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100 Best Outdoor Storage Chest To Store Your Belongings 100 Best Outdoor Storage Chest To Store Your Belongings

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100 Best Outdoor Storage Chest To Store Your Belongings

Written by: Alexander Johnson

Stock up all the piled up or precious stuff inside a huge outdoor storage chest and tranform your outdoor to a beautiful cosy area in NO TIME. Check us out!

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A storage item that allows you to have a perfectly functional and delicate space is an outdoor storage chest, also known as garden storage chest or cabinet. With these big trunks, you can enjoy a sufficient storage place to store your tools, equipment, chemicals, and other objects – basically, anything you like.



These storage chests come in different sizes, different materials, and different shapes. Some people prefer to have a cabinet with bracket doors, while some go for trunks/chests. In this article, we’ll go over the reasons you need to have an outdoor storage chest – along with its benefits, a comprehensive buying guide and some creative tips.


100 Best Outdoor Storage Chests To Store Your Belongings


You don’t want to leave out outdoor space unattended and unorganized. Storage solutions for the outdoors come in various shapes and sizes. They include outdoor storage chests, outdoor storage cabinets, and outdoor storage boxes. The importance of these outdoor storage units cannot be understated as they offer a neat and graceful look to an otherwise cluttered environment. The garden or a patio is the first thing any visitor or a passerby notices about a dwelling. It is therefore vital to keep this area in prime form at all times. It is also essential to make your outdoor settings as convenient as possible for yourself. For this reason, we have selected the 100 best outdoor storage chests to help store outdoor items and belongings safely and securely.



We start off our recommendations for the best outdoor storage chests with a smart and graceful bench-like storage unit. The resin construction of the Keter City deck box offers a lightweight waterproof outdoor storage box with the aesthetics of a wooden box. Resin is more durable and long-lasting if cared for properly, and this smart unit is easy to place in the patio or the garden. It can be inconspicuously used by hiding behind the bushes.



The next outdoor wooden storage chest in line is another variety of a plastic-based storage unit that offers durability and affordability. The capacity of this plastic outdoor storage shed stands at thirty cubic feet. Meanwhile, the beige complexion of the storage unit makes it pleasant on the eyes and easy to blend in with the surroundings. Other qualities that make the storage shed a must buy is its wooden aesthetics, resistant to weather elements including water and rust.




The Kinying horizontal outdoor storage shed is a classic example of a multipurpose storage solution. It helps the user store their garden supplies, extra cushions, or other outdoor items with ease. The two lockable doors complement the top opening; thus, you can open the box in three different ways. It has a flat lid to keep items atop and be used as a table while the waterproofing helps reduce rusting.



The Rubbermaid storage shed is a compact yet durable storage unit. A slightly bigger option than your regular outdoor storage chests, it improves the aesthetic quality of your outdoor space with its sandstone exterior topped by an olive lid. The lid and the two doors can be opened independently to access the contents of this storage unit. The curve top also gives it a cool and contemporary outlook, thus making your outdoors chicer.



Are you looking for a heavy-duty classic storage unit for the outdoors? Here is your answer as the 116 gallon capacity of the Lifetime 60186 deck box offers simplicity and great storing capacity. The simple yet large waterproof outdoor storage box is a sophisticated design that offers a neat look for your outdoor storage. The lid on this storage deck features a spring-hinge that opens ninety degrees and doesn’t slam shut, making access to items inside convenient.



This Keter outdoor deck box resin construction is a mid-sized storage unit that offers a versatile approach towards storing outdoor items. It can easily handle the kids’ pool toys or extra cushions and garden tools. The impressive bench like deck box is capable of supporting 485 pounds of seating capacity. Resin is known for its durable and weather-resistant qualities, making it a safe investment for outdoor storage.



Moving away from your typical outdoor storage units, we have the Suncast outdoor cooler that offers excellent support for your outdoor parties. Even if you are not into parties, the cooler is an excellent addition to the outdoor space as it keeps the drinks and eatables fresh for usage for an entire day in the sun. Therefore, the brown-coloured resin constructed cooler is a chic way of storing eatables outdoors. It also comes with a handy basket and a bottom drawer for storing cups and bottles.



