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25 Creative Uses Of Bathroom Storage Shelves 25 Creative Uses Of Bathroom Storage Shelves

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25 Creative Uses Of Bathroom Storage Shelves

Written by: Samuel Turner

100% free and creative tips on how to make more space in your bathroom! These storage shelves ideas are sure to blow your mind.

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Bathroom storage shelves are not a thing of the past – in fact, they stay relevant in today’s modern age. When you’re pressed for time and resources, it always pays to be a little more creative with your storage options. There is a lot to be said about a bathroom that stays organized and clean, let alone one that is creatively designed for storage. We weigh in on some of the best ways to revamp your bathroom. 

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The best thing about built-in storage? This one moves with space it’s part of. Not only is it cohesive, but it’s also unconventional too. It’s also perfect for adding extra room to your bathroom because you know how they like to stock up on their hygiene kits. You’ll get a lot of compliments as built-ins look more sophisticated. Don’t forget to keep soap in cute containers to make them look more endearing. 

You can use your floating shelves for almost anything. As long as it can maximize the space it is in, shelves are considered a great form of storage for your lavatory. This one is actually quite versatile: you can use it for putting plants, towels, and even healing crystals if you like.



If you’re short of a clothes hamper, you can use shelves to hang used clothes. Alternatively,  you can add hooks or tension rods in between your shelves to hang clothes to it. Let your imagination run wild. It’s a fun way to be productive and put your creativity to the test too.



Putting shelves specifically for your magazines are a great way to de-stress while you do your business or take a bath. It’s also a great way to catch up on reading so that you stay up-to-date on what’s important outside of work.




Be it a set of electric shavers, your favorite heavy-duty hair dryer, or an electric toothbrush, these ladder shelves are perfect for storing gadgets that have wires or connections. You can always slip it in between the levels and loop an extension cord to keep your gadgets up and running while you prepare for your day.


Puolomis Vessel Sink, Bathroom Shelf, Creative Ideas

Photo from Puolomis


These days, vessel sinks are becoming increasingly popular because of their unique designs. Not only do they give off sophisticated high-end hotel vibes, but they are also reasonable to the pocket, too.



After a hard day’s work, you would like to get cleaned up and rested for a bit. A set of art prints on top of your floating shelves can set the tone for a great evening. Art has proven to be either visually stimulating or put you in a relaxed state. Thus, we suggest that you put two different pieces side by side on top of a good floating shelf. 


A slim alcove will allow for more space for other essentials within your bath. It’s a creative way for you to accentuate your space while making sure your bathroom remains functional storage-wise. With this product, you’ll no longer have to stress about pieces of jewelry or your new set of retainers going MIA.



Do you want to keep the vibe relaxing or romantic? You may just want to spend the afternoon soaking in the bath with a partner or getting some quality alone time. If that’s your idea of a good time, turn on the faucet and fill up the tub with water. Have a bubble bath and light up some candles. You can easily grab a couple of incense from your cube shelves nearby and have a relaxing dip.




Who keeps photos in the bathroom? We do because we believe that it’s a great way to keep memories of those places you’ve been to as of late. You can keep a photo on top of your shelves to remind you of your last field trip or even a recent hike to a tropical rainforest. As long as you set the tone to #goodvibesonly, you can keep yourself in the right headspace even when in the bathroom.



You know what we mean – these transparent shelves make it seem as if your bathroom is a lot cleaner than it actually is. These crystal like-shelving units are great for your shampoo, wax samples, or even just a set of clippers. Whichever objects you choose to put on it, an acrylic shelf undeniably brings a unique dynamic to the bathroom.




For a more seamless look, go for invisible shelves. Transparent or glass material gives off a light and nearly-weightless feel as opposed to heavier materials such as marble or granite. If you’re looking to expand your bathroom, this will give your room more dimension in an instant.


We know that you’d usually put your makeup on your vanity, but free-standing shelf storage is a great alternative to that. Not only is it an economical choice, but free-standing shelves are also open, airy, and will allow you to showcase your collection. It’s easy to access, too – you won’t have to fumble through your drawers or cabinets to get a single item.



