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55 Brilliant & Fuss Free Moving Ideas That Will Help You 55 Brilliant & Fuss Free Moving Ideas That Will Help You


55 Brilliant & Fuss Free Moving Ideas That Will Help You

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

Simplify your packing tasks and make it a smooth and enjoyable moving experience with our 55 fuss-free moving hacks that will help you like never before!

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Moving to a new place is not an easy task no matter how many times you have done it. The entire process of finding and getting a new place, winding up the old one, and finally shifting to the new one can be really exhausting. Freaking out or panicking during the whole situation is completely normal. However, a few moving tips can save you from this panic and help you lessen the burden. The following 55 genius moving hacks will surely make moving easier for you.



55 Brilliant & Fuss Free Moving Ideas That Will Help You - Infographics



1. Invest In A Binder

Heap of Binders


The first and foremost hack for a fuss-free move is to get a binder to hold all your documents, receipts, contacts info, and checklists secured. This will make organizing important files a breeze.



2. Estimate Your Moving Budget

You should be able to predict your moving budget early on in the planning phase. Setting a moving budget will ensure that you stick to it and don’t overspend.



3. Get Rid Of Things You Don’t Need While You Pack

Donation unwanted clothes


Purging your house at the start of the move is probably the best moving hack there is. It’ll help you cut down on some of the load that you’ll have to eventually have to carry. All the stuff your family doesn’t need in your new home can be donated or set aside for garage sales.



4. Take Pictures Of Valuable Items

This is a great moving tip that you should definitely use. Take pictures of all your valuable items before you pack them away. This way you’ll ensure that you don’t forget your valuables on moving day.



5. Pack Essentials In A “First-Night Box”

The first night at your new home can be a messy and unorganized affair. To avoid this, make an essentials box of all the things that you will require within the first 24 hours of your move. This way, you won’t have to scramble through your boxes just to find that one thing you desperately need.



6. Pack Items From Each Room Separately

Different rooms


One of the best packing tips for moving clothes is packing stuff from each room separately. This will make unloading stuff convenient as all your stuff can easily be shifted to their new location with ease.



7. Store Spice Jars In Pots And Pack Them TogetherLarge collection of spices in small jars


Storing spice jars in pots is probably the greatest moving hacks of all time since it ensures minimal space consumption. By using this moving tip, you can save up on space by using the pots that you already need to be transported. This ensures the safety of the spice jars you securely place inside.



8. Use Clothes For Extra Padding Around Dishes

Using clothes as extra padding for your dishes will keep them from breaking while in transit. Dishes can break easily from the slightest bump on the road. Be sure to secure them properly and avoid buying new plates by using this moving hack.



9. Find Free Moving Boxes & Save On Cash

Cardboard moving boxes


Finding yourself a cache of free moving boxes is one of the best moves you can do throughout the process. These boxes are freely available only if you know where to look. The few dollars you can save by doing this can go a long way in a move.



10. Put All Screws And Bolts In A Single Container Or A Plastic Bag

Toolbox with small screws


One of the best packing tips for moving is to organize all the screws and bolts in one container or a plastic bag. This way you won’t lose them during the move.



11. Get A Storage Bin For Seasonal Items

storage bins


Getting a storage bin to store all your seasonal items is a great way to organize your stuff while you pack. By using a storage bin, you can organize your stuff into essential and non-essential items, making the whole process more convenient.



12. Label Your Boxes

Labeled Moving Box


Any good organizer will tell you the immense importance of labeling your boxes. This is a great moving tip that will not only make packing stuff easy but also help you in finding after you’ve moved into your new home.



13. Better Yet, Use Colored Stickers!

White and colored label rolls isolated on white background with shadow reflection. Color reels of labels for printers. Labels for direct thermal or thermal transfer printing. Close shot of stickers.


Color-coding is a fancy way of organizing your boxes. Putting colored stickers on the boxes can help you distinguish your packed items from different rooms. You can give each room a different color. This packing hack is pretty straight-forward that can save you a whole lot of time as you unpack.  



14. Don’t Empty Your Drawers, Wrap Them In Plastic

A common mistake that people make is to empty out all their drawers while moving. We believe there’s a much better way of approaching this dilemma. Wrap the drawer in plastic with all the items still inside. You can use bubble wrap for the safe transport of the drawer and its contents.



15. Don’t Unhang Your Clothes

use hangers


Another misconception about packing is to unhang your clothes and stuff them in suitcases. However, it is much easier to keep them as they are and transport them in the back of your car while they’re still on hangers.



16. Wrap Around Things That Might Spill

Plastic bottles water in wrapped package on white background

Moving trucks do not guarantee a bump-free ride therefore you need to take precautions beforehand. To avoid this, make sure to close the lids of stuff like water bottles, shampoos, and oils with tape.



