100 Best Deck Box for Storage

August 20, 2020

Deck boxes are a great tool for organizing your outdoor space with maximum efficiency. Providing a waterproof setting for your tools and outdoor supplies with a sturdy built, deck boxes ensure reliability and resistance against harsh weather conditions. Deck boxes are your perfect companion in terms of getting rid of all the clutter that damages the aesthetics of your outdoor space.



This buying guide will comprehensively go over all the things you need to know before buying a deck storage box. From utility, outdoor storage box tips, and deck box FAQs to the benefits they offer and the types of deck boxes available on the market, this guide has it all. This guide will prepare you for not only buying a deck box but also shed some light on how you can properly maintain it.


Deck Box For Storage Ideas You Should Know


The 5 Things You Need To Know About Deck Box

  • Deck boxes are one of the perfect storage solutions for your outdoors. Not only do they provide storage solutions, but they also offer ease of mind with their weatherproof and sturdy build quality. Deck boxes are made of different materials like wood, resin, and plastic, all of which have a similar quality, i.e., waterproof and durable build.



  • Apart from durability, these deck boxes are also your reliable companions in providing efficient storage solutions. They provide resistance against weathering agents such as wind, water, and sunlight.



  • Deck boxes double up as seating sofas or tabletops depending on their style. This versatility is achieved by the impressive design of these storage deck boxes, which provides dual functionality. The top surface can be used as a chair or a sofa, while space below is used for stowing items. There are about four classifications regarding the sizes of the deck boxes. These range from small to extra-large with capacities of 50 gallons to more than 150 gallons, respectively.



  • Deck boxes come in different styles such as being designed as coffee tables or sofas, or even vertical deck boxes. They also provide a secure storage solution with hinges and a safety lock that can be padded.




Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Deck Box

things to consider


Before you set on the journey of getting deck boxes as your outdoor storage options, you need to keep heed of the following:




1. Assess Your Requirements

The first and foremost factor to keep in mind before buying your perfect deck box is to ascertain what kind of items you require the deck box to hold eventually. Are you going to store gardening supplies that you always need on the go and cannot go to the garage all the time?



Or perhaps you just want to relieve your garage from all the clutter that small items like kids’ toys, outdoor games, and pool items can make. In any case, you need to make a detailed assessment regarding the purpose of your storage requirements. This way, the task of buying the storage deck box becomes a little less painful.




2. Material Of Construction

After you have considered your storage needs, do some research on the type of material you should opt for in a deck box. The three major options regarding the material of construction include plastic, resin, and wood. Choosing a material can become easy if you know the kind of aesthetic you’re going for and also if you have a rough idea of what you’ll be storing inside.




3. Size

Just like the material of construction, the size of the deck box is another consideration you need to take into account. The size of your deck box must match that of the assessment for the storage requirements made in the earlier step. Pre-assessing your needs will ensure that you make a suitable purchase. It’ll also ensure that you don’t end up spending over the top for unnecessary storage.




4. Style of Deck Boxes

Available in a host of different styles, deck boxes provide several useful alternatives uses for the prospective buyer. Deck boxes can be used as a coffee table, or simply as a cushion storage bench. Moreover, you can opt for a cushioned sofa like a deck box or a vertical deck box for maximum storage volume.




5. Miscellaneous Features

Deck boxes also come with additional features such as security lock padding, hinges and handles, wheels, and suspension nets. You can opt for a deck box that offers these features depending on your storage needs and nature of use.



100 Best Deck Boxes For Storage

Deck boxes are a great way to organize your patio. Whether it’s gardening supplies, unused pillows or pool equipment, there’s nothing a deck box can’t store. Keeping your deck clean and organized can be challenging if you do not own convenient storage space. A simple and elegantly designed deck box can solve all your clutter and storage problems. After all, a clean patio or porch can be an inviting space, especially in the summers when all you want to do is relax and soak in the sun. 


Thankfully, there are a wide range of deck storage options available online. From plastic ones to those with wooden finishes and heavy to light ones, there are countless deck storage boxes available in diverse price ranges. For our 100 best deck boxes for storage list, we’ve picked out the best of the best. Scroll down to check them out and maybe you’ll spot something you like. 


A highly durable outdoor storage bench that features an entirely resin construction and offers ample storage space for your items. The lid is easy to lift and close. Moreover, with a weather-resistant exterior, your items remain safe and secure no matter the weather. 


This beautiful deck box comes in two different colors: grey and brown. It features a weather-resistant exterior with a polypropylene construction that doesn’t scratch off or peel. Moreover, it can hold upto 71 gallons and has a 485 lbs weight capacity. This is normally sufficient for storing pool equipment, pillows, gardening supplies, etc. 


This one is slightly larger than a deck box but Rubbermaid deck box is so good at creating storage items, we simply couldn’t keep this one off the list. This horizontal storage features a tough, double-walled construction that keeps your items protected from the external harsh environment. Moreover, the box is rust-resistant, unlike wood. 


This storage box comes in three different colors and a lockable spring hinge that is super easy to open and close. Furthermore, the box is UV protected and weather-proof. It also comes with a limited 10-year warranty which makes this deck box a very appealing option. 


