The Ultimate Guide To Have The Perfect Outdoor Storage Containers

Outdoor storage can be tricky since it’s not straightforward. You don’t have corners where you can arrange a storage ottoman or a bed to roll a storage bin under. Outdoor storage takes some thinking in terms of figuring out what item to invest in without ruining the look of your overall house.



Thankfully, the storage supply market is currently saturated with tons of options in terms of designs, sizes, and purposes. And if you can’t find anything suitable, there is always a DIY way to go. Therefore, if you put your creative mind to good use, you might be able to create lots of space in your backyard and lawn with relative ease.



This guide will help you do just that. From what kind of outdoor storage containers, you can buy and the do’s and don’ts for outdoor storage containers to which items you can store in them and how to properly organize, you will find the answers to all of your outdoor storage container FAQs. 




Why You Need Outdoor Storage Containers 

outdoor storage containers


There are several reasons to have outdoor storage containers for your items. Some of these reasons include:


  • Organizing your supplies.
  • Keeping your outdoor area mess-free. 
  • Keeping sharp tools and essential supplies away from pets and children. 
  • Keeping your possessions safe from theft and accidental loss. 
  • Protecting the non-weather-resistant items from environmental damage. 
  • Adding color or style to your outdoor space. 




Where To Buy A High-Quality Outdoor Storage Container 

There are several brands and stores that you can visit in person and online if you need high-quality outdoor storage containers for your expensive and delicate items. Some of the popular ones include IKEA, Home Depot, Amazon, Overstock, and Wayfair. 



You can look up the ones in your particular area and see which stores are closer to you and which online stores deliver to your area.



The advantage of a live store is that you can check the product in person before purchasing it, while online shopping saves you from the effort as well as from the back and forth rides from the shop.



You can decide which method suits you best and make your call. We’ll also be listing down some cool outdoor storage options in this guide, so stick around for those.




Outdoor Storage Containers Types

Various outdoor storage container types are available on the market with a great deal of diversity in terms of build, design and material. You can choose from a variety of options depending on your budget, personal preferences, and requirements. Let’s take a look at a few popular types.


A crowd-favorite option is plastic outdoor storage containers. Plastic is lightweight, easily portable, and very budget-friendly. You can find a wide variety in these kinds of boxes on the market in terms of sizes, designs, and styles. However, plastic containers are not sturdy. They are malleable, and they cannot hold a lot of weight. Hence, if you are looking for temporary storage containers under a budget, these will be the perfect way to go. 



These designs are best for outdoor placement. Rubbermaid Outdoor storage containers have a lot of space. They are resistant to rust and rot thereby giving you lots of opportunities to store outdoor items while keeping them safe from the weather and harsh environment. You can choose from several options based on your budget and size requirements. They come in various designs and colors, so you have a lot of choices to pick your favorite from. 
If you have heavy or bulky items to store, heavy-duty outdoor storage containers will be a good option. These can store larger items easily. They are sturdy and therefore have the capacity to withhold heavyweight items. They are not easily breakable or malleable, and you can choose between a bunch of options that include lockable containers as well. 
Some valuable, non-weather-resistant items might need to be kept in airtight containers for outdoor storage in order to protect them from the humidity and dust in the air. These items include edibles and materials that can rot and rust under moisture. Airtight containers of various sizes and shapes are available on the market. You can choose one according to your budget and keep your valuables safe.
If you want more access to your storage and want to see which items are there at all times, clear outdoor storage containers will be your best choice. These are containers that have windows or transparent structures to help you see the possessions inside a particular box. Clear outdoor storage containers are great for items that you need frequently and can’t be bothered to look around for. With a transparent built, these storage containers make it easier for you to spot the item immediately.





How To Organize Outdoor Storage Containers 


organise storage containers

To organize outdoor storage containers, you must keep them separated from the rest of your storage. Most storage boxes come in different sizes and shapes so that you can pile them up or assemble them side by side according to your liking.



If you don’t organize your storage containers, they will become a part of the existing mess and will be of no use. So, make sure you purchase storage containers that vary in size. You’ll have more organization options to choose from that way in terms of piling them up or lining them side to side – whatever works for your outdoor space.




How To Utilize Your Outdoor Storage Containers 

It is not enough to own outdoor storage containers. You must know how to get the maximum use out of them. The best way to utilize outdoor storage containers is by categorizing them according to what you want to put in them.



This basically means that you should be able to separate your containers based on the sizes, types, and materials of items that you’re putting in them. For example, keep all your nails and screws in one container, and your gardening supplies in another.



Similarly, keep all your metal items in one storage box and all the fabrics in a different one. 



This protects your items from damage, but it also helps you remember where you put your possessions. So, when you’re looking for a particular outdoor mat, you’ll go straight to the fabric container without wasting any time. 



