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Best Mesh Bag For Washing Your Delicate Garments Best Mesh Bag For Washing Your Delicate Garments

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Best Mesh Bag For Washing Your Delicate Garments

Written by: Benjamin Parker

Keep your clothes looking new no matter how many times you wash them with a trusty mesh bag for laundry. Check out the best mesh bags here!

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Are you tired of getting your sleeves and straps in a bunch every time you do laundry? Remember, just because you can toss your pajamas, underwear, and socks inside the washer doesn’t mean you have to. If you want to protect your most comfortable undergarment or your favorite Star Wars sheets, you need to be extra careful!



Sure, you can do multiple loads of laundry, but who has time for that? Introducing the best laundry tool yet — the mesh bag! One of the most tasking parts of doing laundry is making sure your clothes don’t get snagged and damaged from friction against your other clothes, so you opt to do them in separate washes. Now, that can change with the addition of a simple wash bag.



If you don’t have time to do multiple loads of laundry, having a mesh bag will be a game-changer. You can say goodbye to your delicates touching your not-so-delicate garments and say hello to properly-cared-for clothes. 



What is a Mesh Bag?


Mesh is in almost everything now, in reptile enclosures, clothes, bags, and in some furniture too. Its main purpose is to create a safe barrier without hindering any beneficial exchange between two things. Now, it has taken its new form! Still donning its classic net appearance, a mesh bag will help keep your clothes intact as they rumble and tumble inside a washing machine. It is also made secure either with a zipper or a drawstring. 



If you worry about your clothes not being as clean as they would be, don’t fret! The mesh makes water and soap suds permeate the bag more efficiently. A laundry mesh bag features resilient and heat-resistant fabrics that are sure to keep up with all the bangs of a spin cycle.


Advantages of Using a Mesh Bag For Laundry


If you find sorting the clothes, setting up the washing machine, and measuring how far you’re going to go with the fabric conditioner takes up a lot of time already, adding another step of putting each garment in mesh bags might seem excessive. Well, we’re here to tell you to trust the process! Using a mesh bag for laundry might be an added step, but it’s the step that will make all the difference in keeping your clothing for longer.



If you’re not convinced, here are some of the pros you’ll get at the end of each washing cycle with a mesh bag:


    • You can prevent loose straps, misshapen bras, and shredded lace by putting them inside a mesh bag.
    • No more hooks and long sleeves snagging and damaging other garments.
    • It can double as a laundry bag that you can put straight inside the washer.
    • Say goodbye to the mysterious missing half of each pair of socks.
    • It can serve as protection for hand wash-only garments in the washer when you don’t want to hand wash.
    • It can be used as storage when not in use for a wash.


Best Mesh Bags For Responsible Washing


Now that we have the basics down, and you’re more convinced of getting a mesh bag, here are our top picks! Check out the best mesh bags available in the market to begin your responsible washing.

Keep your unmentionables noteworthy by giving them more protection with the Muchfun Durable Honeycomb Laundry Mesh Bags. The set has perfect sizes to house all your delicates and keep them from getting caught in the wild wash inside your machine. This mesh bag set of three features a tightly woven mesh fabric in a unique honeycomb pattern. Each bag makes sure your clothes stay safe and sound until dry.

Key Features

  • Honeycomb mesh pattern
  • Anti-rust zipper


  • Mesh bag size: 16 inches (L) x 12 inches (W)
  • Made of polyester fiber mesh


  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Perfect size for delicates
  • Doesn’t shrink in hot water


  • Thin and flimsy garments cling to the honeycomb mesh
  • The zipper is not the most sturdy

If you want to save trips from the hamper to the machine, consider the Polecasa Heavy Duty Diamond Bag for Laundry. This item can double up as both your laundry and wash bag! When it’s full, take it straight to the laundry room and immediately place it in the washer — this is, of course, if you don’t need any sorting. This mesh bag boasts a 50lb load capacity, which can store a week’s worth of dirty clothes, heavy blankets, bedsheets, and more. Its diamond mesh pattern has an excellent water permeability that makes sure every piece of clothing inside is clean and fresh.

Key Features

  • Drawstring cord lock
  • Diamond mesh pattern
  • Name tag feature
  • Reinforced stitches


  • Mesh bag dimensions: 24 inches x 36 inches
  • Made of a tear-resistant polyester mesh
  • Lead, cadmium, and phthalates-free
  • Load capacity: 50lbs
  • Available in Aqua, Black, A-white, Blue, and Gray


  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • Thick mesh material
  • Can hold a heavy load of laundry
  • Can be hung conveniently when not in use


  • The opening of the mesh bag is a bit small

Have the power to save time and effort by combining different garments in one load with the BAGAIL Set of 5 Laundry Mesh Bags. It features two medium, two large, and one extra-large mesh wash bag that will definitely have room for all your different clothes. This mesh bag has a game-changing zipper band protector that will not only secure your OOTDs but also keep the zippers in top shape.