To talk about outdoor coolers and not mention the Merry Garden wooden cooler would be an insult to this beautifully crafted patio storage option. The wooden cooler adds exquisite aesthetics to your garden or the patio, letting you store drinks. Moreover, it is portable enough to take on the beach day. The material of construction is eucalyptus hardwood, thereby adding durability and grace to the unit.



The Action Packer by Rubbermaid is a 35-gallon outdoor storage chest with a lifetime warranty. This piece of durable construction is made to last for life and has an industrial design that offers extreme ruggedness. It is made from impact-resistant material that can withstand high temperatures and other forces of nature. The box is perfect for the storage of tools, including electrical ones as it is a waterproof outdoor storage box.



The Keter outdoor table with resin construction is an excellent way to increase outdoor storage potential. The table is a versatile way of storing small items within its interior as it offers versatility and durability. The table is a multipurpose item as it complements your patio chairs as well as stores the clutter of your garden or patio furniture.



Rattan is a resin-based material similar to what we experience in wicker or plastic construction. The Gaintex rattan cart offers excellent versatility in usage as it acts as an outdoor cooler for storing chilled liquids. It also has a small open shelf at the bottom to keep more bottles or other small items. Hooks on the underside of the cooler are used for hanging champagne glasses.



Are you looking for a large waterproof outdoor storage box? Consider your search over as the Suncast 99 gallon outdoor storage box offers ample space for storing miscellaneous garden supplies, tools, and pool toys. The storage unit is crafted from wicker, which offers the durability of plastic and the looks of a wooden product. The storage box also offers sitting space, thereby adding to its versatility.



The Qiilu outdoor storage cabinet is an excellent way to manage all your outdoor supplies. It easily stores cleaning supplies, storage items, and even acts as a broom cupboard. This four shelved-cabinet offers outstanding storing capacity for all things outdoor. The dark-colored outdoor storage cabinet complements the aesthetics of any patio or outdoor space.



The Keter outdoor storage shed is a graciously tall storage unit with a grey exterior that looks quite contemporary. The black accent lines across the corners add a nice contrast which rounds off the chic design. Storage wise the shed has got you covered with a capacity of 63 cubic feet. Due to its resin construction, this large waterproof outdoor storage box keeps everything safe from weather effects.



Talking about large outdoor storage boxes and not recognizing the absolute class of Hanover HANWS0101 would be a pity. This beautiful outdoor storage shed is a thing of beauty as well as having a large storage capacity. The wooden design makes it an instant classic for outdoor storage needs. You can store tools, garden supplies, and pool supplies, and even grill equipment with ease. 


Rubbermaid outdoor storage chest is an excellent addition to any user’s patio or garden. The small size of the storage box offers a neat and graceful solution for small-item storage. Moreover, it complements your daily table-chair or sofa sets by providing a versatile storage solution. The top acts as a small table, thereby acting as a perfect side table for the sofas.



This unique cooler tray may not make everyone’s storage box list, but it for sure will pique the interest of ardent coca-cola fans. The red-colored cooler tray is a vibrant looking storage option for the drinks. Moreover, the bottom grated tray offers extra storage space for keeping bottles and small items. All in all, your outdoor drinks have a sassy new place to be stored.



Fan of the outdoor grilling experience or live barbecues? We have got you covered with this excellent piece of wicker-constructed grill station. The only thing you need besides this storage box is the grill, and you’re good to go. From storing grilling supplies to tools and preparing the food for grilling, you can do practically everything with this grilling prep station.



The Keter outdoor deck box/storage is a great addition. This large waterproof outdoor storage box from Keter is a perfect anecdote for storing everything in your garden or patio. The skillfully designed deck box doesn’t seem out of place in any setting, be it by the pool, on the patio, or just sitting strong in the garden. The brown deck box is a classic as well as ensuring a large capacity, fit for storing all sorts of outdoor items.



