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15 Space-Saving Wall Mounted Folding Tables You Must Buy

Storage Ideas: The Ultimate Guide • January 6, 2020

15 Space-Saving Wall Mounted Folding Tables You Must Buy

Written by: Johara Badsha

Short on space? Maximize every square inch with these wall mounted table options! Pretty and versatile, they make for great long-term investments.

As time advances, people get smarter. So does furniture! Multi functional furniture is widely being used in homes and offices today. Especially, if the space is compact. Tables are no exception! A wall-mounted folding table is amazing multi-functional furniture to save space. 


Table is an inevitable part of our household, of course. From studying to dining, we need tables for a whole lot of purposes. Even an office is not complete without a working desk. But what if you are running short on space? Be smart, and get a folding wall table. As this can be mounted on the wall, It will give you more floor space. Moreover, it is flexible and can be folded flat on the wall. Similarly, you can fold it back to a table whenever you need one. 


Furniture manufacturers are heavily investing to meet the unceasing demand. They come up with a lot of varieties and unique designs each time. Obviously, you will be lost for choice. But don’t worry, we pick the best ones for you here.


Check out these top 15 wall mounted folding tables now!


1. The Multi-Function Wall Mounted Table From TANGKULA

TANGKULA, The Multi-Function Wall Mount Desk

Photo from Amazon


This is a true example of a multi-functional table. With a large storage area, this can be used for study, work or makeup. The high-quality MDF material makes it strong enough for everyday use. It has 5 open shelves to store and display things. As well as an additional drawer at the bottom. The wall mount design helps to conveniently save you space. Additionally, its safety lock ensures that you can easily fold it back when not required.


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2. Small, Wall Mounted Table By Need

Need, Small Wall Mounted Table

Photo from Amazon


If you are looking for a small but sturdy fold-down table, this ivory white unit is for you. With a length of 30 inches and a width of 20 inches, it will fit anywhere. It would be a perfect addition to the laundry room, home office, kitchen and dining room. Besides, you can use it as a sewing table or a family bar stand also.


Check out this compact folding wall table here


3. FURINNO Mueller,  The Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table 

FURINNO Mueller, Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table


This is a unique table with simple yet stylish design . You can choose from the 2 colors that they come in. Its fine composite wood with PU lamination makes very durable. This table is made from  high grade particleboard. Therefore, making it durable and free from chemicals. With its triangular 90 degree support frame, you can easily turn the frame to a table. However, you can fold it flat on the wall when not required. Thereby, making it ideal for any compact spaces.


Check the latest price of this handy product here.


4. Yescom,  Folding Floating Desk 

Yescom Wall Mounted Floating Folding Computer Desk

Photo from Amazon


This table is made of durable particleboard. It is supported by sturdy metal brackets. Thus, making it capable of holding up to 30 kg of weight. This floating table is available in black and white colors. Its design allows comfortable seating on both sides and unobstructed floor space. Thereby, blending in well on to the wall when not in use. It is easy to install and convenient to use as well.


Learn more about this sturdy fold-down table here


5. Drop-Leaf Table By Haotian

Haotian Drop-Leaf table

Photo from Amazon


The drop-leaf design of this table makes it easy to fold down and up. Though it stands on one bracket, the construction is quite sturdy. It is designed to hold up to 20kgs. With a width of 60 cm and a depth of 40 cm, it provides ample workspace.  This round-edged table is easy to install as well.


Check the price of this handy fold-down table now


6. Slow Time Shop US, Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table

Slow Time Shop US, Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table

Photo from Amazon


This elegant fold down table is made of pine wood. Unlike other rectangular tables, this one has a semi-circle cutting. Because of which it looks distinguished. It’s lacquer finish not only looks great but makes it eco-friendly as well. It is designed so that you can quickly fold it out when needed. This can be easily installed anywhere extra workspace is required. Such as dining-table, computer desk, study desk, coffee table.


