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Never run out of space again with these custom closet components: they're durable, versatile, and easy to mix and match. Design your dream closet today!

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Custom Closet Products

24 Inch x 8 Inch Honey Maple Melamine Wood Shelving

(please note that the 10-inch version of this product is no longer available) Create your own storage solution with this 24" x 8" Melamine Wood Shelving - Honey...

24 Inch x 8 Inch Walnut Melamine Wood Shelving

(please note that the 10-inch version of this product is no longer available) Turn that bare wall into extra storage space with this 24" x 8" Walnut Wood...

9 7/8 x 7 3/8 Inches Brass Shelf Brackets with Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Add a vintage touch to your home with the Brass Shelf - Oil Rubbed BronzeBrackets. These simple yet elegant shelf brackets can hold up to 8” or 10”...

24 Inch x 12 Inch Melamine Wood Shelving - Honey Maple

Create strong storage spaces in your shelves with the 24" x 12" Melamine Wood Shelving - Honey Maple. Made of melamine, it provides a green as well as...

10 Inch x 12 Inch White Wire Shelving

  Wonder where to orderly put your ties, belts and scarves? Here is the answer, the 10" x 12" White Wire Shelving! Designed so you can neatly stack...

10 Inch x 12 Inch Wire Shelving - Nickel

Never again misplace your neckties with the 10" x 12" Wire Shelving - Nickel. This storage option allows you to optimize space and organize countless accessories with its...

Custom Closet Buying Guide

Introduction to a Custom Closet

A Custom Closet is an ergonomically-designed combination of shelves, cabinets & drawers that are customized for different proposes. It has a giant space for your everyday makeover. Other than that, it may enhance the aesthetic value of your study room. Also, if you have a large bathroom, A Custom Closet may prove out to be the principal bathroom storage setup.

Main Components Of A Custom Closet

The components involved in building a brawny Custom Closet are indeed very essential to cater to reliability & trustworthiness. Despite being of different sizes, shapes & dimensions, a few constituents are a must in a modern Custom Closet Setup. Let’s have a look.

Built-In Drawers: It is something very fundamental to a Custom Closet. People often carry numerous little things like Facial Ornaments, Dairies, Notebooks, Photo Albums, Business Cards, Car Keys, Sunglasses, Files & Documents, etc, that must be kept in a separate & easily recognizable box. A Built-In Drawer fits best in this requirement. There are certain small size items that are big precious to you.

Rods & Hanging Systems: Being an urban citizen you shouldn’t be looking at an ordinary hanging in a Custom Closet. What’s smart in this way is the modern Multi-Level Hanging System. It simply doubles the hanging space for your Shirts, Jeans, and Sweaters & Jackets. In this way, you get a spare portion on your single-level rod & you can easily hang up your Long Dresses, Gowns, and Long Skirts & Pants.

Innovative Shelving in a Custom Closet: Another most obvious thing in a Custom Closet is the shelves. But what’s the most annoying thing about them? Of course their firm design. It’s almost impossible to move them around. Now, how about trying an Adjustable Shelving? Sounds fun, right? The modern Custom Closet allows you to adjust the size & layout of your shelves.

Design of the Custom Closet: One of the most appealing things is the design of the external & internal portion of the Custom Closet. It projects the overall beauty of the closet. It covers everything from the basic outline sculpting to the detailed artwork on the drawers, shelves & doors within the Custom Closet.

External & Internal Doors: In addition to the safety & security measures, the internal & external door of a Custom Closet doesn’t ignore the essential principles of aesthetics. Numerous amazing options are available like Barn Doors, Kids Closet, Mirror Doors, Custom Glass Inserts, Sliding Doors, Antique Mirror Doors, Louvered Sliding Doors, Wallpaper Covering, Criss-Cross, Soft-Close Sliding, Modern Glass Doors, Plantation Shutters, etc. You can follow these concepts for both Internal & external settings.

