s room. The assembly is quick and easy. There are instructions that come with this bed to make things simpler. 



Bring utmost comfort into your kids’ room with the versatile Max & Lily Bunk Bed. Not only is it compact and helps create more room for your children to play, but it is also affordable. This white solid wood bedroom furniture set includes 14-inch guardrails and a removable/reversible ladder. Moreover, the ladder had angled steps which makes it easier to climb. 


The bottom of this bed has a low bunk that is only two inches above the floor. It is constructed with solid pine wood and has a non-toxic, low-VOC finish on top. This makes it easier to clean and maintain. On top of that, it can hold around 400 pounds of weight. 



When it comes to quality, there’s nothing quite like Walker Edison Store. This white bunk bed matches the decor of a bedroom and enhances its overall look. It gives your little ones a safe space to rest and grow. The bottom bunk bed has a low floor design. Additionally, the upper bunk bed comes with two side ladders that make it easy to access. 


In addition to that, it is surrounded by guardrails for maximum safety while your kids are snoozing. The material features high-quality solid pine wood, which makes it a sturdy furniture option. Perfect for compact spaces, this bunk bed by Walker Edison takes very little space and ensures that there is maximum space in the room for the kids to play. 



If your toddler is a fan of Disney’s Frozen, this bed is a must-have! The Delta Toddler Bed is suitable for kids who are 15 months old and above. It features graphics from Disney Frozen II and will surely make your little one jump from excitement. All the characters look great on the sides and will add a new flair to your child’s room!


The best part about this beautiful piece of kids’ furniture is that it is made from non-toxic material. This makes the bed one of the most reliable products for small children. It is constructed featuring solid wood so that you can use it for a longer period. Additionally, it has a low floor design and is surrounded by guardrails so that you do not have to worry about your baby’s safety.



This hardwood animal chair features a colorful design making it a super-cute addition to your baby’s bedroom. The seat provides ample room for your child to sit comfortably without tipping over. Apart from that, the warm, bright tone of the chair makes it irresistible to buy. It is designed sturdily and features smooth, round edges for extra safety. 


The base of the legs is scratch and noise resistant making it an ideal choice for different purposes. You can also place it in your dining room or your baby’s playing area. The chair weighs around 4.56 pounds and is easy to move around. Additionally, taking care of it is also super easy. You’ll just need a damp cloth to clean it. It is easy to assemble and comes with an instruction guide. 



If you are searching for solid wood bedroom furniture sets for your kids’ bedroom, here is an ideal option by the ECR4Kids Store. This multipurpose wooden chair set features furniture pieces that can be used as desks, side tables, benches, and so much more. Compact and lightweight, you can carry them almost anywhere according to your requirement. On top of that, the built-in handles also make the process of transportation super easy. 


The chair set comes with GREENGUARD Certification, which ensures that there are little to zero chemical emissions. The edges are round, which ensures the overall safety of your baby. With adjustable seat heights, you can use it for years to come, even when your toddler has grown a little. 



An amazing blend of cotton and wood, the Kidkraft Sling Bookshelf is all you need for your little reader! It has four deep storage canvas pockets that can fit books irrespective of their size. Not only these shelves store the book, but these also keep them safe from getting damaged. 


Additionally, it is compact (with dimensions of 24 x 11.75 x 28 inches) and can easily be accessed by your toddler. You don’t always have to be around your baby if they are in the mood to read. In fact, your little one can even organize it however they want. The color is also quite natural, making it an absolutely perfect fit for any type of decor. Even though you will be required to join the pieces together, the assembly won’t take more than fifteen minutes.  



Here is another book storage organizer for your kids’ bedroom. It is compact, lightweight, and has plenty of space for your child’s most essential books. The UTEX Kids’ Book Caddy with Shelf is made from solid wood and goes well with any type of interior. You can use the upper part to organize drawing books, storybooks, and other art and craft supplies. Besides, the lower shelf can be used to place miniature cars and action figures. 


