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100 Best Outdoor Toy Storage For Fun In The Sun 100 Best Outdoor Toy Storage For Fun In The Sun

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100 Best Outdoor Toy Storage For Fun In The Sun

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

Solve the issue of having toys strewn all across your once immaculate front yard by investing in good outdoor toy storage.

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If you are a family with kids, you probably have toys lying around all over the yard. You can solve this problem simply by investing in good outdoor toy storage.


You might have a place inside the house where all the toys could be arranged and kept safely, but kids rarely ever consider putting things back in their place. And of course, you wouldn’t want the toys to be spread all around the house and risk tripping over them, damaging both the toys and yourself. Hence, toy storage is the ultimate solution to organizing your kids’ toys outdoors.


To help you manage and organize all the toys of your kids, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you in getting the perfect outdoor toy storage. This toy storage ideas will focus on the available options in the market and how to build a toy storage yourself. Moreover, it will also help you figure out how to utilize these outdoor storage options to get the most out of them.


Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas You Should Know


Outdoor toy storage is always a matter of concern for many parents. At times it’s about managing all the clutter. At others, it’s about protecting them from rain, wind, snow, and perhaps theft. So here we are with a range of the best outdoor toy storage benches, shelves, containers, deck boxes, and more that you might not have thought of. Most of these are waterproof and durable, yet all of them help you keep the garden clean and handle all kinds of toys, big and small, with ease. Have a look!


The Keter Marvel deck box has an enormous storage capacity of 71 gallons that can securely store many toys outdoors. Besides, it has a durable resin construction and a lid to protect the toys from dust, rain, and snow. And when closed, it can also serve as a seat as well. 


When your kids play out in the garden, this mat will serve as a mat, and when it’s time to pack up, all you’ll have to do is pull the drawstring. It is incredibly convenient for storing smaller toys like legos but can even accommodate larger ones. 



The deck box from the Lifetime Store is one of the best outdoor toy storage solutions. It has a rigid 150-gallon deck box with High-Density Polyethylene construction. Besides, the stainless steel hardware also adds to its durability. Moreover, the lid has soft closure so that it won’t snap close on the kid’s hands. 



The Keter Glenwood plastic deck box offers 101 gallons of storage space that can even store bats, balls, and all other kinds of outdoor toys. Also, the inclusion of metal pistons prevent snap closure of the lid, and it is safe for the kids to handle. 


The solid wood Linon Home outdoor toy storage bench provides excellent hidden storage for teh toys under the seat. It has back support and a flip-top lid, with a walnut finish that will go with most indoor and outdoor decors. You can add cushions and plush seats for better seating comfort. 



Though the utility carts by Supenice are designed to transfer your groceries into your home from the car trunk, it can also work as a fantastic toy storage cart. The deep and wide bin can hold basketballs, soccer kit, and many more sports items. However, the best part is that it is foldable and lightweight. 


The Beau Jardin folding wagon cart features Polyester fabric that is sturdy, waterproof, and easy to clean. It will store the toys and help in transporting from one location to another, within or outside the house. The wheels are purposefully large in size and make it easy to move on all surfaces, along with the handle.



The heavy-duty wagon by Mac Sports is a collapsible and lightweight outdoor toy storage solution. At the same time, it is heavy duty with 150 lbs load-bearing capacity. The fabric is pretty durable, along with being resistant to mildew and UV rays. 


The Household Essentials outdoor toy storage tub with lid is made entirely from natural hand weaved water hyacinth. It is versatile and is shaped like an urn. However, it has a metal frame to add sturdiness to its build. And is also environment friendly and safe for kids.  



The white finish and slated back of the Linon Laredo outdoor storage bench is complete bliss when it comes to adding hidden toy storage plus an outdoor seating option. It has a flip-top lid, is made from wood, and a piece of eco-friendly patio furniture.


The 16 storage bins of varying sizes are an efficient way to teach your child to stay organized and neat. These are all made of plastic and sit in a slightly slanted position on the outdoor toy storage shelves, featuring double rods. All bins are removable and washable. 


This hall tree from Linon Store is excellent for placing in a covered patio than under the open sky. It has a split top seat, which can be made more comfortable using cushions, while the storage space is provided under the seat and hooks on the top.