If you own larger storage containers, you can create more space inside them by sectioning them even further. You can use torn up cardboard pieces. Divide the area into several sections and place your items inside these smaller compartments.



This trick will give you the space to organize more of your items of similar size in one container, keep your possessions even more organized, and prevent the items from mixing.  This trick is also helpful for storing nails, screws, and wires that you think will tangle or mix up. Separating them into different compartments will keep them de-tangled and easy to access. 




Stylish Outdoor Storage Container Ideas 


stylish storage containers

No one said your storage needs to look bland and boring. The following are some effortless and elegant ways to amp up your outdoor storage containers.     



  • Reuse Your Old Furniture

Simply repaint an old vertical bookshelf, add padding, fabrics, and doors or windows, if you want, and turn it into a horizontal outdoor storage container. 

You can also use old bathroom shutters, paint them, and add hooks to them to reuse them as towels or key holders. Coffee tables that you do not want inside the house anymore can be great storage boxes if covered with fabrics. Old cabinets and storage boxes can also be reused for this purpose in a similar manner. 



  • Add Amendments

Another excellent container idea for outdoor storage is to decorate it. Adding flowers or lights around your storage boxes can help brighten the space and bring aesthetics to the place. Similarly, you can paint your outdoor storage containers any color you want to bring an appropriate and desirable style to your outdoor space.



  • Get Pretty Ready-Made Organizers

Similarly, you can use multi-purpose hanging organizers to store your mechanical and gardening tools. These come in a variety of different colors and patterns so you can add some style to your outdoor storage space. 



  • Go DIY

The best way to add style and color of your choice to outdoor storage containers is by doing it yourself. Paint it, and design it the way you want to suit your theme and personal preferences.  Some easy ideas include reusing old jars and boxes by painting them and decorating them according to your liking.




The Do’s And Don’ts For Your Outdoor Storage Container

Dos And Donts

Like everything else, there are certain do’s and don’ts for an outdoor storage container.



Outdoor storage containers can be used to store various items that you want to keep away from and out of sight. These include small items such as machine tools and supplies, stationery, and outdoor fabrics like picnic mats, cushion covers, and rugs. 



Even though outdoor storage containers are intended to hold all kinds of storage items, there are some objects that you should never store in them. These include scorching devices that are still turned on.



Be sure to turn off these devices completely, and let them cool down before storing them in a box or container. The same goes for wet or damp objects. Allow them to dry completely before you close them up in a container. The humidity can damage not only the item itself but also the box if it is not water-resistant. 



Avoid storing items that are electrically charged. Unplug them and let them un-charge entirely before putting them inside closed boxes. 



Also, avoid putting excessively large or heavy items inside a weak or small outdoor storage container. The storage box might not be able to hold the item and will collapse thereby damaging itself as well as your valuable object in the process.




5 Ways To Transform Your Outdoor Using Storage Container 

If you are underestimating the power of storage containers for your outdoor items, you are making a big mistake. If you utilize outdoor storage containers the right way, these can completely transform your space. 


  • You can put aside all your gardening tools so that your lawn can be neat, clean, and free from extra mess.
  • Keeping sharp or heavy objects out of the way is essential to protect your pets and children and storage containers can help with that.
  • Several outdoor storage containers can help you get rid of the unwanted or unnecessary items lying around in your space. 
  • These containers can also help you protect your expensive or valuable possessions that are not weather-resistant and may be affected by the changing environment. 
  • Another way that these containers can transform your space is by adding color or style to your place. A chic storage box can add to the overall theme of exterior design. 




How To Maximize Storage Space Of Your Outdoor Storage Container 

maximise outdoor storage containers


You must know how to use outdoor storage containers properly and get the maximum use from them. The following are some of the best ways to do this:



  • Categorize and section your items according to a particular criterion. Separate them based on their material, size, color, usability, or whatever feature you find appropriate for yourself. Doing this will help you organize your stuff better, and it will also save you time when you are looking for a particular object.  
  • Label the containers to know what kind of items is in which box. Again, this will help you categorize the items and know where to look when searching for an object. You can use color-coding, whiteboard or blackboard bars, label-makers, and even markers for this. 
  • Get smaller containers, and pile them up or arrange them together, instead of getting one larger container.



Small outdoor storage containers give you more focused space for your items. Thus, the more of these containers that you have, the more opportunity for storage they give you.




Cool Hacks For A Space-Saving Outdoor Storage Container 

If you don’t want your storage containers outdoor to occupy any space in your area, there are several ways to add space-saving storage containers instead.


  • Use floating shelves and store your containers high up along the walls, instead of putting them on the floor. This trick will help you save a lot of your floor space. 
  • Use containers that can be piled up on top of each other. This hack, again, saves a lot of floor space. 
  • Use multi-purpose outdoor storage containers, which can be used as coffee tables or for other purposes. 
  • If you already have storage sheds or cabinets outdoors, try to fit your smaller storage containers inside these drawers and compartments, instead of putting your storage containers outdoors If not, they will occupy extra space in your outdoor area, which could have easily been saved. 




