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How To Create Your Own Barndominium Interior How To Create Your Own Barndominium Interior

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How To Create Your Own Barndominium Interior

Written by: Gabbie Clemente

Live large in your own barndominium in the countryside! Here's a guide on how to build your barndominium interior and turn your colonial dreams to reality.

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Thanks to the rise of work-from-home setups, you now have more flexibility to spend your time anywhere you want. So, if you find yourself longing for a change, a remote barndominium may be the perfect solution to match your new remote lifestyle. No, we’re not saying that you isolate, but instead, create a fresh atmosphere for yourself. In a barndominium, you get to start from scratch and create whatever style you want. From farmhouse chic to art deco, you have all the power when it comes to your barndominium interior.



In this article, we’ll explore how to create your own barndominium interior and bring your big city to small-town girl fantasy to life.


What is a Barndominium?


Are you a city person who does not know what a barndominium is? A barndominium is a clever play on words, combining barn and condominium. It’s an innovative type of home that resembles a barn or even previous barns converted into livable spaces.



A barndominium is a house usually pre-built with steel construction. It’s a type of modular home, wherein the pieces of the house were built off-site and assembled at the location. Despite the unusual construction, a barndominium has proved its durability and functionality. It is as solid as traditional houses — with lesser costs!



One of the reasons why people opt for building a barndominium instead of a traditional house is its open concept floor plan. Once you get your barndominium setup, you have this vast open space with high ceilings to decorate to your heart’s content. You won’t be bothered by restricting walls and can get a full say on how you want your barndominium interior to be. If you want the farmhouse aesthetic to not only be present in the interior of your home, a barndominium will channel that rustic homey vibe easily.


Types of Barndominium Interiors


Wondering what you can do with your barndominium interior? Anything you want! The possibilities are endless! But, if you’re looking for some barndo inspo, below are the different styles and types of barndominiums that are as pretty as they are functional.


Modern Barndominium Interior


Modern Barndominium Interior

Source: Flickr


The modern barndominium interior features a contemporary interior design that ranges from sleek sophisticated style to an artsy chic motif. A modern barndominium is like an upscale apartment that uses unique and modish designs without sacrificing coziness. It combines glass, wood, brick, steel, vibrant color palettes, and much more to give you a functional home. A modern interior also celebrates the architecture of your barndominium as it employs styles that provide more dimension and attention to the structure of your room.



You can never go wrong with a modern barndo because modern doesn’t strictly adhere to a single aesthetic. As long as your furniture and decor are versatile and engaging, it’s a modern home.


Farmhouse Barndominium Interior


Source: Pinterest


The farmhouse barndominium interior is the go-to style for most barndominiums now. It has homey and classic country features that make your spacious area feel cozy and warm. A farmhouse barndominium color scheme centers on white and wood tones, giving your space a clean and peaceful feel. The wooden accents will provide an elegant texture that always feels like home.



A farmhouse barndominium interior is mostly composed of wooden posts, railings, and window frames made with timber. It also perfectly complements earthy and white colors. You can add a fireplace along with your farmhouse furniture to make your space cozier.


Contemporary Minimalist Barndominium Interior


Source: Pinterest


For those who have embraced the minimalist lifestyle, your barndominium interior can follow suit. After all, a minimalist approach can always be incorporated into anything!



In a minimalist interior, less is always more. Only add essential furniture throughout your space, and if you decide to add some decor, make sure it is sparsely placed. A minimalist barndominium interior will emphasize how open and beautiful your bare space is without it feeling unfinished. You can play around with the positioning of your furniture and build an asymmetric or geometric arrangement to make your minimalistic space more interesting.


Industrial Barndominium Interior


Source: Pinterest


If you can’t decide between modern and farmhouse, going for an industrial barndominium interior can give you the best of both worlds. An industrial interior highlights the architecture of the barndominium with steel and wood accents. It still provides an intimate feel because furniture made with natural materials is most commonly used in this style.



One of the main characteristics of having an industrial barndominium interior is its rustic masculinity, which isn’t exactly a problem if that’s your vibe. However, if you want to soften the combination of wood and metal, you can decorate your space with natural and organic materials, like wool rugs and leather furniture.


Scandinavian Barndominium Interior


Source: Pinterest


Think white walls, wooden floors, modern architecture, and IKEA. These are the key elements of going for a Scandinavian barndominium interior. It features simplistic yet functional details, so you won’t get overwhelmed by the interior design in your barndominium. The Scandinavian design prioritizes function over decor, so you’d see more furniture or items that serve a specific purpose beyond adding aesthetic value.



Don’t worry though, because you’d still have a highly stylish barndominium as Scandinavian interiors honor traditional European styles such as windows that can stretch from the ceiling to the floor. This type of barndominium puts your focus on the environment surrounding your space and lets you appreciate your whole place.


Cheap Barndominium Interior Ideas


Now, it’s a common perception that you are expected to spend a lot when you furnish a house. But, you don’t have to go broke when you create your barndominium interior. Here are some cheap and attainable barndo interior ideas you can try to complete your space.


Minimalist Aesthetic


Going for a minimalist aesthetic is always cost-effective. Not only does it keep you from spending money on unnecessary decor, but you also get to utilize more of your space. You have a cleaner and bigger area to move around. With less, you get to pull more focus to the other important parts of living in a barndominium, like the nature outside and the architecture of your house.