The lockable cabinet by BS is another excellent way to store your kid’s toys outdoors. It has five storage compartments with adjustable shelves and two accent doors. However, the best part is that this cabinet is lockable, so you can place it outdoors, store the toys within without the worry of theft or damage.


The Kidkraft toy storage box is made from sturdy wood and also doubles as a seat for your tiny tot. Besides, when your child is sitting on the top, the storage unit’s lid is protected from accidental falls with safety hinges. 



When your child wants to play in the yard or garden, this playmat cum toy storage adds to your convenience of gathering the stuff pretty quickly and easily. It features quality oxford and polyester fabric that is designed to last a lifetime and is also safe from accidental tears from toys.


The Horusdy plastic bins can be wall-mounted and removed while they help you keep the toys organized and in place. These can be installed in the patio garage and are ideal for storing smaller or medium-sized items.


With 70 gallons of outdoor toy storage space at your disposal along with seats for two, this bench by Keter is a must-have. It has a durable polyresin construction that is resistant to most weather conditions, including rusting and denting. Besides, it has a weight capacity of 771 lbs. You may also lock it using an additional padlock.


The Rubbermaid outdoor toy storage cabinet features four heavy-duty shelves. It can be used for storing all kinds of toys, including sports equipment. The design is rugged, and it is resistant to most vagaries of weather.


Made from premium polyresin material, this deck storage box has an enormous storage capacity of 150 gallons. So next time your kids play outdoors, you can leave their stuff outdoors in secure storage. The hydraulic pistons allow the lid’s soft closure, while the top has a load capacity of 660 lbs. 


The Vivohome 176 lbs outdoor toy storage cart is laced with bigger wheels and sturdy construction. Besides, it is collapsible and has a handle for making it easy to pull in and out. The height of the handle can also be adjusted.


Get enormous storage space for toys and a seat for two in one Rubbermaid weather-resistant deck box. Moreover, the premium polyresin material makes it resistant to rain and sun, and it will stay put for years to come.



The Keter Borneo outdoor toy storage box is made from a durable polyresin material that features a rattan appearance. However, it is long-lasting and can be used for storing even bigger toys like bats, badminton rackets, apart from the smaller ones. 


Organize and store all the pool toys and tubes in this impressive Mesh bin, kept sturdy with a PVC frame. It also features smaller pockets on the sides for keeping the smaller toys handy. Moreover, it is easy to install, and the caster wheels make portability a piece of cake.


Though the DII Store metal wire utility bins are designed for heavy-duty storage, you may also assign them for storing toys outdoors. Apart from toys, you may also use it to store books, cushions, and similar items. Besides, you may choose to leave it out or indoors, depending on the items stored within.


The compact and sturdy 30-gallon outdoor toy storage boxes by Keter are ready to be used as a seat for one when your kid plays in the garden or yard. The top can sustain a load of 220 lbs. Besides, the toys stay ventilated, and kids won’t bump their heads into the handles as they have a built-in design.


The Keter Circa resin deck storage box is one of the best outdoor toy storage solutions, as it is safe and sturdy for the kids to use. The built-in handles and soft lid closure makes it safe for the kids to use.  It is easy to assemble and will not break for up to 308 lbs weight on the top.


The Sandusky outdoor toy storage wagon is designed to carry 400 lbs and will stay safe from corrosion and denting. The D style handle makes it easy to pull the cart. Besides, it will make it convenient to carry and store the toys when playing out.


Go for a portable outdoor toy storage box that is waterproof and easy to assemble. Besides, it is conveniently sized to accommodate cushions, pool noodles, etc. apart from the kid’s toys. It is a space saver and can easily fit in most locations.


Dewalt’s outdoor toy storage bin is the best for you if you are looking for a rugged storage option. You may easily throw in the toys after playtime and pick and store it in the garage for long term storage. 


The Songnomics cube storage unit is made from plastic and will be perfect for storing toys outdoors. The different cubes mean that the toys can be sorted and arranged in order. Besides, the doors can be sturdily closed, and the items will stay protected from dust.


The Gorilla Carts have been patented for quick release dumping but are also great for storing garden toys for your children. The heavy-duty handle is slightly padded, and the heavy-duty tires make sure that it moves swiftly in the garden and uneven surfaces. 