This deck box comes with a 30 gallon storage capacity. You can store almost anything inside this deck box including toys, gardening supplies, pool equipment, beach towels, etc. Moreover, the deck box has a weather-resistant polypropylene construction. Overall, this storage deck is easy to assemble and highly useful for storing away items that clutter your patio. 


Another Ketter deck storage that is elegantly designed and a great buy for all your patio storage needs. This deck box features hydraulic pistons that allow you to lift and close the lid easily which makes it ideal for kids as well. Moreover, the extra seating provides a comfortable space on your patio to sit and relax on. 


This deck box comes with a 37 gallon storage capacity which is remarkable for its size, which is honestly pretty space-efficient. The round deck box can serve as a seat for your patio. Moreover, it is made out of an all-weather resin which provides protection against harsh environments. 



This deck box comes in a classic brown or a very beautiful grey color. Despite its apparent small and narrow size, the deck box offers a storage capacity of upto 110 gallons. This one also features the hydraulic pistons mechanism that allows you to open the lid with minimum effort. 



Gray, brown or desert sand? Pick your favorite color for this gorgeous deck box and enjoy 130 gallons of storage space on your patio. This deck box is weather-resistant and features steel-hinges. Moreover, the lid on this thing won’t ever slam shut to startle you thanks to the spring-hinde functionality. 


A very sleek and elegant looking deck box, this one comes with built-in handles and a shock-assisted lid for easy opening and closing. Store your fishing gear, yard work tools, cookout equipment – basically whatever outdoor clutter you want tucked away, easily. With a storage capacity of 134 gallons and two different colors to choose from, this is a deck box deal you wouldn’t want to miss. 


This deck box is fade and mildew resistant. Like most outdoor storage deck boxes, this one also features a weather-resistant polypropylene exterior coating. It offers a storage capacity of over 400 lbs. All in all, if you need an elegant looking, weather-resistant storage deck box, you should definitely check this one out. 



An ideal deck box for any outdoor storage needs. This one comes in a gray color and usually most suitable on the balcony or a small front porch. It takes as little as 5 minutes to assemble this deck box. Moreover, it is weather-resistant so keeping you don’t have to worry about the items you store inside the box. 


Another wonderful suncast deck box that comes with a 22 gallon storage capacity and a weatherproof design. Moreover, it also features a functional lid that is easy to flip open and close. Whether you need a deck box to store grilling supplies, toys or gardening items, this deck box will do the job perfectly. 


From Suncast comes this beautiful wicker patio outdoor storage deck box. This storage box can be used both indoors and outdoors. A very functional design with hinge-lid that makes it easy to open and close, this 99 gallon container offers versatile storage so that you can store all kinds of patio items easily. 


Featuring an ergonomic height, deck storage cabinet which comes with a storage space that offers ample room for storing all items on your patio. Moreover, it comes with self-watering elevative decorative planters which adds an earthy touch to the overall look of this storage box. 


This very uniquely designed deck box features double-walled construction and offers 2.6 cubic feet of available storage space. If you have a small patio space, this deck box might work really well for you. Moreover, it also doubles as a table end. 



A multi-brown colored deck storage cabinet will fit right into your patio space. This deck box is made out of Polyethylene that is sure to stand the test of time. Moreover, this deck box barely requires any assembly so you can start using it right away. 


Great for both indoors and outdoors, this large deck box is made of durable and weather-resistant plastic. This type of plastic will remain in good condition for a long time. The surface won’t peel or scratch easily either. Moreover, the deck box comes with a very ideal shape and size that will comfortably fit your outdoor space. 


This storage box comes with a lockable design and double lid that makes it easy for you to access your items stored inside. The box is weather-proof and very low maintenance, requiring very little cleaning. The storage space is sufficient to store diverse items. 


If you want a multi-purpose deck box that blends right into your outdoor space, this bench deck box is a wonderful option that you can get. It offers 70 gallons of storage space hidden under the seat. Overall, this deck box looks elegant and stylish while offering ample storage space for you to store your patio and other outdoor items. 


If you’re looking for a rather simple hose hideaway box. This one by Suncast is a very affordable option. It comes with extra storage space that can be used to store additional items like your garden tools, gloves, hose nozzles, etc. 


This plastic double-door storage cabinet can be hung on your patio or deck. If you own a storage shed, this cabinet can also be hung on a wall in there if you want it hidden away. The storage unit features resin construction and it does not rust like a wooden deck box would. Moreover, the storage unit holds upto 336 pounds. 


If you are a fan of rattan storage boxes, this beautiful rattan storage unit featuring a seat is ideal for any patio. The storage box is designed to fit underneath the two-person seat. The bench offers a large storage space and the lid can be opened and closed easily. 



This deck box features an anthracite color and is made out of plastic which is light-weight but super durable. In fact, the entire box weighs just 2kg in total. Moving this box around would be a breeze whenever you feel like rearranging your front porch or patio. 



If a deck seems a little too rigid or industrial for your taste, check out these minimal-looking ottomans that come with a beautifully designed storage table that would make a great addition to any patio. All items feature a resin construction and a stackable design to save space. The ottomans hold around 242 pounds each. Furthermore, they require no assembly and are perfect for versatile usage around the pool, in the garden, out on the front porch and even on your balcony. Style them however you like, these ottoman storage seats won’t disappoint. 