Check out this beautiful wall mounted table now


7. Isasar Wall Mounted Folding Table

Isasar Wall Mounted Folding Table


This table can be used as decor when you don’t need it as a table. Attach a framed photograph or painting to get the most of this versatile table. You can even attach a blackboard to it. Thereby, create a fun room for children or an innovative kitchen. With a width of 90 cm and a depth of 60 cm, it folds out to quite a useful table. 


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8. Ustyle Convertible Folding Wall Table

Ustyle Convertible Folding Wall Table

Photo from Amazon


With this table, you can not only save space but also stay organized. Thanks to the storage space it provides. It has 3 bill organizers, 2 adjustable shelves, 2 fixed shelves, and 1 corkboard, to be exact. This table is made of MDF and birch veneer. Thus making it is solid and durable.


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9. HOMCOM Compact Wall Mounted Desk 

HOMCOM Compact Wall Mounted Desk

Photo from Amazon


This is another wall mounted table with storage .It comes in a rich mahogany finish. But if that doesn’t suit you, it is available in black and white colors as well. It features 7 compartments for ample storage.Further, two of these shelves are adjustable. So that you can customize the look of your desk and adapt it to your needs.


More information on this convertible wall mounted table is available here.


10. FSC Certified Wall Mounted Folding Table By EdenComer

EdenComer wall mounted table

Photo from Amazon


This table comes with the reliability of a 20 year old company. It is a certified product. So, you can buy this with confidence. This classic black table with melamine laminate finish is sure to fit in contemporary settings. This stable and sturdy table can hold upto 35 lbs. Best of all, It is easy on your pocket too.


Check out the specifications of this high quality fold down table now


11. Southern Enterprises Fold Out Convertible Desk 

Southern Enterprises Fold Out Convertible Desk

Photo from Amazon


This sturdy table measures 22 inches wide and 36 inches deep. Which implies quite a large working space.It’s warm and welcoming walnut finish adds character to any contemporary space. It  features three bill organizers, two fixed shelves, and one corkboard. Apart from this, it has 2 adjustable shelves that can be customized. Also, It is designed so that you can effortlessly convert it to a table and back.


Click here for more information on this nifty wall mounted table


12. Haotian 2 Way Folding Wall Mounted Table

Haotian 2 Way Folding Wall Mounted Table


This versatile table can be folded in 2 ways. In other words, you can change the width of the table depending on your requirement. Also, you can customise it based on the space available. It is made of black wood and comes with varnished finish. It provides a large work space with a width of 32 inches and depth of 24 inches.

Buy this flexible fold down table now


13. Need, Wall Mounted Workbench

Need Fold Wall Mounted Workbench

Photo from Amazon


This floating desk is quite big with 48 inch length and 20 inch width. Its folding brackets are built with high-strength 14 gauge cold rolled steel. Further it is powder coated for a perfect finish. And the tabletop surface is 1 inch thick.  It is also high on resistance to scratch and friction. This would be perfect for areas like garage,shed,laundry room and kitchen.


Check the latest price of this strong wall mounted table here


14. Ikea BJURSTA, Drop-Leaf Table

Ikea BJURSTA Drop-Leaf Table


This table comes from a company that is well known for multi-function furniture. Its clear-lacquered surface is easy to wipe clean. It comes in black with 2 seats. This strong table provides a small section to keep things even when folded down. Moreover, It has a table surface of 35 inches width.


Check out this popular table here.


15. Tangkula Wall Mounted Table with Chalkboard

Tangkula Wall Mounted Table with Chalkboard

Photo from Amazon


This mounted table has a modern and simple design. It is made of wood, thus making it sturdy. Its minimalistic style makes it perfect for bedroom, living room or office. Moreover,you can quickly assemble this with the simple manual. Its smooth surface allows you to easily wipe clean dirt from the surface. Obviously you will be pleased with the functionality of this desk. When you don’t require a table,  use this as a decor. A painting, a chalk board for your children or a menu board for your kitchen are a few examples.


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Now that you got a clear picture of the fold down tables, you must have already made up your mind on which. So go ahead and click that button to get your space saver delivered at your door steps!


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