Here’s another masterpiece by Keter that can function both as outdoor toy storage and a seat for one. The weather-resistant polypropylene keeps the toys safe for rain and snow, while an adult can easily use it as a bench.


The 71 gallons of covered space in this outdoor toy storage shed is great for storing more giant toys like foldable slides and tricycles. Besides, it has a wood-like texture through the polypropylene construction and built-in handles.


The Melissa & Doug toy chest is a great outdoor toy storage option but is advisable to be kept in covered patios. The safety hinge lid allows soft closure, and the 4.5-cubic feet is sufficient to house loads of toys.


The Honey-Can-Do double woven has a unique espresso finish texture allowing a clean organization of toys in the yard or garden. Besides, it is double woven for additional durability and comes with a lifetime warranty. Also, the lid ensures safety from dirt, and handles help in transferring the toys. 


The Rubbermaid outdoor toy storage bin comes with a secure lockable lid and safe keeps toys and many more items, though medium in size. Besides, it is stackable and can also be used for transferring delicate items apart from toys while moving houses.


The Glitzhome outdoor toy storage bin is made from high-quality metal and topped with wooden lids. It is rustic, string, and ideal for both vintage and contemporary decor. It can also serve as a stool or table apart from providing hidden storage for toys and sports gear when outdoors. 


Here’s one of the most sturdy outdoor toy storage boxes that are entirely resistant to rusting and denting. The diamond tread aluminum is ever ready to weather all outdoor conditions from rain to snow and keep the toys safe and secure.


These are specially designed for storing your pool toys with absolute convenience. It has a strong steel frame that’s designed to last for years and can also sit in the sun for extensive periods. Besides, it is easy to assemble and maintain, and the wicker used is of high quality.


The Happimess outdoor toy storage trunk made from wicker is environmentally friendly and safe for children. Besides, it has an entirely natural wicker weave that is handwoven to perfection and helps you hide all the clutter. However, it is not waterproof, and you might want to place this trunk on covered patios than under the open sky, especially during the rainy season.


Keep the clutter of legos and game boards all organized in this stylish cube storage rack. It can be placed in the garage, in bedrooms, or even in patios. Each section is large, and the built-in holes work as handles for opening and closing. Moreover, the quality ABS connector and PP plastic panel are durable and easy to clean.



If you or your kids are into basketball, volleyball, or soccer, here’s a rack that will help you organize your sports balls in outdoor areas. It has an effortless design with heavy-duty powder-coated steel. Besides, the rigid rubber casters allow easy movement while the cart features an anti topple structure. 


Store your bikes and kid scooters in this solid metal rack by Mythinklogic, and teach the importance of organization in your little one. Besides, it has additional storage space for keeping other toys like skateboards, balls and skipping ropes. 


Choose the outdoor toy storage shed for worry-free storage of kids bikes, bats,  Garden toys, and more. The Shelterlogic shed is also waterproof and conveniently sized for extensive outdoor storage of about 36 square feet. The powder-coated metal frame is extra durable and requires minimal assembling efforts.


Sauder’s outdoor toy storage cabinet is built to last and provide extensive storage for all kinds of toys, especially the smaller ones. However, since it has four adjustable shelves, you can make room for taller items as well. 


The Shelterlogic outdoor toy storage shed features a durable and rust-free 10 x 15 x 8-feet steel frame. Besides, the cover is made from a triple-layer waterproof ripstop fabric that is also treated to be resistant to harmful UV radiation.


The large and spacious Blake & Lake wooden box has a natural curb appeal. It is decked with hinged lids that make these boxes stackable. You’ll love storing your board games in this toy box, while it provides odor-free storage.


Free more space in the patio or your garden with this wall-mountable bike storage rack. It can accommodate six bicycles, with a combined load of up to 300lbs. Further, it is easy to install the hooks, are adjustable and resistant to rusting and peeling.


The Mesh Titan outdoor toy storage bag can be employed for storing pool toys, sports balls,  and a lot more things to keep all the clutter in check. It can be used both outdoors and indoors, while it has the capacity to hold up to 20 basketballs at once. Besides, the straps of this bag are laced with hooks that make it adjustable and can be hung with ease.


