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25 Best Bathroom Cabinets That Are Simple & Elegant 25 Best Bathroom Cabinets That Are Simple & Elegant

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25 Best Bathroom Cabinets That Are Simple & Elegant

Written by: Daniel Carter

Check out the following 25 best cabinets that will provide you with ample bathroom storage to organize your toiletries and add class at the same time.

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Sometimes your bathroom vanity doesn’t have space or storage to fit all your products in them and you need an extra set of cabinets that will do the job. Although buying bathroom cabinets isn’t a tedious task but finding “The One” cabinet that will fit right in with your bathroom concept and design can be nothing less of a hunt.




That is why in today’s post we’ll be featuring 25 of the best cabinets that will provide you with ample bathroom storage to organize your space with the promise of adding elegance and grace at the same time.





Let’s begin with a bathroom wall cabinet that is elegant, compact, and ready to be installed wherever you need. Made with white wood, this can fit into any bathroom scheme or design. With the open bottom, you can also store items like towels or baskets for storage. And there is a towel bar that runs full width to hang them on. It is easy to assemble and only takes 15 minutes.





This bathroom storage is a perfect addition for a bathroom space that is simple but with a touch of marble print on the countertop. The two doors open to two shelves that can be adjusted height-wise as well. Either way, white is a safe bet to go for because it won’t clash with any colored walls. Plus with the price being under $100 it is great value for money and will last you a long time.





Tall bathroom cabinets are perfect for those spaces that don’t have a lot of room to organize their things in or in case they need to fill in a narrow or awkward area in their bathroom. This tall cabinet can easily be assembled but will require tools. Made with MDF material it will last you a long time and you can store everything with those 5 shelves.





Yes, we know we’re showing way too many white bathroom cabinets, but this one had to be included for it has a unique design with open side shelves. The door opens to one large and deep shelf where you can hide away all those things you own. It is available in white and espresso and made is with long-lasting MDF. All in all, if you like uniquely shaped bathroom cabinets that will add a little character to your bathroom, this cabinet won’t disappoint.




This bathroom organizer will add the perfect cottage or barn-like look to add to your bathroom aesthetic while providing plenty of storage. Moreover, the cabinet will store all your bathtub goodies and complementing items. Additionally, the two shelves are waterproof and humidity-resistant and can be opened with two doors. Stylized with 2 chrome metal knobs it will be dust-free and easy to maintain.





Another stunning tall bathroom cabinet is this ivory colored 3 shelf cabinet that has a wood grain finish. Moreover, it is made with MDF and laminate particleboard. Each shelf can hold up to 20lbs, and the single open door gives it a very chic look. Overall, this isn’t too heavy and you can easily assemble it. If you’re going for a rustic look and like to mix and match your furniture, then this will be a nice addition to your house.





Looking for a bathroom organizer to arrange all your linens in predesigned slots for a perfect look? Then this Sauder Peppercorn bathroom cabinet has a perfect X designed open shelve where you can store up to 4 big towels or linens easily. Sandwiched with two shelves, you can also add knick-knacks to add more character, and that soft white finish look will tie in the look perfectly.





Ellsworth has this beautiful espresso colored bathroom cabinet that won’t break down on you in the long run. The overall look of it is well suited for people who have had enough of white bathroom cabinets and need a little color, albeit darker. It is simply “buy and install” with this one, and only weighs 21 lbs. Moreover, it is priced under $150 which is an absolute bargain.





As a bathroom organizer this Riveridge grey piece nails the brief for having many compartments, including 3 drawers, one open cubby, and a cabinet with one shelf. That mirrored knob has particularly caught our attention, and it comes with an anchor to provide support as well. The best part of it is that it comes assembled, so all you have to do is unwrap it and place it where you want it to be.





Continuing the Riveridge obsession – they seem just too good to be true – this two door bathroom wall cabinet is the perfect complement to the espresso colored floor cabinet we mentioned earlier. It is a surface mounting type cabinet and has an easy assembly and mounting procedure. The shutter doors come with polished chrome knobs and are made of durable MDF material. Under $100, there really can’t be a better deal than this.