The DTY eucalyptus sideboard is an excellent piece of versatile storage solution that offers a three-pronged usage. The top shelf acts as a table while the middle shelf, which is also open, can hold bottles or everyday items. The bottom cabinet has two doors to keep storage items safe and out of sight. Moreover, the grey colored storage box is a fine embodiment of chic design and a multipurpose storage solution.



Rubbermaid is a household name when it comes to durable construction in the storage box department. This double door storage cabinet is a prime example of such durable construction that can withstand the everyday shocks of living in a garage or a patio. The two-shelf cabinet offers mid-level storage capacity that can be enhanced due to its stackable design.



The Barton deluxe outdoor storage chest may seem like your regular storage solution, but it is a waterproof outdoor storage box. Thanks to resin as its main material of construction, it is durable and waterproof. Furthermore, the outdoor storage chest comes with a padlock space and built-in handles for easy maneuvering. The capacity of 120 gallons is perfect for storing extra cushions of outdoor furniture and other garden supplies.



The wooden outdoor storage shed from B Baijiawei is an excellent representation of a chic looking outdoor storage cabinet. It is perfect for storing your garden tools in the most efficient ways. The doors on the cabinet have hooks and small tray like structures to safely stow away the tools. Additionally, the inside also has half-shelves, and free roam to place larger items with convenience.



The Suncast outdoor storage chest is an excellent place to stow away outdoor furniture accessories and condiments. It conveniently organizes the sofa cushions and extra stuff. The light and dark combination of the exterior and the lid offers an excellent aesthetic. There is an easy-to-use lid for accessing the items inside this durable storage box made of resin.



A massive 21 cubic feet of the storage volume is on offer from this extra durable storage cabinet. The grey industrial design of the Rubbermaid tall cabinet is easy on the eyes given its rather rugged outlook. Moreover, it is an excellent house for all the items in your garage or even the outdoors.



This outdoor storage cabinet from Keter is an all-rounder for your outdoor plans. Be it cooking or grilling or just using it as a plain old table; it offers all these uses with added storage. The bottom drawers are capable of housing your utensils or other supplies for quick and easy access outdoors.



The HomePlus storage cabinet is one of the most graceful outdoor storage cabinets on the market. Moreover, the Sauder cabinet comes in soft-white color, making this ensemble a great addition to your patio. Additionally, the black handles of the cabinet also make for an exquisite contrast of colors. The cabinet has two adjustable shelves and one fixed shelf behind the cabinet doors.




What more versatile way to store your belongings than this vertical storage shed by Leisure Season. The versatile storage cabinet can be used indoors and outdoors. Moreover, it is built for removing clutter from the house and organizing garden supplies. The sturdy wooden built makes it convenient for storing rugged tools and materials.



Another masterpiece of a vertical storage option for the outdoors is this Rubbermaid vertical garden storage shed. This large waterproof outdoor storage box is made from resin hence protects the inside from weather elements. The impenetrable floor of the cabinet can be used for tools while the cabinet offers an impressive 53 cubic feet of storage capacity.



The coastal potting bench is one of those storage cabinets that are designed for a specific purpose. Despite this attribute, this white storage cabinet can have versatile use with its four compartments and a tabletop. Primarily it is used for plants and keeping plant supplies safely inside the beautiful white exterior of this cabinet.



Outside storage chests are simple-to-use items as they boast a simple design usually. The Keter outdoor storage chest is a similarly simple yet practical storage box in grey. Furthermore, the in-built wheels at the bottom help maneuver around the garden or the patio. At the same time, the 270 liters worth storage capacity makes it capable of storing a wide variety of materials.



This deck storage box is made up of premium quality polyresin, specially designed for outdoor storage purposes. Furthermore, the deck has a vast capacity of 50 gallons, enough for holding every kind of outdoor supplies, toys, patio furniture, etc. The material is water and rust-resistant, keeping the deck neat as brand new for years to come.