17. Take Pictures Of Box Contents

Taking photos of valuables makes sense but taking photos of your box contents is also important. It’s an easy way of keeping track of what items are inside the box after your move.



18. Use Newspapers & Magazines To Pack Fragile Items

Bottle wrapped in white paper on white background.Mockup.High resolution photo.


Probably one of the oldest moving hacks is to pack your cutlery, china dishes, and all other fragile items with newspapers and magazines. These provide the items with extra padding and prevent them from incurring damage.



19. Invest In Space Bags To Maximize Storage

space bags


Using space bags for packing purposes is another great moving hack. Space bags are reliable, efficient, and conserve a lot of space as the air inside the bags can be removed, thereby creating room for more stuff.



20. Put All Knives In Oven Mitts

oven mitts


Securing all your sharp objects while packing is important. For this purpose, you can use oven mitts to safely pack knives. Bind them with a rubber band to secure them in place.



21. Take A Picture Of The Cable Arrangement For Your Electronics

Although modern electronics use far fewer cables than before, it is still prudent to check all your cable arrangements and photograph them to safely plug them back in afterward.



22. Defrost Your Refrigerator The Night Before

Defrost your refrigerator


A common mistake people make when moving is to leave their refrigerators on the day before moving. It is important to turn them off and let them defrost to move them easily.



23. Run All Electronic Wires Through A Paper Towel Roll To Avoid Tangling

Don’t you hate it when there’s a mess of electronic wires and you have to untangle them after unpacking? To avoid this scenario, simply use paper towel rolls to string your electronic wires through them and keep them tangle-free.



24. Place Styrofoam Between Dishware



The dishware you use is normally made of glass which can easily break at the slightest bump in the road. A good moving hack to avoid this would be to clad the dishware with styrofoam in order to provide support against shock.



25. Roll Up Clothes & Then Pack Them

roll up clothes


This is another one of the great packing tips for moving. Roll your clothes and then pack them instead of simply folding them. If you just throw your clothes into bags, they will take up more space. Stowing them after rolling will give you more valuable real estate in your bags.



26. Stack All Plates Vertically



Stacking all your plates vertically is one of the best moving hacks you must do. Not only can you save up on space in the storage box by stacking the dishware vertically, but you can also offer prevent shock during transportation by making this stack more stable during transport.



27. Stuff Shoes With Small Items To Save Up On Space

To maximize your storage space capabilities here is a great moving hack: stuff your shoes with small items. This saves a lot of space that these small items would have otherwise taken up in a storage box.



28. Use Coffee Filters To Cushion Bowls & Cups

Use coffee filters


Coffee filters are an excellent cushioning material. They can be easily used to secure your bowls and cups by simply wrapping them in it.



29. Prevent Mirrors from Shattering By Taping An “X” On Them

X with masking tapes


Using masking tape, place a big X on all your glass mirrors and surfaces. Doing so will protect the glass and prevent it from breaking during the move. The tape will keep your glass safe by absorbing any shock during transportation.



30. Cut Out The Sides of Your Boxes to Make Handles

Lifting wooden or cardboard boxes can become easy with handles at their sides. Take a cutter and a pair of scissors and cut out in rectangular shapes on each side of the box.



31. Secure Your Jewelry/Decorative Items In Egg Cartons

golden easter egg with red silk bow


Egg cartons make excellent jewelry boxes due to their cup-like design and sturdy finish. Wrap each item separately and put them in individual cups. Your jewelry will remain safely organized during the move thanks to this tip.



32. Get Empty Wine Cases & Secure Your Glassware Inside

Wine cases are made of extremely durable material to keep the glass bottles they carry safe. Packing your glassware in wine boxes would keep them intact and damage-free even while moving them to your new home.



33. Wrap Your Freezer Door In Plastic To Prevent It From Opening During The Move

Plastic sheets to wrap freezers


Being large and heavy, a fridge freezer is at risk of being mishandled while moving. Be sure to wrap the doors in plastic to ensure maximum security. This will prevent the doors from opening and keep the items safe.



34. Write The Content Of The Boxes On The Top

write contents on top


Moving to a new place is a hassle in itself, and it becomes even more so if you can’t find or don’t remember what boxes you put your stuff in. Write all the items of a box on top of it, even the smallest of things. This way, you don’t have to scramble through every single box just to find the thing you need.



35. Mark “Fragile” On Boxes With Fragile Objects

fragile labels 



Marking boxes holding delicate items like crockery, glass items, decoration pieces, etc. with a “Fragile” sticker is a great idea. This way, whoever handles those boxes will handle them with utmost care.




36. Use IKEA Bags Because They’re Super Light-Weight

Use Ikea Bags


IKEA bags being super light yet durable make for an excellent choice for carrying your valuables during a move. Just get a couple of these IKEA bags and see the difference it makes to the number of trips you make during the move.



