The Ultimate Guide To Have The Perfect Outdoor Tool Storage

Usually, people have drawers, closets, and garages to store stuff in. But outdoor tool storage is nothing like that. It is basically a shed – a tiny small house – which stores all your unappealing and rarely-useful possessions, mainly tools. To have the perfect outdoor tool storage, you have to think outside the box – or, outside the house. 



Your backyard has a wide space. And if you look at it with imagination, there’s a lot of places to store and put things in. However, no matter the situation of your backyard – whether it is a lawn, a sand pool, a balcony, or a beautiful garden – there is always enough space to hold your tools, equipment, and other stuff. So in this article, we’ll go over the things you need to know about outdoor tool storage – along with benefits and perfect ideas – to have an essential outdoor tool storage place around your house. 




10 Signs That Shows Why You Need An Outdoor Tool Storage

outdoor tool storage



Security For Gardening Tools

gardening tools


If you have a backyard or front yard, you probably also have plants and grass fields. And you know you have to maintain them in order to keep the pests away. One way to maintain them is through regularly using gardening tools to groom all those plants. But gardening tools are as dangerous as they’re useful.



Especially if you have kids. You can’t let your gardening tools sit on your porch or your house drawers. They can cause outdoor storage rusting tools, and create problems for you it falls into the hands of your kids. That is why they should be secured, and outdoor tool storage is the perfect way to do just that.




To Avoid Corrosion On Power Tools

Power tools


Some equipment that barely gets used around the house is electrical in nature. Like a drill machine. These equipment are made out of heavy metal and they are not corrosion-resistant.



That means that if they’re left out in the open air, they’ll rust. Which can cause malfunction and cause serious accidents? Corrosion also decreases the efficiency of the machine. Therefore, it’s a wise decision to put them in a safe covered place like outdoor storage shed. There, they can be safe from rust, and stay out of the reach of children. 




A Place For Old Things

old things


There are a lot of things around the house that are not regularly being used and just sitting there, occupying space. These things may be related to your past – things you cannot let go of even though you know they’re of no physical use.



Usually, this includes old toys, toy cars, trophies from your college days, your woodwork art, and a lot of other things. With your growing family and essential furniture and accessories, you probably need someplace else to store these things and that is why you need outdoor storage. Your stuff can sit there in peace until and unless you need it. And once they’re used, you can put them back and secure them once more.




To Place Harmful Liquids Like Gasoline

There are times when you may need liquid fuels – for your automobile, perhaps. Or like gasoline to create fire in a barbeque, or use it as petrol for your car. Other liquids freeze in the outdoor storage but liquids like gasoline and petrol do not.



So you can put them away in the outdoor storage. Away from your children and from the wrong hands. Because they’re harmful chemicals, they should be placed in outdoor storage unless needed. And these items should always be put back there after use. 




A Place For Outdoor Furniture

In your front yard or backyard, there’s always some furniture. Probably just a bench, or a couple of sofas/chairs with a table. These things should not always sit out in the open air. Especially if you have iron-rod furniture. Iron-rod can rust easily upon long-term exposure to air.



So you should place the furniture inside the outdoor storage shed when not in use. Whereas, if you have wooden furniture, insects can crawl on them, or they can obviously get dirty if left out in the open. So to keep them clean, sober, and perfect for use,  put it in the outdoor storage shed if not in use.




A Place To Store Seasonal Decor

seasonal decor


People decorate their houses around different events, holidays, and seasons. Like Christmas, Halloween, and Winters. Decorations like Christmas tree, Halloween costumes or decors, and other different things are expensive.



They’re clearly not disposable after one-time use, nor are they the kind of things you can use and put out for the whole year. Therefore, a designated space where the seasonal decors are safe, covered, protected, and in perfect shape until they’re needed for the year after that is essential. And an outdoor storage place is a perfect place for them. 




If You Need To Store Sports Equipment

People do not play sports all year. Especially in winter, most people abandon sports and stay indoors. That’s the time when your sports equipment is not in use.



Things like football, basketball, baseball bat, cricket bat, and other such stuff can easily create clutter especially if you keep them inside the house. So if you have sports equipment, store them in your outdoor shed. They’re purposely made to stay strong and highly weather-resistant.




A Perfect Parking Spot For Small Vehicles

Most of the people who live in town drive cars. If you ride a bike mainly, good for you. But if you have a car, you might also have a bike you ride just for fun. Well, the perfect parking spot for your bike, dirt bike, or any other type of bike is your outdoor shed.



You can even store your ATV bike there, and also BMX cycles. These small vehicles remain safe and protected in ab outdoor storage shed and you can rest assured that they’ll remain free of rust.




Spot For Out-Of-Season Cloths

Can you store clothes in the outdoor storage? Yes, of course. Out-Of-Season clothes occupy unnecessary space in your wardrobes or drawers. So, if you need extra space to store clothes, go for outdoor storage. 



But be careful, cloths are necessary items and also pretty costly. If you’re storing them in outdoor tool storage, keep them covered, safe, and away from the site where you store all your greasy tools, etc.




