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35 Best Bathroom Vanities That Can Store A Great Deal 35 Best Bathroom Vanities That Can Store A Great Deal

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35 Best Bathroom Vanities That Can Store A Great Deal

Written by: Tabinda Mustershad

From modern bathroom vanities to those with signature hardware installed, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best bathroom vanities that's the BEST!

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From modern bathroom vanities to those with signature hardware installed, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best bathroom vanities you can find online.




They all vary regarding dimensions, prices, color schemes, and styles, so you can get a wide pool to choose from. Remember to take stock of your bathroom space and interior décor and then decide on a suitable vanity. Some bathroom vanities might look great online but not quite fit in with the space of your bathroom. Be sure to do some research and select one that fits your bathroom and your needs well.



35 Amazing Bathroom Vanities To Buy




First up among the beautiful bathroom vanities, you will find is this gorgeous midnight blue number made of solid hardwood. It comes in two other colors and despite its compact size, the sink is pretty large. What is more, you only need to glue up the sink and bathroom cabinets and you’re ready to go.





If you can see we are a fan of Luca bathroom vanities, then you are right because they are so easy to use and assemble that they simply had to be on this list. If you’re low on space in your bathroom and don’t want to take out your tools, this one will fit right in as it needs no assembly.




With the signature hardware of satin gold, this bathroom vanity is elegant and functional.





Need a vanity with tons of bathroom cabinets made of durable hardwood plywood and a marble countertop? Ariel provides one with both single and double sinks, which is expensive but will last you for decades. These bathroom vanities come with 3 years of manufacturer warranty. Moreover, they come fully-assembled – meaning less work for you.





Modern bathroom vanities are all well and good, but sometimes you want something timeless and vintage that is more of a statement piece. Benton’s cottage bathroom vanities bring rustic elegance to your bathroom and are ready to be installed. Plus, they have a lot of bathroom cabinets for extra storage and a white marble top.





Sometimes one needs bathroom vanities that can fit the various phases of life and if you’re still single and don’t need something too fancy or expensive, then this single sink with two storage spaces is designed for you.




It is a no-fuss vanity and comes in three shades. Furthermore, it features chrome handles for an added touch.





Just because you’re a single person who doesn’t need much storage doesn’t mean you can’t go for fancy or trendy bathroom vanities. This one by Pamari has a sliding barn door and comes in two finishes: white and Geneva oak.




It also has open shelving on the right side and comes with two wicker baskets to store items in. Talk about being functional while fitting your aesthetics – all in one!





Want to go to the old school while hunting for bathroom vanities? Then this vanity base made with solid birch doors won’t hurt your budget at all as it is under $200. As it comes without a sink top, you will have free rein to choose one yourself and the hardware as well.





Modern bathroom vanities are all about providing tons of storage with a monochromatic look that is elegant and fits into most design concepts – this one nail that brief. With 1 cabinet and 2 drawers, you’ll have everything tucked away neatly. And the vanity won’t take over a lot of space in your bathroom.





If you don’t want to spend too much money on buying already assembled bathroom vanities; already have a sink and signature hardware of your choice, then this vanity base is inexpensive and can easily be assembled. The bathroom cabinets are spacious. Moreover, they are made of solid wood that will last you a long time.





Traditional bathroom vanities are always a safe bet to go for if you’re confused with the many choices, styles, and designs out there. And until you don’t find your theme or aesthetic this black number will fit in almost any bathroom as black goes with everything. It has adequate storage space and nothing more or less.





We do love modern bathroom vanities that can stop you dead in your track with their cool design. Speaking of which, this long narrow sink surely has caught our attention. It has a tempered glass top and a vessel sink.





Another modern bathroom vanity that is made with eco-friendly MDF wood, easy to assemble, and just looks cool in any setting, is this one with Tonyrena. The signature hardwood is not to be missed.





Those modern bathroom vanities may not be a good option for bigger families that need space and a more child-friendly design, plus it may not fit the vision board you may have. That said this mid-century vanity crafted with reclaimed wood is simply stunning and functional.