37. Invest In Some Bubble Wrap For Added Protection

Bubble Wrap Moving Hack


Bubble-wrapping the items gives an added layer of protection to all sorts of items. It doesn’t matter if the item is big or small; they could use the protection bubble wraps provide.



38. Make A Moving Essentials Bag For The First Few Days After The Move

There are some necessary things which you’ll need right after moving in like chargers, medicines, important documents, toiletries, etc. Keeping all of these in one bag would help you find them quickly instead of looking for them all around.



39. Keep Your Front Door Unlocked With A Rubber Band

Pile of beige stretchy rubber bands

During the whole moving-in process, you’d be going in and out of the front door of your house with your hands full. Keep the door open during this time using a rubber band in a way that the latch stays pressed.



40. Unpack The Necessities First When You Move To Your New Home

Necessary items like beddings, clothes, toiletries, sleepwear, slippers, etc. should be unpacked before the rest of the stuff. This way, you will have all your necessities at hand during the first days of the move. You could start unpacking the rest of the stuff without worrying about where you placed your clothes or toiletries.



41. Buy Cereal & Other Breakfast Items For The First Day Before You Move

stock up cereals


Nobody would want to start cooking three-course meals right after moving in. It’s better to keep handy food items like cereal, milk, butter and jam, bread, tinned fruits with you during the first couple of days so you can concentrate on unpacking your stuff.




42. Keep A Snack Bin With You

keep a snack bin


Keeping a snack bin with you as you settle down in your new place could prove to be immensely helpful. You wouldn’t have to run to the kitchen from time to time to get your munchies if you have one of these in any room you’re working on.




43. Double Check Important Documents & Personal Cards

It’s highly possible that you could miss out on important documents during the hustle and bustle of moving. Double-checking these documents would ensure that you don’t forget or misplace them before you move.




44. Arrange A Yard Sale To Get Rid Of Items You Don’t Need

Yard sale


There’s already so much to carry when moving to a new place, so getting rid of unnecessary items by selling them is always a good idea. Arrange a yard sale before moving out to get rid of most of the stuff you don’t require in your new home.



45. Tape All Your Boxes Well

Taping boxes


Packing can be tedious, especially if you’re doing it in a hurry. It’s better to take your time and pack everything neatly. Taping all the boxes properly will ensure your valuables aren’t at any risk of spilling out or getting damaged.



46. Remove Objects from Larger Items To Reduce Weight

Carrying all heavy-duty items at once would only make it more difficult to carry. Take out objects and components of large items apart to lessen the weight and carry each heavy item separately.



47. Make Sure You Keep The First-Aid Kit With You

First aid medical kit on wood background,copy space,top view


A first-aid kit that holds all your essential vitamins, some painkillers, and bandages should be kept handy all the time while you’re moving. You’ll never know when you’ll need one, so it’s better to have it in hand.




48. Pack Unused Towels At The Top Of The Boxes

Instead of packing the unused towels in an extra box, place them at the top of other heavy items. This is one of the best moving tips and hacks you can implement as it will save you the hassle of packing them separately while providing extra cushion and protection to your heavy items at the same time.




49. Use Your Suit Case To Store Items While Moving

suitcase as storage bins


Suitcases can be easily used as storage boxes due to the huge storage space they offer. You can easily pack your clothes, beddings, towels, and other soft materials in them.



50. Pack Books & Large Items In A Suitcase With Wheels

Items that are otherwise hard to carry by hand due to their heavy weight can be packed in suitcases with wheels. It’ll be super convenient to carry and move them from place to place once you have them in such a suitcase.



51. Remove Toner/Cartage From Your Printer

remove cartridge


Nobody wants messy ink spills during transportation. Hence, consider this one of the most essential moving tips if you are bringing your printer during the move. Remove the toner and ink cartridges from your printer when packing tp not worry about the problem moving forward.



52. Store All Important Documents In Plastic Bags

documents in plastic cases


Safely packing all of your important documents in transparent plastic cases would keep them safe. You’ll be able to easily get any of the document out without having to hunt for it among the ocean of boxes you have lying around.



53. Prevent Scratches On Glassware By Wrapping Them In Shirts Or Pillow Cases

Glassware can be seriously damaged if not packed properly. One of the great moving tips and hacks homeowners with plenty of glassware can do is to wrap them in a soft material like shirts or pillowcases. This will avoid any possibility of scratches appearing on its surface.



54. Keep All Liquid Items Separate

Put all your liquid items separately to avoid any breakage or spills. This is another one of the great moving tips you can take as it allows you to keep your stuff secure from any spillovers.



55. Get Rid Of Boxes As You Empty Them After The Big Move

Recycling empty boxes paper waste separation


No need to hoard all the boxes in your home after you’re done with the move. You can keep a few for future purposes, but the rest of them should either be recycled or given away to someone who needs them.

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