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30 Outdoor Office Ideas That Truly Work 30 Outdoor Office Ideas That Truly Work

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30 Outdoor Office Ideas That Truly Work

Written by: Emily Roberts

Take a look at some of the best outdoor office ideas to convert your backyard or garden into an office space that exudes vibrance, peace & calmness!

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Since working from home has become an important part of our lives, it can be difficult to maintain a proper work-life balance. Unfortunately, this can result in inefficient task management and pushing deadlines. If you wish to take your productivity to a whole new level, here are some amazing outdoor workspace ideas. Take a look at the suggestions given below and properly utilize a garden or backyard space to help you be productive. 



Are you looking for outdoor workspace ideas? An instant pop-up camping tent is all you need! These tents are large enough to accommodate a workstation. Apart from that, there is additional space that can be used to store important office supplies. Usually, these tents are made from fiberglass, steel, and fabric. It is necessary that these withstand rain or other climatic conditions if you want to make them your primary workspace. 


Installing them is super easy, and you won’t have to spend hours assembling each part. Simply pop it up when you want to work outside, and you will have a DIY office right in front of your eyes! The best thing about this tent is that it will serve several other purposes when you aren’t particularly using it for work. In fact, you can even enjoy tea-time with your family inside it. 



Since you are planning to shift your office somewhere in your garden, backyard, or patio/balcony, you will require a file storage cabinet. File storage cabinets come in handy when you have to store a large number of official files and documents. You won’t have to rush back to your house to collect them every now and then. Besides, you will also be able to store essential supplies in the same cabinet. 


Before choosing a particular product, you need to lay emphasis on its features. It should be made from high-quality material that can withstand different environmental conditions. Additionally, the storage capacity should be large enough to give you maximum convenience. The cabinet should come with a pre-installed lock which will ensure the safety of its contents. 



Hunger pangs hit us the most while we are working. While working from home (whether it’s indoor or outdoor), you may be tempted to go to your kitchen and open the refrigerator every now and then. This is a big distraction that can cost you a delay in project submission. Well, this is where the outdoor bar carts come in!


Bar carts are flexible and multifunctional pieces of furniture. These are used to store food items in an easy and mobile container. These bar carts will help you reach the refreshments in no time whenever you feel like you need a break and want to refresh yourself! Not only can you use them to store drinks, but other food items like fruits can also be stored here. 



If you have an outdoor bar on your property, its furniture can be utilized for your workspace. Usually, pieces of bar furniture are tall in height to give you the ultimate comfort while working. Moreover, outdoor bar chairs and tables are made from all-weather material. This makes them durable, allowing you to use them for a long time. 


These versatile pieces of furniture, when added to the workspace, prove to be a cost-effective solution since you won’t have to purchase a new set of tables or chairs. Besides, these will make the area look way more classy. The chairs may or may not feature armrests. Therefore, you can choose the one that is more suitable for you. Furthermore, the tables have a wide surface area that can accommodate a desktop with ease. 



Cabinets are one of the most reliable outdoor workspace ideas as they provide ample space to store office supplies. These can be fixed anywhere on the wall and add a speck of elegance to your working area. If you plan to set up an office on your balcony or patio and do not have additional storage space, this idea will surely come in handy. 


Wall cabinets for the patio are sturdy and durable. Also, most of the time, the shelves can be adjusted as per your storage requirement. While selecting a material, ensure choosing a wooden cabinet that has an inviting finish. Besides, while looking for patio office ideas, you must check if the items like chairs, desks, or cabinets are complementing each other or not. This makes the working area more appealing and inviting. 




Now that we are talking about outdoor office furniture, let us not miss one of the most important components: lighting! While working at night, you would require a well-lit environment. Having lights in your space will keep you awake and ensure that you place everything in place after completing your task. Additionally, it will also provide your outdoor space an extensive illuminated coverage. 


Now, it is recommended that you use solar lights as they only require sunlight to charge and are environmentally friendly. Most outdoor solar lights are water-resistant, heat-resistant, and frost-resistant. As long as they are charged properly, you can enjoy working throughout the night on your outdoor office desk. You can either install them on the patio, the walls of your house, or your garden. 



If you are looking for a piece of economical outdoor office furniture, a utility table will come in handy. This DIY outdoor office desk usually comes with an adjustable height. Therefore, you can even use it as a standing desk. Besides, you can place it almost anywhere — garden, patio, balcony, or even the rooftop — and enjoy working in a calm and quiet atmosphere. 


