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65 Cool Covered Patio Ideas To Try Today 65 Cool Covered Patio Ideas To Try Today

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65 Cool Covered Patio Ideas To Try Today

Written by: Pavneet Kaur

Dive into these unique and creative ideas to decorate, refurbish and upgrade your covered patio into a beautiful, functional and cozy space.

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A patio may be outdoors but is a part of your home. In fact, it’s an essential part of your house that charmingly connects your yard to the indoors. Therefore, now is the time to pay attention to this most-neglected part of your home. Convert this place into your favorite spot and make the best out of it by using these fantastic covered patio ideas. Wondering what you can do with it? How about turning into a dine-in patio cafe or a cozy outdoor fireplace? 


There is a lot one can do to transform this space, but which one is the best for you? This is challenging. And to help you out, we have come up with fascinating, creative, and unique ideas for your covered patio. So, get your creative side up and try these out! 



Let go of the cliched wooden and aluminum shade covers of the patio. Instead, try on a shade cloth that intensifies and changes the entire look of your patio. These shade covers are available in a lot of colors and materials. If you’re wondering whether they will serve their intended purpose well, this rectangle sun shade sail canopy is made with a UV-resistant fabric and has proved to be durable.


You are going to enjoy the natural light and romantic rainy days under this waterproof cloth patio cover. Just complement the shade with any modern or traditional patio furniture of your choice. For a more decorative look, you can paint your walls with various colors. Also, you can sprinkle some elements of greenery to make your patio more enticing to stay at. 



If you have a large patio area, you can turn it into a modern farmhouse. This look is a blend of classic, elegant and charming. You can install a structured wooden deck to evoke the beauty of the countryside. All you need to achieve this effect is a wooden bench fitted to the railings and surrounded by various colorful flowers and pots. Moreover, if you wish to attain a fancy look, you can go for a set of cool sofa or couches.


Wooden plank flooring will add grace to the furniture and the surroundings if you don’t wish to go for the marble flooring. On top of that, a custom-made steel frame that supports corrugated galvanized steel roof panels can prove to be an outstanding idea for a modern farmhouse patio look.



Give your outdoor covered patio a relaxed clubhouse vibe. If you want to get a little more creative, replace the existing shade cover with a straw roof. The straw roof will give a both contemporary as well as a countryside ambiance to the patio. Add ample seating and become host to large gatherings in your yard. Convert it into your personal party house with attractive lighting and a nice bar setup to complete the look.


For instance, you can add warm solar LED lights at the exit and the courtyard entrance. This will highlight the area and add a modern touch. Keep things open if the climate allows. Moreover, cedar decking and slat walls are one of the most incredible outdoor covered patio ideas.



So what if you do not live near a beach? You can at least enjoy a beach-like vibe on your own patio. If you have a swimming pool, you can add these fantastic adjustable chaise lounge chairs by the poolside. These seats are indeed a slice of luxury to the monotonous place. Furthermore, you can add a layer of sand and a few pebbles on one side and these reclining chairs on the other side.


Keeping everything aside, you will experience an authentic beachy feel with an adjustable wood shade that lets the natural sunlight fall on you and the sand. Or, you can install a UV-resistant cloth shade if you fear getting tanned or for the days when it’s too hot.



Greens are always great. Apart from adding beauty and grace to the surroundings, they also give you fresh air to breathe. This is why seasonal climbers are the best option to go with this covered patio idea. You can add them to the entry fence, walls, or even the shade! If you think maintaining natural green plants is not your thing, you can also try an artificial green fence. In fact, it will not just make the wall look good but also help you maintain privacy.


Once you have added this vine leaf to a wall, you can keep the rest of the walls plain. Although white walls are preferred the most, you can DIY any contrasting colors of your choice. White seating, tables, and concrete flooring will intensify the patio’s look to a greater extent.



Want to keep the outdoors classier and more entertaining? Just build a personal bar out on the patio and introduce some eye-catching pieces of furniture along with a bar cart. In addition to this, choose an eye-catching tile design and hang pretty string lights for a romantic, summery vibe. You are going to love the setup when you come home after a long day and feel like enjoying a sip of wine or two with your loved ones.


This way, you can beat the boring Saturday nights by relaxing under the moonlight with your friends and relishing your favorite beers and snacks. If you have the means to build a full-on outdoor kitchen, even better. Buy a classy wine and beer cooler so that you don’t have to worry about the drinks getting warm. 



Convert your patio into a dine-in cafe. Pep up the area for outdoor dinner parties with a fantastic lighting and sound system. However, you need to make sure that the pieces of furniture you are using are water- and dust-resistant. Otherwise, you can simply go for this modern solid acacia wood slatted patio table for the outdoors without any second thoughts. Made with teak, its perfect size can accommodate up to eight people easily. 


