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9 Room Divider Shelves for Building Extra Areas In Your Home 9 Room Divider Shelves for Building Extra Areas In Your Home


9 Room Divider Shelves for Building Extra Areas In Your Home

Written by: Grace Wilson

Tired of limited storage space? Have more with these 9 impressive multifunctional room divider shelves. They are stylish and portable for your daily needs!

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Using room divider shelves is an innovative and stylish way to maximize your home space. This article presents an opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with yet another ingenious home storage solution. To fall in love with the functions and unique qualities of room divider shelves, simply keep reading!


How Room Dividers Shelves Can Transform Your Home


Using room divider shelves is an effective way to create a division in your room without the trouble of putting up permanent walls. For instance, it is ideal if you have limited space, or if you want to have a flexible room separator for your ever-changing needs.


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Needless to say, room divider shelves can help fulfil your need for privacy and efficient storage in various ways. One, room dividers have panels that can create enclosed areas within your room. This is helpful if you want to set up a home office or create a cozy reading corner.



Likewise, the panels that come with room dividers can create a partial to complete subdivision within your room. You can either use a small room divider shelf to cut off a small part of your room or opt to use dividers to completely block off a space and create another room.




Moreover, room divider shelves provide a sturdy foundation for all kinds of items that you may want to store in them. You can use them as living room divider shelves as well as a storage unit for your bedroom and the toilet.


Stylish Design


Room divider shelves can also create an inviting atmosphere within your home. They come a variety vibrant colors and patterns that will blend into your interior décor.


Types of Room Divider Shelves


There are various room divider shelves that you can get. Generally, they fall under two major categories: foldable and non-foldable.  


Foldable Room Divider Shelves


Room dividers typically come with folding features. Even without shelves, foldable room dividers enable you to adjust the amount of space that they can cover. They are also easy to store away.



Like the typical dividers, foldable room divider shelves are portable. Equipped with shelves, panels and hinges, these freestanding units come with a range of tiers that can accommodate all your most valuable collector’s items. This way, you can effortlessly style up your room the way you want while maximizing your space at the same time.



One example of foldable room divider shelves is a folding decorative screen. Folding screens are mostly made of wood and woven fiber materials such as bamboo and seagrass. Furthermore, these room divider shelves come with handwoven patterns to give you a great amount of privacy. They are also effective in blocking off light from windows and obscuring views from another room.



At the same time, foldable room divider shelves may come with an open design. In such cases, these dividers have no panels. While the lack of panels allow for little privacy, these dividers can provide easy access to your items. What’s more, this design can make your room divider an effective statement piece in your home.


Non-foldable Room Divider Shelves


The second type of room divider shelves comes with non-foldable features. Unlike the foldable ones, these divider shelves are assembled piece by piece. Some examples of these are bookcases, multipurpose shelves, as well as modular organizing units like compression pole shelves.



Although these room divider shelves are non-foldable, they can offer more options in terms of materials, shapes, sizes, and design. For example, there are wooden room dividers shelves as well as ones with steel and plastic construction.



In addition, you can choose the size and shape of your divider based on the space you have. You can choose anything from cubbies, to tall vertical shelves, and a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit to arrange your working files and album collections. Also, these room divider shelves come with either a closed or open design that is helpful for accessibility and keeping your items in place.


9 Best Room Divider Shelves


To give you concrete examples, here are the nine most versatile room divider shelves that you can depend on:


Working from home? This room divider screen from FWD can help give you the focus that you need. With its four panel-wood construction, this foldable shelving unit is ideal solution to finding a private space to do your work. You can even use it to block out glaring sunlight from the window.



What’s more, this room divider screen has an attractive natural wood appearance, which can serve as a handy backdrop for your videoconference meetings. If you need to hang your daily reminders in a place where you can easily see them, this room divider is perfect for that too. For instance, you can use its wooden panels to paste post-its or even hang a calendar.



At the same time, you can use its handmade shelves to display photos as well as small books. Evidently, it is also great as a privacy screen for your dressing area in the bathroom or outside by the pool.