The overall dimensions of this book caddy are 25 x 16.5 x 16.5 inches. Therefore, you can place it even in the most compact spaces without having to worry about it taking a lot of space. On top of that, the material is medium density fiberboard. It is easy to assemble and will work wonders when it comes to organizing a messy room!



UNICOO never fails to amaze us with its uber-cool furniture pieces. So, if you are looking for solid wood bedroom furniture sets that are high-functional and aesthetic, here is a recommendation! This adjustable Kids Desk and Chair is made from 100% bamboo. Well, what’s better than an environment-friendly table and chair set for your little one? Nothing! 


Moreover, the surface is super-smooth and adds even more to its beauty. Ideal for kids between the age of three to ten, this table chair set features storage spaces as well. Therefore, your child can easily store his or her stuff within reach. Besides, this sturdy set can easily be adjusted depending on your child’s height and can easily be used for the long term. 



The Lift-Top Desk and Chair by Melissa & Doug is another option if you are thinking of changing the look of your kid’s bedroom. This study table set is made from high-quality wood and is ideal for children within the age bracket of 3-8 years. You will find a hinged lid that can be lifted to access the storage space. The reinforced legs ensure that your kids can use this table chair set for years to come. The assembly is quite easy and will only require a screwdriver. The glossy espresso finish adds more to its charm and makes it a perfect choice for any type of interior. To clean this table-chair set, just wipe it off with a clean cloth. 


The item’s weight is 19 pounds and can easily carry a weight of 150 pounds. 



Nothing can match the creativity level of kids. At one moment, they are busy drawing picture-perfect scenery, and the next moment you will find them reaching out for a book on the top shelf of a bookcase. Well, to make it easy for them, Melissa & Doug has an amazing product in-store. This Wooden Step Stool comes in handy when your baby needs to reach for his toys, books, or other stuff. In addition to that, it can also be used in the bathroom for your child to reach the washbasin and brush his teeth comfortably. 


This stool is 14 inches high and can hold a maximum weight of 100 pounds. The assembly of the Wooden Step Stool is quite easy, and the best part is that you can find it in three beautiful colors. Choose the one that fits your needs and make your child’s life simple! 



Here is another wonderful product by Melissa & Doug. This white solid wood bedroom furniture set comprises a chest that can be used to store a multitude of things from toys to books to art supplies. It has 8.25-cubic feet of storage space. Therefore, we can guarantee that with this storage idea, you can make your child’s room absolutely clutter-free. 


It features a hinged lid that opens and closes with ease. This prevents the child from getting hurt and increases the functionality of the item. In addition to that, this toy chest is constructed using quality wood and exceptional manufacturing standards. This American-made solid wood bedroom furniture also makes a wonderful gift option for new parents. 



An elegant addition to a baby’s bedroom, this Dream On Me Changing Table and Dresser will surely be your best buy if you want solid wood bedroom furniture. This table is made from cherry wood and gives off major vintage vibes. Available in different finishes, including White, Cherry, Grey, the Natural is our favorite! 


This changing table has wonderfully crafted safety rails that make sure your baby remains safe when you are looking for things in the drawers. There are three super-spacious compartments, and each one of them glides seamlessly. Store toiletries, diapers, clothes, and other baby essentials in the drawers and keep everything within your reach. 



Why go for the cliched pieces of furniture when you can add something unique and stylish to your kid’s bedroom. How about this fantastic wooden coat rack stand with three adjustable sections and eight hooks? The A2 size is perfect for toddlers, so you can hang their jackets, bags, hats, or other toys so that they can reach them easily. Besides, the stand is made with a 1.5 inches diameter high-quality pinewood pole to keep it stable and sturdy.


With the instruction manual in the pack, setting up the stand is a task of not more than five minutes. Moreover, you don’t require any external hardware tools to set it up. Therefore bring this ultimate wooden coat rack stand and give a brand new look to your kid’s bedroom.



Give your little girl a Disney princess experience with this beautiful vanity set. Your kids will just love having their personal dressing table in their room where they can try new hairdos, play make-up and have fun. It is finished in pink color, and the set includes a mirror and a comfy backless stool for seating. Moreover, it is made with high-quality engineered wood that is known for its durability and fashionable look. 