Utility tables are lightweight and can be carried around after you fold them into a much smaller and compact shape. Additionally, these are sleek and make your working area elegant and clutter-free. While looking for a utility table for an outdoor office desk, check if the tip of the legs is protected by rubber. This will prevent the table from slipping and protect the floor as well.  



If you are tired of sitting inside, it is always better to unwind and take a rest. This is where hammocks come to the rescue! You can place a hammock on your patio or even your garden. These are great for stress-free screen time. Apart from that, you can also use them while reading a book. There are different types of hammocks. While some feature a chair, others come with a stand. Therefore, before buying a product, make sure it is comfortable to sit on. 


Now, if you have a hammock swing chair, you can relax on it even while working. However, ensure that you do not sit on it for a longer period while working on your laptop, as you may put unnecessary pressure on your neck or shoulder.


Using a coffee table as additional desk space can never go out of fashion. It is one of the best workspace ideas where you can use indoor furniture for your outdoor office purposes. Coffee tables usually come with a large tabletop, and some of them may even be foldable. This makes it easy to store them when not in use. 


You can either place an outdoor office desk on the patio and use it along with an accent chair. Apart from that, you can use it as additional desk space and place your office documents and supplies. This will ensure that all the essential things are within reach. This table will also serve as the perfect outdoor cocktail table when you have guests around. But before buying one for your home, check whether it is weather-proof or not. Since most coffee tables are for indoor purposes, finding a product that is resistant to water and sunlight will suit your needs better.  



Seat cushions are not only pleasing to look at, but they also serve various purposes. These especially come in handy for outdoor office spaces. If you have already planned a setup and have the furniture all lined up, you could use seat cushions for additional comfort. 


No matter if your outdoor office space comprises a wicker chair and table or a flippable park bench, seat cushions will ensure that you do not put much pressure on your lower body. Therefore, you can place it on the chair and sit comfortably while working. Seat cushions come in various shapes and sizes, so be mindful of their dimensions before buying one for your office space. 




How about decorating your outdoor office with some uber cool decor ideas? Well, you wouldn’t want to work in a space that is boring. Therefore, here are some of the ways in which you can spruce up the whole look of your DIY office. 


If you are working on your balcony, we suggest you add some outdoor balcony lights. These will brighten up the whole area and make it warmer and inviting. Apart from that, you can also add some greenery like potted plants next to your table. Hang a small cabinet somewhere on the wall and have easy access to important work supplies. If your office is inside your garden, there is no need to place potted plants around the table. Just install a stunning vintage garden lamp post, and you are good to go!




If there is a swimming pool at your home, you may choose to relax on the poolside after a quick swim during the summer season. But, did you know that you can also turn this area into a makeshift office and utilize it to work? The serene environment will boost your creativity, and the good news is that you will only require a few furniture items! 


While there are several other options when it comes to poolside chairs, recliners are generally more comfortable. These have an ergonomic design and adjust to the body’s weight. Apart from that, poolside recliners are lightweight and foldable. Therefore, whenever you lack motivation, we suggest you bring your essential office supplies here and start brainstorming. You will surely notice a boost in creativity and will be able to wrap up your work much sooner.  




A portable desk lamp has a huge impact on your productivity. Not only do these look aesthetically appealing on desks, but they are also functional. The light from these lamps will help reduce eye strain and fatigue. Moreover, it may also uplift your mood and help you complete your tasks efficiently. Therefore, if you are looking for outdoor workspace ideas, consider investing in a good desk lamp that can be used during the nighttime.


You can choose from different designs that will change how your table looks. However, the perfect fit will be a product that is sturdy yet compact. Additionally, the light should be soothing to the eyes. For those who work on laptops, we suggest opting for a lamp that comes with a dimmer so that you can adjust the light according to the brightness of your system. 



During the summer season, it may be difficult to work on an outdoor office desk. Humidity and sweat may act like a real challenge and stop you from giving your best. While it is impossible to bring an air conditioner out in the garden, you can invest in a portable desk fan. Portable desk fans do not take much space and are convenient to use. As the name suggests, these are portable and way more cost-effective. Therefore, no matter where you go, you can easily carry them around to feel cool and comfortable.  


Portable desk fans come with an array of features. Some may feature different speed settings, while some come with an adjustable fan head. 



If you have set up an outdoor office somewhere inside your garden or backyard, it may be difficult to charge your devices every time they run out of battery. Additionally, due to the increasing dependence on electronic devices, you may have to charge multiple devices all at once. This is where extension cords come into play.