Furthermore, you can enlighten the space with vibrant cushions on the chairs, plants in the corners, and other accessories. Since the patio would be already covered, you can enjoy your dinner or breakfast even when it’s raining or snowing. Pro tip: get speakers and lights that are the same color as your exterior walls so they blend in.



Wooden flooring, walls, and furniture have always topped the list in making a space look more natural. It might sound odd, but you will find no place better than your covered patio once the setup is ready. Moreover, you can hang a classy golden and white pendant lamp from the outdoor covered patio structure wood frame shade to lighten your surroundings.


Glorify the look with some pretty and colorful throw pillows and lights. Another thing you need to keep in mind in implementing this idea is that the wooden furniture need not necessarily be brown. Therefore, you can pair up brown wooden tiles with white chairs and tables as well. Pairing wooden benches with cushions with a large dining table is also a great idea.



Surround your cool dipping pool with wooden blocks for seating and concrete flooring. Or, you can bring home these amazing patio lounge chairs for more comfortable seating after you come out of the pool. Furthermore, separating the sitting area from the pool can be a little challenging. To make it unique and creative, try to create a makeshift barrier with a tile path and grass.


If you do this, you will have ample seating and relaxing space to soak under the sun whenever you go diving in the pool. Apart from this, a poolside pavilion that features a modified gable-style roof for people who love architectural designs will be fascinating. Of course, it will provide shade as well. You can use the shelved wooden carts as kitchen carts as well to munch on some snacks.



Cover the patio with an umbrella instead of any other shade. However, you need to make sure it is sturdy and anchored by a weighted holder, or it will be gone with the next big wind in no time. For instance, this Sunnyglade 9′ Patio Umbrella is the most ideal and is available in a lot of colors. This way, you get to choose the one that matches the rest of the furniture and patio interiors.


Moreover, if it’s a corner patio, elegant rattan seats and floor lightings will do the honors of making the deck look more attractive. On top of that, opt for the wood plank flooring and white railings with a hog wire fence to separate the seating area. Keep your color scheme minimal for a chic finish.



Keep your covered patio a comfy and snuggly place even for the nippy season. Well, nobody likes to remain outdoors catching a cold, but with an outdoor fireplace, this will become your favorite all-season spot in the house. Looking for an outdoor firepit? The hmercy wood-burning Patio Bonfire is a perfect choice since it can also be used as a stove at night as well as a means to keep the patio warm in cold winter.


This patio look is going to be far from ordinary, so get ready to get tons of praises and compliments on your excellent outdoors. Alternatiely, you can also go for the concrete fire pit that sits in the middle of the patio surrounded by large welcoming sofas. If you wish to get a little more creative, get your deck a custom-built brick fireplace for stylish outdoor living.




Make the most out of your small backyard-covered patio by building a deck while maintaining its natural landscape. Grow natural grass and maintain it so that it doesn’t outgrow. Or, you can divide portions of the garden with the decks and separate them into squares or rectangles, whatever design you prefer. The separating wooden decks can work as your pathway. 


Moreover, you can keep different sets of chairs and tables on each portion with an umbrella covering each of them individually. Furthermore, try giving the place a more cheerful look by keeping small and large planters with grass and colorful flowers. These pots can also be used to shape the portions of your garden. Undoubtedly, the garden view will give you a more positive relaxing and working environment. 




The priority while decorating your outdoor covered patio is that it features a piece of furniture that keeps you relax. So, bring home this fantastic canopy swing chair and place it in one corner of the patio. Moreover, keep flower pots and other decorative pebble stones/ accessories for a beautiful look around it. 


Have a look at this relaxing canopy swing that can seat three people at a time. Besides, this swing will look right at home on any porch, thanks to its simple, classic design. Keep it on a grass or concrete floor with a backdrop of green grass on a wall. Moreover, if you feel like you can add some more furniture like accent tables and chairs along with it. However, to keep it sophisticated and classy, a few colorful throw pillows are enough.



For sports enthusiasts in the house, we have the greatest outdoor covered patio ideas. Why not introduce a billiards or pool table under the shade and have some fun time chilling with friends? Yes, you can put up a game table if you have enough space in the patio and are not planning to do something creative. To make the area look more luxurious, simply add a bar cart near the billiards table. 


The only investment you make if you opt for this idea is to buy the table and its accessories. However, these tables might not be waterproof, in case your patio shade doesn’t protect the area entirely. Therefore, you can also buy a heavy-duty waterproof table cover to keep your table safe.



Everyone who ever dreamt of an outdoor kitchen, your dream can come true if you have a covered patio. Indeed, an outdoor kitchen makes a luxurious and fun add-on to space. Imagine cooking under the starlight and making some pleasant memories with the family. You will need a setup for the outdoors, so we came across this Blackstone 28 inch outdoor flat top gas grill griddle station.