Besides, you don’t have to worry about the mess created after the playtime is over. The desk has a built-in drawer so that the kids can stash all the game accessories themselves. Since safety remains the utmost concern of parents, this product has been tested to comply with ASTM F963-17 consumer standards. The rounded corners, shatter-resistant mirror, and drawer stoppers ensure that the kids remain safe while playing.



ECR4Kids solid wood bedroom furniture sets add an entirely different appeal to the kid’s room. Have a look at this amazing set of bentwood curved back tables and chairs. The set includes one table and four sturdy chairs that are great for kids to eat, play, and study. Moreover, the table is spacious, and all the chairs offer a comfy ergonomic seat so that the kids enjoy their time. So, if you still hadn’t found the perfect fit for your kid’s bedroom, this wonderful set will do the needful.


Since the parts fix together easily, it won’t be a trouble to assemble them. Even if you are not aware of how to use the hardware, you can set it up with ease. Furthermore, it weighs no more than 23.9 pounds in total and has a birch finish that complements all interiors of the room. 



One of the best ways to declutter your kid’s bedroom is by adding some elegant, smart storage furniture, and what would be better than a cute little ottoman. Therefore, replace the traditional toy box with this attractive and versatile ottoman from Sorbus. This brown tree stump 15-inch ottoman can be accommodated in a small space and is also foldable. Above all, you can use it to tuck away your kid’s clothing, linens, blankets, toys, and everything that makes the room look messy. 


Moreover, this way, you save a lot of space in the overfilled wardrobes and toy shelves. Due to its extreme lightweight, it is easy to move it around from one spot to another. The best feature is its cushioned and padded seating that makes it super comfortable to seat kids as well as elders.



It’s time for your younger one to have his own wardrobe now, and so here is this unique kids costume organizer from Milliard. It is a center open hanging armoire closet unit with mirror baskets and hooks so that kids can enjoy their dramatic play. With this amazing piece of furniture in your room, you no longer have to worry about the kids opening up the wardrobes to play and creating a mess all over again. Furthermore, there are lots of storage options like hooks, shelves, baskets, and hanger rods. 


The costume organizer has an ideal height and a shatter-resistant mirror. Moreover, it is made of lightweight white wood with a high-gloss finish with durable grey slide-out drawers. Moreover, it has commendable durability and can sustain regular wear and tear.



Now that your little princess is growing up, she might need some help getting dressed up in the morning. This Teamson kid’s Gisele polka dot wooden vanity table in pink is the perfect investment while looking for an elegant piece of furniture for the kids’ room. It is extremely sturdy and will blend with the existing furniture. Not to mention its compact size due to which it easily fits in all bedrooms. 


Besides, this pink and white solid wood bedroom furniture set comes with decorative accents like three mirrors, a drawer, and a stool seat. Eventually providing a wonderful make-up play-pretend experience for kids. Besides, you might be required to do some assembly. But not to worry, it is an easy job because all you have to do is follow the instructions and your pretty little vanity table is ready for use.



Looking for a piece of solid wood bedroom furniture that would also save some space in your kid’s bedroom? Go for these amazing Sriwatana wall-mounted wooden floating shelves. All three shelves in the set have unique dimensions and are made of paulownia wood that keeps them sturdy. Despite their low weight of 1.73 Pounds, the shelves can hold all your kid’s toys, books, and other display items. Apart from being functional, these will add a classic and rustic look to the room.


Furthermore, you can install these shelves on any wall like a breeze. All you need to do is mark the points on the wall at equal distances and fix them with sides up and down depending on what you want to stock. These are undoubtedly a perfect match for all bedroom interiors. 


Every parent wants the best for his or her child. It is the same when it comes to their furniture as well. The above-mentioned solid wood bedroom furniture items are all you need to spruce up your little one’s bedroom. We hope they love using them as much as we loved writing about them! Also, if you are looking for some bedroom furniture sets, do not miss this article!

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