Extension cords are electrical power cables that feature multiple sockets on one end and a plug on the other. However, you may also find a few extension cords that come with only a single socket. These provide power for the devices that require charging and cannot reach a nearby electrical outlet. While buying an extension cord, it is essential to choose the right one to ensure maximum safety and ultimately prevent a short circuit.




Previously, we talked about how an extension cord can be used in outdoor office spaces. But in this idea, we shall talk about using a portable power station. A portable power station is a rechargeable power generator that can charge your mobile phone, laptop, and tablet. Apart from that, these power stations can also be used to charge small appliances like portable desk fans and mini coolers. 


Power stations that can be carried outdoors feature an AC outlet and a DC port. It works without noise or fumes and is an eco-friendly alternative to charge your devices when fixed with a compatible solar panel. Additionally, portable power stations are more economical. 



Artificial grass is widely used to imitate a green lawn. You can fix it on the balcony or even the rooftop and give your indoor space a luxurious look and feel. More and more people prefer using it since it isn’t high maintenance and doesn’t require watering or mowing. Additionally, you won’t have to feed it with fertilizers which further makes it an eco-friendly solution. 


While setting up a balcony office, you can place artificial lawn grass on the floor to make your surroundings look more natural. It adds an aesthetic value to your interiors, and the best part is that you won’t even have to put in a lot of effort. There are different types of blade lengths, colors, and textures. Therefore, you can choose the one that meets your requirement. Besides, you can also put in a few potted plants, which will further enhance the decor. 



When you set up a makeshift outdoor office, you must only focus on the things that are super essential. There is no point in placing large cupboards that take almost half of the space inside your shed or cabin. Instead, you can invest in simple desk organizers, which will not only maximize the desk space but also make your surroundings clutter-free. Well, it is a scientifically proven fact that working in a clutter-free environment boosts productivity. 


Desk organizers feature different compartments and are made from different materials. However, while choosing one, make sure it is sturdy and coordinates well with the other components of your outdoor office. 



Bring a sense of relaxation into your life by adding a modern outdoor office setup. It comprises a large table along with two benches. Besides, you can also adjust a canopy that will give you maximum protection against harmful UV rays. With a smart and sturdy construction, you can even expect to use it for small family gatherings. 


Perfect for outdoor office use, you can place it on your patio or garden. Besides, you can even decorate it with fluffy cushions and make it look more welcoming. The tablespace should be large enough to accommodate at least two to three systems. Additionally, be mindful of the material and see if it is weather-proof or not. You must also lay focus on its assembly and make sure it is easy to assemble. 



An outdoor office shed will ensure to give you a perfect work-life balance. These look sophisticated and can be placed right inside your backyard. Resembling a tiny house, these stylish home-office pods give you the privacy to make a living on your own. What’s even better is that you won’t have to spend money or energy on a commute. 


Since you’ll be surrounded by nature, you will become more productive and can even utilize this space to brainstorm. Additionally, you can easily accommodate guests and give them the privacy they require. Although they may be a bit pricey, these work great for a temporary office. 



An eco-friendly outdoor office cabin will look absolutely stunning in your garden or backyard. Additionally, you can also place it on the roof and separate your workstation from the area you live in. It comes with wooden siding, which blends well with the surrounding. This will eventually make your home office look inviting. 


These types of outdoor office sheds are easier to fit with the overall architecture of a house. In fact, the sleekness of these pods works pretty great and blends with different styles of houses. The windows and door feature glass panels and add a modern touch to the structure. When not in use, it can even turn into a DIY gym or storage area. Sitting and working looks easy-breezy here, so it’s time you say bye-bye to all the distractions with one of these!



If you are searching for a simple yet super-functional patio office idea, try a folding deck table for your balcony. Usually, these patio decks come with different height levels, which can be adjusted as per your requirement. This space-saving piece of furniture comes in handy when you want to take advantage of unused spaces. Just place your laptop on the tabletop and enjoy working in a peaceful environment. However, remember to use a chair that is adjustable as well as comfortable and doesn’t put a lot of pressure on your lower body and back. 


When fixed on the railing, you can use it for several other purposes. This includes enjoying a meal with your significant other or reading a book. 



Inflatable bubble dome tents are excellent outdoor office spaces. These are generally used as an outdoor abode to enjoy leisure time with friends or family. But here, they can also be used as a DIY office. You can place them in the garden or inflate them with an air blower right inside your backyard. The bubble tents are built with high-quality TPU and PVC which ensures that it withstands harsh climate conditions. Storing them is also super easy as they are lightweight and compact. Just deflate the air, and you are done!