Bright White Decor


Going for bright white decor for your barndominium interior won’t break the bank. You can channel a fresh and tidy vibe with a fresh coat of white paint and some white curtains. White decor complements contemporary and modern home styles, which calls for simplicity and clean looks. So, if you want to feel some calm every time you enter your barndominium, you can never go wrong with a bright white color scheme.



Warm Barn Ambience


Introducing warm tones and fall colors to your barndominium interior is a great way to make your house feel cozier. It’s perfect for farmhouse and industrial barndominium interiors because it goes well with the rustic accents. You don’t have to splurge on achieving a warm barn ambiance, too. You can try adding some warm-colored furniture, creating an accent wall, or repurposing a fireplace.



Rustic Stone and Wood Accents


Create an effortless vintage vibe by incorporating stone and wooden accents into your barndominium interior. It will give you that classic rustic charm that looks more expensive than it appears. Wooden and stone accessories are easy to find and affordable. They are also extremely adaptable and can mesh with different trends. You can go from ceramic vases to wooden crates, and you still won’t have a hard time styling them in your barndominium.



Indoor Plants Barndominium Decor


Decorating your barndominium interior with natural and organic materials is a good way to spruce up your space on a budget. Indoor plants are low-cost and low-maintenance decor with a great payoff. They can instantly brighten up any room and even give you oxygen! What more can you ask for? For barndominium interiors, go for tall and leafy plants to mirror your high ceilings.



Double Front Barndominium Doors


To perfect your farmhouse barndominium interior, double front barndominium doors are imperative! It may look like it costs a lot because of its sheer size and hardware, but there are affordable ready-made double doors available now. If you want to save more, you can go DIY, too!



Illuminated Statement Piece


Barndominiums have high ceilings, and what better way to decorate them than with a dramatic chandelier? Adding an illuminated statement piece in your barndominium interior will make your space more cohesive as it mimics the lines of your beams and posts. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant chandelier, of course, you’d need it to match your home’s aesthetic. There are a lot of light fixtures with different designs available now that are reasonably priced. So, you can add more charm to your home without spending too much.



What to Look for in Your Barndominium Interior and Exterior


Here is a quick guide on what you need to consider when setting up both the interior and exterior of your barndominium.


Barndominium Interior Open-Concept Floor Plan


When you buy your barndominium, you have a completely bare interior. There won’t be any walls because you’ll set it all yourself! This can be daunting for a city-dweller who has lived in different four-walled rooms all their life, but it can also give you a breath of fresh air. You have the absolute power to be creative and put all the elements you want in your barndominium interior. Open-concept floor plans are trending among new homeowners as they provide a fresh and more open take on homes today.


Gambrel Roof


Gambrel Roof

Photo by Remmington Wanner from Unsplash


A gambrel roof has four sides compared to the usual two sided-roof. It’s not required for your barndominium to have a gambrel roof, but it’s the most common roof seen in most barndominiums. A gambrel roof provides you with more space on your ceiling, so when you decide to add a loft you won’t be confined in two slanted slopes. It also captures the colonial feel of a barn, which can complement your farmhouse aesthetic.


Metal Siding Structure


Barndominium metal siding

Photo by Chris Robert from Unsplash


A metal siding structure is what you’ll see in most barns and warehouses. It’s the same exterior most barndominiums have as well. However, just like a gambrel roof, it’s not required to have one, but it’s one of the quintessential elements a barndominium has. Metal sidings are solid and durable. Though they may rust, coatings are available now to remedy it, so your siding structure lasts for a lifetime.


High Ceilings


High ceilings are one of the defining qualities that make a barndominium so popular. It pairs well with the open-concept floor plan, giving you an immense blank canvas to work with. High ceilings open your space to more opportunities for a loft, a grand chandelier, or floor-to-ceiling windows.


Engineered Concrete Floors


Engineered concrete

Photo by Claudio Schwarz from Unsplash


Concrete floors are the best option you can get to complete your barndominium interior. They’re incredibly versatile and can complement all styles. You can even utilize the concrete flooring your barndo was built on! Stain, paint, or just seal it to leave it natural.




The open-concept floor plan leaves some of the vital aspects of a house in question. You have to decide where you want the kitchen and bathroom to be first before the plumbing and necessary wiring can take place. Plumbing is a crucial part of a functional home. So, when you decide on your barndominium interior, it helps to establish where you want your sinks first.


What are Barndominium Kits?


If you don’t have enough time to build your barndominium from the ground up, there are barndominium kits you can choose from. Barndominium kits are ready-made primary and secondary framings with exterior walling and stamped building plans. Kits are a great way to start your dream barndominium because you can save time and effort with everything partially built and quicker construction.



Opting for a barndominium kit is more cost-effective too! According to contractors, you save up to 50% when you purchase a kit rather than having it built on the property from scratch. But, don’t worry, you can still personalize your home because kits are highly customizable. It just provides you with a solid structure for your barndo. Adding a balcony, a porch, custom-made beams, and other stuff you want won’t be a problem.



Live Large


Making a home is not easy, but it’s not impossible! There are a lot of resources ready for your disposal and whether you plan on living in the city or the countryside, there’s always help where you need it. Living in a barndominium can give you the best of both worlds! The location of your home may be somewhere more secluded, but on the inside, it pays homage to your favorite things in the city. So, if you’re going farmhouse style or Edna Mode-meets-high fashion barn, we hope this guide on building your barndominium interior helps you live largely. 



If you want to be extra on your barndo lifestyle, you can add a backyard pond to get that old country feel or just get more in touch with nature.

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