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20 Best Terrazzo Decor Ideas For A Classy Look 20 Best Terrazzo Decor Ideas For A Classy Look


20 Best Terrazzo Decor Ideas For A Classy Look

Written by: James Anderson

20 FREE gorgeous and easy terrazzo ideas guaranteed to transform your house instantly! Choose terrazzo today for ultimate sophistication.

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Looking for something vintage yet classy? Terrazzo’s your best bet!



Terrazzo flooring is a vintage masterpiece that went into obscurity with the popularity of floor tiles. But recently, it’s a trend that’s resurfacing again but in a totally different format.


Without further ado, let’s take a look at 20 terrazzo décor ideas you will love:






1. Abstract Painting

 Abstract Painting



Terrazzo flooring has long been translated into an art form, and if you’re searching for a colorful abstract art piece in this genre, then it doesn’t get any better than this.



The frameless design is so much more impactful and beautifully captures the organic chaos of terrazzo as a material quite stunningly!



Get Modern Decor Background Image of Terrazzo 



2. Table Lamp




Terrazzo tiles may be flat, but the material can definitely be molded into more interesting forms!



This table lamp has a round terrazzo base that provides quite a striking contrast with its top part. It’s definitely a statement décor piece worth having in your homes!



Get Modernluci Table Lamp 



3. Soap Dispenser




The smallest things always make the biggest impact, so if you’re working with a drab old single-tone space, you’ll love the visual impact of things like terrazzo soap dispensers.



They’re not that big but they do pack a large punch – especially when paired with darker tiles and stone surfaces.



This lovely Vintage Ceramic Soap Dispenser is available for purchase here.



4. Terrazzo Coasters

Terrazzo Coasters


A terrazzo floor may have a set lifespan, but that doesn’t translate into other terrazzo objects.



This is why these statement coasters in this material would make an excellent decorative and functional addition to your homes. They don’t absorb liquids and are pretty long-lasting!



Buy Terrazzo Dark Large Pattern 



5. Throw Pillow




A terrazzo patterned throw pillow would make an excellent statement piece in a home interior that needs pattern accents. You can layer them up on a simple couch to introduce a great visual dynamic within the space!



Grab your Ahawoso Throw Pillow Cover today.




6. Wall Sticker

Wall Sticker



Don’t like your plain old white walls anymore? Don’t worry! You can simply put these vinyl terrazzo stickers on them to make things interesting. You’ll feel your walls come alive. The pattern would definitely contribute to enlivening the overall ambiance of your home!



Get Terrazzo Stones Wall Stickers



7. Shower Curtain




It’s time to throw out those boring old shower curtains that are stealing the thunder of your beautiful bathroom styling in the worst possible way.



You can swap them with these trendy terrazzo patterned shower curtains that would emulate a quirky and contrasting aura in any bathroom space!



We absolutely adore these Terrazzo Shower Curtains!



8. Decorative Bowl




Terrazzo flooring may be old-school, but small every-day items crafted with this particular stone-molding technique make beautiful decorative pieces.



This is why a terrazzo bowl would make a beautiful focal point in your interior designs – especially when featured in the middle of the coffee or dining table.



Get Afloral Terrazzo Bowl 



9. Poster Print

Terrazzo Poster



A cluster of terrazzo poster prints would be a great addition in a space that needs to be visually dynamic.



You can frame some and feature them on an empty accent wall. They’ll make the simple background pop with eclectic elegance!



Get HYFBH Terrazzo Posters



10. Floor Mat




Do you have a boring old floor that needs some sprucing up? While a terrazzo floor itself may be too much, you can always go with a unique terrazzo patterned floor mat.



This one is quite charming. It would make a colorful addition to space and would be perfect for battling the monotony of neutral and solid colors!



11. Area Rug




This stain-resistant terrazzo patterned area rug is the epitome of relaxed modernity! It’s got an abstract pattern – just like actual terrazzo flooring – but with more spacing and brighter colors. It would definitely bring out the best in your floors!



Add some pizzazz with Semtomn Area Rug 5′ X 7′.



12. Terrazzo Vase




This cylindrical terrazzo vase would make a gorgeous accent piece! You can put some fresh leafy stems or a beautiful try arrangement in it for maximum impact.



You can also make it a part of your DIY tray setting. Alternately, you can just use it as a solitary piece!



Get WJL Nordic Style Creative Ceramic Vase  



13. Bed Covers




These terrazzo bed covers in a gorgeous microfiber cloth are exactly the thing you need to add some spice in your typical modern homes. They look stunning in pure neutral surroundings.



Pair them with plush pillows and overhang artwork to get the best effect!



Get MIGAGA Decor Duvet Cover Set King Size



14. Terrazzo Jars




Terrazzo jars are not only hard-wearing and resilient, but they also require minimal maintenance.



Their casual beauty and elegance mean that they’ll be a timeless part of your home décor. You can put them anywhere you want.



Whether it’s a cluster on the kitchen spice shelf or a pair with dried potpourri – you can use them anywhere and any way you want.



Get Kassatex Terrazzo Cotton Jar 



15. Terrazzo Planter




You’ve probably heard about the trend of featuring tiny indoor planters in your home interiors, right?



While most of them are made out of glass, ceramic, or terracotta, what if you could have one make in terrazzo? It would make an eye-catching accent piece that would pair well with contrasting décor items!



Get Floral Home Terrazzo Bowl 



16. Tapestry




If you can’t find something to hang in your modern or minimal style home interiors, then check out this stunning terrazzo style tapestry.



It’s got all the beauty and understated elegance of a terrazzo tile, but with more flair, color, and panache. Arguably the perfect addition to a modern home if you want some gentle sprucing up!



Get Ahawoso Tapestry Wall Hanging 60×50 



17. Table Runner





Searching for a table runner that’s the perfect blend of casual elegance and effortless grace?



This terrazzo patterned one would be just right! It would go really well with all sorts of modern furniture – especially wood and glass!



Get HGOD DESIGNS Terrazzo Table Runner 



18. Trinket Tray




Display any accessories/trinkets you may have with this gorgeous terrazzo trinket tray! Use it to compartmentalize your small personal accessories, or simply as décor.



Get Terrazzo Trinket Decorative Tray 



19. Ashtray




This Nordic style terrazzo ashtray captures the beauty of the Scandinavian aesthetic in its eclectic form.



Its steel inlay is easy to clean or dust off while the stone front makes it look like a classy modern-minimalist accent piece!



Get XOKIMI Ashtray Cement Terrazzo 



20. Candlesticks




Searching for some classy and timeless baubles to complement your homes with? These beautiful terrazzo candlesticks would fit the bill beautifully!



This set of six features simple geometry that would make a subtle yet sophisticated statement in your home!



Get Foylome Set of 6 Terrazzo Candlestick 




So these are 20 terrazzo décor ideas that you can use to spruce up your home interiors! They’re striking and beautiful – you’ll love what they’ll bring to your space!


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