This beautiful piece of storage cabinet can be fit into any outdoor space for added aesthetic. Additionally, the Festnight garden storage cabinet is made up of polypropylene, a material that is robust enough to withstand every sort of harsh weather conditions. The cabinet has ventilated shelves which can be adjusted according to the space required.



Any sort of outdoor storage must be able to resist varying weathers to preserve their quality. This patio deck box makes for an excellent choice as it comes in waterproof plastic material. Moreover, the wide space of 120 gallons can easily store pool toys, patio furniture, cushions, gardening supplies, etc.



Utility and style combined in one product as you store your outdoor essentials in this beautiful JOIVI storage deck box. The spacious box is built using an aluminum frame and comes in the form of a rattan design. Furthermore, the material is water-resistant, which means it’s perfect for keeping outdoors.



Another aesthetically pleasing storage box is by Tangkula, which is great to add as an extra furniture item in outdoor space. Moreover, the box comes with a solid, steel-coated frame, which is further wrapped in PE rattan to withstand harsh weather conditions. It has multiple openings including two magnetic doors and one lid on top.



Made up of Malaysia plywood and hardwood, this sturdy outdoor patio storage box makes for a useful addition to your outdoor space. The elegant wooden design makes it easier to blend in with other furniture items on your patio, while the large space is enough for holding every sort of outdoor essentials.



The HJ outdoor garden shed is yet another remarkable piece of furniture with maximized storage. The sand asphalt cabinet is water and corrosion resistant, and the adjustable feet help stick to the surface firmly—store the watering cans, garden pots, hoses, and much more.



For those looking for a multipurpose storage box, the Keter Circa round deck box is your answer. This gorgeous round-shaped box with a capacity of 37 gallons is an ideal storage option for your outdoor space. Firstly, it’s built using an all weather-resistant resin polypropylene which prevents it from rusting, peeling, corroding, etc. Secondly, the versatile design lets you use it as a bench, a tabletop, or a storage box.



Nothing looks more sleek and chic in black, and when it comes to furniture, black always stands out. The Suncast commercial two shelf storage shelf is a fine piece of engineering as it comes with multi-layered walls for increased durability and stability. Furthermore, the resin material withstands dents and scratches, while the inner shelves can hold up to 200 pounds each.



Any sort of outdoor storage must be built with a material that prevents every kind of damage. This vertical storage shed by LIFETIME is one such product, which is made up of premium quality durable steel for enhanced protection and stability. Furthermore, the material is very easy to clean, and the shed has a slider latch locking system for security.



A solid shed ensures the safety of your outdoor valuables. This plastic garden storage shed by GOTOTOP is another great option for safely holding all your outdoor supplies, preventing them from moisture and heat. It comes with ventilated shelves for increased space and drains slots so that the rainwater never reaches the goods inside.



The Sunnydaze deck box is an ideal storage option for your outdoor space. It comes with a storage capacity of 75 gallons which is perfect for storing all sorts of outdoor accessories. The box features sturdy steel construction with resin wicker, while the removable inner protects your belongings from getting damaged.



Storage decks with an extra-large space can never go wrong. Add this elegant patio storage cabinet to your outdoor space to complement the rest of the furniture, while extending the storage space. The Rubbermaid decorative patio outdoor storage cabinet is made up of weather-resistant material to keep all your valuables safe and secure inside.



Reduce the outdoor clutter by storing all your outdoor supplies in this beautiful HOMSPARK horizontal storage shed. Made up of resin panels, this storage shed is capable of withstanding every kind of weather condition along with being odor-free. The 2-shelf shed can accommodate a bunch of items like patio furniture cushions, fire grills, toys, swimming supplies, and much more.



Made out of weather-resistant resin, this storage deck box by KETER is a fantastic choice for adding to your patio. The design features a bench with 75 gallons of storage underneath. The robust polypropylene construction prevents rusting, peeling, denting, etc. Use it as a lawn bench or store your valuables, your call!