It is easily portable because it has wheels on the front legs. In addition to this cooking station, a frame overhead will serve as a complete outdoor living space with a stone fireplace and comfortable seating. Alternatively, you can also bring out your old dining table and use it on the patio. Use a lovely table cloth and convert it into your dining area.



Rugs play a significant role in brightening up space and hide the ugly flooring until you can upgrade it. If you don’t want to spend too much on the flooring, adding colorful rugs will do the work just fine. Moreover, you can go with a single large-sized rug or multiple colorful ones. Apart from adding charm to the area, it also warms up the patio. 


If you’re opting for a solid-colored rug, you can also go for colorful cushions on the floor. You can also add ottomans with storage boxes. Try outdoor rugs with different hues and shapes, mismatched scatter cushions, and throws along with brightening neutral rattan furniture. For instance, color pop accent chairs and side tables with quirky candlesticks and bowls will complete the look.



To be precise, by clever garden seating, we mean built-in seating. These can be constructed in solid concrete or even wood. Then, you can get them dressed with cushions and throw pillows that you don’t use a lot and are planning to put away. Besides, these permanent seating structures can also be used to create the perimeter of an outdoor room.


Built-in benches are a great idea since they make even the tiny patios look large. Hence, this proves that you don’t need a vast area to transform an impressive yet functional outdoor entertaining space. Create your outdoor hub by adding seats, comfy cushions, artificial plants, grass fences, and even flower boxes. 



Your patio is your personally curated courtyard. Moreover, how you wish to keep it modern relies on a mixture of textures and materials you use to keep visual interest high.  You can add anything to the space to serve your needs: a built-in fireplace or fire pit, a swimming pool, a heat lamp for chilly evenings, a shading umbrella to protect you from the sun, potted plants to add greenery to your space as well as surrounding gardens. These are the core elements of a modern patio that you can add to your own.


If your home is already built in the contemporary style, you can extend that to the outdoors as well. You can also do a modern patio by adding a stone fireplace on a beautiful flooring with wooden partitions on both sides. 



Adding a splash of color doesn’t necessarily mean painting all your walls in different hues. To make it colorful, you can introduce cheerful and bright furniture by clashing multi-colored accessories all around. Besides, you can add plush outdoor sofas and decorate them with colorful cushions and throw pillows. 


You can also add colorful LED lights hanging from the shade. You will find a variety of lamps ranging from lights of all sizes and colors. Furthermore, put in colorful vases or paint flower pots in different colors, align them to make a fence around the covered patio and the furniture. To turn it into a more comfy zone, you can introduce bean bags to relax after a long tiring day.




Outdoor accent tables and accessories not only add a striking feature to the patio but are also functional. For instance, a beautiful table can be an extra seat as well as storage to protect accessories like lamps and lights from rain. This set of three nesting tables makes a fantastic coffee table, side table, or end table. Moreover, you can pair each of the tables with different comfy chairs, single-seat sofas, bean bags, and other seating options. 


These tables can fit both whimsical and industrial exteriors of a covered patio. For the floor base, you can give it a lush look by either growing a layer of grass or using grass carpets. Alternatively, if you want to keep it extremely simple, plain white concrete flooring will work well.



Bored with your simple and old stone patio? Transform it into a beautiful, dressed-up hub covered by colorful curtains. Moreover, refinish the existing stone or tile floor, add a clear-roofed pergola and install shades and curtains. You may be wondering why we suggested curtains. Firstly, it is a unique cover; secondly, it converts the patio into an even more comfy and private place.


Therefore, go for the curtains that are waterproof, windproof, dark, and opaque so that no one can see through. You can either create a curtained fence on all four corners of the space you want to use or just the number that fits your home the best. Furthermore, bring in some charming outdoor sofas and seats to add to the coziness and friendliness of the patio. 



Create a cottage feel by introducing elements that can enhance your deck, patio, or porch to create a cozy, casual outdoor room. Moreover, you can add sheltering arms of giant trees, porches outfitted with sofas and rugs. Your patio is ready to host your dinner parties outdoors. Furthermore, you can hang a chandelier from an outdoor trellis or the shade ceiling if it is strong enough to support it.


The next challenging task is the flooring. Without a second thought, you can go for the carpet or rugs with geometric designs. These complement the cottage vibe to the maximum. With a cottage-like setup, you are all set to relive your childhood. Believe us, you will love this outdoor transformation and build your personal favorite spot in your own house in a budget-friendly way. 




Create more of a wildlife haven and a private space in your enclosed patio area. To do this, use your vertical space to introduce greenery. Moreover, beautify a patio wall with an array of planters. Huge modern planters are a good go for this setup. Besides, you can buy pots and planters of various sizes, shapes and place them covering a single wall. 


If the planters can be hanged, well and good. But if you don’t have the means to hang them, you can simply arrange a few wooden shelves, fix them on the wall and place the planters on them. In fact, you can try setting them in order of their sizes, shapes and color-coordinate them if you choose multi-colored. We, however, recommend that you go for the evergreen white modern pots.