One of the best outdoor toy storage bags for kids of all ages is the Handy Laundry bag crafted from heavy-duty commercial nylon mesh. It can accommodate most kinds of sports gear and is expandable as well. Yet, the best part is that it has a sliding and adjustable drawstring cord that keeps the toys in place. 


The 600D Oxford Cloth of the Wood City outdoor toy storage basket ensures that this product stays resistant to wear and tear for a long time. Since it comes with a play mat, it is ideal for smaller kids and makes it easy to collect their toys in one go. Besides, it wraps up into a basket which also helps in movement. 


The large outdoor toy storage cart by MyGift is a one-shot solution for storing multiple sports balls and equipment. It has a metal wire design that ensures that you can access your specific equipment in time, while the hinged top lid can also be secured ud=sing an additional padlock.


The EXTCCT rolling rack is specifically designed to store balls, big and small. The four-layer design of this cart features three double rod racks for placing sports balls, while the bottom one features a basket for smaller balls and other equipment. Side hooks can be used for hanging equipment bags. 


Made from natural pinewood, this super elegant outdoor toy storage shed is a must-have for safekeeping garden toys. It has a stable construction, and the wheels make transferring the shed from one location to another a piece of cake. Also, a hinged lid makes it safer for the kids to handle. 


The Iwicker outdoor toy storage bench is crafted from a premium quality wicker woven on a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame. It can help you store pool toys, garden toys, or simply cushions and towels when your little ones play outdoors. The lid opens gently and hides the storage space below.



This outdoor toy storage bench is sure to be a heritage in your family that your kids may pass on to theirs in the future. And that’s because it is made from Acacia wood that is known for durability and is resistant to wear and tear. It has a unique slatted design with a rustic charm, while a waterproof fabric has been attached to the lid to protect the storables. 


The Vasagle outdoor toy storage chest is manufactured from medium density natural fiberboards, with an elegant espresso finish. While it is safe for outdoor storage, you can also place it in the interiors, thanks to its good looks. The cut-out handles and the hinged lid makes it easy to keep around smaller kids. 


The waterproof and sturdy construction of the Plano Sports trunk makes it awesome for outdoor storage or transit of sports goods. This one has a massive 56 quartz capacity and is made from impact-resistant heavy-duty plastic with lockable latches. 



The Wood Toy Box is a handcrafted craftsmanship marvel for storing toys, sports equipment, or even blankets and cushions. It is extra-large yet safe for the kids to handle as the lid will not drop if left unattended at any angle. However, ensure that the smaller ones don’t try to hide within this chest.


Here’s another amazingly sneaky outdoor toy storage option along with the comfort of having a bench to watch over the kids. Made from solid Acacia wood, it is safe for outdoor use, and the storage space opens with a downward flip door at the front of this bench.



The large capacity of the Sur Soul wooden outdoor toy storage bench is suitable for a garden or patio placement. The bench is made from high-quality fir wood and designed with armrests and back support. The base has 192L storage capacity and opens using cut out handles. 



The Furniture HotSpot Store outdoor toy storage bench’s unique thing is that it features a split seat lid. This means that you might not have to leave the seat every time your little one needs another toy from the storage section. Moreover, the gray finish is fantastic, and armrests and back support are integrated into the design.



Wow! It is the best word that describes the aesthetic appeal of this beautiful Acacia wood toy storage bench. The natural finish of the trunk, coupled with the stylish metal base, is simply breathtaking. Yet, it can be placed outdoors for storing all kinds of stuff from books to toys and cushions. 


A pirate style red & black treasure chest will help you teach the toddlers to keep their toys organized and safe. It is made of plastic while the lid ensures waterproof storage. However, it is not meant for large or too many toys as the size is compact. 


The Giantex natural fir wood outdoor toy storage bench is a multipurpose piece of furniture. Besides, it has a breathable slat design with a soft close lid, thanks for safety hinges. Moreover, the storage space remains hidden as no handles are attached, and the storage space can be accessed by lifting the seat. 


The Suncast cabinet is one of the best outdoor toy storage sheds that is designed to keep your sports equipment safe and secure. The multi-wall panel structure features two shelves and is resistant to scratches and rust. Safe for outdoor usage and is lockable using additional padlocks. 