This garden deck box is a multifunctional storage bench, perfect for adding to your collection of patio furniture. Furthermore, the wood-like design complements the rustic appeal of the outdoor space while the spacious storage would hold all your outdoor essentials in one place. The material used in this box is durable acacia wood, making it look fresh for years to come.



This amazing storage cabinet is engineered using sturdy multi-wall resin panels to resist dents and scratches. Moreover, the cabinet has six shelves, each of which can hold up to 200lbs of weight. It comes in a matte black finish that adds more to the aesthetic appeal of outdoor furniture.



This beautiful outdoor storage deck box by Suncast is made up of a contemporary wicker design that can prevent any kind of harm, unlike wood. Additionally, a multipurpose deck box can be used as a seating bench and a storage box both as it comes with a large 22 gallons space underneath the seat.



This versatile storage box by Happygrill is your premium choice for storing all kinds of outdoor supplies. With a huge space of 88 gallons and a sturdy wicker resin built, this deck box is capable of holding everything from pool toys to patio furniture while being perfectly stable.



The splendid Keter Hudson 60 gallon storage bench adds a bit of splendor to your outdoor space while providing excellent utility. The grey-black contrast for the bench makes it a beautiful addition to the garden or patio. Furthermore, the space below the bench acts as a perfect storage box for cushions, patio supplies, and tools.



A smart, lockable cabinet that almost looks like an office furniture item is the Gototop storage cabinet with impressive design quality. The light grey and black combination is an excellent one for a garage or a patio. Additionally, the small-sized cabinet offers storage solutions to cramped spaces. It is most suited to storing garden supplies or cleaning supplies securely and out of the reach of kids.



Talking about large outdoor storage boxes will definitely get a mention of this large deck box that can be a table, a seating bench apart from being an excellent storage option. The dark brown deck box is an exquisite piece of art as it resembles a wooden deck box while offering the advantages of a resin construction. Furthermore, the waterproof deck box has an impressive 150-gallon capacity to store almost anything.



The Lifetime storage deck box offers rugged protection thanks to its high-density polyethylene constructed walls. The double-layer walls are capable of protecting the stored items from weather effects and any wear and tear. Furthermore, the simple and elegant design makes it ideal for minimalists who want a chic addition to their outdoor space. It has a large 150 gallon capacity for all-purpose usage.



A white outdoor storage box may be prone to the effects of the weather, but this wicker constructed storage box by Suncast resists such deteriorating effects. The resin construction affords an easy to use, lightweight, and low maintenance product for the outdoors. The white storage box adds a bit of grace to the patio or garden and gives off a contemporary styling.



If you’re looking for a classy storage solution for the outdoors, then the Cambridge Arie storage box may be the one for you. The solid-teak constructed outdoor storage chest complements any space as it represents a traditional wooden architecture. Moreover, the hinges and lids are simple yet sturdy for everyday use while solid teak construction offers weatherproof qualities.



The Prosper Plast garden container is a simple and elegant solution for your outdoor storage needs. Furthermore, the outdoor storage chest has a simple and rugged design with a plastic finish that looks and feels sturdy. The hinges and handles are well placed, and the dark brown color will suit most outdoor scenarios.



This beautiful wooden storage box increases your outdoor aesthetics and gives your garden an oomph factor. Additionally, the multipurpose storage box is an excellent utility storing for a range of items including cushions, garden supplies, grill equipment, and even sports equipment. It has a large capacity of 355 pounds and doubles up as a bench. The only flaw is its non-waterproof design.



The vanilla look of this Suncast outdoor storage shed makes for an all-round usage of the cabinet. It accentuates any background aesthetic with aplomb. The cabinet construction is of sturdy walls that can support heavy tools and equipment. Moreover, the long space is optimal for storing long-handled tools with ease. The capacity of this storage shed stands at 22 cubic feet, and it also lets you install padlocks.