Classifying a Custom Closet

As Custom Closet consists of an enormous structure providing for multiple needs, it can’t be limited to a specific design. Moreover, the word ‘Custom’ justifies the multiple variations associated with it. The following kinds of Custom Closet share multiple ways of significance across several users.

Reach-In Custom Closet: It is a reliable solution if you’re looking for a medium-size Custom Closet. It’s basically required in the bedroom. It provides adequate space for Clothes, Shoes & Socks, Caps, Suits & Ties, Perfumes, and other daily attire needs. It consists of a few rods to hang up the cloths so as to avoid wrinkles. A Reach-In Custom Closet can be approximately 4 to 8 feet wide, an arm’s length deep & 8 feet high.

Walk-In Custom Closet: A Walk-In Custom Closet is like a separate room for storing your everyday & occasional apparel that’s supported by a sliding door & often a few windows to maintain an atmosphere. It has a Multi-Face Design Storage that can be customized as per user needs. It is a well-organized space comprising Multiple Drawers, Sliding Shelves & a Pull-Out Mechanism for Your Shirts, Trousers, Tie & Belts. Moreover, you may find a Vertical Rack for your Shoes & Slippers.

Custom Closet for Kids: When a kids' bedroom doesn’t follow an adult composition, how come it’s gonna work for a Custom Closet? Moreover, a complete section needs to be dedicated to toys & dolls, don’t you think? How about seeing the kids' stuff lying here & there in the entire house? It may often create a mild disturbance if you’re a working person. As of this, you don’t need to care about such things with a Kids Custom Closet. It provides a separate space for all the kids' stuff that you may also lock-in whenever you don’t wanna see around.

Linen Custom Closet: It is an updated version of the Reach-In Custom Closet as it has a way more narrow structure & are often located near a guest room. Composed of the same Sliding Doors, Hinged Doors & Bifold Doors, it is widely used to keep Bed Sheets, Pillows, Towels, Small Blankets & a few bathroom accessories for the guests. It is a common storage mechanism in a large number of modern-day apartments.

Effective Custom Closet Combos: As an owner of a large house you must need a large set of Custom Closet which is essentially possible through the way of a combo. It is simply a combination of all other types of Custom Closets. It has got a Linen Space, a Kids & Adults Setup, a Wardrobe, and a Walk-In & Reach-In Design altogether. 

Understanding a Custom Closet Purchase

Coming out of a detailed overview of Custom Closet, there comes time to purchase! Is it really an effortless course of action? Surely not! You carefully need to balance between your requirements & the marketplace ambiance. A Custom Closet is not just a product you buy & immediately bring home. It comes with a complete procedure of installation. Follow these guidelines.

The Pricing Factor: Price doesn’t only relate to the one drawn against the product. It is associated with the installation charges, after-sale services & overall satisfaction. Moreover, you get to see various discounts, offers & coupons dedicated toward cutting your expenses. But, is it worth? Marketing follows inbound as well as the outbound route to build a deal. So, stay conscious upon any kinda offers & never miss an elemental bargain if possible, especially while purchasing heavy products like Custom Closet.

Design & Layout Factor: Everyone has a unique persona & consequently unique buying choices. It stretches to a lot where design & style is considered. These different designs are inspired by numerous personalities who visit being customers into the markets. Apart from traditional shopping, the internet has also become smart enough. It understands the value of varieties in a Custom Closet design.

Understand The Features: A Custom Closet has a vast classification considering multiple features. Let’s understand this with an example of Custom Closet features for Men & Women. 

Men Closets normally include:

  • Shallow drawers to keep undergarments
  • Socks & caps
  • Slide-out baskets to keep jackets
  • Pants & sports apparel
  • Shoe rack at the bottom
  • A rack holding belts & ties. 

Women Closets may feature:

  • Adjustable shelves for ladies purses
  • Special lock-in drawer for jewelry & ornaments
  • Unique cubbies for an impressive shoe collection.