Hammocks are the best lounge furniture to take a nap on or read a book. And the best part is that these can be strung between poles on a covered patio. Alternatively, you can tie them between two large trees in a shady backyard. You can also get the freestanding model instead. Therefore, it’s time to channel vacation vibes into your porch by hanging a slim hammock and adding nature-inspired furniture, like a stool and lounger. On top of that, if you wish to experience the Greek beach vacay, paint everything near you (the furniture, etc.) in white.


You can install the hammock near the pool, on the grass, or in any corner of the patio. Besides, since the courtyard is covered, the swing won’t be damaged. In fact, you will love it when you get cozy in the hammock on a rainy day or a bright sunny Sunday.



Get a lovely and gentle countryside vibe by adding a very rustic and charming deck. Complete the look for your covered patio with flowering plants, delightful swing chairs, an umbrella, and adorable accent tables and ottomans. If you wish to add a more cheerful touch, add string lights to brighten up the swing canopy. This canopy swing for the porch from Outsunny will work gloriously for your patio.


Moreover, it would be great to keep a colorful rug as the base where the swing stands. Since most swing seats are available in solid colors, the bright rug will be the focal point of the patio. Not to mention, plants are evergreen, and if you feel like it, you can also DIY your canopy using seasonal climbers to climb up the swing canopy.



Creativity and smartness are what you need the most while planning the perfect design for your outdoor covered patio. Therefore, affirm the safety of your family and add strategic lighting to your outdoor area. Equip your deck with creative lighting to illuminate the steps and edges of the porch. Not just that, but this will also help you highlight certain features of your patio your want emphasized during nighttime.


You can also create a cozy haven in your city backyard with lots of bricks, string lights, and wood beams. Unique yet essential, iron storm lanterns will complete the rustic ambiance of the area. Beautiful and decorative solar lanterns work extensively since you don’t need to plug them into an electrical source. As a result, they will add to the aesthetics during the day and romantic lighting for the night.



Although patios do not usually have a fence or boundary wall around it, this is not a necessity. Since it’s your house and your patio idea, it can be everything that you want it to be. Therefore, you can add privacy screens to fence the patio. They do not only keep prying eyes away from your private space but also provide additional shade to protect from strong winds. 


Privacy screens are available in many materials, wooden plank sheets, aluminum walls, and other designer metal walls with grills. This modern etched metal privacy screen from the Sunseen store works as a sturdy wall and is pleasing to the eye. Now, you can add other furniture for your seating and comfort.



If you wish to let go of the all-wood and all-concrete design in the patio, try combining both. By this, we mean getting concrete flooring and wooden furniture or vice versa. White flooring and white or light-colored curtains and shade go well with the wooden tables and chairs. You can also try on concrete vases and flower pots with colorful flowers (Yes, artificial flowers look good too!).


If you decide to go with the wooden flooring and concrete furniture, it is likely to be a fixed setup since you won’t be able to move the sofa/chair or the table due to the heavy concrete. Also, you can keep it simple without adding any flowers or accessories. 



Colorful accessories and pebble pockets on the deck are attractive, modern, and striking additions. Furthermore, it is an easy and budget-friendly way to update your patio and transform the entire look. The best part about pebble pockets is that they don’t have floors, which allows you to plant directly from the ground. Later, you can cover the surface with decorative pebbles. For a more elegant look, you can color the pebbles on your own.


Wondering about what colorful accessories you can add? Well, to go all classy and modern, organize fairy lights of various colors, design fencing the pebble pockets and the plant stems. Keep the edges clean and furniture sleek for a more modern look. So, modernize your deck with the latest color trends.



To make the patio your cozy night place, you would need more lightning for an added spark. Since we are talking about unique, hanging lanterns are great options to give a candlelight effect to the place. Moreover, prefer solar lanterns to save electricity and go eco-friendly. In addition, it will also keep the patio warm for comfortable gatherings and even for outdoor dining. 


You can further design the patio. Introduce a stand-alone umbrella cover, elegant rattan seats, and floor lightings. Fancy floor lightings create an enticing and cheerful atmosphere for the gathering. Apart from these, you can make it your picnic place by adding a floor rug and throw pillows. Indeed, this is a low-cost solution to decorate your outdoor covered patio structures.




It’s your patio, and you can introduce as many plants as you want, but the greens would still not be enough. This idea is specifically for plant-lovers. Therefore, add a vivid hue of redwood and vibrant plants with different colors to enliven the space. Nowadays, substantial modern planters are available in all geometric shapes and neutral colors like white, grey, and black. 


It would be best to have a rolling plant stand shelf for the planters. Besides, the benefit of a rolling rack is that you can keep changing its position to improvise the look. Undoubtedly, how you have designed the house says a lot about your personality. So this time, let the plants do all the talking. Complete the look with a small sofa, a wood slice coffee table, and eclectic seats to bring up the charm to 100. 



