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15 Easy Storage Solutions You Must Try 15 Easy Storage Solutions You Must Try

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15 Easy Storage Solutions You Must Try

Written by: Henry Campbell

These simple & easy home storage ideas to make your house more tidier & prettier like never before. See the transformation when you apply these changes!

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Adding storage to your home can take a lot of time and be a lot of work that you necessarily don’t want. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. If you don’t have the time or simply don’t want to spend your energy on installing new storages, there are many easy storage ideas out there that will help you create extra space in your home with little time and effort.





Let us help you do just that! We have 15 suggestions that should be able to address any kind of storage issue that you may have!



15 Easy Storage Solutions You Must Try - Infographics



1. Get A Drawer Organizer

Kitchen Drawer Organization Solution

Organized Kitchen Wooden Drawer


This is one of the simplest storage solutions that will surely help you organize your things no matter where you want to place it. You can put an organizer for the kitchen drawer and sort out your kitchen tools. You can even fix the messy drawers in your bedroom with an organizer. This easy storage solution will help you find the item you need a lot easier. No longer will you have to sift through a mountain of stuff just to get your vegetable peeler or favorite piece of jewelry.


Check out some excellent choices here.



2. Use Magnetic Strips To Keep Essentials

Silver Magnetic Strip For Homeware

Photo from Amazon


While you’re looking for effective storage solutions, you must look beyond your cabinets and consider your walls. More often than not, you’ll have a lot of empty spaces on the walls of your home. No more room left to store kitchen essentials? In need of storage for your keys and art supplies? These magnetic strips on Amazon will hold your items firmly on the wall to give you more flexibility. Don’t worry about it falling: these strips have a powerful magnet that will keep your metallic items bolted to it for a long time.


Why not try this magnetic strip here?


3. Spice Clips To Help You With Cooking

Handy Spice Clips From Amazon

Photo from Amazon


You’ll be surprised at how much more space this simple storage solution will create in your kitchen. These spice clips will let you keep your favorite spices in place and make it easy for you to choose and get your spice whenever you need them.


One of the best aspects of this easy storage solution is that you can move and rearrange it as you like. This storage option will surely make your kitchen look cleaner and give your space a pristine look that will leave your family and friends impressed.


Try out these spice clips and never scramble for the right spice again!


4. Use A Pegboard To Hang Some Of Your Stuff

Hanging Tools On Pegboard

Selection Of Tools On Pegboard Organisation


This next storage solution is a wonder. If that statement piques your interest, it’s because you can use it to hold a lot of household items. From garage tools to kitchen essentials and miscellaneous items, it can more than  do the job. It can even hold your jewelry, if you’d like! Get those small and easy-to-lose items off the floor and hang them on a pegboard so you know where to find them. If you want to make your storage option more visually appealing, choose a colorful pegboard. You can also DIY it and create your own customized pegboard that meets your specific needs.


Check out this product for some inspiration.


5. Skinny Shelves For Empty Bathroom Spaces

Skinny shelf for the bathroom

Photo from Amazon


Do you have a small bathroom and would like to store more beauty products in there? Or maybe you want to place some plant to make the space more comfortable? This skinny shelf can be put on the empty corners of your bathroom as an easy storage solution. It has a toilet paper holder and storage shelves that can hold your beauty or cleaning products. You can also use the top compartment to add some greeneries to your otherwise dull-looking bathroom.


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6. Have Your Kid’s Drawers Labelled

Labels for kid's drawer

Photo from Amazon


Getting your kids ready for the day can take a lot of time and can sometimes be frustrating. Adding some labels on the clothes drawer is one of the easiest storage solutions you can do to make your mornings less chaotic. You’ll be amazed by how much time you and your little one will save simply by labelling your kid’s drawer. These simple dresser clothing labels will make finding their clothes a lot easier. It could also help teach your kids to organize their own clothes.


Get a hold of these cute labels now!


7. Use A Ladder As A Storage

Ladder for bathroom storage

A Simple Yet Stylish Touch To Room Storage


Using a ladder as part of your storage system is smart, easy, and will add style to the room it’s in. Besides using it as an obvious tool to reach hard-to-reach places, a ladder has so much space where you can place and hang different things on it. Put a ladder in the kitchen to hang your towels, or put one in your room to hold extra blankets and linens. There are many different ladders you can choose from if you check online, so finding one that suits your preferences shouldn’t be that hard.


Check out these amazing ladders!



