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7 Best Wood Putty Products For Quick Home Maintenance 7 Best Wood Putty Products For Quick Home Maintenance

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7 Best Wood Putty Products For Quick Home Maintenance

Written by: Benjamin Parker

Keep your home repairs and wood furniture in top shape with wood putty ready! Check out the best wood putty that will make maintaining your home easy.

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They say a plumber’s best friend is a wrench, a painter’s is a brush, and a chef’s is his chef knife. Though we’re still unclear whether a woman’s is a diamond, one thing is for sure. A handyman or a woodworker’s best friend is wood putty! Working with lumber can be tricky. It may be the of the most delicate and toughest materials a person can work with and can cause inevitable holes, blemishes, and scratches. Thankfully, there’s nothing a little wood putty can’t fix. So, if you’re starting to catch up on some home maintenance, make sure to keep some putty on hand.


What is Wood Putty?


Wood putty, also known as plastic wood, is used to fill holes, scratches, and other imperfections. It’s like a magic eraser for all your wood projects that need last-minute modifications. Wood putty is made from synthetic materials and oil-based compounds, making it highly pliable to fit all your needed timber fixes.



Professional and DIY woodworkers recommend using wood putty for daily fixes and outdoor furniture because it resists shrinkage and is durable against weather damage from the sun and the rain. You won’t have to worry about maintaining your repairs once you use a little bit of wood putty.


Benefits of Using Wood Putty


Wood putty is a must-have in your workshop! If you want a quick fix to all things lumber and timber, having some on hand will ease the pressure on your carpenting shoulders and satisfy your need for perfectionism. However, if you still need a little convincing, here are the benefits of using these reliable plasters:


Easy Application


Wood putty is extremely flexible. You can easily apply it to the tiniest and largest cracks, and with a putty knife, you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Once you’ve put the plaster in, you can wipe the excess off and wait for it to dry. It’s an easy and stress-free application.


Lots of Color Combinations To Choose From


There is a variety of colors to choose from in the wood plaster aisle. With this, you won’t have trouble finding the perfect shade to match your timber surfaces. Wood putty is commonly used for finished woodworks. That’s why it comes in different stains and colors already. There’s no need to redo your finish or varnish!


Durable and Long-Lasting


As we have mentioned, wood putty is durable enough to weather natural conditions, whether it concerns heat or moisture. It has notable adhesive properties as well. So, it binds the lumber crevices to prevent the cracks from spreading. Though it may take some time to dry once it’s set, the wood putty will provide a robust fill as solid timber.




Wood putty is a cost-effective solution, too. A small container can last you a long time, and even when it dries in the bottle, a few drops of acetone is enough to refresh it.


Wood Putty vs Wood Filler


There are two lumber fixers available in the market: wood putty and wood filler. They both serve the purpose of filling in various timber imperfections, but both are still very distinct. So, when should you use either?


When to Use Wood Putty


  • You should opt for wood putty when you want to do repairs on finished wooden furniture or projects that have been varnished. 
  • If you need to fill cracks from exterior woodwork, using putty is the best way to conceal. It’s easily manipulated, so you always get the right amount. 
  • Use putty when you want to do touch-ups on your outdoor furniture or any furniture that is exposed to a lot of moisture. It adjusts with the material when it contracts or expands due to dry and wet conditions.


When to Use Wood Filler


  • Wood filler is best used for unfinished wooden furniture. It’s sandable, so if you want to do your sanding and varnishing in one go, you can do it when you repair it with filler.
  • When you’re on a short deadline, use lumber filler because it only takes minutes to dry.
  • Opt for wood filler when you’re doing your repairs on your hardwood flooring and indoor furniture.


7 Best Wood Putty Products For Quick Home Maintenance


Wood putty is not only instrumental to home maintenance but can also help you prepare for unexpected repairs on your project. Here are the seven best wood putties to keep in your woodshop and tool cabinets:


If you’ve been in the woodworking business, you know one of the trusted brands is Minwax. So, topping our list of the best wood putty is Minwax’s Walnut Wood Putty! Fill out holes and imperfections in your finished lumber furniture, while exerting the least effort. This plaster is so easy to use that even novice woodworkers won’t have a difficult time. It mimics the color of Minwax wood stains, so if you’re using the Minwax walnut lumber stain, this is a perfect match.

Key Features

  • Color-matched to Minwax lumber stains
  • Walnut timber shade


  • 3 inches x 3 inches x 3 inches
  • 3.75 ounces


  • Easy to use
  • Walnut finish is close to real
  • Durable


  • Dries up in the container quickly

One of the disadvantages of using wood putty is that it takes a lot of time to set and dry. Well, if you find yourself in a hurry to repair your favorite chair or outdoor storage bench, use J-B Weld KwikWood Repair Epoxy Stick. This putty defies the stereotype because it only takes an hour to fully dry! Once it hardens, you can sand and drill it just like solid lumber.

Key Features

  • 900 PSI lap shear strength
  • Hand-mixable epoxy plaster
  • Tan shade


  • ‎4 inches x 2 inches x 8 inches
  • 28 grams


  • Sandable after setting
  • Sets quickly
  • Very durable
  • Easy to use
  • Can absorb color stain


  • Takes a lot of time to absorb the stain
  • Tends to dry too fast

The System Three 1-Quart SculpWood Moldable Epoxy Plaster is a heavy-duty lumber plaster that can aid in any home repair from your roof to your wooden cabinets. It includes a pint of epoxy resin and putty hardener that molds like clay and hardens like a rock. If you enjoyed playing with Play-Doh when you were a kid, you’re in for a treat when you do your home repairs with this wood putty. You will need to mix equal parts of the epoxy resin and the hardener and combine them like you would two different colors of clay.