A cozy rustic patio will suit well to all outdoor covered patio structures. To add a rustic touch to the covered patio, try white-washed wood railings and accents. Pair them with a cozy patterned couch for maximum comfort. Use rustic bricks to get the countryside vibe at your urban home. You can also try a blend of Italian and African elements for the floor, wall, and furniture.


Besides, you can also hang an antique handmade painting on a wall. In addition, bamboo trees and stems make for significant and cheerful surroundings. So, you can have two trees standing on both sides of the patio for extra shade if you are too sensitive to the sun. After that, you can enjoy your late-night chit-chats with your family members in this cozy, quaint atmosphere. 



To your patio that has a fence either of wood or metal, add some colored flower boxes. These will infuse a character into your space without disturbing the harmony between other elements already present. You may either hang these flower boxes or place them over the fence. However, the latter depends on the design of the fence. Note only a few may allow it. 


These flower boxes are constructed in metallic iron and will stay long without losing their form and features. You can use them for silk flowers, dried flowers, potted plants, herbs, succulents, or decorative pots. No matter what style you choose, they can add a vibrant vibe to the covered patio structures. 




Imagine sitting on your patio with only a hanging lantern to light up the place. Isn’t it romantic? The ambiance will instantly take you to a different world. Now put your imagination into practice with these dainty-looking hanging glass tealight globe plant terrariums. Multiple candle lights on a lantern add a sparkling effect to the patio. Hang them on a tree or a fence, it will light up space magically. 


However, you can use candleholders in a myriad of ways. Try hanging lanterns from the slate or straw roof. Several candle holders are available in different shapes and materials. Bring home an apt one to enhance your outdoor covered patio designs.  



“There is enough greenery on my patio,” said no patio owner ever. Apart from the plants, or planters, you can always look towards the walls to add more green to your space. Suppose you have a white or any pale-colored wall, add foliage that drips down to break its monotonous look. Or opt for mini vertical gardens: these are highly versatile and look great when teamed with succulents or ornamental grass 


Consider having a wall of preserved moss and ferns to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized every time. Yet another option is a wall of living plants. In it, you can plant thick swaths of single foliage or a plant variety to create a pattern hard to miss.



Nothing beats comfortable seating than a lounger. Irrespective of whether you have created a lounge patio or not, you can always add a lounge chair to it. This can move into a zero-gravity position and has elastic cords to adjust to the user’s body weight. Since these are foldable, you can always keep them away when not in use, opening up more space for other activities. 


Along with it, you also get a tray to hold cups, phones, tablets, and more. The Textilene fabric used in the construction will last longer than you can think. Moreover, you get a removable padded headrest for maximum comfort. Place it near the pool or near the edge of a rooftop patio for a wider view. 



Everyone wants comfort in their homes. A patio is also built with the same intent, but what makes this place more comfortable is its seating options. You can always play with this facet of your backyard space. First, keep it covered; it will comfort you when the sun is all blazing in the daytime. Second, opt for comfortable furniture. From chairs to sofa sets, dining sets, reclining beds, and lounge chairs, you have several options. Pick ones that suffice your needs completely.


Next, find some picture-perfect pieces for the seating area to complete your stunning outdoor patio design. Fabric cover over the pillows and sofas cast a glow you can never add with anything else. Needless to say, do not let anything ruin the look.  



Whether you are aspiring for a modern appeal or a rustic charm, fabricated steel planters can transform your vision into life instantly. As they are constructed using either corten steel or aluminum, you can rest assured of their durability. Moreover, do not settle for less than a convenient shape for your outdoor covered patio when picking a steel planter. 


Use steel planters big enough to hold both tall stalked plants as well as short plants with dense foliage. These planters offer an opportunity to add a splash of colors to an otherwise mundane space. Apart from the steel planters, you can consider fountains or statues for there is no dearth of ideas to decorate your backyard.




Sleeping in the lap of nature is nothing short of heaven. Try a canopy daybed sofa in your outdoor covered patio. This heavy-duty furniture for your outdoor space will hold good even if a drizzle wets it down. The fabric repels water effectively and is also resistant to any wear and tear. Besides, the harsh sun rays can do nothing to the bed. 


The mesh vent ensures good circulation. It is also supported with drawstrings in the front or back to face the high winds. Lastly, getting some colorful cushions and pillows to go alongside this make the experience even more enjoyable. Have some planters around and take this daytime sleeping one notch higher. 



On a summer evening with a light breeze flowing, enjoy sitting on a rocking chair with your favorite book or drink in hand. However, choosing the right rocking chair is important in achieving this idyllic dream. Also, it should blend well with the surroundings of your covered patio. Our suggestion is these beautiful, comfortable, and durable rocking chairs with a coffee table. 