This two-door cabinet is an excellent utility for outdoor storage items, especially garden tools and equipment. Made of plastic, it is lightweight yet sturdy. It also boasts a weather-resistant build quality to keep all the tools rust-free and secure. The simple design with four inner shelves allows it for indoor use as well. Additionally, the simple brown-colored cabinet complements any environment it is put in.



The Sunvivi outdoor storage chest is a simple and graceful storage solution to place in the garden or even patio. Moreover, the dark grey color of the deck box hides from prying eyes and can be easily placed anywhere. The construction of this outdoor storage chest is of waterproof and weather-resistant material. It features soft hinges that keep the lid open when raised.



The Algreen elevated planter is a unique way to store your outdoor items while having a functional gardening box. The upper portion of this planter acts as a planting site with small flowers or plants that have an overflow drain as well. Furthermore, the cabinet-like drawers have a capacity of 16 cubic feet; enough to organize the otherwise clutter around the garden.



Getting a simple outdoor storage chest is easy but adding some utility to the existing functionality of storage adds to the value of such a storage solution. The Suncast deck box is a similar product that lets you store cushions and garden tools while doubling up as a bench to sit on. The lightweight bench is suitable for indoors and outdoors and easily movable due to resin construction.



The HomVent wooden bench may seem a typical bench in the garden, but it adds a handsome amount of storage capabilities. Outdoor items such as patio furniture cushions, garden supplies, and pool toys easily fit into this durable wooden bench. It is made of fir wood that adds to the durability of the bench.



The Patiorama storage box features an aluminum frame with a wicker-made exterior. It gives this outdoor storage chest stability as well as style. Furthermore, the wicker construction makes it an excellent addition to patio furniture and a cool way to store cushions and kids’ toys. The hinges are convenient as they let the lid stay open when raised and also drop down slowly.



The Hyrglizi storage cabinet is a large, multipurpose storage bench for the outdoors. The bench is made from premium materials and weighs 22kgs, thus making it quite durable and sturdy. Additionally, the inner compartments support all kinds of material storage, including garden supplies and tools. The bench is also waterproof, thereby can be placed anywhere in the outdoors regardless of a roof or not.



The Ulax outdoor deck box is a vibrant looking storage option for the outdoors. The red-colored cushion adds a bit of color to your outdoor space while the rattan style outdoor storage chest is convenient for sitting and storing supplies. The deck box is made from wicker that is resistant to weather elements and has UV protection to keep the deck box safe and secure.



The Suncast 31-gallon deck box can be used as your everyday use chair for the patio or garden. Along with this, the box can store small items amounting to 31 gallons in capacity, thereby securing all the clutter around the garden or the patio. The resin construction helps it resist water and other weather elements as you can keep it outdoors without worrying about any damage.



Wooden benches are a popular sight in parks and gardens. The Festnight storage bench is an outstanding seating bench while also providing plenty of storage capacity for the outdoor supplies. The wooden bench is made of acacia wood with an oil finish giving the bench a traditional look. It is also capable of withstanding the weather elements.



This 50-inch wide outside storage chest is an excellent addition to any patio or garden with its light brown color. The easy on the eyes bench molds well with the garden or patio aesthetics. Moreover, it helps the garden and patio to remain clutter-free by allowing the storage of all such materials. The resin-constructed bench is not only weatherproof but can be secured via padlocks for increased security.



The Sayagold garden cabinet is a classy piece of furniture for the outdoors. The rattan style construction of the cabinet allows a chic look and compatibility to almost any surrounding. Moreover, the lightweight and waterproof qualities also ensure you can place it outside without worrying about wear and tear. It is easy to carry with an indent on each side.



This tall wooden storage cabinet is an excellent choice for a patio. The traditional wooden design, with its simplicity is a timeless classic and still in-vogue. The three shelves inside the cabinet divide the interior into two small and one large compartment. Thus, it is suitable for storing large and small items. Furthermore, the teak construction lends the cabinet its waterproof capabilities.