We know what it’s like being dissatisfied with your storage, so we’ve come up with a way to ease you through it. Adding shelving units to your vanity will create more space for it, whether it is inside the actual vanity or an extension outside it. You can always tweak it here and there to your preference to add that extra oomph to it. On the other hand, you can always add fixtures like extra shelves to make it more spacious if space is an issue.



We like our storage versatile, so we do believe in using medicine cabinets for things that are not medicine-related. This medicine cabinet from Tangkula hosts shelving units on either side of it, thus creating more room for your wall storage. It’s great as you can easily pick out out items from the shelves, and keep items within the medicine cabinets.




Recessed shelving is perfect for small or narrow spaces. Recessed shelves sit within the cavity of the wall, such that it does not protrude. Thus, this will create a seamless look, as if the storage unit is a part of the wall’s body. This kind of shelving unit is perfect for anything that you want to keep in your bathroom. You can keep folded towels, a nail cutter, some plants, even a few pieces of soap in it.



These metal fixtures will make room for your other bath essentials by keeping towels and face cloths off of the racks. This will create more space for your shelves to put products like essential oils and shampoos. Plus, these are creative ways to make use of storage as no bulky furniture is involved.



Keep a discreet corner shelf to achieve a minimalist design to your bathroom. It’s simple as it creates a tranquil ambiance to your lavatory, and all the elements on your wall will harmonize with it perfectly. It’s easy on the eyes and the budget, too. Plus, it’s not hard to mount it on the wall. It’s a subtle way to keep your washcloths, facial towels, or extra rolls of toilet paper out of the way. In addition, you can keep cleaning agents separate from your beauty products and hygiene kits.



A dedicated shelf allows you to locate your favorites all in one convenient place. This will allow you to go about your day faster since you don’t have to look for specific items. These two-tier metal shelves are perfect for any essentials. They are small, discreet, and will fit into any corner of your space. Plus, even if you get these wet, they’re easy to clean and wipe dry with a cloth or piece of tissue. 



Double vanities are perfect for large bathrooms. They’re multi-purpose as they come with different compartments for specific uses and needs. You can use your drawers to add different sets of nail polishes, eyelash extensions, eye creams, and even a few skincare products. Even when you have a lot of items stored, you’ll have space for lots more. 



Regain a sense of control to your bathroom space with shelves that nest on top of each other. Although this seems like a simple premise, it can make a world of difference. These towel shelves are stackable, elongating your space and making more room for other essentials. You’d be surprised what a little shelf can do to tame your unruly, limited space. Use these shelves for similar objects to keep your bathtub necessities organized. Starting by sorting out similar items that have the same function(s). 




A magnetic strip is a great idea to keep those metal grooming items literally in line. With this product, you’ll get to keep your tools on the wall where you can easily spot them. This makes nail clipping and brow-hair trimming a lot easier. Plus, a metal strip won’t take up much room and does not have obtrusive corners or vertices that protrude and can cause accidents. It’s also easy to remove when you want to put it elsewhere when you’re done. Another thing, it’s easy to install too – just slap it on and you’re done.



The downside of bathroom cabinets is that they can get a little bulky. If you have rather limited space, you can opt to get a linen tower instead. This storage option comprises of five adjustable tier shelves that offer a lot of versatility. It fits easily into tight-knit spaces thanks to its slim and tall design.



If you like to keep your toilet paper and hand wash within reach, an over-the-toilet shelf is just the right storage option for you. As opposed to free-standing ones that take up floor space and those that hang on the wall, an over-the-toilet shelf allows you to quickly access the important products you need right away without leaving your toilet.



If you’re looking for heavy-duty storage, your best bet is to give industrial shelving units a try. Not only are there different, creative uses for them, but they are also large in capacity. If you’re looking for a single storage option with multiple functions, products like the one above is the way to go. You can keep almost anything in there – quite frankly, the sky’s the limit. These industrial shelves can be mounted on a wall in next to no time. 




With bathroom storage shelves, you’ll be able to easily free up space and add a stylish flair while you’re at it! Never underestimate the importance of a sturdy storage shelf – it can do wonders for your bathroom.

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