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35 Best Wood Storage Drawers You Wouldn’t Want To Miss 35 Best Wood Storage Drawers You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

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35 Best Wood Storage Drawers You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

Written by: Henry Campbell

Discover the best wood storage drawers you can ever get in an affordable price HERE. Find out how they can be the best storage solution for you.

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Wood storage drawers are an asset to an unorganized home. From a massive chest of drawers to small wooden drawers, they are available in all shapes and sizes. However, with so many options to pick from, choosing the right one for your home can become a difficult task. 



In this article, we’ll go over some highly affordable wood storage drawer items that will fit your home’s versatile storage needs.  Whether you have a small home where it’s a challenge to organize limited space or whether you have a big house with so much space you don’t know what to do with it, you’ll find storage drawer options here that will fit your storage needs regardless. For more storage options, check out these affordable and durable storage ideas that will refresh your house instantly.



35 Best Wood Storage Drawers You Wouldn’t Want To Miss - Infographics





These ClosetMaid wood storage drawers serve as a concealed storage solution. With an elegant design, these drawers are stackable with around 15 inches in height each. You may also stack multiple pieces if you so wish. Besides, it is also available in dark cherry and espresso finish. It is also lightweight, sturdy, and versatile.






From files to craft supplies, clothes to books, these Winsome storage drawers are great organizers. They feature seven rolling drawers that have a composite wooden build, featuring two out of four locking wheels. They are super easy to assemble so you can start using them right out of the box. 



The WLive Gray oak wood storage drawers are a great storage solution for almost any room in your home. The item features two big drawers and two small ones, offering enough space for storing all kinds of essentials. You can snag this item on our site in a beautiful natural oak finish. 




These three-drawer wood storage drawers will surely add a rustic touch to your home decor. You’ll find that these small wooden drawers can be easily placed on the shelf or on your desk for storing smaller essentials. From jewelry to stationery, these cascading drawers will keep them all safe and organized. 






These made-in-USA rolling storage drawers are designed to be stored under your bed. The drawers are super handy when it comes to storing blankets and pillows. Besides, you may also use them in your kid’s room for storing toys. The item has four sturdy wheels that are perfect for storage under Nomad, Lexington, and Charleston platform beds.






If you are looking for a drawers storage dresser, to keep your files well organized, this is the product you need. It comes in a neat Dark Taupe finish and features a bigger drawer at the bottom for extra storage space. Did we mention that it is easy to assemble? You may also use it for storage in the living room and kid’s room as well. 





Delta 6 drawer storage chest is spot on when it comes to classic beauty. It has a strong and sturdy wooden construction with multiple color furnishings, all available at affordable rates. The good part is that the drawers have been designed in a way that is safe for toddlers, as it also complies with ASTM safety standards. So, this item is perfect for families with small kids.







The drawers of this Prepac six drawer dresser slide without noise on the metal gliders and have built-in safety stops made of Solid pinewood. Interestingly, solid pinewood is quite durable and non-toxic for your home so it’s an excellent investment. These wood storage drawers are a part of Prepac’s Sonoma & Salt Spring Collection. 






This wood storage drawer by Walker Edison Furniture Company is another masterpiece that features a fresh mid-century design. This one is made out of solid pine wood as well, with an impressive stained wood finish. The three equal drawers have an individual capacity to store approximately 50 lbs of weight. And the best part is, you can easily hang this drawer on the wall and save up on floor space.  





The Tvilum three drawer chest is crafted from PEFC Certified sustainable wood. It has a classic yet contemporary neat look. Altogether it can be placed and used for multiple rooms and purposes. Plus, this product is made in Denmark, a country well-known for its excellent craftsmanship.






Lakeside collection from Adeptus is a modern-day drawer storage option, ideal for modern homes. The drawer features cut out handles. These handles eliminate the need for attaching additional handles. thereby giving the item an overall minimalist look. The rolling drawers are six in number, and you will simply love the crisp natural wood finish on this piece. 






This solid nightstand from Giantex also doubles up as a set of wooden storage drawers. You can place it beside your bed, or next to the accent wall of your living room. The drawers are large and provide an efficient storage solution. Plus, retro design with tiny circular knobs is also noteworthy.





Probably the most refreshing product on this list, the Noomer vanity drawer table is a must-buy! It is white, chic, and comes with a mirror flap as well. The drawer is conveniently sized to provide storage space while retaining its minimalist appeal. It will quickly become one of your favorite pieces of furniture that you’ll love showing off.







This cool drawer chest with ample drawers and minimalist circular knobs is a sleek piece of wooden furniture. Its surface is easy to clean, and the drawers slide through without any effort or noise. Moreover, the five drawers have tons of space to store your belongings, from books to trinkets. The high-quality PB board is sturdy, durable as well as environment-friendly. 