A gorgeous black storage box for your patio, this one features a high-quality black PE rattan that is smooth and water-resistant. In fact, the construction is designed to be all-weather friendly. Super easy to assemble, this wicker storage box will keep your pillows, cushions, accessories, pool equipment and gardening supplies safe in all kinds of weather. 


Probably one of our favorite compact storage boxes on this list. This deck box features a warm grey color that is easy on the eyes and perfect for any kind of patio decor. Moreover, the box features a pneumatic piston for assisted opening and closing that makes it easy for you to access items and close the box quietly. 


A contrasting wood panel design with a storage capacity of 340 litres, this storage box keeps all your items ventilated and dry. Whether you need to store furniture accessories, cushions, gardening supplies or game accessories, this storage box will keep all your items safe. Moreover, it also comes with a lockable lid for extra protection. 


This deck box features 120 gallons of space and comes in a plastic and rattan material. Moreover, it features an easy to open lid. The container is weather-proof and any rain will not impact the items inside. From sports equipment, pool equipment to gardening supplies and toys, there’s plenty of storage room inside this box for all kinds of stuff. 


Made from high quality polyethylene, this patio deck box is durable and water-proof. All of your cushions, gardening supplies and pool equipment will be safely stored inside. You wouldn’t have to worry about rain damaging your items at all. This storage box offers an appreciable 120 gallons of storage capacity. 


A wonderful deck box for anyone who wants to add a convenient storage space on their patio. This deck box is made out of plastic and offers 120 gallons of storage space. It’s weather-proof and has a material that offers UV protection, keeping all your items safe inside. It also comes with a lockable lid that is super easy to open and close. 


This storage deck comes with a 113 gallons of storage space. It has an all-weather durarabitliy like most well-designed storage decks available online. Moreover, it also comes with a seating space for two adults on the bench. 


This deck box comes in 2 different colors including grey and black. Moreover, it has a lockable lid that keeps all the items inside safe. The construction is purely resin, the kind that is resistant to fade and rust. 


A simple 5-minute assembly, right out of the box, this deck storage container offers 105 gallons of storage space overall. The deck box is made out of high-density polyethylene, all-weather wicker that also comes with UV protection. Therefore, you can rest assured that all your items would be safe in this deck box. 


Here’s another beautifully designed deck box that is light-weight and easy to carry. With a storage capacity of 120 gallons, this deck box can also be used as a bench. Overall, this deck box is a highly durable option and provides good protection against external harsh weather conditions. 


Although this deck box may have a rather industrial look, it’s practical and efficient usage more than makes up for it. The storage deck comes in two different colors: grey and black. The design is primarily resin but the deck box does feature a wicker pattern on the surface which can be a good option for patios that exclusively feature wicker furniture. 


This plastic deck storage is for those of you who need something large to store all their items in. If the clutter on your patio is getting out of hands, this 230 gallon plastic deck box by Keter is what you need. It has a piston-opening mechanism so accessing the items will be a breeze.


The rattan texture on this deck box is perfect for any patio or porch, regardless of what kind of style or decor you have. We guarantee this rattan box will blend well. Moreover, it features a very contemporary design and has a weather-proof exterior that keeps rain water away. Furthermore, it has a very easy and simple assembly process. 


A classic 120 gallons of storage space, this deck box is ideal for storing furniture pillows and all kinds of outdoor accessories. And with a no-tool assembly, this deck box is ready to use right out of the box. 


This deck storage box is designed to sustain all kinds of harsh weather conditions. Not only is it highly durable, it also has a UV-resistant resin finish that gives extra protection against harsh sunlight. The storage space is quite sufficient with 120 gallons available. Moreover, the lockable lid allows you to keep the items inside completely safe. 


You can pick your favorite color when purchasing this deck box.Koolwoom makes these deck boxes in three standard colors, brown, grey and black. The deck box itself features 120 gallons of storage space. Moreover, the deck box has a very easy 5-minute, tool-free assembly that adds to the overall convenience of using this box. 


A beautifully designed black and grey exterior is perfect for any patio space. This deck box features a weather-resistant resin construction that ensures the safety of all items stored inside. If you live in a location that is prone to harsh weather conditions, this deck box is a good option to consider. Moreover, the top of this deck box is also very comfortable and can serve as additional seating on your patio. 


This is a small horizontal storage shed designed for the garden or your front deck, if you have a particularly large one. The shed features multiple openings with a flip cover as well. With 33 gallons of storage space, this shed is perfect for all kinds of items including toys, gardening supplies, pool equipment, etc. If you wish to use it as a trash can holder, it can do that job very well for you as well. 


An all-rattan construction, this black patio deck storage box offers a very handsome 150 gallons of storage space. Moreover, the construction is entirely water-proof so all your items will remain dry no matter the weather conditions. Additionally, the lid features a hydraulic cover piston that allows you to open and close the lid easily. 


Perfectly designed to fit any outdoor deck/ patio, this storage deck offers a large 120 gallons of storage capacity for all your items. Moreover, the deck box is made out of highly durable and water-proof material that will last you a long while. Moreover, the box won’t deform and retain its shape regardless of the harsh external conditions outdoors. 