Take a Sneak Peek: Although online marketing has brought a revolution in the shopping interests, it is still smarter to visit a showroom and get a real-time preview before buying products like Custom Closet. However, you may preview it on a website as well.

Consider a Referral & Check Reviews: The introduction of online reviewing has aided a lot of customers across the globe. It is the best way to get an overall idea of a product’s quality. Apart from it, getting a referral through a prior consumer may also help, but only regarding quality. You must understand that your choices may be different.

Never Miss a Guarantee Card: Buying a heavy & expensive product like Custom Closet is a deal for years as associated with home décor. Therefore, you must need to be clear on the guarantee you’re likely to get. Moreover, if there’s no guarantee, there must be a warranty card at least. So, don’t forget to clear your terms on the same. 

Confirm a Proper Installation: A Custom Closet can’t be imagined without a dedicated installation. And its cost must never be apart. Most of the time, it is the dealer’s responsibility to provide a team of skilled professionals to visit your home for the whole setup. So, better get it confirmed before buying.

Carefully Choose the Hardware & Material: You can’t even think of going one step further without deciding on the foundation material of the Custom Closet. Wooden stuffing has no match, however today; you may find many strong options based on metal, fiber & glass.

Frequently Asked Questions On Custom Closets

1. What is a custom walk-in closet?

This is a kind of Custom Closet that simply provides you with a facility to walk into it as if it’s another room in the house, a room consisting of an entire collection of your everyday & occasional wear. It has a door available in multiple styles and designs, through which you may enter & choose what to put on for the day. Along with Cloths & Jackets & Shoes, it is somewhere you can also build a collection of your Perfumes, Ties, Belts, Soaps & Cosmetics. 

2. How much does a custom closet cost?

This is probably the most important question every customer requires to be answered. However, it doesn’t support a stable answer. It projects out multiple variations depending upon the Size, Shape, Design, Kind of Installation, Kind of Material Used, Door Styling, Finishes, Colors, Kind of Hardware, Region of Market & other accessories. 

You may get a little idea from the basic Custom Closet pricing structure followed in the US. A common Custom Closet investment costs you $100 to $150 per linear foot in the US. If you take an 8 feet (linear feet) wide setup, which is a standard size of a Custom Closet in the US, the whole setup may cost you somewhere between $800 to $1200 on average. Aside from this, the prices may vary on other factors. 

3. How to build a custom closet from scratch?

Interested in a self-made Custom Closet? Simply follow these steps:

  • Get into your basement and look for some adequate amount of strong wooden stuff or any other foundation material that’s out of use. If you don’t have any, bring it from a timber market near you.
  • Before visiting the market, be clear about the material you need to use, which means the kind of wood, metal or glass you require.
  • Now take a proper measurement of the location & the stuff you brought. You may get guidance from an online video clip.
  • Make sure you have all the drilling, cutting & sculpting tools for shaping out your ideas to reality.
  • Join all the material together with screws & nuts & there you go!

4. What are the most requested custom closet features?

Despite being an ocean of features, a Custom Closet has a certain number of features that are enormously trending across the world like, Hidden Sections, Brass Hardware, Dressing Sections, Luxe Lighting, Mixed Composition, White & Grey Shades, Innovative Show Setups & more.

5. How to install custom made walk-in closet shelving?

If you wanna enjoy using such setup, you need to customize in advance according to your gender, age, culture, likes & dislikes. You should conduct a little research on all the customization options available around; the internet may provide the best guidance. After that, you need to make a list of every detailed customization you need to include within the Custom Closet. In the end, you should share your list of requirements with the installation experts.

How to divide a closet in half for custom shelves

This may help a lot of couples out there. They share a common room & therefore never need separate Custom Closets. It’s quite simple to make a partition. The very first you need to decide what side you’re interested in & instruct your installation expert about the same. Moreover, you may install it yourself following a few installation instructions on YouTube.

6. How much are custom closet organizers?

On average, a complete Custom Closet Organizer may cost you from $700 to $1300 in the US. The cost may vary from country to country.