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25 Best Murphy Bed Kit That Guarantee A Good Night Rest 25 Best Murphy Bed Kit That Guarantee A Good Night Rest

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25 Best Murphy Bed Kit That Guarantee A Good Night Rest

Written by: Lily Evans

Add comfort and style to your bedroom decor instantly with the best murphy beds. See how you can live your life king size in a small space INSTANTLY!

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Does your back ache after you wake up in the morning? Is your bed occupying all the space in your studio apartment? Are you inclined to give your room a makeover without squandering many dollars? If the answers to these questions are yes, then this article is the perfect read for you.



Minimalism has people always seeking to achieve more from limited resources. Murphy bed kits are an innovative product of minimalistic style. Also, they do not take the entire floor space and blend well with the present furnishings of your home. Moreover, twin murphy bed is also doing the rounds now. Those kits are sturdy and comfortable enough to provide you with a blissful slumber.



Listed below are 25 of the best Murphy bed kits in the world, attached is a description of each product.






This state-of-the-art murphy bed kit is accessible for all the right reasons. Constructed from recycled materials, the bed can still withstand the weight. Having a weight capacity rounding to a close 500 pounds. Moreover, the sleek design with storage units is a perfect modern addition to your bedroom. Additionally, the murphy bed, when folded, resembles a unique cabinet. The cabinet has rust-free metal handles for more comfortable up-down movements. Buyers can choose their mattress as one is not accompanied by this wall bed.





For those of you who prefer a large-sized bed, would like this uber-chic murphy bed kit is the perfect choice for you. Enclosed by white shelf doors, the bed frame made from the wood of a distinctive shade. Therefore, the cabinet handles, coated with nickel, are convenient for folding the murphy bed. Thus, enabling it to be pulled down without using a box spring. Also, the feature that makes this murphy bed kit unique is the fitted luminescent light. Furthermore, it gives a contemporary look to the entire bed frame.





Versatile and cozy, this murphy bed kit would be a statement piece in your humble home. It is ideal for apartments with low ceilings and unavailability of space. As for extra storage, the drawers, with enough space, are beneath the murphy bed. Also, it is included in the delivery is the appropriately sized matter. Moreover, The mattress encloses with the bed to form a bold yet compact bed chest. Also, the foundation has an attached charging input for teenagers who prefer charging their phone next to the bed.




It can function as a portable guest room, demands for little assembly, and has many color options. 





Do you want a classic twist to your bedroom? If so, then this murphy bed kit should be your choice. As a result of being a king-sized murphy bed kit, the bed comes completely assembled. Besides, it has inbuilt bedside tables, which can be tucked away with the bed into the compact cupboard. Also, the design of a murphy bed is a combination of rustic and homely. Additionally, the smooth wooden polishing on the cabinet that holds the foundation helps to give it a more casual look.




The bed is 84-inch-deep and can thus hold a thick mattress, advisable for those with prolonging back pain.





This murphy bed kit provides not only comfort but also extra space. The tall and white-colored, the cabinet is ideal for those looking to make the most of their situation. With many shelves and compartments, the murphy bed optimizes storage capacity. Situated in a position to ensure sturdiness, the murphy bed folds without resistance. So, making the entire assembly process efficient and comfortable. Moreover, there is a wide array of colors to choose from so that it can complement well with your apartment.




If you are struggling to accommodate in a tight space, then this is the perfect bed for you. 





Pulling a murphy bed down every night is a vigorous task. If you decide on skipping the arm workout, then this is the bed for you. This murphy bed kit demands only effortless sliding of the mattress. Furthermore, to transform the dresser into a murphy bed, you must pull the extension, along with the mattress. Despite it being a bed, the chest is spacious enough to perform as a television stand.




Therefore, do not let this opportunity go to waste and avail this multipurpose murphy bed today. 





Did your landlord mention inaccurate dimensions of your apartment? Are you facing difficulties within the narrow space? Is your indecisiveness preventing you from choosing the perfect bed? If so, then this murphy bed kit is the right choice for you. Also, the list of instructions it comes with are undemanding and easy to understand. While assembling, you can paint it any color you prefer or make any desired changes. Also, the horizontal piece of furniture takes less space lengthwise. Moreover, it folds up to form a structured rack where you could hang your coats and bags to save space.





Working from home can be tricky uniquely if you have not assigned space for an office. Firstly, this sophisticated murphy bed provides you a practical solution for working from home. Secondly, the sleek design offers storage and a smooth desk for you to work on. Thirdly, above the office are two light bulbs that are user-accessible. Finally, Within the cabinet is the murphy bed with an anchored mattress support system.





Many interior designers swear on the charm of a mantle. To take your apartment up a notch invest in this extravagant wall bed. Moreover, this stylish mantle-piece inspired murphy bed kit is exactly what your room needs. Also, it is crafted from a light shade of smooth wood, the structure is sound and sturdy. Additionally, follow the instructions provided in the manual to achieve a well-anchored bed. Finally, the bed itself folds out with ease with a top-quality double foam mattress.





Mounting a bed to the wall can be risky for those who cannot wield a hammer. Reduce the danger with a wall bed falling off with this unique twist on a classic murphy bed. Moreover, the cute square-shaped plushy ottoman is the perfect centerpiece of your living room. Not only does it provide extra seating, but it also opens as a portable bed. Even though looks can be deceiving as this bed, despite its appearance, is the comfortable pit stop for your guest.





Dreaming of a king-sized in a not so spacious apartment seems unrealistic. But this murphy bed kit king is a dream come true for all those who aim high. With no compromise made on its size or comfort level, it hides away in its compartment without any hassle. Available in two colors to fit more with your aesthetic, the murphy bed has a contemporary design. Additionally, when closed, you will have enough space to work out at home or play with a pet.