For all those vintage lovers who love a bit of character and personality in their furniture, you’ll love this Elegant bathroom cabinet that has beautiful detailing on the two doors with metal knobs. You will have to assemble it yourself and will need to bring out the toolbox for this one. But seeing the look of this, it seems all worth it and provides lots of storage as well.





If you want a bathroom wall cabinet that won’t need you to mount an additional towel bar, then this one by Riverridge has a towel bar included at the bottom. While revamping your bathroom, this grey cabinet will perfectly add class and finesse to space while making sure there is no compromise on storage and quality. Priced under $100, it is pretty budget-friendly for a clean and classic looking bathroom cabinet.





Espresso-colored bathroom cabinets with mirrors are a good spin on the bathroom cabinets we have mentioned so far. This large mirrored medicine cabinet is a genius solution for bathrooms that are small in space and if you just need a place to store facial products and other small toiletries. With such a clean look, it can bring together the overall look of any bathroom while not costing you a lot.





Bathroom cabinets with mirrors are all fine and well, but when they come in anodized aluminum, you know they mean business and will last you a long time. Kohler has a stunning cabinet with two adjustable glass tempered shelves and overall, gives a modern look for those who want one. Plus you can adjust the door if you’re left or right-handed.





Bathroom cabinets sometimes don’t need to be big and fancy with all those doors and knobs, which is why Sauder has a simple cubby holes style bathroom organizer that gives you the little extra storage space for anything you may want to display or keep. With a white look and simple design, it can be assembled pretty easily and up and installed within no time.





Bear with us while we make another Riverridge suggestion this time with a unique proposition. This one is perfect to fit into any corner or awkward intersection where two walls meet and you can’t place any rectangular or square-shaped bathroom cabinet. Added with a shutter door design this will look custom made while giving you ample storage space.





Priced under $50, this Zenna bathroom cabinet specifically for toilet rolls may look compact in size but can hold up to 4 double rolls of toilet paper. This is such a convenient tall bathroom cabinet made for one thing that has often landed us in a few awkward situations. Plus it comes with everything you need for assembly and overall will be a convenient and classy addition to your bathroom.





The Kohler medicine cabinet we mentioned is beautiful in its own way but this bronze framed bathroom cabinet with mirror is perfect for those who want a more vintage look than modern. With the same specification as the previous one, it is a value-added product that does the job while making the space look put together as well.





Here’s another toilet paper bathroom cabinet that has more than one door. It offers top storage for other essentials you might need and is perfect for easy access. It has deep shelves so you can fit many rolls easily, as well as other necessities. Plus the assembly is a piece of cake and you get all the instructions clearly mentioned. Plus under $80 makes it an amazing bargain.





As a bathroom cabinet over toilet, this one will take you down the lanes of history with its sophisticated look that features glass doors with amber mosaic glass. The light brown mosaic contrasts beautifully with the dark brown wood cabinet. The bottom open shelf can hold framed pictures and if you don’t want to hang it in your bathroom this will look good in any other part of your house as well.





With no doors or sliding tops, this one is cubby hole perfection when it comes to the bathroom cabinet while being pretty high off the ground as well. With one large shelf and 4 cubbies, you will be able to come up with many ideas to utilize the space better.





If you want to bring the beach to your bathroom, then this cute bathroom cabinet adorned with starfish and seashells on a sandy colored wood is one of the most creative cabinets we’ve found so far. It is perfect for the coastal being within you and has 2 shelves that can be adjusted for height. It is priced a bit too high but is worth the investment if you’re looking to experiment.





Lastly, another beautiful bathroom cabinet with a mirror is this one by Jensen that has a thick bevel mirror with a steel body finish for the utmost durability against rust and heat.





Looking for the dupe to the Ikea Alex drawers? This one fits the description with 4 compact drawers that are smaller in size but deep as well. Made with MDF wood, you can fit everything from makeup, hair tools, shaving equipment, and more. It is long-standing and durable and perfect for homes with smaller bathrooms.





Lastly, we’re leaving with you another bathroom cabinet with mirror by Tangkula that is the most classy and elegant looking one, for a more contemporary bathroom. It has a mirrored knob and accents on the bottom and top, which is perfect for those who don’t want to clash the modern and with the vintage.

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