This deck box comes with 113 gallons of storage capacity that is ideal for storing outdoor furniture cushions, grilling tools, gardening supplies, toys, etc. Moreover, the box features a very comfortable-to-open hinge design that keeps rain water away and allows you to access your items inside easily. Additionally, the construction of the storage box is durable and sturdy which makes it super effective against exposure to harsh external environments. 


You can use this outdoor storage container as a bench as it is super strong and easily able to sustain weight. Moreover, it offers 113 gallons of storage capacity. The lid features a highly functional design that is easy to open and close. 


If you want a super affordable deck box option to invest in, this one by Keter is a great option. It offers 90 gallons of storage space and is the perfect size for any patio. Moreover, it offers a comfortable seating area so you can use it as a bench on your deck. 


Choose from two different colors including black oak and dark teak. Overall, this patio chic outdoor storage deck box features a weather-resistant material that is perfect for all kinds of weather conditions. The extra large storage space can easily keep all your grilling accessories and garden supplies safe.


A storage bench is a great way to add more seating area to your patio or deck while also making room for more storage. This two-in-one patio wicker storage bench comes in a classic red color and features a heavy-duty powder steel coating that is rust-resistant and excellent in rough weather conditions. Moreover, unlike most storage benches, this one actually comes with a cushioned seat. Furthermore, the lid is super easy to open and close to access the items stored inside.


Deck boxes normally have two dominant color options and this one is no different. You can either choose a completely black or a brown option. Moreover, this deck box comes with handles so it is easy to move around, if you wish to rearrange your patio often. It has a double water-resistant construction that keeps rain water away from the items stored inside. Overall, this deck box offers 75 gallons of space that is more than sufficient for storing patio items. 


If you really want that wicker pattern look to go along with the decor of your patio, consider investing in this 120 gallon large deck box by Ovastlkuy. The deck box requires simple assembly, has a functional lid and weather-proof. 


Weather-proof and rust-resistant, this deck storage box won’t peel or dent. The exterior surface features a highly durable resin-finish. The size of this deck box is ideal for any deck. It comes in a 46.85“ x 24” x 24.4“ size to be exact. Moreover, the assembly is super easy and barely takes a few minutes. 


A lockable lid and an upgraded design, this storage box is ideal for any patio with its 120 gallons of storage space and an easy-to-fit-in size. Like most deck storage boxes, this one is also multi-functional. It can be used as a bench too. Style the deck box on your pati, the simple design makes it great for any kind of decor. 


This storage box is several different colors of grey and black with slight variations. Be sure to check out all the colors by heading on over to Amazon to get the full specifications. Moreover, the box has a very easy three-step installation process. It offers 120 gallons of storage space that you can easily add to your patio. 


This storage deck box is made out of polypropylene (PP) material which is highly durable and weather-resistant. It’s compact design takes up less space while offering maximum storage space inside. The storage space is enough to store pillows, extra blankets, and garden items that are usually lying around otherwise. A designated space for these items can instantly make your patio look clean and organized. 


This wicker box is made out of durable PE and has 120 gallons of storage space for storing pool equipment, gardening supplies, cushions, toys, etc. Moreover, the box comes with a lockable lid design that ensures maximum safety and protection for the items inside. The whole deck box takes barely 5 minutes to assemble. 


You’ll fall in love with this super stylish deck-box from Pacific E-Commerce. It has a wicker design and is great for both indoors and outdoors. The water-resistant exterior provides protection against rain water and keeps all your items dry. Moreover, probably the best feature on this deck box are the wheels that make it easy for you to move the box around when rearranging. It offers versatile usage and has a functional lid that offers easy access to items. 


This 120 gallon storage deck is waterproof and made out of a high-quality polyethylene. Moreover, the lockable lid is super easy to use and highly convenient when you are not home but want to make sure your items are locked away and safe. The deck box itself is pretty spacious so most of your items will fit inside pretty easily. 

Resin is a pretty popular material used for making deck boxes and the quality of resin used by Keter remains unmatched. These guys are probably the leading brand in making deck boxes and you’ll notice a lot of their items on our list. This particular deck box features an all-weather-resistant resin that offers the best protection against harsh weather conditions and especially rain. The grey exterior blends in well with any patio setting. Moreover, the hydraulic piston mechanism for the lid makes this deck box super easy to open and close. 


Another deck box/ storage bench by Keter that features a highly stylish design. With a grey color and a weather-resistant resin finish, this bench will continue looking brand new even after exposure to harsh weather and rough usage. Furthermore, with a 60 gallons storage capacity, this storage deck box would make a great addition to any porch.


This deck box is great for storing cushions and large items. Super easy to assemble, the deck box features a resin finish with a polyethylene construction like most Keter deck boxes. The resin provides a weather-proof aspect to the deck box that will keep all the items inside safe. 


This rattan deck box features a steel resin frame and a rattan design. The powdered coated steel ensures sturdiness and durability. Moreover, this storage box also features a double-door and a flip cover. The double-doors come with a magnetic snap for easy closing and opening. Furthermore, the deck box offers 88 gallons of storage space which is perfect for storing most of your items. 


Decorative wicker style, this deck storage box comes with 140 gallons of storage capacity. Moreover, the lift-top style makes it super easy to access items. The hinge-lid is a convenient addition as it prevents the deck box from closing too abruptly. 