8. Add Shelves On The Walls

Interior design using shelf storages

An Organized Wall Shelves


If you’re a DIY kind of person and are looking for an easy storage solution, you can buy some board shelves and install them on the walls of your home. There are a myriad of items you can put on your brand-new shelves. You can store your favorite books up there as well as some cool decorations and art pieces. You can even place some photos of the family there to show how much you love them.


How about this beautiful shelf board?


9. Have Some See-Through Storage Bins

See-through storage bins

Photo from Amazon


This idea is another easy storage solution that you must try. See-through storage bins are affordable, durable, and can be used to store a lot of items anywhere in your home. You can store food products, towels, clothes, shoes, and even art supplies in these boxes! Your imagination is the only thing stopping you.


Don’t forget to label them so it’s easier for you to find out what items are in a specific bin. What’s also good about these products is that you can use these storage bins to help you haul stuff when you’re moving from one home to another.


Check these see-through storage bins NOW.



10. Use A Hanging Fruit Basket For Other Purposes

Fruit hanger storage system

Photo from Amazon


Little do people know that a hanging fruit basket can be used for other easy storage solutions! Think outside the box, and you’ll figure out how well this works as a holder of your bathroom essentials! Hang them on the rods or near the shower so you can quickly grab your shampoo, soaps, bath sponge, or your kids’ bath toys without leaving your bathtub or shower. Now that’s what we call the ultimate home storage solution!


This cute hanging fruit basket will look good in your bathroom, no?


11. Recycle Your Tissue Box For Plastic Bag Storage

Make tissue box to good use

Recycled Tissue Box To Organise Plastic Bags


Rather than throwing away your tissue box and creating more rubbish, why not recycle it as your plastic bag storage?


Tissue boxes create an easy means for you to keep all the plastic bags you have at home in one place. Plastic bags may not sound too overwhelming, but it will surely create an unsightly mess if you have a lot of it and just decide to chock them into a random closet.


This idea is not only good for your home but also the environment! You’re creating less rubbish by keeping more at home. Sounds good, right?


12. Hang Your Garden Tools In The Garage

Garage Tool Storage Ideas

Neat Garage Tools Hanging On The Wall


This is another easy storage solution that may required DIY type of work. We know how much space garden tools can take. If you don’t want to create or buy a shed, both which will require money and effort, you can simply mount a hanger on the garage door or the wall and hang your garden tools there!


Keep everything out of the way by hanging shovels, brooms, and rakes there. Make your garage clutter-free so you have more space to work with!


Why not try these garden tool hangers?



13. Use Hooks Inside The Cabinet Doors

Effective Cabinet Hooks As A Storage Solution

Photo from Amazon



If hanging your kitchen utensils on the wall isn’t your thing (maybe because you don’t like the looks of it), why not hang them inside the cabinet doors? This is a simple storage solution you can do to store your tools. Buy some hooks online and simply latch them inside the cabinet doors. Now, you don’t have to worry about seeing your knives, measuring spoons, and other items disorganized and out in the open.


Putting your cooking utensils inside the cabinet also makes it less accessible for the kids. Don’t forget to lock the cabinets if your kids’ safety is your number one concern.



Get your hands on these sturdy hooks right away!


14. Install Some Tension Rods On Your Cabinet

Tension rod for storage purposes

Photo from Amazon


Have you ever shuffled around through a cabinet to look for items you need to use? If you have, you know how annoying that can be. We know exactly how to counter that problem so you will never be in that position anymore.


The tension rod is the answer. You can use it to organize your items in a manageable manner. Apply them high on the cabinet that will work as a hanger to store your spray bottles and your shoes. You can also use them vertically to work as an effective divider. Keep your frying pans, plates, cutting board neatly next to each other.


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15. Use A Carabiner For Your Hair Ties

Carabiner from Amzaon

Photo from Amazon


Where do you keep your hair ties? Many store them in the drawer, which may be useful if you want them out of sight. However, it won’t solve the problem your messy home since they’ll get tangled along with other items you have in there and will likely lose some of them. Have them in place and use a carabiner to hold them together. You can then store them in a safe place, or you can easily bring it with you when you travel.


Get some amazing carabiners for your ties HERE. 


Remember that sooner or later you’ll have to apply some changes to your storage. Don’t wait until your home become too messy before you take action, because it’ll become harder to organize your mess the longer you wait. While some of the storage updates will need hard work and a considerable amount of money, these ideas are a great way to go for your storage woes.

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