Looking for the strongest storage solution in the market? Look no more as this 5×3 storage shed made of galvanized steel is on hand to offer strength, durability, and utility. The storage shed is perfect to be placed in a patio, garden, or even the open. It can easily house all your belongings and has a lock to secure all such items.



The OSP entryway bench is one of the classics in storage solutions. The bench with a walnut/bronze complexion can easily be mistaken for a premium bench while it also offers excellent storage space underneath. Made of solid wood and veneer, it boasts a sturdy construction.



The Hanover recyclables storage shed is a specific but highly convenient way to store your trash cans outside. Furthermore, the trash cans may be affected by the weather elements but stowed away safely in this galvanized steel shed will keep them secure. The storage shed has a dual locking system, and apart from storing trash-cans, it can also be useful for garden tools, pool toys, or any garden supplies.



The Keter Elite outdoor storage shed is a prime example of a versatile storage option. The shed easily stows away two large trash cans while the hydraulic pistons provide an easy opening of the lids. Furthermore, the lid-to-lid chain system allows automatic opening of the trash can lid when the shed’s lid is opened, thereby increasing utility. The materials of construction are resin and steel, thereby ensuring a robust shed.



The BS storage cabinet is a chic grey colored storage solution that can be used for the outdoors as well as the pantry or a garage. Furthermore, the two-door cabinet has four shelves to organize your storage items and remove the clutter from the outdoor space. The cabinet comes with a padlock place for additional security.



This little piece of storage furniture is an outstanding addition to your outdoor space. The small storage space may fool you into thinking it’s not enough, but the grey-black deck box has tremendous utility. Place it against the wall, and it acts as an excellent chair, place it in front of the sofas, and it is a brilliant table, and lastly place it anywhere outdoors to store toys and small items easily.



The Hanover outdoor storage shed is an excellent piece of wooden storage solution. The light grey triangular design makes it a unique presence in the outdoors. Also, the interior is divided into three half-shelves and one long compartment for longer gardening tools. Moreover, its range of compartments makes diverse storage possible. Firwood construction ensures it withstands weather elements.



The Duramax guarantees durability to the max as the name signifies. Moreover, the Duramax outdoor storage chest is made from heavy-duty polypropylene, ensuring the sturdiest of structures. The deck box requires minimum maintenance as it is mildew resistant, and the color doesn’t fade. The 71-cubic feet storage is ample enough to hold all your outdoor storage items in one place.



Another sophisticated piece of furniture to include in your patio is the wicker storage bench by Iwicker. This deck box is designed using powder-coated, resilient steel frame, and wrapped within PE rattan that ensures stability and strength. It comes with a cushioned seat so you can comfortably use it for seating purposes, with a large storage space underneath.



This huge plastic storage box will easily resolve all your outdoor storage issues. With its huge space of 120 gallons, the box will surely hold every kind of outdoor accessories be it furniture, cushions, pillows, toys, fire grills, etc. The entire deck is waterproof and requires little to no maintenance.



Being water-resistant is the first and foremost feature that an outdoor piece of furniture must-have, especially the one that is supposed to keep your valuables safe. This storage box by KETER is the perfect choice as it is made up of high-quality plastic resin, which prevents water and other weather conditions from harming the box.



Vertical sheds work great in areas where there is less floor space for fitting in a storage unit. One such vertical shed is by Suncast, which is a beautiful wood grain textured storage shed. It has a sturdy double wall, excellent for keeping the valuables inside secure.



Multipurpose storage chests are never a wrong idea. This VASAGLE lift top storage unit can be used as a seating bench and storage deck both. Moreover, the brown matte finish makes it an extremely sleek and sophisticated piece, adding more to the minimalistic appeal of your outdoors. Built using natural fiberboards, this storage unit is your ultimate choice for storing small accessories.



Another one on our list is the Barton Heavy Duty outdoor deck box which is made up of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This unit is ideal for storing your outdoor supplies, tools, garage accessories, pool items, and a lot more. The sturdy design makes it capable of holding up to 250lbs of weight at a time.