Inflatable bubble dome tents can easily accommodate four-six people for office work. This ensures easy collaboration between your colleagues or employees. Place desks and chairs inside and decorate it however you want. 




Container houses have become very popular in recent years. These are built using pre-painted galvanized steel structures. In addition to that, these are affordable, and you can easily reduce the cost of buying cement, bricks, sand, and stones. So, while setting up an outdoor office shed, you can consider using a solar-powered container house. 


Other than affordability, there are several other benefits of a container house. You have the flexibility to restructure it and use it for several other purposes. In fact, the galvanized steel can be expanded when the need arises. Additionally, these are rust, dust, and waterproof. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the maintenance of the container. Moreover, a solar panel will ensure that you lower your carbon footprint by using sunlight to charge your appliances. 



Who doesn’t like weather-proof patio office furniture made from wicker? These are ultra-stylish and look very chic. Additionally, this material can withstand harsh climate conditions. Therefore, when you place it in the garden or patio, you won’t have to worry about weather damage. 


When used for official purposes, you’ll see that they are sturdy and comfortable enough for long working hours. In addition to that, patio office furniture often comes with storage spaces that can be utilized for keeping important files and documents. Ensure that the cushions on the chairs and stools are durable as well as washable. This ensures easy cleaning since the protective covers can be washed when required. Additionally, weather-proof patio office furniture can also be used for enjoying a relaxing meal with friends and family. 




A flippable writing/reading desk bench is truly one of the most wonderful outdoor workspace ideas. These work great for lawns and gardens as they beautify the outdoor space. You can enjoy leisure time with friends and family and soak in some sun while sitting on these benches. 


If you plan to work outside, you can use this park bench as a DIY workbench and chair. The backrest of the bench can be converted into a table. Moreover, you can customize it and turn it into a bigger size. If you place two benches in front of each other, you will get a working area that accommodates around six to eight people. 




There are several outdoor workspace ideas that can be turned into reality within a few simple steps. You can even use a canopy tent for a makeshift outdoor office. These tents are made from sturdy and durable materials. In addition to that, the structure is strong and can be installed within a couple of minutes. Usually, pop-up canopy tents are waterproof and ensure that you work in any weather condition. Apart from that, the material successfully blocks harmful UV rays. 


The tents offer a wider area that accommodates six to eight people. If your team ever plans to work together, the canopy pop-up tent will be able to provide you with ample room. Additionally, you can install it on the rooftop as well. 



You may have a backyard shed in your house that is of no use other than storing old furniture. But now you can easily turn it into a workspace nook. First off, check if the roof and walls of the shed are in perfect condition. If not, get them fixed or use DIY methods to ensure that it looks like a place where you could work for a good amount of time. 


Place essential office furniture like a chair and table. In addition to that, install electrical outlets and lamps so that you can even work during the nighttime. When talking about furniture, you can also keep a sofa bed or a couch. This piece of furniture will not only come in handy while you complete your official work but can also be used to relax when you aren’t working. Moreover, it will make your newly turned office space cozier. 



Outdoor day beds are very comfortable and let you relax however you want. These can be used for innumerable purposes and can even be turned into sofas within minutes. Perfect for social gatherings, the sofa-like arrangement can easily accommodate four-five people. Additionally, these come with retractable canopies. Therefore, you won’t even have to worry about putting it somewhere in the shade during the daytime.


As it can be converted into a sofa-like structure, you will have a comfortable alternative for an office chair and table. Besides, it is portable, so you can easily move it around the house and look for a spot that will inspire you to work efficiently. Plus, you may even take a quick nap during the day when you are tired, an added bonus!



Sitting on the desk for up to eight hours can lead to several health problems. This includes an increased risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Apart from that, you may not be able to burn calories which can lead to weight gain and obesity. 


To counter these health issues, we recommend using standing desks for your outdoor patio office. Standing desks or stand-up desks allow you to work comfortably while standing. Several versions are adjustable, so you can easily change the height based on your requirement. There are several health benefits of using ergonomic desks. Moreover, these will contribute to reducing back pain and help you feel productive throughout the day. However, it is advised to shift between a standing desk and a sitting desk after every few hours. 


These were some of the best outdoor office ideas that will ensure to make your work from home experience less daunting. If you have a large garden or yard, you can opt for an outdoor cabin. Additionally, you can also turn your balcony into a compact office by adding an ergonomic chair and desk!

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