These are designed to prevent any pressure on the knees so you can sit on them comfortably for longer. They also come with sponge cushions for maximum comfort. Note the fabric is waterproof, UV-resistant, and is easy to clean and maintain. You can remove them for cleaning purposes as and when needed. To add more color to space, place some synthetic flowers on it. 



Want to add a boho-chic look to your backyard-covered patio, try antique furnishings in great colors. However, don’t lose heart if you are not able to find suitable pieces. There are many more ways you can accomplish your desired look. Incorporate some elements such as folding screens, delicate hangings, an antique chair, or a free-standing umbrella. 


An outdoor rug with a vintage coffee table will also work fine with your design. Throw cushions in vibrant colors to brighten up space. Keep a bar cart in a corner with glassware and your favorite drinks. How can you miss a fireplace? Use stonework for the purpose. Is this enough or do you want to add more drama?   



A structure that allows a little sun and breeze to lend an architectural interest and texture to your outdoor patio. If you also intend to have something like this, there are several options available in pergola colors, materials, and textures including wood-plastic composite, composite lumber, wrought iron, polycarbonate, and thermally modified wood. Opt for an open pergola roof patio with some faux pa shades around.


To this patio, a wooden swing bed or hanging hammock will be a great addition. The all-weather polyester canopy and cushion covers ensure you enjoy it in all weathers. A lock-and-release system allows you to convert it into a bed for long relaxation hours. Add a fire pit in some corner of the patio as it is a must in your pergola backyard covered patio design. Give some careful thought to the furniture of this patio.



Do not forget your kids while designing your coveredpatio. After all, they also deserve to have a place of their own in it. Add some kid’s chairs and toys in a corner. You can also include double chaise lounge chairs with cup holders. With a three-sided canopy, your kids can enjoy as much as they want even when the sun is out. And don’t worry about the weather conditions, either: the weather-resistant wood will make it a suitable fixture to the patio. 


Apart from the above, designing a kids car race track or a kiddie pool for some fun time is what they will love indulging in. And place your chairs in a manner that you are always facing them and keeping an eye on their activities. 



Add a hint of mystery to the floor of your patio with a geometric design. It can be accomplished with tiles or rugs placed next to the furniture. Opt for easy-to-clean, non-shedding, and stain-resistant rugs. Choose a base color that compliments the accessories around well or vice versa. You can also use this rug indoors for a unique look in the living rooms or stairways.


While you focus on the floor, don’t forget the walls. Choosing the wrong color may make or break your patio’s overall appearance. Keep the wall color plain and preferably in a lighter hue or compatible to the primary color of the floor or rugs. Your furniture and other accessories should also be in line with the theme. Make sure there is nothing that breaks the harmony of your geometric design.  



A chic and stylish rooftop deck designed as an extension of your living area is all you need to have for a cozy evening. Have a TV installed on a sidewall that faces the seating and you wouldn’t want to spend any time indoors. Moreover, make your seating comfortable enough to enjoy long sitting hours. Watch it alone or with the family. 


Here is an additional idea to make the place more inviting. Install pocketing aluminum and glass sliding doors that open the indoor space to your rooftop living area. Bring home a TV that delivers all your favorite content. This TV has ultra HD picture clarity with a high dynamic range for a lifelike picture.    



An outdoor covered patio seems incomplete without a bonfire. If you are building a patio,  incorporating a bonfire in the design is easy. However, to include it in an existing patio requires more effort and thinking. But the best part is that you have several options to try from including enclosed outdoor bonfires, open concrete, steel, and more. 


This bonfire made with natural stone will add grace and character to your backyard. It has a stonework siding and a stainless steel burner with lava rocks giving it a unique look and design. Also, it comes with an all-weather cover to protect it from water and sunlight. Moreover, your backyard will enjoy its presence for longer.



Irrespective of your patio place—roof or the ground—you can always soak yourself in the luxury of watching your favorite flicks under the sky. Try this 20-foot inflatable outdoor theater projector screen. You can place the rear and front projection material either in front or behind the screen. Also, it won’t get overheated during a dusk-to-dawn movie marathon that you and your loved ones can get into.  As it won’t take you much time for installing, enjoy a hassle-free fun night.


For a more cozy ambiance, have soft padded cushions on your sofa or chairs. Retractable chairs or lounge chaise (if you have) are ideal. You can also take this theater projector screen for outdoor adventures. 



Utilize your rooftop and create a deck of your own to retreat in the evenings with friends or have a nice, quiet time with the family. Mostly seen in the cities, you can always decide the purpose before building a rooftop fireplace. Be it anything, it is always nice to have a fireplace installed.   


Opt for a modern fireplace of high-quality materials for that long-lasting relationship. It can be used for cooling drinks, food, or for BBQ. The table top has ample space around the firepit to prevent any accidental burning. Moreover, it has a safety mesh to avert any sparks or debris flying all over the place and hurting someone.  Also, it is portable.