A Place To Store Memories

Not exactly memories, but photos. Large photo albums or photo frames probably are too much to stay in the house or hang around walls. But you can’t just throw them away, they’re way too important.



So, what you might need is a suitable place to keep them in. This again brings us to the fact that outdoor storage can be extremely important. You can store all your old photographs and photo frames inside the outdoor storage shed.




Where Can You Buy Outdoor Tool Storage?

The guide to buying the outdoor tool storage starts from the idea of the kind of storage you’re looking for. Before you buy it, consider some things that would help you get the perfect one. 



One main thing is price and quality. If you’re paying a heavy price, do not compromise on the quality. Survey the market, then work out the best place that offers high quality for minimal price.



What type of structure are you looking for? Tool storage shed for outdoors come in metal, wood, and plastic. Wooden sheds are most common and trusted – but you do have other options. Look for the one that will suit you the best. 



The outdoor tool storage should be able to blend in with the landscape. You don’t want your backyard to look unattractive because of some large piece of wood standing in the middle. Make sure to choose the color, structure, and size that suits your lawn best.



Apart from these ideas, you can always build one on your own. But that would take a lot of time and effort and probably if the job goes slightly wrong, the structure wouldn’t be strong. So it’s best to buy it online. We list some cool affordable options later on in the guide that you can check out.




10 Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Tool Storage



Easy Organization

With tools and equipment placed inside a shed or outdoor storage shelves, you can organize them according to your need without worrying about damage or space occupation. 



Quick Access To Tools

Your gardening tools and power-tools would be organized in the outdoor storage. This means you can easily get them without looking for them here and there in your backyard or in the drawers. 



Adds Up To Garden’s Appearance

Your outdoor storage shed can increase your garden’s appearance instantly. If the flowers are growing around the shed and your grass is perfectly cut. The shed will stand out as a decor piece on its own.



Free Up Space

Without a garden shed, your tools and equipment will all be laying here and there on your porch or in the drawers, occupying space. With an outdoor storage shed, you can keep all these equipment in one place and free up space.



Generates Space

Apart from freeing space outside, a lot of space is generated inside the shed. Even if you don’t have gardening tools and equipment, you can still use shed to make it any place you want or store any stuff you want. 



 Increases Property Value

The outdoor tool storage shed if once built or bought, can easily increase your property’s worth with a lot of value. So if someday, you decide to sell the house, you’ll get a good sum for the shed. 



Little Maintenance Required

Outdoor storage sheds barely require any maintenance. They’re made for outdoors and they stay strong all year long. 



Can Be Used As A Dog House

If you have a pet, dog, or cat, you can turn outdoor storage shed into their home. But make sure there is no dangerous stuff like sharp tools and chemicals inside.



 Can Be Used As A Kid’s Play Room

If you don’t have any stuff to store in outdoor storage, or just very little stuff, you can turn the place into a kid’s playroom. It also gives the kids their own private place to enjoy for a while. Again, do this wisely and don’t have your kids playing around sharp tools and equipment.




Some outdoor storage sheds are portable. They can easily be moved around in your backyard. Or you can take them with you when you move out. 




Types Of Tool Storage For Your Outdoor 


Outdoor storage sheds are usually weatherproof. Best weatherproof outdoor storage sheds are made to stay strong in the harsh weather, like deadly winters and burning summers.
Outdoor storage made of woods and PVC is rust-free. Metal made outdoor storage sheds are usually not rust-free unless specially designed to be. Metal outdoor storage sheds can be layered with galvanized sheets, involving the element of zinc. That forms the protective layer and makes it affordable rust-free outdoor storage from inside and outside. If you are going to get the metal-made outdoor storage shed, go for the one that has a galvanized sheet. 



Wooden outdoor storages are most common. Amazing wooden outdoor storage sheds are considered extremely strong and durable as compared to other materials. They can stand through the deadly winds and their sturdy walls create a high-quality protection layer for the elements inside the shed. But the quality of wood must be the best one. 
What makes the high quality waterproof outdoor storage shed is the vinyl sheet. Vinyl sheets can be placed above the wooden, plastic, or metal shed and protect it from the rain. While the galvanized sheets can work on the walls of a metal shed as a water-resistant layer. 
To secure your outdoor storage from theft, improve the locks, and improve the door’s attachment. If the shed has windows, the glass should be strong and covered in the opaque sheet which would not let someone from outside see the insides of the shed. Arch your door into the earth so it wouldn’t be movable.



How To Organize Outdoor Tools Storage? 

That depends on what stuff you put in it.  Keep bikes and toy cars on each side, and tools and equipment on the other side. If there are any clothes and photos, they should be totally separated from other stuff because they’re fragile. You can install cabinets, hooks, shelves, and hanging organizers to make the organization more efficient.  



How To Utilize Your Outdoor Tool Storage?

You can utilize your tool storage outdoor by stuffing it with things that are unsafe for your children in the house like electrical tools, sharp objects, and gardening tools.



You can also put your old photo albums and out-of-season clothes in the shed.  If you have small vehicles like bike and cycles, you can also place them in the shed. Chemicals like gasoline and petrol can be placed there inside the storage shed too.