From Happygrill comes a large capacity wicker storage deck box. The storage box features a sturdy frame and a premium quality rattan. The box is constructed of steel and is super weather-resistant. This outdoor storage box offers versatile storage. What this means is that the box has enough space to store items of diverse shapes and sizes easily. 


If you want a small deck box for your patio, this one by suncast is absolutely worth the money. The deck box features weather-resistant poly resin construction that doesn’t fade or rust. Moreover, the design of this small deck box prevents water from getting inside. You’ll notice that the rain water simply slides off the surface. All in all, this small deck box offers 22 gallons of storage space which is more than sufficient for all your storage needs. 


With a rattan exterior and a ventilation gap between the lid and the box itself, this deck box features a clever design that allows for the items to stay dry inside. If you’re scared about dampness or moisture ruining the items inside, this deck box is what you need. 


Art to Real store offers this aluminum body heavy duty outdoor wicker deck storage box. It is UV-resistant and holds up to 330 lbs of weight capacity. Additionally, it comes with wheels which makes it super easy to move around. 


Made of firewood, this storage bench has a bearing capacity of 330 lbs. It can also be used as a storage deck because it comes with ample storage space underneath the seat. The design is pretty thoughtful in this regard. You can use the bench on your patio to sit and relax after a tough day of work and also use the bench to store items on your patio that would otherwise clutter the space. 



This medium sized deck box by Suncast is made out of water-resistant poly resin. Additionally, it offers a handsome 60 gallons of storage that is ideal for storing grilling supplies, pillows, cushions, sport equipment, etc. 


Made out of reinforced plastic, this deck box can be placed anywhere from the greenhouse, near the swimming pool or on your patio, which is normally the classic space for storing deck boxes. Furthermore, the deck box comes with a lock on the top that keeps the items inside super safe. 


This 72-gallon medium deck box by Suncast is made out of wicker material. Not only is it perfect for the indoors, but also for the outdoors. So, if you plan on placing it on your patio, this deck box won’t disappoint. The lid features hinges that makes it super easy for you to open and close the deck box. 


Green4ever’s outdoor patio wicker storage box features an internal liner that is basically a water-proof sheet that prevents water from getting inside and ruining the items. Moreover, the deck box also features a pneumatic hinge design that keeps the lid upwards without you having to hold it. Overall, the deck box isn’t such a bad bargain especially 138 gallons of storage. 


Store all your pool toys, gardening supplies and patio furniture cushions inside this sturdy and durable water-proof outdoors storage deck box. The deck box offers 63 gallons of space and has a very spacious design. 


Babylon outdoor patio wicker storage features 63 gallons of storage space. Like more deck boxes it comes with a water-resistant poly resin that keeps rain water away. Additionally, the water-resistant design ensures that the water doesn’t pool on the surface. 


This deck box comes in a java brown color that is absolutely gorgeous. If your patio decor is mostly wooden in nature, this deck box by Suncast would go perfectly with that. With an 80 gallon storage space, this deck box can be usable in the yard, on the patio and even in the garage. Basically, wherever you need to add some extra storage space. The water-proof design makes it perfect for both outdoor and indoor usage. 


Rattan style storage boxes are a favorite among many home-owners. They instantly add vintage appeal and make the space more aesthetic. If you care about aesthetics as much as you care about storage, be sure to check this deck box out. It offers 120 gallons of space and is beautifully designed so as to not look too distracting when placed on the deck or the front porch. 


This heavy-duty resin storage box comes with 120 gallons of storage space and two colors to choose from including brown and black. Moreover, this storage box features a padlock design that provides additional protection to the items stored inside. 


You can’t go wrong with a wicker storage deck box for your patio. With 132 gallons of storage space, this deck box is spacious and stylish through and through. HomVent pays special attention to details and the pneumatic hinges design makes it incredibly easy for you to open and close the lid of the box. 


Unfade memory makes this remarkable deck storage box in a unique color called anthracite. The box itself is made out of polypropylene, a material suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Additionally, the box can easily store cushions, pillows, blankets and toys and any other items that may be creating a clutter on your patio. 


This storage deck comes with a lockable lid that provides an additional layer of security. Overall, this deck storage box is made out of polypropylene material and offers an incredible 120 gallons of storage space. The spaciousness of this box is truly astonishing especially when you see how compact and space-saving the box-design itself is. 


An all wicker design, this storage deck box also has a weather-proof aluminum used within its construction that provides good cover against rain. Side handles and wheels on this deck box make it super easy for you to move this box around. 


Made out of a combination of wicker and resin materials, this storage box offers 100 gallons of outdoor storage space that can help you declutter your patio. The box’s exterior surface (especially the lid) is super strong and durable so external weather conditions will have no impact on the items stored inside. Moreover, the box is super light-weight and can be moved around easily. 


This tan colored deck box by Suncast has our hearts. It’s gorgeous to look at and highly useful as a storage unit on any patio or garden. With an 83 gallon storage space, this deck box is water-proof and features a functional lid design that makes rain water simply slide off when you open the box. Furthermore, the poly resin construction makes this box excellent for locations that experience regular exposure to harsh weather. 



This outdoor wicker deck storage box comes with 70 gallons of storage space. An all-white resin design makes this deck look elegant and classy. Any front porch with this bright storage deck is sure to look very welcoming and inviting. 


