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Best Metal Garden Art To Beautify Your Home Best Metal Garden Art To Beautify Your Home

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Best Metal Garden Art To Beautify Your Home

Written by: Ethan Hayes

Add life and color to your dull, boring garden by decorating it with metal garden art! Discover some of the best options here.

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Upgrade the look of your backyard space with metal garden art! It does more than just boost the curb appeal of a house. Adding this unique home décor piece transforms an outdoor space into a comfortable place for retreat. Discover below the different metal garden art pieces ideal for your backyard.


Benefits of Using Metal Garden Art for Outdoor Spaces


Adds a Personal Touch


Plants and flowers add color and life to outdoor spaces, but without a single metal garden art piece, your backyard or patioreally look different from the other outdoor gardens in the neighborhood. Each metal garden art piece is unique, so using one helps add a personal touch to the garden. People will now be able to recognize your house easily with these unique outdoor decorations.


Helps Create a Relaxing Space


You can use metal garden art to improve the overall ambiance of a garden. Place a large metal statue at the center and surround it with plants to bring a garden together. You can also place a couple of colorful metal flowers along the garden path to create an inviting front yard walkway. Going through the trouble of decorating outdoor spaces with unique metal garden art pieces is worth it as the result offers a relaxing space for hanging out.


Fills Bare, Awkward Spots


Gardeners usually avoid shady spots as most plants need full sun to thrive. This leaves awkward, bare spots in the garden. You can either place an outdoor storage bench on these bare areas or put up a unique metal garden art to fill the space. This can also help outdoor areas stay visually appealing during the cold, winter months as there are no flowers in bloom.



Best Metal Garden Art Picks


Here are some of the best metal garden art picks from Amazon:


The Jesokiibo Metal Agave Plant looks like an actual live plant growing from the ground because of the absence of a base. Moreover, it has a rustic textured finish, adding to its realistic appearance. It is ideal for outdoor use as it is made of distressed iron, which is a durable and waterproof material. Even if exposed to sun, rain, or snow, it won’t rot or warp.



This rustic metal garden art also looks great at night as it is equipped with an LED glass ball light. You do not have to plug it in as it uses solar panels to generate power. Once it obtains enough sunlight, it can light for up to eight hours.

Key Features

  • Handmade
  • Solar LED light
  • Durable distressed iron


  • Package includes 2 metal agave plants
  • Large Metal Agave Plant is 16 inches tall
  • Small Metal Agave Plant is 12 inches tall


  • Solid and stable base
  • No hardware tools required
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Tall metal leaves tend to bend


The best time to lounge in the garden is at night. It is quieter and the weather is not too hot. You just need to add some lights in the garden to fully enjoy the surrounding nature. Use the Huaxu Metal Garden Solar Light to illuminate outdoor spaces. It has a built-in solar panel with two modes. The first mode produces a water ripple pattern, and the second mode generates a cracked glass effect. Furthermore, this metal garden decor is suitable for outdoor use as it is made from weather-resistant metal.

Key Features

  • Solar-powered
  • IP44 waterproof
  • High-quality iron
  • Lotus and crystal ball


  • Requires 5 to 6 hours to charge fully
  • Lasts up for 7 to 8 hours if fully charged
  • Measures 9.84 inches x 9.84 inches x 3.54 inches


  • Adds a warm ambiance
  • Good housewarming gift
  • Energy-saving, eco-friendly garden decor


  • High price tag


Without a doubt, peacocks are one of the most beautiful birds in the world. These exotic birds caught the eye of many artists and designers all over the world because of their colorful, lustrous feathers and elegant look. This is why many statues and sculptures are inspired heavily by this majestic creature, and the Kircust Metal Peacock Statue is one of them.



This outdoor metal garden art can be used as a focal point to highlight a beautiful landscape. It helps draw the attention of guests with its detailed, hand-painted metal feathers and graceful pose.