With an amazing storage space of 75 gallons, this outdoor storage deck by Rubbermaid is a must-have in your outdoor space for storing your essentials. The surface could be used as a tabletop or for seating, and can comfortably accommodate two adults at a time. Furthermore, weather-resistant material will not let it go bad in any sort of weather conditions so you can store your valuables without any worries.



This deck box by KOOLWOOM can store up to 120 gallons of load, which means you can easily fill it up with all kinds of outdoor supplies and accessories. The box is built up of highly durable material that can withstand moisture, UV rays, and other harsh weather conditions.



Any storage unit that is made up of high-density polyethylene would ensure utmost safety and durability. Same is the case with this deck storage box by Lifetime. The box is coated with a water and weather-resistant seal, providing security to the items stored inside. It can also be used as a bunch or a table top.


This wooden storage shed from Alek…Shop is the perfect place to store all your garden tools and garage tools. It has three large shelves that offer plenty of leg way for storing the said items. The double door design is convenient to use style and excellent for outdoor use. Moreover, the firwood construction offers good value for money while a protective coat on the exterior provides much-needed weather resistance.



The Serinova outdoor storage box is a unique storage unit with a black finish. The deck box boasts a fence panel effect to offer beautiful aesthetics. Additionally, the deck box has roller support for easy movement of the box around the house. Its 84 gallons capacity makes it convenient for items such as garden tools, pool tools, and even furniture cushions.



This outdoor storage chest is an excellent example of mixing style with utility. The grey wash finish of the deck box offers a unique and chic look while the wooden hutter design is a timeless classic. Additionally, the deck box has wheels at the bottom for easy manoeuvrability. The construction of the deck box is of eucalyptus wood, thereby offering extra durability.




The Suncast storage shed is a chic storing unit with a brown complexion and an excellent extra-large outdoor storage box. The lid is slightly darker brown making for outstanding contrasting aesthetics. Furthermore, the lid on the storage shed glides over the top for easy access to the items inside. The shed is compact, yet it has a capacity of 98 cubic feet.


The Titimo outdoor garden storage shed is your typical outdoor storage solution; however, it has an elegant and classy design. Moreover, it’s a good option for those looking for an extra-large outdoor storage box. The wooden shutter design gives the whole ensemble a neat look while the well thought of compartment inside makes for efficient organization of storage items. It is perfect for storing garden equipment and lawn tools.



Lifetime extra large deck box is an optimum way to meet the storage requirements of a large outdoor area. The beautiful desert sand color gives a meek but graceful look to the deck box. The top of the deck box is cushioned and doubles up to provide seating space. Constructed of high-density plastic, the deck box is of sturdy build quality and keeps everything inside, firmly secure.




The Cosco garden storage box in stylish grey brings a touch of class to your patio and garden storage. The textured panels offer superior aesthetics to your outdoor space. The 180-gallon storage space is more than the typical deck boxes thus securing all your outdoor supplies and clutter with ease.




Outdoor storage chests from Crosley Furniture are to die for. This storage bin is a well-constructed storage bin that stands the test of time. Its weatherproof qualities keep the stored items secure while the padlock support increases security options. Moreover, the texture of the wicker/rattan material is chic and elegant and will accentuate your patio or outdoor space.



This brown outdoor storage box from Christopher Knight Home Store is an excellent representation of wicker based deck boxes. The multi brown shade of the storage unit gives it an exquisite look. A simple rectangular design with fine wicker weaving makes for a minimalistic deck box that would look pretty in any surrounding.



The Keter Sumatra is your solution for a large outdoor storage need. The deck box offers plenty of room to store outdoor furniture cushions, kids’ toys, and other tools. Furthermore, the resin made deck box withstand normal wear and tear easily and requires little to no maintenance.




The black waterproof storage deck by HYD-Parts is a unique product for the outdoors. Typically, the outdoor storage chests come in light colors, but this black deck box also looks super chic when placed outside. It can hold all your garden supplies and patio cushions while the resin exterior protects the items from weather elements such as wind, water, and dust.



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