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How To DIY Outdoor Storage Bench? How To DIY Outdoor Storage Bench?

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How To DIY Outdoor Storage Bench?

Written by: Benjamin Parker

Add extra seating to your patio with these amazing DIY outdoor storage bench ideas. Here are six ways you can build one with EASE without any hassle!

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If your place has a garden or a backyard, you’d always want to decorate it with comfortable benches and colorful cabinets to store essential outdoor stuff. However, if your place doesn’t have enough space, you will be confused about whether to put furniture or not. Well, you can certainly put a comfortable custom outdoor storage bench without having to worry about storage space.




We know when it comes to outdoor storage, one can never get enough! There are a lot of things even in outdoors that need to be kept in place. From all the garden equipment to your child’s toys, you will require something to keep them assembled together. One storage idea that works really well is a DIY outdoor bench. Add extra seating to your patio with these amazing DIY ideas with the help of minimum supplies. 




Here are six ideas on how you can build a bench with storage. Take a look!




1. Patio Storage Using Wooden Planks And Plywood




A garden or patio storage bench will give you the comfort of a stylish seating space along with a practical storage idea. You can put essential stuff like cushions and outdoor mats so that they do not end up getting all shabby when not in use. The following are the steps to build a bench with storage.




All You Need




  1. Cut 2x4s using pressure-treated lumber.
  2. Seal the edges with a sealer and attach each end with the help of a drilling machine. 
  3. Repeat the process for the front and rear frames. 
  4. Take four middle supports and attach them to the frames.
  5. Now attach cross braces once the support is done.
  6. Measure the frames so that you are sure about the measurement while fixing the inner surface. 
  7. With a table-saw rip the plywood to fit the inner surface of the box. 
  8. Repeat the step for all sides.
  9. Now wrap the sides of the box from the outside with planks.
  10. For the lid, take plywood that overlaps both the header beams. 
  11. Use planks or wooden decks to cover the lids. To get a seamless appearance, trim the edges properly.
  12. Attach a 2×4 under the lid’s overhang. 
  13. Attach the hinges and screw them to the bench.
  14. Add a foam base and cover it with a piece of upholstery fabric to turn the bench more comfortable. 
  15. Fix the fabric properly.




If you are always worried about storing large garden equipment in the garden area, this idea will works wonders. Apart from giving your family a place to chill, you can easily store a lot of things in this spacious bench. 




2. Outdoor Storage Bench With Crates

Storage bench



DIY projects are always fun and easy. This one right here needs a few supplies and is very inexpensive. Not only is it a great bench for outdoor purposes, but it also provides extra storage. To build it, you only need a couple of wooden slabs and two crates. Made, especially for any beginner, you will absolutely love the outcome! Let’s get started!




Here Is What You Will Need

  • Two crates (same size)
  • Two wide wooden boards (same size)
  • Four tiers or four wooden cubes 
  • Wicker baskets (Optional)
  • Varnish paint/paintbrush
  • Sandpaper
  • Nails 
  • Hammer
  • Wooden Adhesive/Glue
  • Broad sofa cover 




  1. Take all the wooden supplies – two crates and two wide wooden boards. Using sandpaper to clean the rough surface. 
  2. Now, use varnish paint and polish all the wooden supplies carefully. Let them dry for at least two-four hours. 
  3. Take one wooden board. Fix the wooden cubes or tiers, whatever you like. The tiers will help you move the bench from one place to another. Whereas, the wooden cube will bring about more balance if you sit on the bench.
  4. Fix the two crates on the top of this board with the help of wooden adhesive or glue. Secure it with nails. 
  5. Place the other board on top of these crates and fix them together with adhesive/glue. Secure the board with nails.
  6. Add a sofa cover to make space look more vibrant and comfortable.




This bench is a simple way to bring more comfort and storage to your house. It won’t take more than a day for you to complete this project! Good luck!




3. Use Old Dresser To Make A Wood Storage Bench




You may have an old dresser at home, which can easily be turned into an outdoor storage bench. These already come with drawers, so you don’t have to worry about making major changes. With just a couple of equipment, you will be able to bring a beautiful storage idea into life. Here are all the necessary things you need to know on how to make a wood storage bench with an old dresser. 




