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15 Best Floating Desk To Free Up Floor Space 15 Best Floating Desk To Free Up Floor Space


15 Best Floating Desk To Free Up Floor Space

Written by: Pavneet Kaur

Check out these brilliant floating desks that are a viable alternative to the traditional desks. See how it can turn your space to a lively & vibrant nook!

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Looking for something that can help you save some floor space as well as serve as an effective storage solution? One of the cleverest and ingenious ways is installing a floating desk. It will help you acquire trendy and airy decor without giving up on the functionality. Since your floor will be vacated, it will give a warmer and inviting look to your interiors.


Moreover, these are especially beneficial if you have a home office but a limited space to add important furniture. Therefore keeping the various requirements in mind, we have gathered the list of some of the best and stylish floating desks. These are available in various designs, attractive foldable features, and a lot more types. So, have a look at the products and pick up the one that suits your requirements.



Save your valuable space on the floor with this multifunctional floating desk table from Yu Yusing. Its high-quality construction with MDF material makes it durable and strong enough for daily use. Moreover, you can use this compact desk as a laptop table as it has been featured with a foldable design. Not only it helps save the floor space, but it also has a lot of room for storing other essential items to keep the room clean.


Besides, you can use the angled paper organizer in the compartments for storing books, magazines, and trivial items. Apart from being extremely functional, it also adds a stylish element to the room or office. This floating desk weighing 24 pounds itself has the capacity of holding 30 pounds when mounted to a wall stud.



The Haotian white floating desk made of durable and sturdy engineering wood is ideal for all bedrooms, kids’ rooms, and even offices. It has been designed in a robust structure that can hold more than double its weight of 29.10lbs. Moreover, you get ample storage space with this desk since it features top shelves, side shelves, and 3 drawers under the top. 


While you use the center desk as your computer table, the rest of the compartments can be used to stock books, decor items, etc. Another feature to like about it is that it has a hole for wires and cables to keep your wires and cables away from the walkway. With a stylish and classic look, it will add grace to every space it is installed in.



Easy to install and stylish, this steel floating desk shelf from Wali is one of the most elegant pieces of furniture that you need in your home and office now. Measuring 12 x 16 x 3 inches in dimensions, it has been designed to accommodate all your essential stuff. Besides, you can get it fixed to a height that is suitable and convenient for you. Moreover, weighing as low as 3.6 pounds, it can hold a maximum weight of 8 kgs.


Also, your tangled wires and cables will no more be visible once you fix this desk as it features a cable management system that helps hide them all. Furthermore, installing it is an easy job. Just carefully follow the instruction manual and mount it on the wall using the fittings provided in the package.



It’s time to optimize your room or office with an innovative and trendy wall mounted floating desk. Besides, the best part is that apart from the flat surface, it also offers a lot of extra storage space with inbuilt shelves. Therefore, it is perfect for any kitchen, bedroom, home office, or study room. Furthermore, the laminated composite wood and espresso furniture finish give a brand new transformation to the interior.


Also, the side compartments have two removable shelves where you can keep your speakers, electronic devices, books, photographs, and other personal items. Keeping everything aside, installing it is a breeze. The package includes a metal hanging rail mounting system along with an instruction manual. So, just follow the steps and get your amazing wall mounted desk in no time. 



Simple, stylish, and functional, this floating desk in white is the perfect solution if you wish to add a desk to your room while saving floor space. Moreover, the wall hanging desk measures 23.6 inches and15. Inches in length and width, perfect for every regular-sized office or bedroom. Besides, it has a sturdy and durable wooden construction that can be fitted to any narrow space. Another feature that attracts most buyers is that you can fold it after use.


Moreover, this drop leaf table can be used in small spaces, for instance, in the nook of the dining room or kitchen. Also, you don’t require any additional tools to fix it to the wall. However, make sure to check that your wall structure is suitable for the desk since you need different screws and studs for each type of wall.



Add some storage space to your room in a modern and elegant way with the Bameos floating desk shelf. In fact, this is a favorite choice of people when it comes to installing a floating desk and beautify the interiors of the house. Furthermore, the size of this product is set at 23.6 inches in length and 5.75 inches in width to ensure that it fits all rooms and offices. 


Besides, it is best used by study enthusiasts since its long horizontal space can accommodate many books. Or, if mounted at a suitable height, it can also be used as a laptop desk for work. Moreover, its durability and sturdiness are commendable. The artificial wood board is thick enough and has a flat surface that doesn’t deform even after placing heavy items on it.



Get yourself additional space to work in with this versatile Y&ME YM floating desk with drawers that are simply designed with solid Paulownia wood. Not to mention, the Paulownia wood is known for its strength and long-lasting life. Therefore, free up some floor space and store your essential keys, notepads, pens, and other knick-knacks in a safe place. Moreover, it adds a rustic and elegant touch to any room it is fixed in.


Besides, it has a black finish that blends in with all the other furniture present in the room or office. This lightweight desk can be installed by following the steps mentioned in the hanging template included with the package. In fact, all the hanging hardware is also included with it to help you get a secure wall display.