The three-door weather-resistant polypropylene cabinet by Topinncnis has four ventilated shelves with an individual weight capacity of 12 kg. Plus, the cabinet can be secured using a padlock, though you’ll have to buy that extra. It has TüV-GS certified material and fits most compact spaces. 



Your kids are gonna love this beautiful toy chest that is collapsible, safe, and cheerful. Besides, if you choose to buy more than one of these chests, they can be stacked for saving floor space. The lid can be closed using the ears, which in itself will be fun for the toddlers and pre-teens.



The BHG farmhouse style outdoor storage bench features all that one might need in a bench, along with a huge wicker basket that you may use for toy storage. The wicker box can be slid out, and the seat functions as its lid.


The rustic brown natural wood finish of the Hobro toy storage chest is to die for. The lid features safety hinges that prevent slam shutting and causing potential injuries. Besides, the storage is sufficient to house loads of soft toys and board games at the end of playtime. 


The GBU wagon is adorned with a huge bin for storing and carrying toys into the garden and back. And the handles have double brakes to prevent sliding on sloped floors, and an additional pocket on the external side allows segregation of smaller toys.



Handwoven wicker on a sturdy powder-coated steel frame makes this chest a long-lasting affair. It is heavy-duty and waterproof, with the ability to hold almost 440 pounds of weight. Besides, it is versatile, so apart from toys, it can also be used to store cushions, garden mats, and a lot more items. 


Though made from solid Acacia wood, this outdoor storage deck is fitted with waterproof Tarpaulin fabric in the interior to protect toys and other items from rainwater, dust, and moisture. Also, Acacia wood is not easily wearable and will maintain the same sheen for years with minimal maintenance. 



The Leaptime outdoor toy storage box features an eco-friendly rattan material and design. Besides, it brings 150 gallons of storage capacity along with slow-closing lids. And since it is waterproof, you can easily hide all the clutter without having to worry about the weather conditions.


This outdoor toy storage shed by Jaxpetty has a dark gray coating on a sturdy steel material. Plus, it is free-standing with a slanted roof to prevent water or snow accumulation. Meanwhile, it has ample space for storing kids’ bikes and other garden toys like inflatable pools and slides. It has ventilation windows as well. 


The Keter deck box made from premium resin material provides exceptional waterproof storage for toys, cushions, etc. It is compact, with a 30-gallon storage capacity, built-in handles, and lots of aesthetics. You’ll surely love to buy these in a pair as it will perfectly complement your garden or patio furniture and add additional seats.


With 90 gallons of massive storage space at your disposal, you’ll love how it hides all the mess under its soft closing lid. From tricycles of toddlers to garden equipment, it might accommodate a lot more items than you could have imagined. 



Store anything from pool toys to inflatables and even garden tools in these 100-gallon outdoor toy storage containers. The lid is supported by hydraulic pistons and does not slam shut. It has ventilation slits, apart from the fact that you can also use it as extra seating when outdoors. 


You may also use these three Baskets with lids from Keter for storing smaller toys like legos and dolls for the children’s outdoor playtime. They have an espresso brown finish perfectly complemented with a polyresin construction. The baskets are weather resistant and have carved handles. 


Here’s an amazing outdoor toy storage bucket that opens to become a play mat and closes into a zipped basket. Besides, it has ample storage for big and small toys, and the fabric is soft and durable. Fabric scrap handles are also present to make it easy to carry this basket.


The rustic gray natural wood grain finish of the Delta Children Store will fit in all kinds of outdoor decors. It has a durable construction and features a lid with cut-out detailing. However, what makes it one of the best outdoor toy storage boxes is that these are safe for children since it is tested to be free from toxic elements, and meets ASTM Safety Standards.


The HomeVent wicker boxes are wide and extensive for storing several items in one spot and save yourselves of all the spread-out mess in your garage. It is mindfully constructed with premium wicker material and pneumatic hinges for safe closure. It supports 132 gallons of storage volume.


Store your sports balls with style with these, and make them a piece of decor when not in play. However, though these are safe for outdoor use, the ball might not be. Ensure that you install it in closed spaces like covered patios, or garage side, to prevent the balls’ theft. 