If you’ve wanted a bathroom vanity that had two bathroom cabinets, a stylish design, Carrera marble stone countertop, framed mirror, 7 drawers, then this 60s beauty can be yours.




Also, did we mention that it has a 1-year manufacturer warranty as well?!





Take the above vanity, add another sink, made from plywood or oak, two framed mirrors and you get a well-crafted bathroom vanity under $2000. Now is the time to rethink how committed you are for investment.





We’re going all out here, because this 84” beast is the most spacious modern bathroom vanity we have seen so far, that has 4 soft closing/deep drawers and is made with solid acacia wood and a quartz stone countertop. It doesn’t get better than this.





There is a smaller version of the bathroom vanity mentioned above that has an open bottom to store items in and takes up less space in the bathroom. Made of the same acacia wood the finish is spectacular and lets you experience quality for lesser price.





Coming back to those cool looking single sink top bathroom vanities –this one also comes with a medicine cabinet so you don’t have to go spend extra on buying one. This one also has a clean look perfect for an all-white aesthetic.





This two-toned vanity caught our eye as it gives a more rustic feel with grey and brown driftwood. It also has a backsplash and comes with pre-drilled faucet holes and doesn’t take too much space. You also get 2 tip-out trays, 3 drawers, and one cabinet.





Another option by Infurniture is this single sink option with an open bottom in grey driftwood. It only has a single drawer though but a textured surface finish granite top which ties in the grey look this vanity is going for.





The tip-out tray of this vanity may catch your attention since you don’t always need drawers, right? It does have a rustic style with a driftwood finish and is compact for any small bathroom.





If you want to mount a bathroom vanity then this white set is perfect as it comes with two acrylic resin sinks and aluminum drawer handles for a simple look. It can be mounted as high or low as required and is 60” wide.





Continuing the mounted bathroom vanities trend, this one is half the size as the one above and has two large drawers made of laminate composite.




A modern look for a simple design aesthetic.





This one caught our creative eye with the LED illuminated oval bathroom mirror that it comes with that is perfect for capturing selfies or doing makeup. If you have a small bathroom this will fit right in and is only 24” wide.





Speaking of small bathrooms, this standing bathroom vanity in antique coffee is perfect for those who like vintage and classic look. It also has an open bottom and 2 doors for the cabinet.





Taking inspiration from the white bathroom vanities mentioned above this simple base is perfect if you’re looking to reduce cost but need lots of storage space. With European soft close hinges, you don’t need handles and this will give a neat look to your bathroom.





Sometimes you don’t need a vanity with tons of bathroom cabinets or none at all. The Kes vanity may not count as vanity but we’re still including it as it is as simple and no fuss as they come with a white ceramic sink and brass faucet.





The Avanity Provence vanity is just worth looking at with its cherry distress finishing on birchwood. The signature hardware of brass and brown granite countertop completes the imperial look, and perfect for those who love to combine the old with the new.





Made with zero-emission solid oak hardwood, this all-white vanity with white Carrera marble will steal your heart and agree with your conscience too. And with the sink, it is convenience all around, but it doesn’t come cheap.





The Royo vanity comes with a mirror, sink, and two drawers while being so elegant and simple looking in sandy grey. The size and color both make this option amazing for modern bathroom vanities and their seekers.





This gorgeous vanity has X-bar accents in gray with a contrasting white countertop which gives it a modern yet contemporary look. With one cabinet and an open bottom, you will have enough storage to go by.





Similar to the one mentioned above the Kohler set comes in white and is resistant to moisture, scratches, and stains. It features a no-fuss design with black handles and is perfect if you have a minimalistic lifestyle.





The distress finishing with the light wood color and traditional faucet has our hearts for those experimental bathroom looks. It will surely be the highlight of any house.





Wall mounts are awesome if you want to save up on space in your bathroom but not compromise on storage. With two drawers you’ll be good to go with this white number.





The faucet on the Simpli vanity echoes something of the past and seems like the perfect mesh between the 21st and 20th centuries. It also helps that it is quite compact with a decent amount of storage space. But quite pricey for a single sink vanity. 

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