Key Features

  • Textured metal sections
  • Hand-painted statue
  • U-shaped metal stakes
  • Life-like peacock statue


  • Weighs 2.65 pounds
  • Measures 14.6 inches (W) x 9.1 inches (D) x 30 inches (H)
  • Package includes 1 peacock statue and 2 U-shaped stakes


  • Vivid colors
  • Detailed feathers and wings
  • No tools are required when assembling
  • Big, thick metal legs for stability


  • Doesn’t come with clear assembling instructions


When shopping for garden decorations, look for pieces that can withstand the harsh weather conditions outside. The Kircust Garden Crane Statue is a good choice as it is made from thick, durable metal and covered with weather-resistant paint. Furthermore, metal garden art pieces such as this develop a beautiful patina over time. In other words, it produces a weathered appearance, adding a vintage look to outdoor spaces.



This rustic metal garden art also has thick, U-shaped stakes to keep it stable. It won’t tip over during heavy rainy days.

Key Features

  • Hand-painted metal art
  • Thick, U-shaped legs
  • Life-like garden crane


  • Standing crane size: 17.7 inches (W) x 8.8 inches (D) x 45.6 inches (H)
  • Preening crane size: 15.7 inches (W) x 8.6 inches (D) x 42.1 inches (H)
  • Package includes 2 garden crane statues and 4 U-shaped stakes


  • Easy assembly
  • Realistic details
  • Used as a dramatic focal point
  • Finished with weather-resistant paint


  • No extra stakes included


You can make your backyard look more attractive by layering your garden. Since most garden plants are low-growing, mix them with tall metal garden art pieces to achieve a visually-pleasing layered look. This will make the garden appear more balanced. We recommend the Copper Metal Garden Art from Solar Wholesale as it is tall enough to be spotted, even from afar. Plus, it appears like a bright, shining sun with its red and gold color scheme. Passersby will surely turn their heads at this exquisite metal garden art piece.

Key Features

  • Hand-painted
  • Copper metal art
  • Color-changing solar light
  • Exquisite crackle glass ball


  • Copper Metal Art is 39 inches tall
  • Lasts up to 6 hours if fully charged
  • Color-changing LED light with a transition of 7 colors


  • Tall garden decor
  • Battery lasts for years
  • No electrical power required


  • Flimsy stake


Fairies are believed to bring special magic that helps gardens thrive. This belief might seem far-fetched, but one thing is for sure, displaying fairy statues can help transform a dull garden into a whimsical nature paradise. Use these Butterfly Fairy Silhouette Statues from Hotop to add life to your backyard garden! These metal garden art pieces can be attached to a tree branch or pergola post to add an enchanting effect in outdoor spaces! The statues are also guaranteed to last for years as they are made from strong, anti-corrosive metal.

Key Features

  • Strong metal garden art
  • Lovely fairy silhouette statues


  • Package includes 3 fairy silhouette statues
  • Butterfly Fairy Swinging size: 11.02 inches x 9.06 inches
  • Flying Fairy size: 11.81 inches x 7.87 inches
  • Flower Fairy size: 11.02 inches x 7.09 inches


  • Statues have a protective coating
  • Comes with screws for wall installations
  • Two of the statues can’t be attached to trees


  • Two of the statues can’t be attached to trees


Turn a simple, succulent plant into an attractive garden centerpiece with these Metal Garden Spheres from BSTGIFTS. Small rustic metal garden pieces such as these can help draw attention to specific plants in the garden. You can even wrap them up with dainty fairy lights to make them more noticeable. What makes this metal art garden unique is its collapsible design made for easy assembly and storage.

Key Features

  • Rustic metal orbs
  • Distressed details
  • Collapsible construction


  • Package includes 3 metal spheres
  • Small Sphere size: 7.15 inches in diameter
  • Middle Sphere size: 9.9 inches in diameter
  • Big Sphere size: 11.9 inches in diameter


  • Lightweight
  • Good housewarming gift
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Adds an interesting touch to gardens


  • Not too sturdy


You don’t need life-size sculptures to draw attention to a garden. Adding a simple wind spinner is enough to make outdoor spaces appear more distinct as it introduces movement. We suggest choosing this Metal Wind Spinner as it has a beautiful lotus design with an attractive deep blue finish. This metal garden decor is coated with various protective finishes to prevent it from rusting and fading. Also, it won’t fall or tip over on a windy day because of its thickened pole and durable metal stakes.