Sandstone and roughneck are two fancy colors that this particular deck box comes in. It features an outdoor patio seat and storage all-in-one. All your patio accessories, grilling items and gardening supplies will easily fit into this deck box. 


This is an outdoor terrace storage bench. However, you can also use this one anywhere else like the patio, your garden, the garage, etc. It offers multi-functional storage and features a very rugged and durable construction that is great for long-term usage. 


A heavy-duty yet extremely lightweight aluminum powder-coat on this deck box makes it ideal for rough usage and great for environments that get frequent harsh weather. The box is water-resistant and super convenient both indoors and outdoors. 


You might have noticed that a lot of these deck boxes feature an easy-to-open lid, this deck box also features a design that allows you to access items easily. Make sure you invest in a deck box that features this kind of convenient lid-opening design. The deck box overall is spacious and has a very durable metal construction. 


If you want a space-saving deck storage box, this one by Suncast is a really good one. It comes in a square shape and features 13 gallons of storage space. Moreover, the design is pretty clever, so that clever deck box can actually be used as a table on your patio and also serve as a storage box. The design is primarily rattan so it goes well with any kind of patio decor. 


This square storage box can be used as a seat on your patio. It’s a great storage unit that comes with 96 gallons of storage. It has a simple design and a very rugged construction that is ideal for outdoor usage. 


This modern wicker patio storage box comes with a wicker style construction that is sturdy and durable. It also features a seat at the top that you can use to add some additional seating area on your patio space. And it only takes 5 minutes to set up. 


This patio table is made out of a weather-resistant resin that is excellent for any outdoor space. Moreover, it also features a hidden storage of 10 gallons that can be quite useful for storing pillows, outdoor toys or patio accessories that you want out in the open. 


This storage organizer box is actually a seat that you can add to your patio. Moreover, the storage space that it offers is an added benefit that you can enjoy. Made out of durable resin, this storage box will store your items safely and protect them against dust and rain water effectively. 


Another great deck box by Keter, this one features a 55 gallon storage capactiy. You can get this box in two different styles, a wooden panel style or simple rattan. Depending on your patio, you can opt for either of the two. The weather-resistant polypropylene construction makes this deck box ideal for harsh weather conditions. You’ll notice the durability when you see how the surface never chips, peels away or rust. 


This resin storage deck comes with 22 gallons of storage space. It features a mocha brown color and is perfect for a patio with almost any type of decor. You can store your spare towers, pool equipment, shoes and any other items that you want to hide away safely. 


A weather-resistant poly rein construction makes this outdoor deck perfect for outdoor environments that are prone to extreme weathers and harsh winds. You can use it as a seat on the patio and use the 50 gallon storage space to safely store any items that you might have lying around the garden or the patio. 


This outdoor storage deck comes in three different colors: brown, grey and black. It’s easily one of the best deck boxes you can buy online. Store your pillows, patio accessories, pool equipment, gardening supplies, etc. in this deck box without worrying about the items getting dirty or ruined due to rain water or just unpredictable weather in general. It has a tool-free assembly and is super easy to install. 


A functional lid is a must-have in any outdoor storage deck and this one by Suncast features a flip one that allows for easy access. Moreover, any rain water that may accumulate on the top will simply slide off of this deck box, keeping your items safe and dry inside. Moreover, a 63 gallon of storage space makes this deck box a great option amongst all the outdoor deck boxes out there. 


This large deck box offers a very large storage capacity. With 120 gallons of storage space, you can store almost all of the clutter inside this box. Additionally, the box features a weather-resistant and highly-durable rattan construction that does not only blend in well with any kind of patio decor, but also offers great protection against harsh winds and heavy rains. It requires no tools to set it up so you can start using it straight away. 


5 Signs That Show You Need To Buy A Deck Box

cluttered space


Buying the right item is just as important as the right time to purchase that item. Here are 5 guaranteed signs that confirm that you need to buy a deck box right away.


  • The garage is cluttered with small items like kids’ toys and other tools.
  • The outdoor space is cluttered with garden supplies or tools, portraying a messy outdoor.
  • Your storage shed is full to the brim and has no additional capacity to store more items.
  • You need an aesthetic storage option that can also provide you with seating capabilities.
  • The storage options in your house and attic have been exhausted.




Clever Tips On How To Choose The Right Deck Box For Your Outdoor


  • Choose a deck box with wheels that are lockable and casters for free movement around the deck or patio.
  • Although deck boxes don’t usually come with handles, it would be wise to consider a deck box storage with handles so that you can move the box with ease.
  • Hinges are another great feature to consider when purchasing a deck box. Gas hinges assure smooth operation of the deck box and minimize damage to the box when opening and closing.
  • Another piece of innovation in the seemingly simple deck boxes is that of storage nets or suspension baskets, which enable you to utilize the box at maximum efficiency.
  • Make sure you are aware of the décor you intend to keep for your outdoor space. This way, you can choose the type, size, and color of the deck box so that it adds to the aesthetics of the place.
  • Waterproofing is a must-have in any deck box, but protection against ultraviolet rays is another feature that will help you store your belongings in a risk-free manner.