The extra-large 230-gallon storage space is sufficient to house loads of sports gear and toys, including golf kits, to kids tricycles and walkers. It features durable polyresin construction though it features a rattan like texture. Yet it is versatile and can be used to store pool toys, garden toys, inflatables, and more.


The PA wagon is collapsible and thus provides an ad hoc outdoor toy storage solution. Besides, it has large wheels to make it easy to push on uneven surfaces or gardens. And the mesh protection cover seals the toys from dust and dirt or flies as well. 



Get the convenience of efficient storage and patio seat in a single round deck box by Kinying. The lid of the storage unit serves as a seat with a load capacity of 44 lbs. Meanwhile, its polypropylene construction keeps it protected from most weather conditions.


The Mythinklogic outdoor toy storage shelves are made from powder-coated metal and three-tier design. While the three shelves can be used to place balls and other toys, the hooks on the sides and base can hold bags and accessories like gloves and caps. 


The large size of this storage chest and the string and durable plastic build ensures that these chests will come in handy for storing loads of toys. The bronze finish gives it a vintage vibe, just like treasure chests look like. Plus, the lid is easy to open with hinges for safety.


The Seekind toy storage boxes are another great way to have a concealed toy storage at home. You may use it to store children’s favorite toys that they treasure the most. Though the bins are made from sturdy plastic, it has metal details like handles and hinges that make it look like classic trunks. 


The Trigon sports ball storage unit comes with a secure locker with equally strong metal construction. Besides, it has a large capacity, and each metal tube is heavy duty and features a powder coating. 


The Cambridge outdoor toy storage box is bliss for keeping your lawn neat and being free of the hassle of bringing all the toys into the room. Besides, it is crafted from high-quality teak wood, making it an eco-friendly addition to your home. The lid has safety hinges for preventing injuries related to slam shutting and is safe for kids. 


The BSN brand brings another cool ball storage unit that is lockable for additional security. It can accompany you on your outdoor playtime in the neighborhood garden, to carry your sports equipment and balls. Moreover, the casters make it easy to carry.


The Suncast 22-gallon deck box is a durable piece of furniture as it features polyresin construction. Apart from providing the storage space, the lid also serves as a seat with a capacity to hold approximately 150 lbs.


The GEQWE toy storage cabinet has an old school slated design, which allows enough ventilation to the toys stored within. However, it might not be able to protect the items from heavy rain. Yet, the three compartments will hold loads of toys and help you hide the mess in the garden.


The Suncast multipurpose cart can help you transfer toys and board games from the kid’s room to the yard or garden without dropping them on the way or making multiple rounds. It has two wheels and a handle that allows for tilted sliding. Besides, the modest 15.5-gallon capacity is compact and helpful. 


The fir wood Peaceful Classic outdoor toy storage bench has a high back and armrests for absolute comfort for seating. But the 7 gallons of storage space beneath the seat is a smart furniture idea. You add a piece of a cushioned base for more comfort, and this seat will become your favorite garden spot. 


The Safavieh is made with solid eucalyptus wood slats, with excellent craftsmanship. It is wide and extensive for having a massive storage space at your disposal. Besides, the raw look adds an amazing aesthetic to your patio or garden, though indoor use is also possible.


Styled with a rattan like texture and sturdy polyresin construction, this deck box can store all the mess and keep your surroundings neat. The lid has safety hinges and flips open with ease. Also, it is weather-resistant and maintains the outlook for a long period of time.


This cool and convenient cabinet will come in handy for keeping the toys organized and safe in the patio, garage, or garden. It is weather-resistant and rustproof as it is crafted from quality polyresin. Plus, the shelves are adjustable, and the cabinet can be locked with a padlock.


 The Dofilachy outdoor toy storage basket and play mat help you collect all the mess of legos and building blocks within seconds. And that’s because it opens into a wide play mat for the kids to play, and all the toys fall back into the storage bin and zip for efficient storage. 


So these were the best toy storage options that are unique and efficient. You might prefer deck boxes or toy storage sheds for bigger items like tricycles and toy cars, yet for smaller ones, play mat cum baskets, benches and racks will suffice to keep your outdoor space well organized. Do check all the dimensions to ensure that the product fits in the desired location. And also for their warranty periods. 


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