Constructed using 100% durable engineering wood, this foldable floating desk from Yescom is going to be one of your best investments. Apart from that, the black color makes it look even classier. Not to mention, the clear contour that marks the essence of simplicity and compatibility with different interior decors. Moreover, this versatile desk can work as your temporary working desk for holding a laptop, keeping books, or as a storage shelf in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen to hold your daily use gadgets.


Besides, you can simply fold it back when it’s not in use to save more space and walk around more conveniently. For enhanced sturdiness, it is supported by metal brackets with a strong triangular structure. Also, the desk can hold a weight capacity of up to 50 Lbs, and the round edges prevent risks of injuries.



This one is an industrial rustic wall mounted drop leaf desk made with pure pine wood for a more lustrous look. Measuring 47 x 14 x 12 inches in dimensions, you can use it as a dining desk, office desk, study desk, or in the kitchen. Moreover, the desk is supported by sturdy heavy cast iron brackets. These have been hand-stained and can hold heavy weighing items as well. The desk itself weighs no more than 17.31 pounds.


Besides, you can fix it to any corner of the house, and it will transform the interior tremendously. Hence, it is a budgeted way of adding practicality and style to one of your house walls. As you will receive the package, you can find a detailed instruction manual along with it. Also, check the type of wall in your house and what screws you need to install it.




The table countertop of this simple yet very graceful wall mounted desk is made with 100% solid wood. Moreover, it is fixed using foldable brackets so that you can fold the desk down when it’s not in use. Therefore, fold it down using a simple fingertip release mechanism. In addition, this floating desk brackets are built with high-strength cold-rolled steel that is powder coated for a perfect finish.


Besides, the desk’s overall weight is 9kg, and its dimensions of 40 by 16 inches make it a perfect fit for all rooms and even offices. And anyone who is not much handy too can install it easily. You will be provided with an instruction manual to fix the brackets and the desk with convenience. 



This wall-mounted desk from Tangkula is made with 100% eco-friendly and high-quality P2MDF material. It has been specially designed to withstand high weight while it itself weighs 17.5 Pounds. Moreover, the paint used for the finishing too doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or foul odour that can irritate the kids and elderly around you. Undoubtedly, this is the best you need to get in a narrow room. 


Just lose the hinges to lay down one board or if you don’t need to use it all, simply lay down the other board as well. Furthermore, you can use it to work on your laptop, read books, have your meal or hold other things you wish to keep close to you. In addition, the round-edged design prevents any accidental injury.



Perfect for every small and large space, this floating desk shelf is manufactured by Need, one of the best home furnishing suppliers. Featuring an amazing space-saving design that can be folded down by simply pushing the desk down with the fingers. Moreover, this will conceal the mounting brackets. As a result, your guests will see only the beautiful teak color surface instead of the hardware as they enter your room or office.


Besides, the brackets are made with high-quality and durable 14 gauge cold rolled steel. Not to mention, the surface is highly resistant to scratch and friction. In fact, due to its sturdiness, some people also use it as the sewing table. Lastly, to install it, follow the instructions stated in the guide that comes with the package. 



This multi-purpose floating desk in white is one of the most efficient space-saving solutions. So, anyone who wants to keep his room and office area tidy and organized, this one’s for you. Moreover, its foldable back writing blackboard is its most-loved feature. You can write and record all your important notes or reminders, hence making it perfect for any office or study room. 


Apart from that, there are many inbuilt compartments to provide spacious storage space to display your items. Besides, the desk is constructed with durable P2 standard MDF with an NC coating that makes the surface smooth and resistant to scratch. In addition, it has been designed to withstand a weight of 44lbs. To add an element of beauty, it is painted in a creamy white color, and the clean lines create a minimalist stylish look.




If you are seeking a modern floating desk that easily fixes in your drywall, the have a look at this amazing wall mounted desk from High & Mighty. You can safely store your books, artwork, candles, trophies, kitchen containers, collectibles, vases, and other decora items weighing up to 25 pounds. Besides, it is available in various styles and finishes to compliment all the modern, rustic, and traditional interiors.


Furthermore, the desk weighs only 2.5 pounds and can be installed without using any hardware tools. All you have to do is decide the place to fix it and then just push, slide, and hang. With this desk, you can beautifully organize your room, office, entryway, and even the kitchen. Later, if you wish to remove it someday, a flathead screwdriver will do the needful.



You can get two wall mounted desk shelves at an extremely budget-friendly price without compromising the quality of the product. The Superjare set of two fascinating floating desks is made with P2 Particleboard material known for its strength and durability. Moreover, the walnut finishing will add a classic touch to your existing interiors. 


Furthermore, you can install these desk shelves one over the other or on different walls of the house, whatever is the requirement and preference. With a perfect length and width of 23.6 x 7.9 inches, each of them can accommodate most of your essential things. Moreover, each board has a capacity of holding a weight of 20 pounds. So, you can hang it in your living room or your office room, and it will serve as a functional as well as a stylish piece of furniture wherever installed. 



So, here were some suggestions for buying the best floating desks to free up the floor space from your bedroom and offices. Moreover, each of the products is sturdy and versatile for any nooks of the house. Therefore, find the one that blends in well with the interiors and serves your purpose efficiently. Indeed, you are going to love the transformation it makes to your surroundings.

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