Where To Buy Deck Box

Where to buy a deck box is an important question that has a simple answer in today’s online-based world. Places like Amazon, Aliexpress, Homedepot, and Walmart, make the list of places where you can purchase deck boxes. To buy a deck box, if you’re not tech-savvy, you can check the physical outlets of large retailers that house these items. In this guide, we list down some deck box items that you can purchase online.




5 Benefits Of Having A Deck Box

The benefits of deck storage boxes are countless, but here are the main benefits of a deck storage box that will surely make you want to purchase one for yourself.



  • There is an excellent variety of materials that make choosing the deck box according to your purpose, a hassle-free experience. You can choose wood, plastic, or resin depending on the combination of aesthetics or pure functionalism you want.
  • Deck boxes also come in a variety of shapes such as a coffee table, deck bench, or even a small sofa with a cushion. These add to your outdoor aesthetic experience as well as provide a dual functionality while fulfilling the primary purpose of providing storage for the outdoors.
  • Apart from style and material, deck boxes come in a variety of colors as well. With wood as one of the options for the material of construction, you can add a unique aesthetic to your outdoor space. Moreover, wicker or resin are also great options.
  • Perhaps the biggest benefit of a deck box is that it provides a cleaner and a neat look to your outdoor space. It removes the clutter from the outside and provides a safe space for small items that usually add to clutter and lead to an overall untidy appearance.
  • Deck boxes prevent the items inside from harsh weather and other aspects such as water, wind, and sunlight. These elements can cause wear and tear and hence lead to gradual deterioration. You can avoid this by investing in a deck box.




Deck Box Types

There are three main deck box types. These deck box types vary in their construction, which also in turn influences the way in which these boxes can be utilized.


Wooden deck boxes are a great option because they are versatile and sturdy in nature. Wooden deck boxes are usually constructed from water-resistant wood varieties such as cedar, teak, and pine. These provide the aesthetics of exquisite material. Moreover, they offer maximum protection to the items stored inside because of being weather resistant. Apart from this, the wood comes naturally in many colors ranging from light brown to dark brown, mahogany, and cherry. 
Resin is a material that offers style, affordability, and durability. Since resin can be molded into shapes, it makes for an excellent material for deck boxes. It can also be woven like fabric with wicker like construction to achieve an elegant design that is pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, the material is sturdy, lightweight, and strong to meet your storage needs reliably. They offer protection to your stored items and offer an affordable but stylish look to the patio or deck.
Plastics are considered the most durable and cost-effective products on the market these days. Plastic is lightweight, waterproof, weather-resistant, and hardly reacts with any chemicals making it a durable option. The only drawback to plastics deck boxes may be a slight fade in color if exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Apart from that, plastic deck boxes offer versatility and functionality unmatched by other similar products.



How To Organize Deck Box

Organizing a deck box is pretty simple. Plan ahead of time before you purchase one. By assessing your storage needs before making a purchase you’ll never have to worry about the organization, to begin with. Deck boxes, as mentioned above, come in various forms, styles, and shapes, meaning they can be used for different purposes. If you want a multipurpose deck box, opt for one that supports these features.



After this assessment, look for things to keep in the deck box. These include kids’ toys, garden tools, extra cushions from the house, and even pool tools. Make sure you are using the deck box for compatible purposes. For example, if you are storing cushions in the deck boxes, you shouldn’t store gardening supplies in there.



Keep your deck box on the patio or deck, depending on the type of aesthetic you want to achieve. Do not fill the deck box beyond its capacity as it will most likely damage the items as well as reduce the life of the deck box. You may use partitions inside the deck box to organize items. If you’re storing tools, make sure to label or color-code items to make retrieval easier on yourself when you need to use anything.




How To Utilize Your Deck Box

Although deck boxes are primarily used for storing different items, they do offer some much-needed versatility in utility. This utility comes from the various number of styles and shapes the deck boxes are available to us. For example, the standard deck box is a perfect long bench-like structure, which can be used for sitting purposes provided the box supports the added weight on top. One of the best outdoor storage box tips is to utilize deck boxes dually, for example, as a coffee table and storage container.



Coffee tables and small table-like deck boxes ensure that deck boxes provide storage on your patio and double up as a chic table with chairs assembled around.




Perfect Deck Box Sizes For Your Outdoor

Deck box sizes usually range from the small to extra-large ones. The capacity of the deck boxes is measured in gallons where the small one is capable of storing 50 gallons, and the extra-large ones can hold items up to 150 gallons. Here are the four sizes and a brief description of each:





Small Deck Storage Boxes are capable of storing around 50 gallons in the volume of items. These are handy for storing small items such as kids’ toys, towels, and outdoor pillows.




Medium Deck Storage Boxes have the capability of storing items up to 100 gallons. This makes them ideal for storing limited amounts of gardening supplies or a cushion set.




Large Deck Storage Box can provide storage in the range of 100 to 150 gallons, making them an excellent choice for storing outdoor tools. Moreover, they are good for keeping a larger number of cushions that you cannot stow away inside the house.




Extra-large Deck Storage Boxes provide the maximum storage making them a solution for all your outdoor storage needs. They are capable of storing over 150 gallons volume of stuff in them.




Stylish Deck Box Styles Ideas

Here are a few deck box styles that are sure to grab your attention.