Can you think of anything better than a rooftop lounge? If you have a smaller space, use a long seat and lean them against the wall to provide walking space. However, if the space is long and elongated, add plants and chairs to remove the corridor effect. Also, if the area is big, it can be divided into smaller sections to add a small-room effect for smaller groups that can be painted with bright colors.


However, you may or may not choose the traditional lounge furniture. Opt for hanging seats and the place more appropriately. Add plants or planters along with the lounge seating. For overhead ceilings, try pergolas or sails. And for a wider and open effect, use light and bright colors. Lastly, add wicker patio furniture set with ottomans and enjoy the breeze!



After a hectic day, all you need is some soothing place to relax. Nothing beats a garden patio for unwinding in our book. If you don’t have one yet, use your outdoor retreat and design a beautiful garden patio of your liking. Build an outdoor covered patio with a garden at the same ground level as your abode, or if the landscape allows, add multiple levels. 


In between the planters, install a cascading waterfall to add a timeless appeal. The brickwork and wood fencing are some of the various options you can pick for the garden. Not to forget the lighting. Solar lights are in, try installing these in places that receive sunlight during the day and witness their magic as it unfolds at dusk. It will be even better if you add fairy string lights along with solar lights for decoration along the driveway, trees, and fences. 



Irrespective of the seating furniture you decide, there is always room for pillows. The most interesting thing is that there is no limit on the number of pillows you can have. In fact, more is better, but make sure you mix and match right. With so many colors, styles, textures, and patterns, this can be a little tiring and overwhelming. However, it should speak volumes of your personality. 


Our suggestion of pillows will indeed add life to your patio. The colorful cushions with abstract art are made using high-quality cotton linen fabric. You can pick another set in white to add more to your space. When not in use, take them inside to liven up the indoors. 



When looking to build a patio, try to remove as few existing plants or shrubs as possible. Instead, build a patio around them. Make these existing plants an integral part of your patio and stay in the lap of nature for as long as you want. Moreover, the tree canopy will provide a partial overhead cover from sun and rain just like a pergola. 


You can place your seating furniture under the trees or adjacent to the shrubs. A sectional sofa along with a gas fire table is perfect for your outdoor patio. Opt for a lightweight, all-weather-resistant synthetic PE resin wicker and breathable seat cushions. You can have different combinations depending on the space and your taste.  



If you are someone who likes the idea of having two outdoor areas, then this outdoor covered patio idea is for you. Even if the area is small, you can aspire to have multiple patios — one for the dining area and another for relaxing with the family. You can also design to have two separate sitting spots if you wish. Consider adding a pond or swimming pool to one spot as it adds a new dimension to the place. Still another option is to build tiered patios. The choices are as varied as your desires.


But above all, aspire for comfy seating as this is what most people like. Also, pay attention to the decor. Add a statement statute to any of the patios. What can be better than a meditating Buddha in natural stone color with a bronze finish?



To get the right mix of light and sub, build half-covered patio structures. You can apply this idea to a small as well as a big space in your backyard. Try a -covered pergola. Place your furniture under the shade to somewhat protect them from rain and thunderstorms. You can also consider a half overhead patio with a ceiling, it can be an extension of your balcony leaving a certain area uncovered while you enjoy both sun and shade in one place. 


If you are living in warmer climes, roller shades can help you divide the area if the daytime rays are too harsh. Roll them up in the evening to bring in the outer open area into your patio. Call your friends over and enjoy the evening! 



One is boring, two is better. If that left you confused, we are talking about tiles here. While most people focus on accessories, plants, and seats, the floor is one thing that finds little or no space in patio planning. We suggest using not one but two different types of floor tiles, although you have to ensure the synergy between your two designs of choice. 


Also, be careful with the other colors you add to your backyard patio. An outdoor wicker dining set or the sofa set with cushions that complement the floor or planters can do justice to this outdoor covered patio idea. You may find it overwhelming but it is all worth it in the end. 



How about setting a subtle tone in your patio with concrete? Besides being versatile, it is also one of the most durable alternatives available for building a patio. You can use this common building material in many ways as it can be cast into geometric or curvilinear shapes. Add a tint and you get the classic light gray color we all are obsessed with.


Ask your Masoner to play with textures and patterns while building. Set the seating as low or as high as you want in concrete. Moreover, build a table in concrete or get a ready-made one. This one has a concrete top and laminated metallic legs for support. You can also team the concrete patio design with block paving if you like. 



If you have a corner in your patio that is still unused, consider placing a low seating area on that spot. Source natural materials from the local market and add deep seating chair cushions to it. The relaxing outdoor cushion set provides comfortable seating and comes with a back cushion and a single chair set. You need not cover them all the time; they are UV and water-resistant and will hold well against mildew and mold.


Besides, you can add lanterns for lighting up those late evenings with friends and family. You might also like to characterize it with tiered planters in the stairway and an umbrella roof over the seating area making.  