Key Features

  • Set of 5 laundry mesh bags
  • Zipper band protector


  • Two medium mesh bags, two large mesh bags, and one extra-large mesh bag
  • Made of fine polyester fiber mesh


  • Offers a lot of size options
  • Thick and high-quality material
  • The zipper band keeps the bag closed and protects the zipper
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Mesh is a bit too tight

The DuomiW Heavy-Duty Laundry Drawstring Mesh Bag is one of your best choices when you’re looking for a spacious mesh bag. Your pillows and blankets need some lovin’ in the washer too, so keep them safe from the throes of the washing machine and dryer with this mesh bag.

Key Features

  • Drawstring seal
  • 2 pieces of black mesh bags


  • Mesh bag size: 36 inches x 24 inches
  • Made of durable plastic mesh


  • Very spacious
  • Can fit inside a laundry hamper
  • Doesn’t melt in the dryer and washer
  • Black color mesh doesn’t bleed


  • Rips easily when overfilled
  • Can’t handle heavy loads

If it’s a deal you want, it’s a deal you’ll get with the Gogooda Mesh Bags. You won’t get one, or three, or even a measly five, but instead a total of seven bags for laundry! There’s one for each type of clothing, so you don’t mix and match a washing accident. The set includes two round wash bags that are a perfect fit for your bras to keep them in perfect condition.

Key Features

  • Premium rust-free zipper
  • 7 different sized mesh bags


  • Mesh bag dimensions: Round (7 inches x 7 inches); Small (8 inches x 12 inches); M (12 inches x 16 inches); L (16 inches x 20 inches); XL (24 inches x 20 inches); XXL (24 inches x 24 inches)
  • Made of polypropylene nylon


  • Has a wide variety of bag sizes
  • Soft mesh material
  • Doesn’t shrink inside the washer or dryer
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Zpper is not durable
  • Round bags are smaller than advertised

Convenience is a must, especially in the tedious task of laundry. So, any form of convenience is always a plus, which the Plusmart Mesh Bags with Drawstring for Laundry provides. It has a sturdy stitched bag handle that makes traveling with a heavy load of clothes easy. You’ll have a lot of space for all your washing needs because it’s not only very spacious, but it comes in threes! Once you’re done using them, you can hang them on sturdy S hooks until your next wash day.

Key Features

  • Drawstring cord seal
  • Bag handle


  • Mesh bag size: 36 inches x 24 inches
  • Made of coarse polyester mesh


  • Large and spacious
  • Thin, but durable
  • Good value for money
  • The handle is for convenient carrying heavy loads


  • The opening doesn’t stretch wide enough to fit a hamper

Garments That Should Be Washed in a Mesh Bag


Here is a quick guide to the garments that you should practice washing in a mesh bag. 


Underwear and Lingerie 


Drooping, twisting, and yanking are some of what your underwear and lingerie go through in a washing machine. You can prevent this by keeping your delicates inside a mesh bag that will maintain their shape.




You can prevent runs and spider tears on your stockings, leggings, and tights by storing them inside a mesh bag when you put them in the dryer.


Embellished Clothing


Sequined dresses or highly embellished apparels are prone to get caught and ripped in the washing machine. So, put them inside a mesh bag to keep them intact at all times.


Bathing Suits and Athletic Wear


Avoid getting your athletic wear and bathing suits tangled and stretched by putting them inside a mesh before going through a wash in the machine. Using a mesh bag can easily preserve their elasticity and durability.




Never pull a lonely sock out of the washer again by keeping them all accounted for inside a mesh bag.


Wool, Cashmere, Silk, and Velvet


Clothes made of wool, cashmere, silk, and velvet are often tagged as hand wash-only garments. However, with a mesh bag, it can be safe enough to have them inside a washing machine.


Denim Jeans


Use a mesh bag when washing your denim jeans to avoid unnecessary distressing and losing more details on your favorite pair.



A mesh bag can do wonders for mundane tasks such as laundry. We hope you find the best one for you from our top picks above. Sort through laundry as easy as ABC and keep your clothes in pristine condition with the best laundry items. Check out the best hanging laundry bags and affordable drying racks to make laundry less of a chore.

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