  • Wicker deck storage box makes a graceful addition to the outdoors with a classic dark brown color that can be padlocked for security.
  • A white wicker based deck box that enhances your patio giving a contemporary look.
  • The extra-large war-chest deck box that provides maximum storage with a dark complexion that adds minimalistic aesthetics.
  • Wooden teak deck box gives a classic look.
  • A simple bench-like wooden deck box is giving dual functionality.
  • A round coffee-table deck box giving storage and tabletop features alike.
  • Deck box designed as a park bench with armrest and a back supporting people who sit on it.




How To Properly Take Care Of Your Deck Box On Winter?

cleaning deckbox


Winters can be extreme on the patio furniture and the deck, which are mainly composed of wood or plastic construction. Here are a few steps that you must take to keep your deck box safe before the onset of winter.



  • Clean the deck box off any moisture, dirt, or debris that may have accumulated over it. These contaminants cause the growth of mold on the deck boxes, which is harmful in the long run.
  • Dry items before storing them inside the deck box.
  • Wicker and Plastics can be cleaned with the help of a brush or sponge.
  • Wooden deck boxes need some special attention as they should only be cleaned following the manufacturer’s instructions. The right type of cleaning solution and cleaning method must be employed for the warranty not to become void. Scrubbing is not recommended as it usually leads to the chipping of paint.
  • The coating is an essential task that must be performed before the onset of winter. This will ensure that the deck box is safe and can withstand extreme weather conditions like snow and hail.
  • Follow instructions given by the manufacturer. For wood, you can use a sealant that is waterproof that can prevent moisture from damaging the deck box.
  • Finally, cover the deck box with some sort of plastic cover, which will prevent the harsh winters from damaging the deck box.




Deck Box Frequently Asked Questions



In this deck box FAQs, we will answer some of your most asked questions regarding deck boxes. These Deck box FAQs include inquiries related to storage, maintenance, organization, and optimum sizes for different usages.



1. What Is The Perfect Deck Box For Winter?



The perfect winter deck box is the one that provides the most resistance to extreme temperatures and the action of wind and snow. Wood and plastics are the best materials to opt for when buying winter outdoor box. Plastic has the edge over its wooden counterpart in the sense that it does not require any special coating to make it winter-ready. Plastics rarely react with elements such as wind, water, and snow, making them the perfect choice for the harshest of climates, including winters.




2. Is Deck Box Getting Moist Inside?

Check for your deck box and its insides to inspect whether it is accumulating moisture or not. This can be done by measuring relative humidity or inspecting the items within. Moisture buildup is a typical phenomenon, and to prevent this from happening, invest in a waterproof deck box. Moreover, you can coat the box with a sealant or waterproofing substance to prevent moisture from accumulating inside.




3. The Best Deck Storage Fit On Your Outdoor

As mentioned in earlier sections, the first step to ascertain when buying a deck box is to assess storage needs. Once storage needs are calculated, you must look at the area at your disposal on the deck and the patio. This area on which you can populate your deck box will determine which size, shape, and style will fit the best on it.




4. Benefits Of Building Your Deck Storage

  • Deck boxes are versatile and can be used for different purposes.
  • Deck boxes are quite an affordable storage option.
  • Deck boxes withstand the harshest of weather conditions and can be used all year round.
  • The variety of shapes, sizes, and styles means they can fit any outdoor space and conform to your specific outdoor aesthetics.
  • Deck boxes come with locks, hinges, and wheels underneath to allow free movement and efficient handling of the deck box.
  • Building your own deck storage can provide you with the chance to customize it according to your home’s décor.




5. How To Organize Your Things Using Under Deck Storage

Sometimes, a deck may be a raised platform compared to the lawn and the outdoor area. This makes this raised deck a suitable option for storing things. These items can be safely stored under the deck by employing different measures.


  • You can simply store your items underneath the desk space using the deck like a roof.
  • Store items in boxes or storage cabinets under the deck.
  • Extra-large drawers can be made that go under the deck when not in use.




6. How To Utilize Deck Storage

As mentioned above, the space underneath the deck can serve as a pretty good storage space. Even if the deck is not that high, it usually is a few steps, at least. This makes the space underneath the patio a perfect option for storing items. You can build drawers that come out or simply use the space for keeping things. Space can be walled or left open, depending on the type of items you want to store.




7. How Deep Should The Under-Deck Storage Be?

The area under the deck should be at least 5 feet to consider it as an appropriate storage option. However, heights less than these can be utilized to make drawers or cabinets in the space. A deeper space provides you with enough ammunition to use the deck space for a full-fledged storage shed.




8. What Is The Standard Size Of Waterproof Under Deck Storage?

There are no standard waterproofing dimensions under the deck storage, but it is advisable to waterproof the underside to stop the growth of microorganisms. These microorganisms tend to cause structural damages to the deck; hence sloping the bottom of the deck with some pipes is a good idea.




9. Should I Paint My Under-Deck Storage?

Treated wood doesn’t need to be stained on the underside, but it is still desirable to paint the bottom of the deck to have a few advantages. One of these advantages is the avoidance of the growth of mold that usually occurs in damp spaces. The bottom of the deck is vulnerable to the action of microorganisms; hence, the bottom of the deck should be painted once every two to three years.

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