Key Features

  • Dual rotors
  • Stable bearing construction
  • Thickened pole and metal stakes


  • Measures 27 inches (W) x 27 inches (D) x 91 inches (H)
  • Also available in other designs and colors
  • Metal pole is 22 millimeters thick


  • Vivid color
  • Long-lasting shine
  • Spins quietly and smoothly
  • Rust and fade-resistant


  • Not ideal for mounting on hard ground


Vegetables such as tomatoes and pumpkins are climbing plants that need staking. Staking allows climbing plants to grow upright to avoid stem breakage. Choose the YEAHOME Metal Garden Art for staking plants. It is made from heavy-duty metal that can withstand extreme weather conditions. This is much better than the regular bamboo stakes as it doubles as a decorative piece for outdoor spaces.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty metal
  • Powder-coated steel
  • Hand-painted iron trellis


  • Measures 13.8 inches (L) x 34.2 inches (H) x 0.4 inches (W)
  • Also available in different designs and colors


  • Waterproof
  • Vibrant colors
  • Easy assembly


  • Back side has no hand-painted designs


Some metal garden art pieces come with built-in solar lights, which look great at night. A good example would be this Metal Garden Decor from TERESA’S COLLECTIONS. Its solar-powered lights emit a soft, pleasant glow that helps add mood to outdoor spaces. You will also love its whimsical crescent moon design with a butterfly fairy kneeling on the moon. Add this to your backyard garden if you want a dreamy, fairy-tale-like ambiance.

Key Features

  • Large crescent moon
  • Copper crackle glass ball
  • Rust-resistant iron


  • Lasts up to 8 hours if fully charged
  • Measures 39 inches (L) x 7.8 inches (W)


  • Waterproof
  • Good for outdoor use
  • Adds a pleasant glow to outdoor spaces


  • Metal fairy bends easily


How to Protect Your Metal Garden Art


Dust it Often


Dust can damage metal garden art pieces, so make it a habit to wipe them with a soft, clean cloth. A microfiber cloth would be great as it helps trap dirt and dust. Also, when wiping, don’t press on the metal surface; do it lightly to avoid unsightly scratches.


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Use a Polyurethane Spray


Even though most metal garden art decorations have a durable, powder-coated finish, it would still be better to apply a thin layer of polyurethane spray for added protection. This helps prevent the paint from chipping off on the metal surface. Plus, polyurethane spray protects metal objects from rust.


Avoid Water

Adjust your water irrigation systems if you must to ensure the longevity of your metal garden art. Water exposure can cause the metal to rust and corrode, so as much as possible, move garden sprinklers and hoses away from your metal decorations.


Yard Art Ideas: How to Decorate Outdoor Spaces with Metal Garden Art


Want to transform a simple garden into a unique, creative space, but not sure how? Get inspiration from these easy yard art ideas and learn how to decorate with metal garden art pieces for outdoor gardens.


Make a Quaint Backyard Fairy Garden


Metal garden art pieces that are shaped like whimsical pixies can be used as decorative ornaments for backyard fairy gardens. These are small cultivated areas with miniature garden plants and structures. Its purpose is to encourage visits of fairies, magical creatures believed to bring good luck and happiness. We are not sure if fairies do exist, but there’s no harm done in making a mini backyard fairy garden, so give this idea a shot!


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Create a Whimsical Garden Pond


Tired of mowing a large lawn area? Turn your grassy backyard into a beautiful garden pond! It adds beauty to your backyard space while providing a natural habitat for fishes, frogs, and insects to thrive. Although a garden pond will look lovely already by surrounding it with plants and flowers, consider decorating it too with animal metal garden art. Adding a peacock statue or crane sculpture can make a simple garden pond look more captivating.


Add Lights for a Cozy, Dreamy Outdoor Space


Some metal decor pieces have built-in solar light panels, so you may use them to illuminate outdoor gardens at night. They typically emit a soft glow that helps produce a cozy, dreamy ambiance. You will feel more relaxed surrounded by this warm, inviting atmosphere outdoors.


Final Word


Buying exquisite metal garden art pieces may not be necessary, but they help elevate your outdoor space. Plus, each piece is unique, so adding one to your backyard garden can help set it apart from all the other outdoor spaces in the neighborhood. For quality and visually appealing metal garden art products, check out our product recommendation list above!

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