Key Features

  • A pint of epoxy resin
  • A pint of putty hardener


  • 1 quart
  • ‎4.25 inches x 4.25 inches x 8.5 inches


  • Extremely pliable and easy to mix
  • Sandable and paintable
  • Can absorb color stain
  • Durable and solid
  • Waterproof


  • Takes a minimum of 24 hours to cure or set
  • Can be difficult to apply

The J-B Weld Wood Restore Premium Epoxy Putty Kit is another two-part wood putty with a tried and tested strength and malleability. Keep your wood furniture in top shape with this heavy-duty household must-have. It features premium epoxy and lumber compounds that you can combine to create a cement-like texture for timber! Thanks to this product, you can repair it with ease and confidence every time.

Key Features

  • Two-part premium epoxy putty


  • ‎8.1 inches x 4.1 inches x 4.4 inches
  • 32 fluid ounces


  • Easy to use and mix
  • Lightweight, yet durable
  • Sandable when dried
  • Can be painted on seamlessly


  • Has poor adhesion to lumber materials
  • Takes a long time to set and harden

Don’t let color-matching keep you from your routine home maintenance! The Mohawk Fil-Stik Furniture Touch Up Kit features 12 wood putty sticks with colors parallel to timber surfaces. You don’t have to buy separate wood primers, varnishes, or stains because you already have a convincing finish. In this set, you have a wide variety of vivid colors for all kinds of lumber shades. So, touch up your white porch, java floors, and mahogany musical box, all in one day!

Key Features

  • 12 Mohawk Fil-Stik putty sticks
  • 12 shades of timber available (red mahogany, cranberry, black or java, extra dark walnut, deep mahogany, light walnut, heritage oak, nutmeg, medium rock maple, natural tone, natural, white)


  • ‎4.15 inches x 0.5 inches x 0.5 inches
  • 6.4 ounces


  • Easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Colors closely match lumber stains
  • Good for hardwood floors
  • Has a lot of shades to choose from


  • Has a wax-like finish rather than timber

If you’re looking for a straightforward fix for your flooring, the Roberts Dark Brown Wood, Laminate, and Vinyl Putty is your best bet. It comes in an easy squeeze tube that can fit in your tiny toolbox or toolbelt. If you see a crack in your hallway, just squeeze the proper amount, scrape the excess, and wait for it to dry. Voila! It’s as good as new.

Key Features

  • Dark brown timber finish
  • Easy-squeeze tube


  • 3 fluid ounces
  • 8.11 inches x 1.57 inches x 1.42 inches


  • Easy to use
  • Solid dark brown color
  • Durable
  • Compact and portable packaging


  • The product is prone to leaking
  • Takes a lot of time to dry and cure

The REALINN Wood Furniture Repair Kit is the mother of all wooden repairs. It features not just one of the most durable wood putties but eight touch-up markers, 12 touch-up fillers with different stains, and beeswax to give your lumber surfaces that extra protection. So, if you don’t want to think about all the tools you need to equip your tool cabinet with, keep this nifty set in mind! After using the wood plaster to fill in scratches and cracks, you can touch it up with a marker to match the color of your surface easily. No need for extra varnishes!

Key Features

  • 8 touch up markers
  • 12 touch up fillers
  • A tub of wood putty
  • 1 beeswax container
  • Touch up tools (brush, scraper, sandpaper)


  • Putty size: 40 grams
  • Beewax size: 80 grams


  • Easy to use
  • Complete tools for all wood repairs
  • Provides a lot of colors for color-matching
  • Beeswax is included
  • Wood putty is durable and pliable


  • Dries easily once opened

How to Make DIY Wood Putty


Wood putty is essentially not an expensive item, but knowledge is power! It‘s always helpful to know more skills in the DIY game. Did you know most experienced woodworkers make their own wood putty? Well, they do! It’s easy to make and you can completely match the shade of the lumber you’re working with. Plus, if you run out and can’t run to the nearest hardware store, you can whip up a batch in minutes.



You only need two things to make your own wood putty: sawdust and wood glue, or old-fashioned white Elmer’s glue. Once you have those two ready just follow the steps below!


  1. In a paper plate, Tupperware, or any container, put a handful of fine sawdust. Make sure there aren’t big chips of lumber included in your sawdust.
  2. Add the glue and mix. Now, you have to work fast in mixing because lumber glue dries out quickly. 
  3. Mix until you reach a soft doughy consistency. You should be able to form your wood putty into balls without it being too sticky.
  4. Once, you’ve reached the ideal consistency, you can use it immediately in your projects. You can also store your DIY wood putty inside a container for future projects.


Wood Putty FAQs


You will need to use a putty knife for a seamless application. With the knife, press the soft plaster into the cracks and scrape the excess off. And then, wait for it to dry.

  • How long does it take for wood putty to dry?

Wood putty takes about two to eight hours to dry, but it still varies on the humidity level and temperature of your environment.

  • Can wood putty be stained?

No, you can’t stain wood putty. However, commercial timber putties are available in different colors to match the stain or varnish of your finished woodwork.

  • Is wood putty as strong as wood?

Yes, sometimes it’s even stronger. Wood putty is meant to have the same texture as lumber after sanding and applying finishes. But unlike lumber, it’s fire-resistant and almost scratch-proof.



Woodworking is one of the most tedious and complicated crafts. There’s just no room for error when you’re making wooden figures of the characters from the cinematic masterpiece, Shrek. That’s why you should always have wood putty ready to keep your works of art as perfect as they can be. Choose from the seven best wood putty above, and don’t let any cracks or scratches keep you from perfecting your art or keeping your home safe.

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