Key Features

  • Handmade wooden panels
  • Three-tier shelves
  • Metal hinges


  • 1 room divider screen with shelves
  • Overall dimension: 15.76 inches x 15.76 inches x 69.34 inches


  • Very lightweight and sturdy
  • Great as a background for online meetings
  • Gives the room a cozy look
  • Easy to assemble


  • Has an unpleasant smell
  • Can be too short as a camera backdrop
  • Too small and has little coverage

This large room divider has a dark mocha color that can create a lively backdrop during your videoconference calls. Such color is perfect for your workspace as it gives a sense of coziness and relaxation. Plus, this folding room divider has a diamond weave pattern that is beautiful to look at and can add contrast to your plain walls.



Furthermore, the RHF room screen is ideal for your living room. You can use this divider to further create a warm atmosphere there. At the same time, it is effective to temporarily hide messy areas in your room or keep your pets out. Don’t forget that you can also make the most of its shelves for other decorative purposes like displaying figurines, plants, and photos.

Key Features

  • Wooden panels with shelves
  • Louvered design
  • Metal hinges


  • 1 6-panel room divider screen
  • 2 tier shelves
  • Overall dimension: 0.01 inches x 98.5 inches x 72 inches


  • Fits a large space
  • Very lightweight
  • Tall and steady


  • Has gaps and holes

As mentioned earlier, folding room dividers offer an open-panel design too. One great example of this is the display shelf rack from MyGift. Equipped with dark brown wooden frames and shelves, this divider features a 4-tier display shelf designed to give you easy access to your items. Moreover, the MyGift’s open design is also excellent for your entryway. It provides room division without blocking your view of people coming in and out of your home.

Key Features

  • Smart hinges
  • Open panel design
  • Removable shelves


  • 1 open-panel room divider shelf
  • 4 tiers
  • Overall dimension: ‎0.8 inches x 70.1 inches x 68.9 inches


  • Can be used as a headboard
  • Allows a 360-degree view of items
  • Gives a bohemian feel
  • Easy to put together


  • Too lightweight
  • Shelves are not very deep
  • A bit overpriced

Non-foldable freestanding room divider shelves are also a magnificent addition to your home. Take for instance this bookcase divider from Ameriwood. Thanks to its open shelves and slim build, you can easily use this room divider as a storage unit for your living room, or conveniently incorporate it into a small studio.



In addition, this room divider can also double up as a bookshelf for your precious novels, while being used to cordon off a small reading corner. Complete with a rustic and weathered appearance, this non-foldable freestanding room divider shelf can also seamlessly blend with any earth-toned interior.

Key Features

  • Wood veneer
  • Powder-coated metal
  • Weathered laminate finish


  • 1 bookcase room divider with 8 shelves
  • Weight capacity per shelf: 20 lbs.
  • Overall dimension: 60 inches x 36.25 inches x 13 inches


  • The grey color looks beautiful
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble


  • Slimmer than expected
  • The actual color might appear different compared to the one shown in the photo
  • Can be difficult to assemble

Another bookcase that perfectly functions as a room divider is the Tribesigns multipurpose shelf. This bookshelf which is characterized by its unique staggered shelving style, features a total of eight shelves in various sizes. As a result, this bookshelf can provide you with storage area for both small and tall items.



In addition, this product serves well as a room divider shelf, thanks to its excellent ability to cut off a small part of your room without completely obscuring your view. Subsequently, in an event where you decide to isolate a larger part of your space, you can always purchase two or more pieces of this divider. After all, these shelves can work as an accent piece not only in your living room but also in the bedroom and dining area.

Key Features

  • Staggered shelves design
  • Adjustable leg pads
  • Particleboard and steel construction


  • 1 room divider with 8 open shelves
  • Overall dimension: 11.81 inches x 39.37 inches x 70.86 inches


  • Great as a focal piece in a room
  • Suitable as plant display storage
  • Elegant and modern-looking
  • Very sturdy


  • The middle shelf is flimsy
  • Difficult to assemble

Need an exquisite room divider and organizer for your leisure area? This one from Better Homes and Gardens might be exactly what you’re looking for!



The Better Homes and Gardens cube organizer comes with ample storage for all your needs. It can serve as a great storage area in your outdoor kitchen and pantry. You can also use it as the designated area for all your cookbooks and clippings of food recipes.