Creative Way To Store Your Garden Tools

How to store garden tools in a way that they don’t look dull or unorganized? Garden tools can be stored in different creative ways.



Mainly, you can put nails or brackets in the wall of the shed and hang your tools from them. Or just have a basket filled with them. For smaller tools, you can have a drawer or counter in the shed that will safely store them. Garden tool organizers are also available in the market for easy organization.




10 Cool Hacks To Maximize The Storage Of Your Outdoor Tool Storage

  • If you have an old bookshelf, place it inside the outdoor storage for extra space. 
  • Install s-shaped hooks to hang stuff.
  • Put nails in the walls of the shed (if it’s wooden) to hang small tools or cloth pieces on it. 
  • Use a hanging organizer for gardening tools storage and gloves.
  • Install wooden shelves through nails on the walls of the shed, and you can place stuff on them. 
  • If you know how to work with wood, you can create a new story in your shed. Place stuff on the upper story which is rarely used and free up floor space.
  • Don’t forget the inside of the door, place hooks on it to hang stuff. 
  • Don’t fill your shed just because you have stuff. Get rid of the stuff which is no longer in use. 
  • Buy the plastic add-ons to install in the shed and expand the space. 
  • If the shed is too stuffed and there is no storage left, install a wooden box of outdoor tool storage to store more stuff. 




Top Outdoor Racks For Outdoor Storage

One of the best ways to expand the capacity of your outdoor storage shed is to install racks. You can create your own racks using DIY methods. That would require you to use old kitchen racks, or make your own small wooden racks for gardening tools, etc. 




How To Avoid Danger In Your Tool Storage

The following points tell you how to store the tool storage shed safely.


  • Keep the shed closed and locked when not being used.
  • If the outdoor storage shed is open, don’t let children enter.
  • Make sure that chemicals and poisonous elements are kept locked and lidded.
  • Keep the tools and types of equipment out of kids’ reach.
  • No one should enter the shed if not necessary.
  • If there are children’s toys in the shed, the other stuff and equipment should not be there and must be kep out of children’s reach.




Outdoor Tool Storage FAQ



1. Why Is It Important To Have Outdoor Tool Storage?

Outdoor tool storage importance is based on your needs. It’s very important to have outdoor tool storage if you have unappealing elements lying around in your house. No one wants to endanger their children by keeping the tools, electrical equipment, and other heavy-duty stuff out in the open. If you have this kind of stuff and you lack a place, outdoor tool storage is highly recommended. 




2. Will Tools Rust If I Store Them In The Outdoor Tool Storage? 

No, not if your outdoor storage is rustproofed. Galvanized sheets on metallic outdoor sheds protect it from rust. And if there’s no sunlight entering the shed, the tools are safe from rust. 




3. What Is The Best Material For Outdoor Storage?

Wood. High-quality wood is a strong and one of the outdoor storage best materials. The roof can be covered with vinyl sheets to make the shed waterproof. Wood-made sheds have sturdy walls that can sustain exposure to strong winds and weather. 




4. The Best Outdoor Tool Storage

When it comes to outdoor tool storage, there are plenty of really convenient options that you can pick from. Ultimately, the decision to purchase tool storage will depend on a number of factors in terms of the space you have outdoors and the overall budget you have set aside.



However, this particular storage shed by Lifetime is a gorgeous options for your outdoor space. With a desert sand finish and a reasonably sized interior capacity, you can store all your tools inside this storage shed easily.




5. How Can You Maximize Your Space Using Outdoor Tool Storage Cabinets?

Cabinets can be placed on walls of the outdoor storage sheds and you can place stuff in them. A high-quality cabinet is strong enough to hold anywhere between 2 to 6 kg of weight, depending on the size. 




6. How Can You Organize Outdoor Storage Shed?

You can organize your outdoor storage shed using shed kits, cabinets, hooks, racks, and brackets. Keep tools and equipment in one place, chemicals in another. For delicate and fragile items, keep a separate cabinet. You can create signs and labels for easy and quick access. 




7. Things You Need To Do For Installing Storage Shed Kits

Storage shed kits are available in the market for instant installation. First, you need to work out the size of your garden and calculate how many places you’re going to let the shed occupy. Once the size is decided, the installation of the kits wouldn’t be difficult. 




8. DIY Outdoor Tool Storage Ideas

You can use old book-shelves as tool storage for outdoor, and install a door with brackets for more protection. Divider furniture can also be used in outdoor storage but as it is designed for indoors, it would need some extra modification to make it appealing on the outdoors. Hanging kits and organizers can be used for tools, towels, and gloves for gardening. 




9. How Wood Storage Shed Kits Help You Make Your Things Safe?

Wood storage shed kits are purposely designed to provide you space and safety for your tools and equipment. If you have locked doors and high-quality wood, your things (tools, equipment, chemicals) will be protected from rust, water, and bad weather conditions.




Strong wood can even withstand heavy winds, thereby, keeping your stuff safe. For protecting tool storage from dangers and threats of theft, you can install alarms and improved locks. 

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