The Baxton Studio drawer storage nightstand is a blast from the past. With a complete retro design, it has the potential to become a conversation starter. The mid-century design nightstand has a two-tone color combination of white and walnut. Besides, the cut-out handles are durable and take up no space.






The Canyon Walnut four drawer dresser will be yet another sleek addition to your home. The handles are neatly placed in the middle with no pointy edges, making it safe for kids. And since it is also wall-mountable, you may use it to make it much more functional and reliable.





This versatile modern dresser can easily blend in with every kind of home decor. With an average height of 34 inches, It is made from quality wood and features a simple line design. Besides, it is easy to assemble, affordable, durable, and awaits to prove value for money investment for you. 






The River of Goods drawers chest features glass decor on its facade. It is available in silver and gold finish apart from the white variant shown above. It also has a unique luster to it, which makes it ideal as a piece of decor, in addition to being a great storage solution. 






The Bestier double storage drawers are a must-have for any office space. While most wood storage drawers have shorter drawer heights, this piece by Bestier is designed to be able to store several standing files. And as a gift, you will also get a set of twenty file holders for free. You will also love its Oak finish variant, which you can check out on Amazon. 






These neat wood storage drawers by Yaheetech have a smart design. With three shelves and two drawers, it does not feature any channels for drawer movement. So you may change the position of drawers and create an open shelf, on top, middle, or bottom. Or else you may place the drawer elsewhere and create more than two open shelves as well. 





Though the brand name is BigHala, this single drawer is a pretty cool and small storage solution for your favorite items. Made of natural wood, you may choose to place on your desk, nightside, and a lot of other places. Use it to store your car keys, work snacks, medicines, jewelry, or similar items. This is the best stackable wood storage drawers you can get in the market. 





The IRIS US-made stacking wooden storage drawers are compact and sturdy for versatile usage. You can also place it inside your closet for secure storage and organization of items and essentials. You may stack more than one, and they will neatly sit together as a single chest.






What you are looking at is an excellent bedside storage drawer, made of MDF boards. The handles are vintage, and so are the legs. The water-resistant surface is easy to clean and maintain, even if it comes in gorgeous white. It is 27 inches tall.  





This double drawer storage stands tall on a metal frame and is bound to add a modern flair to your home decor. The gray finish hardwood has three tones, and the ball bearing slides make this item effortless to use. 





The Crestview wood storage drawers are ensembled to look like a pile of huge books. And naturally, they will win the heart of book lovers and writers. It has a slight vintage outlook, and the small round handles add a unique finishing touch. The book details are embossed immaculately on this artsy piece of furniture. This is a small wood drawer unit perfect for any size rooms.






Do you have a lot of jewelry that you have no idea where to store? Here’s your storage solution, mademoiselle! This standing jewelry cabinet has an array of six drawers in each piece. Along with that, you will also get with necklace hooks on either side of the cabinet, which are otherwise covered with flaps. 






While white is an epitome of grace, when coupled with an assortment of vintage colors, it looks even more ravishing. This drawer storage nightstand is a good example. Though it has a single drawer, it provides plenty of storage space. You can also use it as a table as it features an open storage shelf as well. 





This Ameriwood home bookcase is another show stopper. It has four fabric drawers with wood fronts that you may fold and create an extra open shelf. It’s an ideal piece of furniture for small apartments and dorm rooms. It features a metal stand at the bottom as well. 






Yaheetech brings an all in storage solution with this tall drawer storage. It is quite spacious to store big and small items in any corner of the house. It is made of P2 MDF panels with an excellent wooden finish and is easy to assemble.






How about getting a coffee table along with wood storage drawers? We’ve got you covered. Though it features a solid metal frame, the real deal is the natural wood build and finish. It is wide enough to hold enough items in the drawers and the top as well. 






The wooden pastel storage box can be easily disguised among a pile of books. And though it says for pastels, you may use it to store jewelry, stamp collection, or other valuable stationery.





The MobileVision bamboo drawer allows you to add one drawer storage at a time. These are designed to be stacked, one atop another, and thus you can customize it to an appropriate height. It is wide enough to store papers, and there’s enough depth for buky stationary as well.




With a magnificent Carolina Oak finish, this Sauder wood storage drawers are a natural beauty. The three big drawers and two small ones can easily accommodate most of your storage supplies in one place. The drawers are laced with metal runners and safety stops. 






This one is a cute piece of small wooden drawers that will look great on any shelf. This Apothecary’s chest is also great for organizing your drugs, rings, etc. the hand-painted ceramic drawer design is eye candy.






We have got another small drawer storage solution for organizing your jewelry and small items all in one place. You can use this item for keeping your cash organized. It also features rubber feet and fabric linen at the inner side of the drawer so that your items don’t get scratched. 





And that concludes our thoroughly researched list of wood storage drawers available on Amazon. We these ideas help you find a wooden storage drawer that fits your needs as well as your home decor. 


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