Not only that, but this cube storage unit is also an excellent solution to creating a division in your spacious semi-open barbecue area. Aside from the leisure area, this room divider shelf is also suitable for the guest room and children’s room.

Key Features

  • Versatile cube storage
  • Storage bins compatibility


  • 1 storage organizer with 25 cubes
  • Overall dimensions: 72.09 inches (L) x 15.35 inches (W) x 71.46 inches (H)


  • Has the same storage capacity as that of a dresser
  • Great for a TV stand
  • Color looks great
  • Sturdy and easy to put together


  • Laminate finishing is coming off
  • Fiberglass particles are all over the parts
  • Tends to bow slightly due to weight

Simple yet multifunctional – this is what IKEA Kallax is all about. Just like the one from Better Homes and Gardens, this cube storage and room divider from IKEA can be the perfect solution for messy rooms. Thanks to its 16 cubicle design, this room divider can provide lots of storage space. For instance, you can use the IKEA Kallax to display action figures as well as vinyl records and albums. You may also use it as a rack for magazines and books.



Moreover, this cube storage unit can easily make an ideal small bedroom storage solution. It is perfect for kids’ shared bedrooms as well. You can use it to create a partition in their room while also giving them the option for storage. Take note that this storage unit can also be filled with bins and baskets to keep your essentials more secured.

Key Features

  • White color finish
  • Multipurpose cube storage
  • Bins and baskets compatibility


  • 16 cubes storage
  • ‎Overall dimension: 61 inches x 17 inches x 11 inches


  • Good for board games
  • Can be used as record holder
  • Ideal to use as basement storage
  • Sturdy and easy to install


  • Overpriced

Another multipurpose piece of furniture that can save you tons of stress is a modular shelving unit like this one from Greenstell. This plastic cube organizer works both as a storage shelf and a room separator. It is equipped with shelves for all your essentials and can be filled in various ways. For example, its upper shelves can be a space for displaying your collectibles, while the lower levels can contain heavier objects like books and shoes. You can use this product as linen storage too.



Additionally, this cube storage is safe to keep around kids, as it has a sturdy construction and comes with doors that keep your stored items out of reach. What’s more, the Greenstell cube organizer, can also serve as an effective room partition. It can give you the sense of privacy that you’ve been craving. You can use it to divide a room and create a small crafting corner or a music room. Plus, this room divider shelf has an attractive pattern that is suitable for any area of your home.

Key Features

  • Rubber mallet
  • Anti-pumping device
  • High-density connector


  • 1 organizer with 30 storage cubes
  • Maximum weight capacity: 10 lbs. per cube
  • Overall dimension: 18.3 inches x 14.3 inches x 13.7 inches


  • Excellent for yarn storage
  • Can be stacked up to the ceiling
  • Sturdy


  • The plastic material is thin
  • Door latches are tiny
  • Difficult to assemble

Room divider shelves aren’t limited to freestanding shelving units. A great example of this is a floor-to-ceiling room divider with shelves like the Prince Hanger multipurpose shelf.



Mainly functioning as a closet organizer, this modular shelving unit is great for additional storage in your small apartment. It has a vertical compression pole standing construction to save you some floor space. Plus, it is suitable in most areas of your home. You can use it as storage for goods in your kitchen and pantry, or as an over toilet storage unit. In such cases, this product can work both as a storage shelf and a divider. You can get one or more of this shelf, and simply line them up across the area you’d like to divide.



Furthermore, this shelf is portable, lightweight and easy to transport. It is also customizable and able to reach the height that you need for your space.

Key Features

  • One-touch fastener
  • Wire shelving


  • 4 wire baskets and 2 sets of connecting poles
  • Overall weight capacity: 20 kgs.
  • Overall dimension: 16.2 inches x 4 inches x 50 inches


  • Shelves can be placed at any level
  • Works great as a toilet towel storage
  • Heavy-duty
  • Easy to assemble and maneuver


  • Shelf brackets do not always fit with the hanging poles
  • Might be short based on the height of the ceiling
  • Can be flimsy



To sum it all up, room divider shelves can be a helpful storage solution and design hack for your home. We hope that these 9 room divider shelves can help you have more confidence in transforming your room whenever you want to!

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