Exercise to your heart’s content and have a comfortable sleep afterward. 





Not much of a hoarder? Your bachelor pad needs this efficient murphy bed kit with an attached closet. The separate compartment assigned to clothing has two sections. Hang your wrinkle-free clothes in one and keep your shoes in the other one. Attached to the storage shelf is the murphy bed hidden by two modern designed doors. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of three shades, the one that suits you best. A mattress is not included in the delivery. But the embedded mattress support system would make any mattress work.




Declutter and professionally organize your belongings. 





This is another excellent option for those who do not prefer an exposed wardrobe. Moreover, the wall bed comes with an inbuilt 25 inched closet, sectioned into a small cabinet, and three drawers. Assort your possessions without feeling vulnerable. Beside the office is an undemanding murphy bed that needs little to no assembly. Furthermore, the seecured pistons ensure convenient upward and downward motion of the bed. 




Assort your prized trinkets with this dual-purpose murphy bed kit. 




Nothing beats the feeling of reading from paperback books. But once you start collecting them, it is difficult to find an appropriate shelf for them. Furthermore, this murphy bed lets you understand in bed by having two tall shelves as storage units beside the wall bed. Arrange your books, art pieces, or random decor to add a personalized touch to your room. Contrary to the classic brown library shelves, this white furniture elevates the room. Moreover, the bed itself, between the shelves, has a sturdy and stylish structure.





Styling a studio apartment needs a ton of work to arrange all furniture in a way that does not look awkward. This is the reason why William Murphy invented such a bed. Additionally, to continue his legacy, this murphy bed solves all your storage problems. With two adequate shelving compartments, the sophisticated cabinet fits well in any corner. Following a convenient process for folding, the bed is well built and comfortable.





Putting a modern twist to an old invention. This might not fall under a classic murphy bed kit category, but it does tick all the boxes. Not following the tradition of a hideaway bed, this murphy bed kit comes with a voguish desk. Furthermore, this desk beneath the bunk bed makes it the perfect place to set up your work station. Alongside the office is a closet with ample space to tidy up your apartment. Hovering above is the loft bed with extra support, so it withstands a considerable weight. A white ladder to help you get up to the bed is a cute addition to the already unique design. Moreover, consider this as the most suitable bed for your child’s cozy room. 





Skeptical of already constructed murphy beds? Bored and willing to take on a DIY project? Then look no further, this murphy bed kit provides you with a fun and easy project. The detailed instruction manual, with pictorial and video-graphic guidelines, ensure no mistakes. Supplied with the parcel is a material list, so you know exactly what you need.  Build your ideal murphy bed with any customization that you would prefer to the bed frame. The vertical murphy bed will fit in your small apartment.





If you are a novice in the world of hardware, then this might be the best kit for you. Coming from a trusted brand, this murphy bed kit provides the guarantee of a well hinged, perfect bed. The tools are easy to identify from the instruction manual. If need be, any extra material is already available in your local hardware store. The TOLFREE number mentioned is for you to seek help any step along the way. The finished horizontal product would meet your standards.





Be productive during quarantine with this exciting DIY project. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this murphy bed kit is going to keep you occupied. This kit does not have a lengthy materials list and saves you a trip to the hardware store. Moreover, the company promises a lifetime guarantee due to the high-quality kit used. The elaborate instructions guide you throughout the process. And hence, it makes the entire ordeal worth it. Save your money by investing in something for the long run. 





Worried if the previous option will fit in your small apartment? Look at this kit instead! This murphy bed kit specializes in building a vertical bed for your home. With fewer chances of error because of the best tools and materials, this option is the right fit for you. The foundation will be sturdy enough to have a weight capacity identical to a store-bought one. The impressive wood gives the entire furniture piece a professional and polished look.





A well-built and robust bed frame is the key to the perfect murphy bed. Following a murphy bed kit lets you construct one well-structured bed frame. Not too difficult to assemble or too shabby. It does not release a squeaky sound due to movements, so you can jump on it all day long. Whether hinged to the wall or the floor, this adaptable bed frame is what you need. Additionally, it is has a unique spring system to make the pulling down motion swift. Designed for frequent use, this murphy bed frame comes with a lifetime warranty.





Not too strong with dimensions? Do not want to commit to a correctly sized murphy bed? If so, then this is the ideal murphy bed kit. The multi-functional murphy bed kit can is what you need to assemble any sized bed. These value worthy steel tools will aid in the construction of a customized murphy bed. Although free ranged, this murphy bed will be well anchored and structured. Available in a midnight black color, the kit comes with an easy to follow instruction manual. Rest assured, this will be the best thing you ever buy. 





It is intimidating to roll down a murphy bed, even more, if you assemble it yourself. This exceptional murphy bed kit has tried and tested a rolling mechanism. Promising results are possible with this convenient murphy bed kit. These occur because of accurate tools that incline the bed at a specific angle. The physics of the mechanism makes the up-down movements of the murphy bed effortless.




If you are looking for a bit of a challenge, then this might be the most suitable murphy bed kit for you. Fitting well in a shared space, this single vertical murphy bed kit is a fun DIY project. The not so lengthy material list and tools make it a top choice with high praised reviews. Not only would you save a ton of money but also a considerable amount of space. Light-colored wood brings the entire project together, giving it a sophisticated look.




Why should humans have all the fun? Looking for cute and affordable dog beds for your best friend? Then look no further, this dog bed, inspired by a classic murphy bed kit is the solution. Comfortable and classy, it can fit in any corner of your house without looking awkward. As the bed folds out as an average piece of furniture to camouflage in your living room. The compact and classy bed comes along with a plush foam to ensure your pet feels at home. And the best part? The non-harmful materials will not let your fur baby get sick if it decides to chew on it.

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