Add a unique element to your patio — a pond. It can be as big or as small as the space available to you. Opt for one or more ponds with walkways in between or restrict it to a single one. Though these are not only the options you have, you can exercise several others. For instance, a tier system with one higher tier and another lower to allow easy water flow. 


If you are looking to add a quirky element to the pond patio, add statutes. Add fish if you want to, but cover it with branches to keep the preying birds away from them. While adding a pond may require ample planning before a flawless execution, the end result is nothing like any other on the list. 



A backyard-covered patio design idea that will blur the line between indoors and outdoors. It will be the coziest indoor place in the house, only that it’s located outside. You will love spending time here on the couch from dawn to dusk. What can contribute highly to the comfort and continuity of this place is a sofa set with a glass table of the same color as indoors. 


The sofa set has wide and deep seating with padded cushions for more comfort and is all weather-friendly. Moreover, the coffee table with a removable tempered glass top is easy to maintain and clean. Above all, each piece can be used separately, so you can move them indoors if need be. You can also have an indoor-outdoor patio with a tile bench that starts indoors and continues all the way outside.



Imagine a soft breeze and the trickling sound of water on a summer evening on your patio. The sound is as soothing as it is calming. And when it runs down a bamboo shaft, you can only envision the sweet clang. The creation is so beautiful, you can always customize it to suit your patio look. Use a ceramic pot, planter, or a pottery bowl as a container as each has a character of its own and will set a different tone. Consider adding small shells or small stones to the uber natural environment.  


The painless to install bamboo fountains made from Tam Vong Bamboo is stronger than steel. What this means is no cracking, no splitting like a normal bamboo, and thus a longer life. You can even buy one for your living room as well.



Sustainability can be best expressed in your personal paradise. With practice, you can ensure there is no harm to nature and lay the foundation for future generations. In the same context, your first choice should be recycled materials. From broken concrete for large flagstone pavers, recycled lumbar, upcycled accessories such as old bathtubs, bird feeders, and many more, you can create a unique flavor in outdoor covered patios. The best part is that most of the materials come at no cost, therefore, saving a good amount. 


Also, you can consider rubber stones and recycled plastic. These come in a variety of textures, shapes, and colors. Try wood products for the deck. Or when hunting for furniture, reclaimed wood furniture should be your first choice. 



The handwoven gridding and compact design make wicker chairs perfect for your slate roof patio. No matter the climate, these won’t wear at all. The strong steel frame is immune to rusting and doesn’t get affected by any chemical substances as well. Moreover, they have a UV protection layer and won’t fade, no matter how harsh the sun is. 


Since they are easy to maintain, you can use them at a variety of places in the house including a balcony, terrace, poolside, etc. They will add comfort and grace everywhere. Consider adding an old-world charm to your slate roof patio with a brick floor and monarchs and arches. You won’t regret the look which has already been enhanced with rattan wicker chairs and coffee tables for that cozy feeling in your backyard.




Light up your straw roof with string lights. These LED lights ensure you have a relaxing and comfortable evening with your friends without worrying about their life. These lights can stay functional all year round without fail. Moreover, the LED lights do not only decorate your backyard patio but also reduce your power usage. No matter how long you use them, they will never get heated up enough to stop working altogether.  


In the same context, even weather doesn’t affect their work. These pre-installed bulbs work just fine for the outdoor covered backyard owner. You can lose yourself in the mesmerizing ambiance of the luxury resort under the straw roof with LED string lights beaming brightly over your head. 



Enjoy the breeze on a hanging hammock under the balcony and make those lazy days more enjoyable. But do not confine this relaxing feeling to a swinging bed. Instead, turn the place into a patio. The balcony overhead covers the area from the weather perfectly. The idea may not have clicked with you until now but it’s worth a try.


Install a sturdy hammock towards one side of the space in your backyard below the balcony. The canvas fabric and durable polyester cotton ropes of the hammock will only add to more comfort while lying. You can wash it in the machine when dirty and it will come out super clean. Apart from the hanging hammock, you can add a dash of coziness with outdoor floor cushions, a vintage rug beneath a small coffee table to place your drinks. 




Get a striking look for your backyard covered patio by staining the floor black. Yes, this is unusual but an edgier design will make your patio stand out from the rest you have seen. Here’s the catch: don’t confine the black color only to the floor since paint your walls black as well. You can consider adding black screens if you like.


Complement the dark stained look with white. Buy white cushions, white planters, white statues, the options are endless. A black screen will lend the desired privacy you are looking for from the neighbors. And a bit of green will do no harm, but be careful with the choices. Tall stalked plants in corners will add a timeless charm to your outdoor covered patio. 


We have incorporated as many ideas as can suffice your desire for personalized cozy space. You may have also come across products that can enhance your outdoor covered patios, but these are just initiators. You can always play around with hues, textures, and materials. So, go ahead and design it how you like!


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