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Materials Required




  1. Take a dresser. It can be of any size as long as it is serving the purpose. 
  2. Remove the drawers and save the hardware for later. You can also replace the handles altogether or polish the existing ones. 
  3. Remove the top slab of the dresser. It can easily be done with a screwdriver.  
  4. Remove any level of the wood that you do not require so that it makes the perfect sized bench. You can also use a saw for this purpose.
  5. If you wish to keep the sides of the dresser to use as an armrest, you can do that. It is your choice to lower them or keep them high. 
  6. The dresser’s slab that you removed, in the beginning, will now act as the seat. Saw the sides of the slab so that it fits perfectly. Secure using wood glue and nails. Now, if you have kept the sides of the dresser, you can keep the slab as it.
  7. Add a seat by adding foam and cover it with upholstery fabric and staples. 
  8. Sand all the surfaces so that you can paint it. 
  9. Paint the dresser with four coats of semi-gloss paint. Take time between each coat for at least two hours. 
  10. Reattach the hardware to the front before painting them. After the drawers are dry, slide them back into the opening. 
  11. Add a few cushions to make it look complete. 




Your outdoor storage bench is now ready! You can use this as patio storage or even keep it in the garden along with other garden furniture. Apart from that, you can keep it near your front door and store all the shoes so that the area doesn’t look cluttered or messy.




4. Refurbish An Old Trunk To Make An Outdoor Storage Bench

Old Trunk



We all have old trunks at home that are of no use anymore. Its time we make something really cool out of it that serves two purposes – storage and sitting space. No matter if the trunk is made of steel or wood, you can easily turn it into a DIY outdoor bench seat. Also, if you have a vintage trunk, that is even better!




Here Is What You Will Require




  1. Wash the trunk properly. Ensure all the dust and dirt is wiped away.
  2. Measure the lid of the trunk and cut the foam accordingly. 
  3. Using upholstery fabric, cover the foam so that seat is all ready. 
  4. Attach the seat to the lid of the trunk using adhesive or glue. Just make sure the area from where you will be lifting the lid is not covered.
  5. Fix the insides of the trunk with another piece of fabric and attach it with an adhesive. 




Your outdoor storage bench using an old trunk is now ready to be filled with outdoor stuff. It will change the look and feel of your house while offering plenty of storage space. 




5. Simple DIY Outdoor Storage Bench

Storage Bench



If you have a small balcony, you will require an efficient bench that stores extra things lying here and there. It requires minimal equipment and is super simple to build. Start working on this idea and create an amazing DIY project.




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Things You Will Require




  1. First off, you will have to cut the base of the bench according to the size required using a table saw.
  2. Now, cut the plywood into three squares of the same size. For the outer frame, use two boards that are a couple of inches longer than the three squares. 
  3. Fix them upright with the longers ones in the edge so that it creates four different compartments. 
  4. Take another board and fix it on top of the five squares shaped planks. You will start to notice the progress. 
  5. Now take two wooden planks and border the area that stands tall. 
  6. Its time to build the lid of the bench. Cut two planks of the same size, which will be used as the lids. 




Pro Tip: You can also keep one single plank that will act as a lid and will be easy to open.




  1. Using piano hinges, attach the lids to the wooden frame. 
  2. The structure is now ready. Finish off by painting it with a beautiful color that compliments the outer look of your house.
  3. You can add baskets in the lower compartments or leave them as it is to store shoes. 
  4. Put a warm snuggly blanket on the top with two cushions, and you are good to go!




A nice and easy to build storage bench is now ready. Store your yoga mat or exercising equipment to save space in your balcony. You can also put potted plants on this bench and use if for different purposes!




6. Use Cabinets To Build A Patio Storage

Cabinet Storage



This simple DIY hack to maximize the storage of your patio will also act as the perfect bench for you and your family. Well, if you ask me what is better than a bench with storage? Nothing! Moreover, this project requires two kitchen cabinets of the same size, which can easily be turned into a seating place. If you do not have old cabinets at home, you can easily purchase them from the market and turn them into productive storage space!




Materials Needed




  1. Measure the kitchen cabinets by keeping them placed together. 
  2. Cut the wooden boards into planks of the same length and breadth to make the base frame.
  3. Fix the planks together using a drilling machine. 
  4. Now lift the cabinets and fix them on the board. Attach the sides of the cabinets together as well. 
  5. Take paint of your favorite color or something that compliments the cabinets and color the wooden base. 
  6. With the help of foam and upholstery fabric, build the seat of the bench. 




Pro Tip: You can also change the handles of the cabinet. 




Your outdoor bench with storage is now ready to be placed in the patio. Store your shoes or your child’s toys and clean the mess that is created in the front part of your house.  




Outdoor storage is very important when it comes to a small space. You need to make sure all your gardening tools are kept in place. Apart from that, patio furniture can easily store your kid’s outdoor toys, so you don’t have to worry about things all scattered. When guests arrive, make sure all the shoes are kept properly, and the tidiness of your house stays well-maintained. Enjoy building them!

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