Outdoor Storage Containers Frequently Asked Questions 



Apart from all of this information, there are several outdoor storage containers FAQs that might help resolve some doubts you may have about purchasing outdoor storage containers. Hopefully, the following answers will help you solve your storage problems and start organizing your outdoor space right away.



1.      Is Safe To Store Food In Plastic Storage Containers Outdoor? 

It is not recommended that you store hot or freshly cooked food in plastic containers outside. While you may be able to store cold and dry edibles inside plastic containers outdoor, it is not advisable that you leave the box out in the sun or exposed to the weather.



Sometimes, the answer to this question also depends on the kind of plastic that you are using. Also, it depends on what the environment outside is like. High-quality plastic can do an excellent job of preserving your food at moderate temperatures and humidity levels.




2.  How To Make Outdoor Storage Container Secure 

You can purchase boxes that are secured with traditional padlocks and even mechanical or digital locks. It is very simple to lock these containers and keep your items safe, hidden, and secure.



Other options on the market include alarm systems, fencing, and inner bolts. Even though fancy and modern locking systems can increase the overall price of the product, you can choose the one that fits in your budget and make your purchase accordingly. 



You can also choose to go for solidly built storage containers, like metal ones. Plastic is easily breakable, so it might not be able to withstand pressure. Wood and steel will be better options in terms of durability and strength.  




3.  The Best Outdoor Storage Containers Solutions Help Keep Your Essentials 

By choosing the right kinds of outdoor storage containers, you can keep your essentials safe and protected from harm, damage, or theft. Keep in mind the material and size of the item that you want to store and the container that you are purchasing.



Also, decide whether or not you want additional locks and security systems for the containers. Furthermore, you can choose the secondary requirements, such as design, style, and container color according to your liking.




4. What Is An Outdoor Storage Container?

An outdoor storage container is a box or any other holder that you can store your outdoor items. Such items include your gardening tools and supplies, your outdoor fabrics, your shoes, and patio cushions, and other stuff that you want to keep out of the way.



These containers come in various prices, materials, styles, sizes, and designs, as well as several colors, patterns, and brands. Before buying an outdoor storage container, you must be aware of certain things. 



  • Take measurements of the space that you have outdoors. 
  • Also, make a list of all the items that you want to store. 
  • Take note of the exterior design and theme of outer space. 
  • Decide what amount you want to spend on outdoor storage containers and put this budget to the side. 



Do your research based on these aspects, to find an outer storage container that fits your requirements without making you go bankrupt. 




5.  How You Will Get Free Up Extra Space In Your Basement Using Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Containers?

Outdoor storage containers by Rubbermaid are versatile and can be used to store pretty much anything. You can put these in your basement to put away your temporarily unwanted or unnecessary items.



You can also use them to save valuable essentials that you want to store for the long term or just want to keep safe. Because of their compact structure but wide spacing, they can hold a lot of stuff at a time. You can store all your items that are occupying extra space in the room and free up space in the basement. 




6.  DIY Outdoor Plastic Storage Containers 

The process is pretty straightforward to create outdoor plastic storage containers yourself. These are fun to make, and they are economical and customizable according to your budget, requirements, and personal aesthetic sense. 



You can use old plastic water bottles, jewelry boxes, or plastic cartons for this purpose.



Simply, choose a plastic container of appropriate sizing, cut it into the shape that you want, color it as per your liking, and your DIY plastic outdoor container is ready. 




7.  Outdoor Storage Containers For A Small Space 

If you don’t have much space to put a big storage container in your backyard or patio, the best option is to choose boxes that don’t occupy much floor space and have more height than width, along with shallow drawers or spaces.



A similar concept is to pile up small storage containers so that they give you more opportunities for storage but take up less space on the floor. For such places, you can also use hanging storage or wall-shelves.  




8.  Where To Buy Outdoor Plastic Storage Containers?

If you are finally thinking of getting one of these, you can buy outdoor plastic storage containers from various online and in-store brands, like Amazon, IKEA, Wayfair, Target, and other high-end and drugstore brands.



You can choose from a variety of sizes, styles, as well as budgets. It is important that you keep in mind that the quality of plastic will determine what you can store in the container. So, decide whether you are looking for high-quality plastic to store valuable or edible items or temporary containers to store unwanted items.




9. How Much Will It Cost For A Large Outdoor Storage Container?

A good quality, large outdoor storage container can cost you as low as 50 to 60 bucks to as high as hundreds of dollars, depending on the measurements, material, and brand of the container.



A DIY storage container may cost you less than a ready-made one if you choose the materials and other features wisely. Building furniture reduces the cost of labor and delivery so DIY is always a great option.